The Dead Fathers Club

The Dead Fathers Club A ghost story with a twist a suspenseful and poignantly funny update of the Hamlet story Eleven year old Philip Noble has a big problem His dad who was killed in a car accident appears as a bloodsta

A ghost story with a twist a suspenseful and poignantly funny update of the Hamlet story.Eleven year old Philip Noble has a big problem His dad, who was killed in a car accident, appears as a bloodstained ghost at his own funeral and introduces Philip to the Dead Fathers Club The club, whose members were all murdered, gathers outside the Castle and Falcon, the local pubA ghost story with a twist a suspenseful and poignantly funny update of the Hamlet story.Eleven year old Philip Noble has a big problem His dad, who was killed in a car accident, appears as a bloodstained ghost at his own funeral and introduces Philip to the Dead Fathers Club The club, whose members were all murdered, gathers outside the Castle and Falcon, the local pub that Philip s family owns and lives above Philip s father tells him that Uncle Alan killed him and he must avenge his death When Philip realizes that Uncle Alan has designs on his mom and the family pub, Philip decides that something must be done But it s a much bigger job than he anticipated, especially when he is caught up by the usual distractions of childhood a pretty girl, wayward friends, school bullies, and his own self doubt The Dead Fathers Club is a riveting, imaginative, and quirky update of Shakespeare s great tragedy that will establish Matt Haig as a young writer of great talent and imagination.

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The Dead Fathers Club

  1. Matt Haig was born in Sheffield, England in1975 He writes books for both adults and children, often blending the worlds of domestic reality and outright fantasy, with a quirky twist His bestselling novels are translated into 28 languages The Guardian has described his writing as delightfully weird and the New York Times has called him a novelist of great talent whose writing is funny, riveting and heartbreaking His novels for adults are The Last Family in England, narrated by a labrador and optioned for film by Brad Pitt The Dead Fathers Club 2006 , an update of Hamlet featuring an 11 year old boy The Possession of Mr Cave 2008 , about a man obsessed with his daughter s safety, and The Radleys 2010 which won Channel 4 s TV Book Club public vote and was shortlisted for a Galaxy National Book Award UK The film rights to all his adult novels have been sold His next adult novel is The Humans 2013.His multi award winning popular first novel for children, Shadow Forest, was published in 2007 and its sequel, The Runaway Troll, in 2009 His most recent children s novel is To Be A Cat 2012.

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  1. Onvan The Dead Fathers Club Nevisande Matt Haig ISBN 670038334 ISBN13 9780670038336 Dar 336 Safhe Saal e Chap 2006

  2. An update on the Hamlet story, this reads much like The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nightime I think that s right with a yound narrator set to avenge his father s death at the hands of his uncle And while that voice worked well for the autistic narrator of Nightime at times I felt this kid was really stupid for an 11 year old Perhaps my standards are too high for preteens or perhaps he was just overwhlemed with grief, but that s not my point Except it might be my point, because I think hi [...]

  3. This was on my booklist I found this to be an entertaining book to listen on tape The prose is comical The point of view is amusing It is indeed than a nod to Hamlet , yet light The narration was both charmingly well done Unlike other Audio Books, my attention was never lost I think in many ways if I had read this book, the tone would have felt repetitive and the narrator would have seemed darker The book is fun for what it is I suggest the audio cd over the book.

  4. When it comes to religion I am, at best, apathetic.I ve never been much of a believer, although I ve backed off on my staunch identification as an atheist realizing eventually that that group s smug certainty that there is no God is every bit as obnoxious as the holy rollers who proselytize and damn others to hell I suppose that technically makes me an agnostic, but I think the most accurate description of my religious belief is I don t care I try to lead a good life, be kind to others, do good [...]

  5. I selected this book because the idea and the voice interested me The cover boast that it is kind of like a modern day Hamlet adn in a lot of ways it is It begins with the death of Phillips father, shortly followed by the appearance of his ghost saying that Phillip s uncle killed his father and Phillip must take revenge Phillip tests the truth of this the same way Hamlet does, only with a DVD instead of personally directed play.The book is written in first person train of thought Haig follows th [...]

  6. I bought this book not knowing it was a re telling of Hamlet, but it did not disappoint.This is the story of Phillip, an eleven year old boy whose father has just died in a car crash Soon after, his Uncle Allan starts getting too close to Phillip s mother, just when Phillip s father s ghost starts appearing before him, telling him he must kill his uncle, as he was the one who killed him.We follow the narration from Phillip s point of view There are no punctuation signs, as one could expect from [...]

