Exile Sophie Foster thought she was safe Settled into her home at Havenfield surrounded by friends and using her unique telepathic abilities to train Silveny the first female alicorn ever seen in the Lost

Sophie Foster thought she was safe Settled into her home at Havenfield, surrounded by friends, and using her unique telepathic abilities to train Silveny the first female alicorn ever seen in the Lost Cities her life finally seems to be coming together But Sophie s kidnappers are still out there And when Sophie discovers new messages and clues from the mysterious BlacSophie Foster thought she was safe Settled into her home at Havenfield, surrounded by friends, and using her unique telepathic abilities to train Silveny the first female alicorn ever seen in the Lost Cities her life finally seems to be coming together But Sophie s kidnappers are still out there And when Sophie discovers new messages and clues from the mysterious Black Swan group, she s forced to take a terrifying risk one that puts everyone in incredible danger As long buried secrets rise to the surface, it s once again up to Sophie to uncover hidden memories before someone close to her is lost forever In this second book in the Keeper of the Lost Cities series, Sophie must journey to the darkest corners of her luminous world in a sequel that will leave you breathless for .

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  1. Hi I m the NYT and USA today bestselling author of the KEEPER OF THE LOST CITIES series and the SKY FALL series, both published by Simon Schuster I also eat lots of cupcakes, have an embarrassing number of cats, and spend way too much time on the internet You can find links to all the places you can cyberstalk me in the NON creepy way, please at shannonmessenger And yes, I DO accept friend requests here BUT Please note I NEVER check my private messages here, so if you send me one, you won t get a reply My real contact information is on my website shannonmessenger

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  1. I know it s totally geeky to review your own book but this book is the hardest thing I have ever written So yeah, I m going to tell you it s awesome We have to believe in our own writing, don t we And hey, I deserve SOMETHING to make up for the sleepless nights, right

  2. Originally posted at Writer of WrongsMy review of book one, Keeper of the Lost Cities, aka a guided tour though my insanity with Legolas the elfLegolas Where are you, boyfriend We can t do this without you.There are elves in this book It makes sense, handsome, we re here for the book Exile We return once to the story of Sophie Foster, the magical thirteen year old elf with three boyfriends and four thousand super special abilities By the end of this book, she will have four thousand and twelve [...]

  3. That was EPIC Sophie Foster, the girl who has found the first female Alicorn in decades She s going to train this magical creature and reveal this secret to the elves as a sign of hope, to settle the fears and desperation of people elves.Sophie Foster.The girl who has been taken.The girl who has been raised by muggles humans She has lived in the Forbidden City human world for twelve years.She has mastered unbelievable magical skills view spoiler Inflictor Telepath Polyglot hide spoiler HOWEVER, [...]

  4. Reread August 2013 Goodness, Book two isn t even officially out yet and I have read this twice Book three is still so far away March 2013 This sequel to The Keeper of the Lost Cities is fantastic and totally unexpected Messenger has the ability to totally surprise her readers and Exile is no exception While the book is a little long and could have been a little shorter, I loved this read It was completely different than what I expected and honestly, I devoured it This series has quickly become o [...]

  5. Need I even say it Exile was aMaZiNg We got to know Keefe better, and I must admit, he s growing on me In the previous book, I thought of him as a big egomaniac, but alas, I was wrong Keefe is one of my favorite characters now Another part I loved about this book was Silveny, I loved the alicorn character so much, Her strong will, and how much she cares about Sophie totally made her a new favorite Heck, I even liked Sandor in all his fierceness I would ve liked Dex in this book, but really, we [...]

  6. Hey, can this come out, like, NOW, please Because I want it NOW CAN NOT WAITAD Okay, so I literally JUST finished it AND finished reading the Acknowledgements, of course, because I m just one of THOSE people.AndOMGI ve never wanted to avoid finishing a book this bad EVER I WAS CRYING FOR IT NOT TO END.Usually my fangirling and dies suffices, but I can t even try for this review, considering even I CAN T Doesn t cover it.I REALLY Can t I just.Okay Deep breath This book One word KeefeCan I haz him [...]

