Last Days of an Immortal

Last Days of an Immortal When you live forever what will you live for In our distant future science will provide access to eternal life With immortality a universal constant the concept of crime takes on a new definition

When you live forever, what will you live for In our distant future, science will provide access to eternal life With immortality a universal constant, the concept of crime takes on a new definition, giving rise to the Philosophical Police , agents trained to solve conflicts between individuals as well as entire species of aliens who have integrated into our society WheWhen you live forever, what will you live for In our distant future, science will provide access to eternal life With immortality a universal constant, the concept of crime takes on a new definition, giving rise to the Philosophical Police , agents trained to solve conflicts between individuals as well as entire species of aliens who have integrated into our society When two such species erupt in violence over a crime committed centuries ago, Police agent Elijah must submerge himself in each culture to understand how to overcome their ignorance of each other and bring about peace Soon, however, he finds himself confronting his own immortality, and examining the concept of death itself In a world where death no longer exists, why do so many want to give up on life LAST DAYS OF AN IMMORTAL is a classic, cerebral science fiction story in the tradition of JG Ballard, Gattaca, Solaris, and THX 1138.

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Last Days of an Immortal

  1. Usually uses the pseudonym VehlmannFabien Vehlmann est comme son h ros p tillant, engag et plein d humour.Apr s avoir patiemment suivi les cours d une cole de commerce nantaise, Fabien Vehlmann r alise que sa voie est ailleurs Bien d cid se lancer dans la bande dessin e, il se consacre l criture de mani re intensive durant une ann e enti re Il empile les projets et inonde scrupuleusement la r daction du journal Spirou Sa t nacit est r compens e il y fait ses d buts dans le courant de l ann e 1998 Dans les pages du beau journal, il apprend son m tier en sc narisant des animations, puis ses premi res s ries dont le fameux Green Manor avec Denis Bodart Curieux et enthousiaste, Vehlmann touche tous les genres humour, science fiction, aventure, conte, Il multiplie les collaborations avec des dessinateurs aux styles aussi divers que Matthieu Bonhomme Le Marquis d Anaon , Frantz Duchazeau Les Cinq conteurs de Bagdad ou Bruno Gazzotti Seuls En 2006, il r alise une premi re aventure de Spirou et Fantasio avec Yoann Les G ants P trifi s Quatre ans plus tard, les deux comp res reprennent en main la destin e du plus c l bre h ros des Editions DupuisLes albums de Spirou qu il emm nerait sur une le d serte Le Nid des Marsupilamis, Le Voyageur du M sozo que et Virus.Source dupuis catalogue FR au

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  1. Fabien Vehlmann author of the excellent Green Manor series, a much underrated book called 7 Psychopaths , and a collaboration a couple of years ago with Jason, Isle of 100,000 Graves returns with another highly imaginative and well written work with Last Days of an Immortal Set in the distant future where mankind has reached a point where death is no longer an inevitability and that people regularly live hundreds of years They can also replicate themselves a number of times called echoes who can [...]

  2. Reason for Reading The premise sounded intriguing, I like crime detective fiction, science fiction and this also sounded like it would have a dystopian vibe All things that interested me.I was pleasantly surprised when I opened up and started reading with how much I loved the art It was astonishingly stark and understated and yet fully drew one into the story This is a prime example of less is In this future world which is our Earth, people no longer die as we know it By accepting certain memor [...]

  3. LAST DAYS OF AN IMMORTAL is a classic, cerebral science fiction story in the tradition of JG Ballard, Gattaca, Solaris, and THX 1138 What do I need to hear JG Ballard Gattaca Solaris Actually, they had me at Gattaca, and I d say I picked up on that, and the other nuances Basically, if you enjoy any of those things, and can appreciate the simplistic, effectual art that actually seems an homage to old cartoon illustration styles of the 60s and 70s , and strangeness of the futuristic developments [...]

  4. what I wrote last June when I read this for the first time There s something about deBonneval s line that I love expressive yet compact controlled the story is intriguing, the concepts are fascinating, and things don t get bogged down read June 2014 still agree love this book and I m glad we re reading it for a book club so I can read it again and make other people read it it s brimming with ideas but it has tender feelings too.

  5. This graphic novel is a giant convoluted mess of ideas, which is interesting considering how hollow and unpolished the art looks It often feels like you re being pummeled with hip tech speak to compensate for the rather boring characters and inexplicable, unannounced leaps in setting between pages Don t misread that Last Days of an Immortal isn t surreal it s just disorganized.

