Loch Loch and his sister are with their father on a scientific expedition to track lake monsters Their father s boss Anthony Cavenger a ruthless publishing mogul is determined to prove that the legends

Loch and his sister are with their father on a scientific expedition to track lake monsters Their father s boss, Anthony Cavenger, a ruthless publishing mogul, is determined to prove that the legends are fact Until now, it has been a fruitless exercise But suddenly, on a routine exploration, a hideous water beast explodes out of the water, and a photographer, hoping toLoch and his sister are with their father on a scientific expedition to track lake monsters Their father s boss, Anthony Cavenger, a ruthless publishing mogul, is determined to prove that the legends are fact Until now, it has been a fruitless exercise But suddenly, on a routine exploration, a hideous water beast explodes out of the water, and a photographer, hoping to get the picture of a lifetime, loses his life instead The plesiosaurs terrorize the secluded lake community, but Loch encounters a baby plesiosaur and realizes that the monsters only attack when threatened So he risks his life and the lives of his family and friends to save the prehistoric creatures from destruction 1995 Quick Pick for Reluctant Young Adult Readers ALA 1995 Books for the Teen Age NY Public Library

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  1. Paul Zindel was an American author, playwright and educator.In 1964, he wrote The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man in the Moon Marigolds, his first and most successful play The play ran off Broadway in 1970, and on Broadway in 1971 It won the 1971 Pulitzer Prize for Drama It was also made into a 1972 movie by 20th Century Fox Charlotte Zolotow, then a vice president at Harper Row now Harper Collins contacted him to writing for her book label Zindel wrote 39 books, all of them aimed at children or young adults Many of these were set in his home town of Staten Island, New York They tended to be semi autobiographical, focusing on teenage misfits with abusive or neglectful parents Despite the often dark subject matter of his books, which deal with loneliness, loss, and the effects of abuse, they are also filled with humor Many of his novels have wacky titles, such as My Darling, My Hamburger, or Confessions of A Teenage Baboon.The Pigman, first published in 1968, is widely taught in American schools, and also made it on to the list of most frequently banned books in America in the 1990s, because of what some deem offensive language.

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  1. Yes, this is by the same Zindel who wrote The Pigman No, it s not any good If it were any other author I d give it two stars, but with Zindel it deserves one.The son and a daughter of an archeologist discover a family of ravenous plesiosaurs in a lake The archeologist s boss, a tabloid magnate, wants the beasts captured dead or alive The children befriend one of the young plesiosaurs The plesiosaurs eat people.There s not much drama to the book because the dinosaurs get revealed early There s no [...]

  2. I literally hated this book No drama, no action, i couldbarely understand what was going on and what they were working with I couldn t prnounce the equiptments names and the story was mind boggling Hear my loud and clear when i say DON T DON T DON T READ THE AWFUL TERRIBLE BBBBBBBOOOOOOOOOOOOOKKKKKKKKK

  3. What would happen if the Loch Ness monster really existed What would happen if that monster lived in a lake in the United States What would you do if it had a baby and that baby were being threatened by people who wanted it dead find the answers to all of these questions by reading Loch a great adventure about a Loch Ness monster in Lake Champlain and the kids trying to save it.

  4. I m so facinated by this book the detail on the landscape and monsters The land scape is moutiness and rivers run in and out of caves Water falls are every where falling every where from the rain that collects in little pools that might have monsters in them.

  5. I was lucky to find this book on Audible After listening to it, I couldn t help but feel like I d just seen a really great movie because that s what it feels like when you re listening to it It s an engaging and suspenseful tale of terror, fantasy, adventure and intrigue in Paul Zindel s 1995 horror thriller Loch Ironically as you d expect, the story takes place on the banks of the most famous lake in the world Loch Ness, Scotland Here, we are introduced to our young and adventurous hero Loch, w [...]

  6. It is a personal rule of mine to finish any book I start, no matter how bad or good it is Sadly, I had to break my rule for this book The dialogue is sooooo bad, it s sickening It s also highly unrealistic Don t get me wrong, I know I m reading a book meant for children, but I don t see how even a child could enjoy this book Well, an intelligent child that is The book gave a bit of promise in the beginning but it just got to be too silly to take seriously We have 8 year old girls driving cars, w [...]