  7. Aussi bien que le premier tome, bien rythm , bien amen , des personnages attachants et diff rents, j ai encore une fois pass un super moment avec les Gardiens Un vrai bonheur L univers est encore plus approfondi et l intrigue se ressert J ai h te de continuer encore, mais une chose est sure cette saga s annonce incroyable

  8. I had an interesting experience with KEEPER OF THE LOST CITIES That was one of the few times a reader contacted me for detail, because they d read a negative review, but trusted my judgment and my review was positive I told them that I thought the criticisms were fair, but that I d had a positive reaction to the book Thus, I was definitely willing to read EXILE and see where the story went I think Shannon Messenger is taking her series in the right direction.EXILE is the continuing story of So [...]

  9. So I finished this book about a week ago and I have been trying to write this review ever since but have been having trouble trying to explain it s brilliance I am a huge fan of Shannon Messenger s work and have recommended the first Keeper to EVERYONE I know boys, girls, adults, kids, teens I just think it s that amazingLet the Sky Fall completely surprised me by how different it was and I also highly recommend everyone to read it However, despite how excited I was to read Exile I was also real [...]

  10. I m just not sure what to say about this exactly.Maybe it was the fact that romance is pretty much non existent here sob.Or maybe it s that the book kindawelldragged winces but can t think of a better word exactly a bit for half of the book.Buuuut there s definitely some things that were awesome about this too Like, after view spoiler Alden s mind broke hide spoiler I was sucked in.The way the author described everythingwell, it made me feel things Me I muttered to myself on how evil this one ch [...]

  11. When I read Keeper of the Lost Cities back in October I had been prepared to wait a whole year for the sequel Then I heard of ARCs, but didn t think I would get one, and then suddenly this week it showed up on Edelweiss I requested it right away, and to my surprise and delight I got accepted for it And I started it right away Exile is an amazing book A perfect sequel But now I must wait than a year for book three I ll live, because I can always re read the first books One of the things that mad [...]

  12. This was a fascinating follow up to the first book in the series The mystery was even intriguing than ever, and I loved the unexpected issue with view spoiler Sophie s abilities hide spoiler Talk about surprising view spoiler Sorry, no telepathic conversations, Fitz hide spoiler The worldbuilding is so amazing especially the traditions like the first day of school and the Wanderlings While the book definitely amped up the fantasy oddness bringing in details about view spoiler genetic manipula [...]

  13. Que dire Dans la lign e du 1er L cole des elfes fait clairement penser Harry Potter mais la comparaison s arr te l.Un tr s bon tome

  14. This review originally appeared at bookishserendipityWhat I Liked About This Book Almost all authors think that the middle book of a trilogy is the most challenging to write They regularly know where a story begins and where it ends up and the middle book is really just the bridge from point A to B I rarely enjoy the middle book as much as I enjoy the first book or the third Exile, I believe, is one of the few exceptions After all, you need a bridge to get from one piece of land to the next The [...]

  15. Tout aussi bon que le premier J adore l univers, l intrigue, les personnages Il se passe tellement de choses que je n arrive pas les commenter et donner mon avis haha.

  16. There is so much about this series that is straight Harry Potter child who didn t know she was actually an elf, magical school, parental issues, hidden powers and ultimate destiny, sketchy friends, sketchy parents of sketchy friends, etc, etc that it shouldn t work but it does, brilliantly, and what it lacks in originality, it makes up for in tight plotting and characters you actually care about Sophie spends a little time in introspection than our pal Harry, and therefore, we understand her ac [...]

