Batman: Knightfall, Vol. 2: Knightquest

Batman Knightfall Vol Knightquest Mentally defeated and physically broken Bruce Wayne suffered a crippling blow while battling the brutal Bane Now the mantle of the Bat must be passed on to another and Jean Paul Valley answers the

Mentally defeated and physically broken, Bruce Wayne suffered a crippling blow while battling the brutal Bane Now, the mantle of the Bat must be passed on to another, and Jean Paul Valley answers the call But as the new Caped Crusader slowly loses his grip on sanity, his idea of justice takes a violent and deadly turn Witnessing this dangerous behavior firsthand, NightwMentally defeated and physically broken, Bruce Wayne suffered a crippling blow while battling the brutal Bane Now, the mantle of the Bat must be passed on to another, and Jean Paul Valley answers the call But as the new Caped Crusader slowly loses his grip on sanity, his idea of justice takes a violent and deadly turn Witnessing this dangerous behavior firsthand, Nightwing and Robin try to come to grips with Bruce s highly controversial decision while the new Batman sets his sights on taking revenge against Bane This volume collects Detective Comics 667 675, Shadow of the Bat 19 20, 24 28, Batman 501 508, Catwoman 6 7 and Robin 7

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Batman: Knightfall, Vol. 2: Knightquest

  1. Charles Chuck Dixon is an American comic book writer, perhaps best known for long runs on Batman titles in the 1990s.His earliest comics work was writing Evangeline first for Comico Comics in 1984 then later for First Comics, who published the on going series , on which he worked with his then wife, the artist Judith Hunt His big break came one year later, when editor Larry Hama hired him to write back up stories for Marvel Comics The Savage Sword of Conan.In 1986, he began working for Eclipse Comics, writing Airboy with artist Tim Truman Continuing to write for both Marvel and mainly Eclipse on these titles, as well as launching Strike with artist Tom Lyle in August 1987 and Valkyrie with artist Paul Gulacy in October 1987, he began work on Carl Potts Alien Legion series for Marvel s Epic Comics imprint, under editor Archie Goodwin He also produced a three issue adaptation of J R R Tolkien s The Hobbit for Eclipse with artist David Wenzel between 1989 and 1990, and began writing Marc Spector Moon Knight in June 1989.His Punisher OGN Kingdom Gone August, 1990 led to him working on the monthly The Punisher War Journal and later, monthly and occasional Punisher titles , and also brought him to the attention of DC Comics editor Denny O Neil, who asked him to produce a Robin mini series The mini proved popular enough to spawn two sequels The Joker s Wild 1991 and Cry of the Huntress 1992 which led to both an ongoing monthly series which Dixon wrote for 100 issues before leaving to work with CrossGen Comics , and to Dixon working on Detective Comics from 644 738 through the major Batman stories KnightFall KnightsEnd for which he helped create the key character of Bane , DC One Million , Contagion , Legacy , Cataclysm and No Man s Land Much of his run was illustrated by Graham Nolan.He was DC s most prolific Batman writer in the mid 1990s rivalled perhaps in history by Bill Finger and Dennis O Neil in addition to writing Detective Comics he pioneered the individual series for Robin , Nightwing which he wrote for 70 issues, and returned to briefly with 2005 s 101 and Batgirl , as well as creating the team and book Birds of Prey.While writing multiple Punisher and Batman comics and October 1994 s Punisher Batman crossover , he also found time to launch Team 7 for Jim Lee s WildStorm Image and Prophet for Rob Liefeld s Extreme Studios He also wrote many issues of Catwoman and Green Arrow , regularly having about seven titles out each and every month between the years 1993 and 1998.In March, 2002, Dixon turned his attention to CrossGen s output, salthough he co wrote with Scott Beatty the origin of Barbara Gordon s Batgirl in 2003 s Batgirl Year One For CrossGen he took over some of the comics of the out going Mark Waid, taking over Sigil from 21, and Crux with 13 He launched Way of the Rat in June 2002, Brath March 03 , The Silken Ghost June 03 and the pirate comic El Cazador Oct 03 , as well as editing Robert Rodi s non Sigilverse The Crossovers He also wrote the Ruse spin off Archard s Agents one shots in January and November 03 and April 04, the last released shortly before CrossGen s complete collapse forced the cancellation of all of its comics, before which Dixon wrote a single issue of Sojourn May 04 Dixon s Way of the Rat 24, Brath 14 and El Cazador 6 were among the last comics released from the then bankrupt publisher.On June 10, 2008, Dixon announced on his forum that he was no longer employed by DC Comics in any capacity.

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  1. After slogging through 600 pages of Jean Paul Valley as Batman, the best way to sum him up is to steal a line from Wayne s World because that s about as hip and as current as I get, and because it s a temporally apropos reference if Jean Paul Valley were ice cream, he would be pralines and dick JPV might be the single most boring and kind of douchey hero in the history of superheroes, and that includes D Man, Jack of Hearts, and Aquaman He would be nigh unendurable over the course of a single st [...]