  7. I audiobooked this title, and based on other reviews I have the impression that this is the way to go What can I say A weird book, perhaps patterned after Hamlet It is dark, creepy, and surprisingly graphic for a kids book I gave it four stars because I think Haig created a very clever read It wasn t really my style but I m glad I read it I will look for titles by him in the future.I would definitely recommend this to middle school boys, or girls, probably grade 8 There are sexual reference tha [...]

  8. The conversation I would love to have with Matt Haig, author of The Dead Fathers Club We would be sitting in a small diner drinking our hot beverage of choice.So I said Hey And He said Hey, you wanted to talk And I said I just finished your book The Dead Fathers Club.And He said What did you think And I said I was a little underwhelmed And He said Why And I said The Dialogue was a little clunky And He said In what way And I said This style is tortuous to listen to and read And He said You know i [...]

  9. I m always a sucker for Shakespeare retellings, especially when they involve my favorite one, Hamlet This particular retelling is morbid of course but charming, in its own way, and features a stream of consciousness writing style that lends itself well to the story I enjoyed the nods to the original Hamlet, and all the clever ways they re woven in Our main character is sympathetic and realistic and tragic all at once, like the story itself, and all in all, this one is a win.

  10. This story, set in modern day England and narrated by an eleven year old boy, is a clever and subtle retelling of Shakespeare s Hamlet The story opens when Philip, the Hamlet narrator, sees his father s ghost after the funeral His father s ghost informs him that he was murdered by Uncle Alan, and that he will be stuck in eternal torment unless Philip kills his uncle before his father s next birthday in a few months When I say that I don t want to give than that away, you may think to yourself b [...]

  11. A retelling ofHamlet set in modern day England, with a young boy as the protagonist The whole thing is told in the first person in prose reminiscent of the first chapter ofA Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man run on sentences and a blatant disregard for apostrophes I found this both effective and annoying, often several times within the same page The writing s certainly powerful, though, and a wonderful horrible sense of doom and dread pervades the narrative I appreciated Haig s decision to h [...]

  12. Haig has written a funny, touching, and surprising retelling of Shakespeare s Hamlet I applaud Highbridge Audio for hiring a child actor, Andrew Dennis, to narrate He did a phenomenal job This was a fantastic supplement to my Hamlet study this month

  13. This is the twenty second book I read on my commute, and I m reasonably certain that this book falls in the modern lit category But not 100% sure It s highly amusing to me that as soon as I laid out the four categories books I read tend to fall into, I spend so much time trying to explain why no book ever aligns perfectly with any of the categories Except non fiction Although there have been exceptions there too.So, The Dead Father s Club This book is very cute and charming, and simultaneously h [...]

  14. My Take Interesting I enjoyed the convention of writing from the 11 year old s point of view the story drew me in and kept my attention But the ending left me cold it felt unresolved Is there really such a thing as the Dead Father s Club, or did Philip make it up as a grief mechanism There were some things that couldn t be explained such as the guidance from his father when being chased, or when looking for Leah but then finding out about the natural death of Ray Ray Goodwin, and the real pub ba [...]

  15. This was a pretty enjoyable read It s a modern update of a sort of Hamlet The narrator is a British teenage boy whose father is recently dead, and comes to him as a ghost, and tells him that he was murdered by the boy s uncle, and if the boy does not kill the man who killed him, he won t be able to move on, and will be stuck as a ghost forever in The Terrors which is never explained All it says is, when Dad told me what the Terrors was, I knew I had to help him Um to share with the reader The be [...]

  16. This is a decent Hamlet tribute The story verges onto its own path just at the point when the reader wonders if it is a complete rewrite The book labels itself a tween book which can be read and enjoyed by adults and young adults alike This classification annoys me can t young adults enjoy most every kind of book The classification is likely due to the fact that the novel s protagonist is an eleven year old boy His thoughts are brought to us as they presumably appear in his head void of all but [...]

  17. I really really wanted to like this book It had so many brilliant things going for it a great voice, hilarious scenes, interesting premise, great characters, great descriptions, witty turns of phrase and all that jazz.BUTThere s always a but.I found this book in the kids section of the library It is about a 11 year old boy, so it stands to reason Here are the things I found in the book SPOILERS Lots of swearing, the F word repeatedly Even uses the ultimate taboo C word about four times Other les [...]