  17. definitely gonna write a review for this best book I ve in a real long time I don t really know what to write for this, so here are some thoughts GIRL DID FITZ GET BETTER Like I know you only saw Fitz like five times the whole book, but like I couldn t even stand him in the first book I just wanted him to fuck off because Sophie always acted like a fool around him But in Exile, I couldn t wait to see him again even if he was just gonna yell at Sophie.I don t know, the whole book was just so good [...]

  18. Si je n avais pas t particuli rement s duite par le premier tome, celui ci rel ve le niveau et me donne envie de continuer cette s rie un peu magique L h ro ne m agace un peu, mais moins qu avant j aime particuli rement Keefe, qui am ne une touche d humour au r cit Celui ci est bien rythm et nous fait passer un bon moment

  19. This is a AMAZING AWESOME EVERYTHING GOOD IN THE WORLD book I love how Keefe interacts with the Alicorn Glitterbutt D

  20. I liked the book Keeper of the Lost Cities exile because of the nonstop action It was the second book in the Keeper of the Lost Cities series This book had nonstop action where Sophie the main character would get into so many problems so the book was very exiting In this book Sophie finds a rare animal that everybody has been looking for for 10 years The council tries to take the animal away from Sophie because Sophie is not qualified for caring for a one in a kind species This book is amazing b [...]

  21. Thank you Simon And Schuster for sending me this ARC Sophie Foster feels safe She is at Havenfield, a year after moving into the magical elf world and settling in with her adoptive parents Then something incredible happens Sophie finds the first female alicorn in the elven world The alicorn, Silveny, has just been given a new home in Havenfield and it is up to Sophie to train her Also, surprisingly, Silveny can transmit thoughts into Sophie s head As Sophie starts receiving messages from a myste [...]

  22. Overview This book has some violence with a very light dusting of romance and language Educational Value Not applicable Violence Medium Kidnappers from the first volume are still after someone, and now they seem to be after Silveny as well, causing scary scenes, battles, and wounds A visit to the elf world s prison insane asylum Death is a traumatic rarity in the elf world, and the deaths of several characters, some told in flashback, cause much suffering There s relatively little physical viol [...]

  23. 4.25Another strong installment to the series This did not fall under the Second Book Syndrome , but it does have a somewhat slower pacing than it did in the first book but that s not a bad thing in the least.With this book, you have Sophie still struggling with adjusting to Eternalia, but it s about honing her powers and learning to control them to show her full potential This goes with her character development, as well as the developments of her friends, specifically Keefe This book mainly fo [...]

  24. Mais quel coup de coeur encore pour ce deuxi me tome J tais d j tomb amoureuse de la plume de Shannon Messenger, mais alors dans ici cela confirme tout mon amour pour cette saga Quelle joie de retrouver Sophie, Fitz, Alden, Dex et surtout, SURTOUT Keefe qui, mon plus grand plaisir, est beaucoup plus pr sent ici que dans le premier tome Vous n imaginez pas quel point j en ai t ravie L intrigue est tellement palpitante, on se demande chaque fois si Sophie va arriver accomplir ce qu elle doit faire [...]

  25. I can see the author s skills improving from the first book to this one The story development was well crafted and I really enjoyed the shift in focus of the characters I was worried sick throughout the entire book for a certain character and am so excited to start the next one These books may be big but they re fast easy reads, even so the plot and characters are unique enough to keep any reader on their toes I do believe this series is up there with Percy Jackson and Harry Potter and I can t w [...]

  26. A lot happened in the second installment of this fun series Sophie is settling in with her new family and friends and is helping rehabilitate a scarce Alicorn Then she finds out she may be sick and also may have even special powers I really enjoyed this book, even surpassing the first one I think overall this series in many ways reminds me of Harry Potter but is different enough to really grab me Such great books to read in the mid grade world

  27. Cross my fingers that I get a copyTHe first book was good with frienships, crushes, sadness, and AWESOMENESS WHat ewill happen to Sophie Isnt that KEEFE on the cover Will Fitz be on the cover with Sophie in the third book WHat is priject Moonlark SO many questions, hope some or all will be answered

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