  6. Reminiscent to me of some of Jack Vance s work, in theme, setting, and mood, Last Days of an Immortal places the reader in a world of humans become so alien as to be almost unrecognizable as humans to the reader, yet at the same time still exhibiting all the petty foibles that make us so human In the end though, it s a story about letting go of life and accepting death.

  7. This is one boring book if you don t read adult comicbooks with deep philosophical bent The story is a good scifi what if on immortality, having humans live hundreds thousands of years and also intermingle with alien races I recommend this book to some one with an open mind, it may not be your cup of tea, but given a chance it is well written.

  8. A very smart sci fi story, but I just couldn t connect with it Nothing seemed to be on the line, even with the threat of war looming over the outcome of protagonist Elijah s investigation into an ancient murder Perhaps the book was a bit too cerebral for me to latch onto, like how everything in a HHH match makes sense but isn t necessarily exciting The art has a mid century feel to it, not too far removed from a simplified Beetle Bailey as far as I can tell I think the choice of paper, thicker a [...]

  9. It s a little hard to get into because the main plot doesn t become apparent until about 60% of the way through On the whole I loved it Sadly this is the last Vehlmann graphic novel I have library access to.

  10. An enjoyable, quick read that feels very much like classic sci fi At times it felt a little abrupt, and I m not sure I understand Elijah s final choice, but I d recommend it to my friends that enjoy sci fi and graphic novels.

  11. This was an extremely pleasant surprise I absolutely loved the retro styling of the artwork it reminded me very much of some of my favorite classic manga works I saw a little early Rumiko Takahashi and a bit of Moto Hagio influence in there wonder if I m right or if it s just me.The story itself in an interesting exploration of life, death, individualism, culture and communication Elijah, the lead character is a police officer called a philosopher in this future world where humans have made cont [...]

  12. Fabien Vehlmann est l un des sc naristes de BD qui a le vent en poupe Apr s son travail remarqu sur Seuls, Le Marquis d Anaon voir les articles ici ou encore Des lendemains sans nuage voir l article ici , il signe ici un sc nario ambitieux publi dans la collection Futuropolis Tellement ambitieux d ailleurs que je vais tre bien en peine pour vous en parler Nous suivons Elijah qui exerce la profession de d tective ou de policier philosophe Jusqu ici, c tait facile Dans ce univers compl tement orig [...]

  13. Last Days of an Immortal is a transhumanist futuristic science fiction that followed Elijah s journey to solve the millenia old mystery to prevent a war and his search with the meaning of life in his immortality.The artwork is interesting, it does reminded me of the strokes from Osamu Tezuka s Metropolis, the intensity from Hayao Miyazaki s Nausicaa and charicatures from Tin Tin For a science fiction, the content of the book is extremely heavy with philosophy, violence, depression and occasional [...]

  14. The best part of foreign language comics is that if something is garbage, no one will go through the trouble of translating it.In my mind, immortality isn t a good thing The have nots will be harvested to provide raw material to the haves and inequality, already back to railroad baron era levels, will get even worse This book posits something different immortality being so normal, so commonplace, that death is something so rare that it requires discussion in committee In the future, the police s [...]

  15. Saw it in the library, picked it up because it seemed interesting.This book throws you into the deep end of the universe Technology has made it so that humanity can create echoes , which are people split off from your personality They act the same as you, so you can literally be in several places at once If one of them is killed off, you can be restored from one of those echoes The only cost is that if you create too many of them, you lose some of your early memories Also, death is purely option [...]

  16. Sometimes things are best uncluttered Last Days of an Immortal is a simple far flung future story where humankind can clone itself and whilst each individual has a primary body the clones or echoes, which can also live individually and independently are as back up should the primary body fail It s not an original idea, but it doesn t have to be The plot follows two lines, that of Elijah s role as one of the Philosophical Police who has to appease two alien races potentially at war, but also his [...]

  17. Vastly complex yet easy to follow, this sci fi graphic novel portrays the life of an immortal human who is able to create echos exact copies of himself as he mediates conflicts and navigates ethical conundrums through his job as a Philosophical Policeman I loved the simple black and white ink drawings, and was pleasantly surprised by how easily I was able to connect with the main character Vehlmann and Bonneval s immensely huge universe is filled with unique and fun beings, and along with the mi [...]

  18. Intelligent science fiction, pitting Elijah, a celebrated Philosopher Policeman against an ancient grudge between two very different alien species plummeting towards a disastrous war, while also managing his ever increasing workload and the Echoes clones, basically he needs to do it, this French graphic novel is an unusual, thoughtful read.The monochrome artwork is simplistic to the point of almost slapdash sketchiness but still manages to effectively convey the sheer strangeness of the authorit [...]

