Boarded Window

Boarded Window I wrote a short story for City Arts magazine about R s first winter as a walking corpse It s significantly less heartwarming than most holiday specials

I wrote a short story for City Arts magazine about R s first winter as a walking corpse It s significantly less heartwarming than most holiday specials.

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Boarded Window

  1. THE BURNING WORLD, the first sequel in the Warm Bodie series, is out now Haven t read Warm Bodies yet Jump right in you ll catch up quickly This is a book for NOW Buy directly from my site to get a bonus booklet, the Exed World Almanac isaacmarion theburningworld

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  1. A juicy, twisted very short look at R s first year after becoming a zombie Some of my favorite bits and pieces These are the things I think about when I m opening people s skulls When I m eating what they hide inside.What I want are the moments I will never have The warm ones The living ones And it s never until I ve chewed through those rubbery layers of triviality and years thick crusts of detachment that I finally get what I came for.The only time I understand what a family is is when I m eat [...]

  2. This is a short piece from Isaac Marion about zombies and most particularly about R R is relentlessly borrowing memories to warm him and give him a self As often with Marion s work, we re on the edge of pretty disgusting sometimes I mean he eats brains and gains insight All the books and a short story are now in audio versions.

  3. I don t even know if this counts as a short story, like a little thought process from the character R, but if you ve read Warm Bodies, I say give this a read, it ll take you 5 minutes and it s kind of cute.

  4. What a wonderful short story My only complaint is that it s so short, which obviously makes sense considering it was supposed to be short, but fmdsljfsmg Still I just miss R s voice too much.

  5. Especially family The only time I understand what a family is is when I m eating one When I can move from a father s brain to his son s, from a brother s to his sister s, feel all the resentments mingling with loyalty the envy and anger with stubborn, tenacious love It s a wonderful experience and a rare one, but I get it often around the holidays, when families foolishly corner themselves all in one room, letting the warm glow of their candles and the scent of roasted turkey creep through thei [...]

  6. This is a cute little snap shot of how R s brain works Even though he s a zombie, he never really stops thinking about things and trying to understand the way the world used to be I like the idea of a zombie with a wiped out brain trying to understand why the living go about celebrating Christmas, even in these terrible times Even though he s going to go eat them, he still wants to just understand what s going on, with him and with the world.Cute little beginning to who R is and what kind of a z [...]

  7. Found here cityartsonline issues seata short little piece but it s great to be back with R After having read the book, I was ecstatic when I saw movie trailers.Now, having just gotten back from the wonderful wonderful movie, I enjoy lazily coming back into R s life and enjoying his first Winter Christmas thoughts as a zombie.Seriously, What are you He s a little bowl full of awesome zombie D

  8. This made me happy, I just wished it were longer.I recently finished reading Warm Bodies, which I loved Boarded Window does a really nice job of allowing the reader to understand the conflict that must be inside of Early R, but the horror of what he needs to do in order to survive really stands out and makes its point.While reading it, I kept thinking, R did that Not the R I know Thanks for sharing this story with us

  9. I didn t even know this existed until recently and I m glad i found it, although its short its great and anything that is part of this series is gold for me Its only two pages long but an awesome two pages leaving u wanting i love this series

  10. Como elige el cerebro que recuerdos guardar Cuales son importantes Cuales me servir n De que me servir n Una peque a historia sobre el despertar de R como un no muerto, creo que vemos desde este momento que este zombie es especial, sin embargo me deja intrigada por conocer m s del pasado de R qui n era antes de que la plaga iniciara

  11. 3.5 stars Nice very short short story, dedicated to R s first winter Nothing new on the zombie side, but the cold atmosphere was well depicted and, as usual, it was pleasant to be in R s head.

  12. A nice little story about R s first christmas as a zombie.You can read it here cityartsonline issues Not my site

  13. Reflexiones espeluznantes de R sobre la Navidad y sobre los primeros d as de ser un zombie y c mo conoci a M,y s , Una corta pero linda historia

  14. Two stars solemnly given for the purpose of the short story being brought in a magazine to feature the series.If this was just a short story in the series, I d have given it one star It is way too short to even describe R s first winter as a zombie The short story, for me, lacks purpose, it s like a two minute look into his quite curious brain and everything in it could have been and is incorporated in R s narration in the actual novels Skip the short story and stick to the lengthier stories, t [...]