  7. I am cleaning out my bookshelf, reading as I go This book seemed a little violent for the intended age group I felt like it read like an action movie with a teenage protagonist Which is probably good if you are an 11 year old boy Unfortunately it s a little dated, I think Still, if I knew any 11 year old boys I might recommend it This one is going in the donate pile

  8. This novel is a strange intersection between Hoot, E.T and Jaws that I read in 6th grade The simplistic and almost caricatured story doesn t stand the test of time for adults, but there s weird themes of open mindedness and environmentalism that impressed a positive reading experience in me when I was in middle school.

  9. It perfectly portrays all that I support The need to protect endangered species It is the story of a boy who saves an innocent species who only want to defend themselves against a rich explorer who wants them dead

  10. Bookworm Speaks Loch by Paul Zindel The Story Loch and his sister are with their father on a scientific expedition to track lake monsters Their father s boss, Anthony Cavenger, a ruthless publishing mogul, is determined to prove that the legends are fact Until now, it has been a fruitless exercise But suddenly, on a routine exploration, a hideous water beast explodes out of the water, and a photographer, hoping to get the picture of a lifetime, loses his life instead The plesiosaurs terrorize th [...]

  11. Fifteen year old Luke Perkins, dubbed Loch since he claimed to have seen the Loch Ness Monster as a young boy, is fascinated by cryptids His interest is fueled by following his oceanographer father around the world searching for proof of the existence of lake monsters Loch and his little sister Zaidee miss the family life they had before their mother died and don t understand why their father allows his wealthy boss, Mr Cavenger, to degrade and humiliate him But nevertheless they love tagging al [...]

  12. Something is lurking in the water of the Loch in Scotland When you read this novel you will feel the jaws of fear grabing you I only recommend this book to people who like adventure horror If I were to rank this book I would give it 5 stars Keep reading to see what I think about this book This adventure horror novel is pretty good for those people who believe in the Loch Ness Monster It starts with the main character named Luke but when he was only 5 years old he went to Scotland into the river [...]

  13. Loch earned his nickname from his childhood claim that he met the Loch Ness monster People didn t believe him They should have Now as a teen, near Lake Champlain, adults again are not taking him seriously For some few, they will learn the hard way.A shallowly written thriller A bit gory, though tame compared to movies aimed at teens these days My daughters after hearing the plot summary, had no interest Four people get eaten, and a few left over body parts cheaply heighten the ick mood Also, bri [...]

  14. I m not quite sure what to say about this one Loch offered a lot of promises that it just wasn t capable of living up to It tried to be gory and violent with such a limited vocabulary that it just gave it a made for TV feel The plot had a rough feel to it that made it read like a first draft rather than a completed novel I kept thinking that all Loch needed was detail, description, build up, anything With the lack of actual plot building and details, I failed to truly build any attachments [...]

  15. World renowned marine biologist Sam Perkins works with wealthy Anthony Cavenger on Mr Cavenger s latest expedition Stationed at Lake Alban, Vermont, they research claims that the lake is inhabited by great beasts called plesiosaurs The largest plesiosaur male, Rogue, feels threatened and attacks the scientific team at every turn When his aggressive actions cause several horrific deaths, Cavenger orders his men to kill the beasts on sight Meanwhile, Loch aka Luke and Zaidee Perkins find a young p [...]

  16. This book was not really my genre, and I didn t like the writing style, the characters, or the overall message view spoiler Loch saw a mysterious monster attack a herd of sheep at Loch Ness when he was five, thus earning his nickname Now he is 15 and his father, a scientist, works for an obsessed monster hunter named Cavender The crew is working by a lake in upstate New York, when they pick up readings for a large unknown creature in the water The manned boats manage to catch the plesiosaur in t [...]

  17. So this book was pretty much as I expected it to be Nothing special writing wise, though I was glad to see no grammatical issues The plot, character development, and flow was a little below average Very unrealistic at times Dialogue lacked real emotion here and there Sometimes I just found myself laughing out loud at the character s responses, for they were so farfetched and completely inhuman.But it was a fun book As a lover of all things supernatural and of the Loch Ness Monster in particular [...]