  19. An advanced society of the future.A detective of sorts whose job it is to investigate and mediate conflict between societies I think a lot about how to effectively communicate between differently wired brains, so this was fascinating to me One society shows its love by blasting holes in the objects of affection One society communicates all in theatre I appreciated how all different appearances, methods of communication, etiquette, and practices were treated as equal There didn t seem to be a par [...]

  20. Find this review and at The AP Book ClubLast Days of an Immortal is a very interesting graphic novel It is set in the far future, in a world where many different alien species interact and humans have become immortal Each person has multiple echoes which are essentially clones of themselves If you ever die, your memories are transferred to one of these echoes and you continue your life The protagonist is a well established philosophical police officer He helps to find the reasons behind intrasp [...]

  21. Ci sono libri romanzi, saggi, fumetti non faccio discriminazioni che semplicemente mi lasciano con l impressione di non averli capiti, in un modo o nell altro Posso avere una sensazione di incompiuto, come se mi fosse sfuggita qualcosa, una sfumatura, un significato o, come in questo caso, l impressione che l intero messaggio che autore voleva veicolare sia andato perso con me.E mi sento in colpa a recensirlo negativamente, a dire Non mi piaciuto , proprio per questo dubbio che continua a roderm [...]

  22. Merece la pena vivir para siempre perdiendo una y otra vez tus recuerdos m s preciados, por muy fascinante que trabajar como xenopsic logo en la polic a filos fica o conocer los nuevos placeres que nos deparar el futuro pueda llegar a ser El planteamiento es sencillo, al adquirir la capacidad de duplicar nustro cuerpo manteniendo la mente intacta podemos ser imortales teniendo una copia siempre disponible La parte filos fica no se hace aburrida ni parece un tratado Aparte hay una serie de invest [...]

  23. Very interesting graphic novel about cultural dfferences amongst different alien species as well as future day immortal humans It reminded me of Solaris Moreover, there is also a reflection on immortality and cloning In this case, cloning is not necessarily a bad thing, since clones can be merged at will with the original body in order to share memories, and they are created at an older age with the same personality and memories than the original self So, rather than several individuals, it s li [...]

  24. I really liked this sparely drawn graphic novel about a Police Philosopher living in the distant future Elijah s immortality is partly due to advanced biomedicine, and partly due to the fact that he can create echoes or clones of himself who go out and work for him When a dear old friend of his dies which is to say, lets all of his echoes die, and then lives out his natural life , Elijah doesn t understand why he wasn t notified by his friend s final echo as it fades away, nor invited to the fun [...]

  25. Overall, this was a pretty good read, but it was definitely uneven I thought the ending for the central mystery of the story was a little Twilight Zone cheesy and was incongruous with the main philosophical theme of immortality I m also not a big fan of the art style, although I do admire the playfulness and creativity in some of the scenes, especially with the people who dress in costumes as part of their culture.The best thing about this book was the main character, who struggled with several [...]

  26. Imaginative view of a world many hundreds of years in the future where immortality has been achieved via splitting yourself into echos with a finite time span which you can either consume back into yourself, along with its memories, or turn into a main body and transfer your memory intact A study of mortality couched within the day of a police philosopher, who investigates crimes committed between alien species where protocol and cultural chasms are to blame.The far future science was fantastic, [...]

  27. Very, very good philosophical science fiction in well rounded, well thought out medium It took me a bit to get my footing in the story, particularly when jumping to different settings with the main character s identical twin echoes, but the extremely creative sci fi setting fascinated me The little mini stories dealing with various alien races were gloriously vivid and nicely told I must look into further work by Vehlmann.I didn t feel strongly for De Bonneval s artwork at first, but it began to [...]

  28. A fascinating book which seems like a shortened version of a much longer saga with so many deep ideasI wish it was longer.Vehlmann and company tell a sci fi murder mystery which manages to touch on six or seven major philosophical ideas, while also crashing into existentialism and a bit of deep romance There is far going on under the surface of the minimalist but stunningly effective illustrations, and in Elijah the professor police detective protagonist, graphic novels have a new hero for the [...]

  29. I m wanting It felt a little too superficial as it seemed to skim the surface of what immortality could be like It definitely made me think and try to place myself in their situation but I would have enjoyed dialogue about what made Mattias and Elijah decide to stop extending their lives It s sweet that Elijah didn t want to lose the memory of Mattias but I needed angst and development I d still recommend it for any scifi fan.

  30. A very good graphic novel that could be labeled cerebral Science Fiction or Soft SF The artwork complements the story perfectly It is a mixture of The Surrogates storywise and Asterios Polyp artwise.

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