  18. The Dead Father s Club is populated by an eleven year old boy, his widowed mother, his uncle, various peers and several ghosts Loosely based on Hamlet, this book left me wondering almost throughout its entirety whether the narrator was sane or not For me, the puzzle of the narrator s sanity or insanity was what kept me reading.The style of the book was unique Haig didn t follow conventional grammar rules and the lack of punctuation was sometimes confusing and definitely took a while to get used [...]

  19. This book is a lot like CURIOUS INCIDENT DOG MIDNIGHT sorry i can t recall the title correctly off the top of my head That is to say there is a narrator with a distinctive, childlike voice, simple way of observing And there s a mystery It s patterned after Hamlet and just made me want to read Hamlet again Good things about this book 1 Fast read2 Good dramatic question3 At times, funny4 The effects of the dead on the living are really interesting and how mistaken ideas of what the father would ha [...]

  20. Hamlet with chavsTo be honest I ve never read Hamlet or even suffered through a theater production or film version of it The play maybe the thing, but Shakespeare just ain t my thing Matt Haig s The Dead Fathers Club is a modern day version of Hamlet and his Hamlet is an eleven year old boy named Philip Noble Philip s father comes to him in ghost form and tells him he must avenge his murder by murdering his murderer and brother, Alan That s a lot to lay on an eleven year old boy Philip has to su [...]

  21. Very undecided about this approach to Hamlet it s either brilliant or ridiculously annoying, actually it s a combination of both.Haig presents the Hamlet story in modern England No royal trappings here Elsinore is a failing pub, Claudius is Uncle Alan, just as rude and power grasping as his Bard counterpart, Gertrude is portrayed as a shallow weak woman with insecurities, yet loving to her son, who is Phillip The other characters have parallels to their play counterparts, some obvious than othe [...]

  22. This is a very entertaining book It is told from the point of view of an 11 year old boy trying to come to terms with the unexpected death of his father The story plays off themes from Hamlet, but with less distrust of Mum and a heightened sense of confusion for Phillip, the main character It has a rather odd sense of suspense and curiosity and Haig did an exceptional job assuming the voice of a young and slightly troubled boy I almost lost patience with that voice, and others might, but am glad [...]

  23. This book is narrated by an 11 year old boy, who is haunted by his dead fathers ghost, seeking revenge for his murder Sort of an updated take on Hamlet I really enjoyed this book The narrator Philip has a very interesting way of looking at things and describing them almost too simply for an 11 year old boy, though still cleverly enough to pull you along after him through his encounters with his dads ghost, the school bullies, his first girlfriend, and the various plots and schemes he develops in [...]

  24. All the blokes reading this story are going off about how it s like Hamlet and how Philip s such a bloody wanker, but if you think about it Hamlet was a bit of a wanker as well Philip does try quite hard to do as he s bidden by his da s ghost, ie, to kill that dodgy fat oaf who not two months after the funeral has moved in with his mum I get stuck on that word, MUM MUM rhymes with BUM, but your mum s bum isn t meant to have a bum s hand on it Even without visits from the spirit world, anybody in [...]

  25. The story opens when Phillip sees his father s ghost after the funeral who believes he was murdered by his brother, and will only be at peace if Philip can murder him Philip takes it upon himself to carry out his father s wishes, despite the fact he really is still an eleven year old who is baffled by the adult world An modern take on Shakespeare s classic tragedy Hamlet, that deals with grief, loss and anxiety in a mature and stylish manner There are many allusions to the play throughout the st [...]

  26. After just reading or re reading Hamlet, I eagerly delved into this re interpretation of Hamlet This story was told from the viewpoint of a middle school boy in England, in current times, despondent and angry after the accidental death of his father His mother is comforted by his father s car repair dirty and greasy hands brother who helps her emotionally and financially pull their family owned pub out of trouble.Young Philip is often visited by his disquieted father s ghost, who urgently urges [...]

  27. N o consigo entender o motivo da nota do livro ser t o baixa A hist ria engra ada e prende o leitor O livro todo narrado pelo personagem principal um menino de 11 anos e a forma como escrita faz a gente imaginar um menino calado, mas que n o pausa um segundo para respirar em sua sequencia de pensamentos Desta forma, ele relata absolutamente tudo, em um f lego s Deu personalidade ao personagem Ao decorrer do livro, o leitor fica titubeando entre acreditar que o menino Philip realmente v fantasmas [...]

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