  2. As much as I enjoyed the first volume of Knightquest where Batman is defeated by Bane, I found the reincarnation of Batman via Ariel to be a bit overbearing OK, so Bruce finally recovers and takes back the mantle and mask, but they lost me sometime during Ariel s screwups I don t know, maybe I just need Bruce because Snyder s Batman 52 universe using Inspector Gordon in The Suit after Bruce s demise also turned me off Call me old fashioned, but in any case, I had a hard time staying interested i [...]

  3. Deciding to make yet another Knightfall installment as the graphic novel to mark the end of my second wave of Batman comics diet has or less solidified my growing suspicion that I have this neurotic tendency not to make things easy for me every now and then when it comes to reading a story I deserve a goddamn break from difficult to swallow and digest sort of comics from a Batman title, do I not How could I ever allow myself to spend the last two weeks of December reading a 600 plus paged omnib [...]

  4. A force of darkness bringing light salvation wrought from terror This was a very long book for several reasons I generally liked it, but Jean Paul Valley is not my favorite He s not Bruce Wayne, he s not likable, he s not redeemable He s mostly without a conscience Any time he seems to be growing a conscience or likable, he makes a swift about face The St Dumas System mythology isn t as interesting or deep as I had hoped And he has no Robin to provide tactical support, moral critique, or comic [...]

  5. I ve seen a ton of reviews slating this volume, however it s really not that bad but it is all over the place First off if you only like to read bruce wayne as batman then i ll stop you right there, it s all jean paul, so you could definitely skip this you ll miss nothing Basically jean paul makes this stupid ass suit with claws and guns and it s naff it s like if wolverine became batman and it s tough work reading about jean paul because he s irritating and 600 odd pages later i still don t und [...]

  6. I haven t been this disappointed in a Batman story since Batman The Dark Knight Strikes Again When you have a sequel to an amazing story, you want that story to continue and to be everything its predecessor was and hopefully Unfortunately, the second volume of Knightfall definitely falls in the extremely disappointing sequel category Admittedly, it s really part of the same story, but definitely the same feelings here Volume One gives you all the excitement and drama of Bane s appearance, his m [...]

  7. At this point, Knightfall gets most of its worth as an historical artifact By which I mean that it isn t really very good, but it is an important even in Batman s history Which, post Flashpoint, may never have happened after all The whole Knightfall storyline Bane breaks Batman, Batman comes back was the starting point for The Dark Knight Rises, and this volume covers what the movie thankfully chose to ignore Bruce Wayne s less than worth successor to the cowl, Jean Paul Valley The thing is, Jea [...]

  8. This second volume was just as outstanding as the first.This collection gave a real good insight into Jean Paul Valley accepting the mantle of the bat and just how different of a Batman he is compared to Bruce Wayne.The inner turmoil he suffers through in the book really illustrates his struggle to do whats right and just but at whatever cost necessary.Robin plays a decent part in things as well trying to convince the new Batman that he should strive to hold up the standards and heroics of the o [...]

  9. This graphic novel achieved very little except bore me to death and convince me that Jean Paul must go away Thankfully it s what will happen in the next volume

  10. While this is not quite as good as Volume 1, it s still an interesting read, and delves deeper into the mind of an intriguing but unstable character.

  11. The Knightfall story arc is the ambitious undertaking of writers Chuck Dixon, Doug Moench, and Alan Grant The arc, consisted of three parts Knightfall, Knightquest, and KnightsEnd, and while the storyline was supposed to take place over the course of six months, the publication lasted a year The storyline is infamous for its bloated content and long term ramifications for the Batman Universe It introduces the characters of Bane and Azrael, and continually questions whether Bruce is physically an [...]

  12. Jean Paul Valley as Batman is such a mess And reading this is like just waiting for him to implode and Bruce to come back and wondering why anybody puts up with this freak I don t recall if ever there was a sense that Bruce might not be back that Azrael was taking over permanently, but in retrospect it s impossible to imagine anyone would think he was worthy which kinda makes Bruce an idiot No comment on the cowboy twins ugh , and other sundry plotlines most of which are just so so The Joker as [...]

  13. A Quickie ReviewMore insane action with this new Batman, complete with a rather chilling ending I m curious to see how this story arc finishes The content concerns are pretty much the same as the first volume.Score 3 5

  14. 3.5 stars the high points This one was a good read as well I m interested to see how the third volume ends, but this volume seemed a little lacking in story throughout The Knightquest arc made sense, but it just seemed a little run of the mill to me Overall, it was still a good story, but not nearly as enthralling as the first volume.