  15. A well written and interesting short It gives of Isaac Marion s compelling zombie insights on feelings and how zombies are different from the humans they once were It s written from the perspective of R, the lead zombie character from the fantastic Warm Bodies series The short is available free from the City Arts website.

  16. I seriously love Isaac Marion s writing This is short little snippet of R s life, but it s great and has me wishing I had Warm Bodies in my hand right now.Look in in the book info, under the summary, to find the link to it.

  17. An interesting, philosophical, look at what there is to be had from eating human brains from the point of view of a zombie.

  18. You know, this is a really really short story Just a few pages, no than six, no less than two I don t have much to say But I most say that Isaac Marion is an incredible writer Write like you are a zombie is not easy This zombie, R, is always rambling Having thoughts that maybe no other zombie had Being him was not and is not easy He didn t even know what he was Now we read his thoughts about winter, snow, Christmas and memories of people he have rip apart You could say that he doesn t like bein [...]

  19. This story happens between The New Hunger and Warm Bodies, so I should ve read it AFTER The New Hunger but s SO SHORT P I could spare a minute or two to read it right away Not to mention I m currently in love with Isaac Marion s writing.It s a very short story about R s first winter as a zombie, and it s so full of emotion At this point he s still eating a lot of people, but even so, he does his best to think He does his best to understand.It s also when he becomes friends with M, which was a ve [...]

  20. Wow This is definitely a new way to look at the holiday season that is for sure I love the story of R and the other Zombies in the Warm Bodies series I still think about R and how his story still has no end And I continue to wait for the second book in the series Hopefully that will come out soon I m glad I figured out a way to read this as I have been unable to find it some where for myself to read it I m hoping I can soon find the other story so I can better prepare for the release of the next [...]

  21. Boarded Window by Isaac Marion, is a short story in the Warm Bodies Series.This small addition occurs during the first Holiday Season that R is a zombie The snow is falling and people are coming together to share love, trash fires, and canned food Not the brightest idea with the undead hunting you, but hey, tis the season It s actually quite cute I love R s insights He s always so intellectual and perceptive So how does a zombie celebrate this wonderful milestone Well, eating people of course De [...]

  22. Boarded Window by Isaac MarionPrequel to Warm Bodies2 starsThat was the shortest musings from a zombie I ve ever read R is always fascinating when it comes to his musings surrounding zombie life, but that was far too short for me to even think about giving it anything about 2 stars.Cover Thoughts I really like the cover It s an awesome illustration, but I m hoping that s not supposed to be a depiction of R because that makes his thing with Julie in Warm Bodies just seem even creepier.

  23. I love Isaac Marion, the only reason this short didn t get 5 is because I had already read The New Hunger and there is a small amount of cross over I love the writting style and R will be one of my favourite characters for a long time.

  24. How does a brain choose which memories to keep Why do people retain thirty year old movie quotes but forget life changing epiphanies You can order yourself to treasure a moment, to cling tight to a feeling and never let it fade, but it s your brain, that three pound lump of hamburger, that makes the final call.

  25. You can read the short, but enticing prequel for Warm Bodies here If you haven t read Warm Bodies or seen the movie that released a few years ago Boarded Window gives you a sense of both the narration and the zombie filled world Definitely worth a couple of minutes out of your day to check out.

  26. Woah I didn t even know that this little story existed, though I m glad that I read it Boarded Window was another look at R, though this time it was R s first Christmas as a zombie He is still longing to understand what life is really like and why he is the way that he is now I m really happy that I found this It kind of made my day.

  27. Very short, but man does Marrion s prose pack a, punch Do I feel that this is his best Not really, it s a bit too short for me to really savor it I feel like there could have been insight, or reflection It feels rushed But still a great slice of R s personality, looking forward to Marrion s planned sequel

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