Free Will

Free Will Belief in free will touches nearly everything that human beings value It is difficult to think about law politics religion public policy intimate relationships morality as well as feelings of rem

Belief in free will touches nearly everything that human beings value It is difficult to think about law, politics, religion, public policy, intimate relationships, morality as well as feelings of remorse or personal achievement without first imagining that every person is the true source of his or her thoughts and actions And yet the facts tell us that free will is an iBelief in free will touches nearly everything that human beings value It is difficult to think about law, politics, religion, public policy, intimate relationships, morality as well as feelings of remorse or personal achievement without first imagining that every person is the true source of his or her thoughts and actions And yet the facts tell us that free will is an illusion.In this enlightening book, Sam Harris argues that this truth about the human mind does not undermine morality or diminish the importance of social and political freedom, but it can and should change the way we think about some of the most important questions in life.

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Free Will

  1. Sam Harris born 1967 is an American non fiction writer, philosopher and neuroscientist He is the author of The End of Faith Religion, Terror and the Future of Reason 2004 , which won the 2005 PEN Martha Albrand Award, and Letter to a Christian Nation 2006 , a rejoinder to the criticism his first book attracted His new book, The Moral Landscape, explores how science might determine human values.After coming under intense criticism in response to his attacks on dogmatic religious belief, Harris is cautious about revealing details of his personal life and history He has said that he was raised by a Jewish mother and a Quaker father, and he told Newsweek that as a child, he declined to be bar mitzvahed He attended Stanford University as an English major, but dropped out of school following a life altering experience with MDMA During this period he studied Buddhism and meditation, and claims to have read hundreds of books on religion In an August 21, 2009 appearance on Real Time with Bill Maher, Harris stated that he grew up in a secular home and his parents never discussed God He has stated, however, that he has always had an interest in religion.After eleven years, he returned to Stanford and completed a bachelor of arts degree in philosophy In 2009, he obtained his Ph.D degree in neuroscience at University of California, Los Angeles, using functional magnetic resonance imaging to conduct research into the neural basis of belief, disbelief, and uncertainty source, plus info

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  1. I am an agnostic which means I am firm in my belief that I have no idea what to believe I don t know what is true and what isn t and no one, no matter how strong your faith, or how strong your lack of faith isyou don t know either You don t know what happens to you after you die You pretty much have to die to find that out You may really, really, really believe little alien souls are attached to your body and making your life miserable, and that the only way to make it all better is to blow your [...]

  2. Fuck.I am a stubborn girl, and there are some things I cling to like rope ladders keeping me from falling into Freddy Krueger s soul swamp, such as possessing some degree of control over my own fate and figuring myself out in a manageable way, but thisis has challenged my perceptions of everything I am, believe, and compulsively stand by in a way which I have not been crossed in I don t even know how long I don t bend easily, but Harris s argument is a water and light tight kick in the dick I wi [...]

  3. It has been one of those odd times when I seem to be getting tripped over by the same sorts of ideas over and over again I can t for the life of me tell you why I thought it was a good idea recently to read Freud s Interpretation of Dreams like the proverbial mountain, it was just there Then I was tossing up what to read next and there was this other book on the brain called Incognito and that was or less on similar ground although, obviously quite updated Both, though, stressed the fact that w [...]

  4. On Free Will Crime How should society react to violent crime Glancing at the cover might have been than enough to guess the full contents of this one Harris is right to an extent, but as many have already done, his argument is too easy to poke holes in This is primarily because the argument depends on the definition boundary that he imposes on it It makes for a good argument in a monologue but will fall apart in a dialogue.This is not to say that there is no merit in what he concludes on the ba [...]

  5. 700 1 Let s look at some experience The physiologist Benjamin Libet famously used EEG to show that activity in thebrain s motor cortex can be detected some 300 milliseconds before a person feels thathe has decided to move.Another lab extended this work using functional magnetic resonance imaging fMRI Subjects were asked to press one of two buttons while watching a clock composed of a random sequence of letters appearing on a screen They reported which letter was visible at the mo [...]

  6. Nietzsche is said to have said that he wished to say in a couple lines than most philosophers could say in an entire book The scheme may very well have been met by the great 19th century thinker, as each sentence could be dissected and interpreted in such ways that they beget numerous debates and discussions still Sam Harris has expressed no such ambition, but if there is a modern philosopher scientist to whom such a description could be accredited, it would be him although he may be less diffi [...]

  7. You are not controlling the storm, and you are not lost in it You are the storm Sam Harris It s true that human persons don t have contra causal free will We are not self caused little gods But we are just as real as the genetic and environmental processes which created us and the situations in which we make choices The deliberative machinery supporting effective action is just as real and causally effective as any other process in nature So we don t have to talk as if we are real agents in orde [...]

  8. Sam Harris s book is essay length, and a wonderfully easy read, considering it presents some revolutionary ideas The overriding one being his questioning of free will.He tells us that various scientific experiments have shown beyond doubt that we reach decisions in our brains unconsciously before we reach decisions consciously via the sense of I think that we know so well These unconscious decisions are shaped by our genetics, our upbringing, our physiology, our culture, our current situation an [...]