  18. Loch is a very engaging children s horror story, which is ironic considering you wouldn t want to scare your children before bed But it s old school horror in that it doesn t feel it necessary to flash blood and dead bodies and murder to the reader as our tvs seem to believe is necessary these days From a literary standpoint, this is a simple book to read considering it was made for children, but sometimes, it s important for the reader to not need to be accompanied by a dictionary to read a bo [...]

  19. This book is about a teenage boy Loch, his sister Zaidee and his friend Sarah Loch s dad is working for Sarah s dad Carvenger, and his company are basically lake monster hunters While Loch and Zaidee are having lunch Loch decides to go for a dive While he is underwater, he is sucked into an underwater cave, and is poured out into a little side pond He walks back to the lake where and gets Zaizee to show her what he discovered Little did he know, a baby plesiosaur was also sucked unto the cave an [...]

  20. Loch and his sister Zaidee are with their father at Lake Alban He is working for the evil Mr Cavenger, who is trying to find Loch Ness type creatures to study There are several in the lake Rogue, who is the biggest and has killed a couple of people, and a smaller one Then, Loch finds a baby pleiosaur he calls Wee Beastie and feeds ham sandwiches Even though the older versions like to chomp people in half, Loch feels comfortable frolicking with the small one When it becomes clear that Cavenger is [...]

  21. Suprisingly, this book was actually pretty decent The plot moved along pretty quickly, which I thought helped the book to steer clear of the boring waste of paper that it could have easily become The one thing I really enjoyed about this book was the development of the characters It s not very long, and I was suprised how quickly the characters all clicked to one another However, I found the ending to be weak and unsatisfying, although it does takes an exceptional ending to really impress me.

  22. Loch is a young boy whose father is one of a team of scientists trying to find a monster in a lake in upstate New York The question is, do they want to find it or kill it Three kids try to save a baby plesiosaur from evil cryptozoologists and keep their families together at the same time Zindel was a chemistry teacher and so brings scientific realism to a rather unrealistic story This is a good pick for kids who don t like to read It s easy, fun, and quickly engaging.

  23. This was one of those books that is ok but is not the best book you will ever read It has the same storline as every other book in this world, the kids find the beast, hide it from the bad guys, and help it survive It s not a book I would recommend to everyone, just elementary school kids If I got a choice to read this book again i would not There are some parts in the book that make you want to read and there are also parts that don t Like I said it was alright but just alright.

  24. I thought that this book was a moderately good book to read It wasnt the best book I ve read, but it kept reading through the pages The reason why I liked this book is because it had a good amount of suspense in it There was some parts that I did nt like because I couldn t understand it For example, I had to read some parts several times because of how the author had it written Some pages were confusing on the storyline But it was really good throughout the story.

  25. This book was probably the coolest book a twelve year old could find The cover alone remains burned in my memory.As I ve said before, Paul Zindel is basically a preteen horror harlequin, with his schlocky premises and surprising gore for his age group But damnit if this book isn t fun It easily tops my list of Zindel books Even if I were to revisit it and see its warts, nostalgia would still ensure a good time.

  26. Audio book We listened to this in the car on Spring Break, and everybody liked it a lot Not for little ones, though, I would recommend nine and up Lots of action, a little bit of gory death only the bad guys , and a happy ending The only reason its a four instead of five is that the narrator was not as good as others we ve loved the Harry Pottery guy.

  27. This book was a little disappointing to me For one it could of been longer, it had a great story line to it but was cut too short Second, the ending was predictable and I felt it left me hanging I would though recommend this to young kids Maybe the books I read I become critical of them because it did get great reviews Happy Reading

  28. This has become one of my favorite books I am very picky when I say that Although I have read and like thousands of books, very few make it onto my favorites list This book brought the elements of mystery, horror, and adventure rolled into one package of awesomeness I highly suggest it to anyone trying to find a quick read to occupy a few hours of the day with.

  29. My son just read this book He loved it He s doesn t really like to read, and he couldn t put it down.It s about Loch Ness monsters in a lake in vermont He read a few parts to me, sounded very exciting Now he just ordered The Doom Stone, the next book in the series about a monster at Stone Henge He s hooked So nice to see him find something he likes to read.

  30. I read this book in 9th grade At the time, I was pretty disturbed by some of the gruesome descriptions of people being eaten, but I still enjoyed the book Probably wouldn t think much of it if I read it today.

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