  15. This is an important part of the history of Batman comics, and was going on when I was just entering early teen yearsI had been reading Batman, but something like Baseball Cards got me off of comics, and I just remember Batman having his back broken, and not believing it, then Superman being killed by Doomsday and thinking holy crap Of course, in the comic world death and disfigurement don t last long, though the Knightfall saga really did take a lot of time and encompass all of Batman, Detectiv [...]

  16. This book is weaker than the preceding volume in so many ways Firstly, the art style is consistently and obviously derivative of other, famous artists of the time, such as Rob Liefield and Todd MacFarlane Panel after panel is full of completely improbable anatomy, jagged lines, and absolutely ridiculous costuming fabric is either stiff as metal or shredded into streamers, thigh pouches abound, and Jean Paul Valley s Batman armor accrues pieces until it looks as though it must weigh one thousand [...]

  17. I can t properly gage this book, as the issues were coming out a year before I started reading comics I was 10 years old So this Batman armor represents the epitome of cool to me It s probably a horrible read, I wouldn t give this to anyone to read But yet I feel it s essential Ah yes, the year was 1995 and someone brings Batman 500 into class, a die cut cover of Batman in his classic suit and when opened a new ard up Batman on the 2nd cover Inside we have a brutal Batman shooting mini batarang [...]

  18. Sois volume s a little much There s a LOT of the new Batman getting angry, Robin wringing his hands over the increasing violence, so on and so forth, and gets a little monotonous And, if you know or can guess, which isn t hard the ending, a lot of the reading turns out to be marking time So s not that good But I can t wait to read KnightsEnd, because man, I can just eat 90s event comics right up, for whatever reason.

  19. Batman without Batman, fighting some pretty ridiculous villains At least the Joker hit not Batman with a pie Also, Freddy Mercury has a walk on as a slightly hapless hero who nonetheless saves the day from Corrosive Man.It filled in some gaps in my Bat lore, but man, it was eyerolling at times Seriously, twin cowboys come to Gotham to rob banks Who does that

  20. Even though this is an omnibus edition it feels like there are big gaps in the story Suddenly at the end of this book Bruce Wayne returns no longer paralyzed When did that happen Not in this fat fat book.

  21. Just white noise So, so, pedestrian in the story and dialogue even as the artwork impresses from time to time As a character in it remarks about something else, it is simply too techno.

  22. This just dragged on way longer than it should have Most of the stories seemed almost identical and there wasn t much in the of story growth.

  23. KNIGHTQUEST marks the first occasion DC has bundled all of KnightQuest The Crusade as a graphic novel I m surprised it took them this long Years ago DC published Knightfall and KnightsEnd, but not KQ Although they still didn t get KQ quite right, what s here is a solid if predictable story.KQ, the second chapter of the Knightfall trilogy, itself consists of two parts There s KnightQuest The Crusade, which follows Jean Paul Valley, the new circa 1993 Batman and KnightQuest The Search, wherein Bru [...]

  24. A lot of people seem to dislike this volume and I can t for the life of me see why With Batman out of commission, Jean Paul Valley has been forced to take up the mantle of the bat, with mixed results He tries to fight The System, basically mental programming he underwent when he was younger that leads him to want to kill as coldly and efficiently as possible.Maybe people dislike this volume because of how long it is It s true that there s a LOT of material here, with an impossibly high number of [...]

  25. A very rock solid continuation from book one Jean Paul Valley has taken over the mantle of the Bat, but slowly over the course of the story he begins to get heartless and ruthless It s an interesting story and theres some great stories in here like the one with the Joker and Abattoir The art is gorgeous Graham Nolan especially brings it with every issue he pencils I d say the only things that lower the stars were the feeling that some issues were missing How can that be when this is a monster t [...]

  26. Oh dear god I m ultimately only happy that it s finished I HATED Azrael I understand this arc is supposed to be a fuck you to fans who wanted an edgier Batman, but I can t imagine being a fan and buying issue after issue of this crap Thankfully I was reading it much later in a collected form 656 pages blech Azrael is a creep, the enemies he faces are random weirdos and the system that is drilled into him keeps giving him random superpowers when he wants them He has no idea what he s doing, he un [...]

  27. I did not encounter a story in this volume that is critical to understanding this overall arc, which is probably why it took me so long to get through it Each issue is the same, Jean Paul encounters bad guy, Jean Paul stops bad guy but he lacks the skill or finesse of the real Batman and so Jean Paul has inner dialogue throughout story wondering who he really is and questioning his motivation purpose Annnd repeat The villains have been interesting then JP I just don t care about a batman that i [...]

  28. Possible Spoilers below I proceed under the assumption that you have finished Vol.1.Is Jean Paul Valley a crusader or an assassin Frankly, I don t care Vol.2 is not what I expect from a Batman comic There is no central detective story or arc Jean Paul does not get violent, only disturbed Bruce Wayne was always a Dark Knight, but Valley is ONLY a dark knight There is no other side of him For beginners, stick to Year One or Long Halloween.

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