  9. This essay is a brief treatise on what author, Sam Harris, calls the illusion of free will In his typical Harris fashion, he demonstrates that the popular conception of free will as that which allows us to do what we want to do without any outer or inner compulsions is in fact a confusion We, humans, are no than the product of our genes and our past life experiences both of which we can t exert much influence upon In a scientific term, it s our neurons that determine our thoughts and actions b [...]

  10. Harris is a smart guy, and an engaging writer But he is just plain lost He is not only lost in the sense of not having Jesus, but also lost in the sense that he cannot make his way out of the thicket of his own premises He simply cannot see how what he is saying applies to what he is saying.

  11. So, Sam Harris an atheist and a neuroscientistHe begins his book by telling a shocking story of how some burglars robbed, child abused, raped, tortured and set a family s house on fire and killing them apart from the father who survived.He then says that one of them had shown signs of remorse and attempted suicide a couple of times, and the other had repeatedly been raped as a child, and both of these men had been suffering from brain tumors He concludes that if any one of us had been in their s [...]

  12. Free Will is a short but informative book judging by its length calling it an essay would probably be accurate looking to prove that free will is an illusion, and I have to say, it managed to convince me Despite the daunting subject, Haris ideas are clear and easy to grasp which is something I really appreciate in non fiction So many authors get so tangled in their ideas that they forget that what they re writing isn t meant just for them It was great, food for thought for a very long time I hi [...]

  13. Whether there is free will or not is an open question, but this book throws very little light on the subject Full of assertions and absolutist thinking, it sets up the problem and the definition of terms in such a way that no free will is necessarily the conclusion If free will means that the conscious mind the everyday ego or the monkey mind of the Buddhists has to have full awareness, control, and origination of all impulses, thoughts, and desires down to their very furthest roots, then of cou [...]

  14. The only issue I can see people having would be based on semantics over the term free will but as for the actual arguments, Harris seems to be spot on.However, I d love to hear Sam Harris discuss what he thinks would be a better option As in how could free will be done better Would we get to select our brains Would we get to choose our body Our gender And what would make us choose one brain, body, or gender over the other It seems the decision would still be caused by something beyond our contro [...]

  15. This is a booklet, not a book I have been pondering the problem of free will for twenty years, it is a central part of the book I am just about to publish, so I was very interested to see what Mr Harris had to say I was extremely disappointed.I was shocked by the shallowness of his arguments The scientific evidence he draws on are experiments that I read about 15 years ago I can t understand why he doesn t include the copious evidence against free will that neuroscience has amassed in the last d [...]

  16. Man can do what he will but he cannot will what he wills Schopenhauer The theme of the book is disconcerting at best Dr Harris if not completely refutes the notion of free will in this little book of his, does certainly raise a serious contradiction to the longtime conviction that we are the authors of our thoughts In the very first beginning of the book this theme got dramatically and horrifyingly accentuated when the author suggests, if he were to trade places with Komisarijevsky one of the no [...]

  17. I was looking for something to challenge my belief in free will This book did nothing of the sort and if it had been any longer it was only about 90 pages it would have been a waste of time It is anglo american school analytic philosophy in all it s reductionist absurdity The science is tenuous and almost non existent, resting on the wafer thin logic that our neurons determine our actions before we re conscious of them so that means our neurons are running the show all hail the neurons We re jus [...]

  18. This book is succinctly mind blowing After finishing reading actually, listening to it, I am solidly convinced that the conventional understanding of free will is an illusion My only gripe regards his talk of moral responsibility Harris raises some interesting questions how can we hold criminals accountable if they are not in control of their actions but falls short of answering them to any satisfaction I believe that this is due to the fact that such questions are unanswerable, I just wish Harr [...]

  19. The author definitely sheds some light on aspects of free will that I never really considered It is a powerful message that he is trying to convey with the limitations of the length of this book At times I found myself nodding my head and agreeing with the author, but ultimately, I could not convince myself of his views on free will His arguments start out very promising, but then falter and lose momentum as he tends to digress with meager examples and statements I finished the book feeling an e [...]

  20. Original Blog Review myescapebookscoffeetea.wordpr Bookstagram instagram booksofsalemBuy this book on The Book Depository bookdepository Free WFirst of all, this book is seriously small, so don t expect a George Martin type of book lenght out of it eh, kidding, just wanted to joke around a lil now for real, this book has 65 pages, I thought it had 86 cause that s what they are selling this book for, BUT it is only 65 pages, if I m mad at it no I m not Sam Harris is an author that I wanted to rea [...]

  21. BookThoughtsFree Will by Sam Harris 5 5Is there anything as conscious thoughts What is the contribution of luck in our lives Is impulse possible Or do we act exactly as we intend to with a certain miliseconds of gap between the time to form an intention and to execute it Sam Harris explores the idea of Free Will in this essay of his with lucid examples and logical arguments He also quotes scientific experiments and counter arguments and tries to make the readers understand his point through thos [...]

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