Untouched Until he met Dez Kale s days were filled with violence and death He was used as a weapon of destruction by the power hungry men of Denazen He s a Six A person with an abnormal ability Some people cal

Until he met Dez, Kale s days were filled with violence and death He was used as a weapon of destruction by the power hungry men of Denazen He s a Six A person with an abnormal ability Some people call them gifts, but not Kale Kale s touch means instant death.But now there s Dez, the girl he can touch, and they re hunting down Sixes and warning them about Denazen KalUntil he met Dez, Kale s days were filled with violence and death He was used as a weapon of destruction by the power hungry men of Denazen He s a Six A person with an abnormal ability Some people call them gifts, but not Kale Kale s touch means instant death.But now there s Dez, the girl he can touch, and they re hunting down Sixes and warning them about Denazen Kale is learning about the world outside captivity and trying to put his dark past behind him But they underestimated how badly Denazen wanted him back.When Dez sacrifices herself to save the new Six they d rescued from falling into the corp s hands, Kale is lost Denazen has brought out its best to get the job done Samsen, a nightmare from Kale s past the only person he s ever truly feared has come for them, and it soon becomes obvious he has his own twisted agenda.Kale will need all his training to get Dez back and ensure they make it out, free and alive But will it be enough

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  1. JUS ACCARDO spent her childhood reading and learning to cook Determined to follow in her grandfather s footsteps as a chef, she applied and was accepted to the Culinary Institute of America But at the last minute, she realized her true path lay with fiction, not food.Jus is the bestselling author of the popular Denazen series from Entangled publishing, as well as the Darker Agency series, and the New Adult series, The Eternal Balance A native New Yorker, she lives in the middle of nowhere with her husband, three dogs, and sometimes guard bear, Oswald.

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  1. Kale is a character like no other Being imprisoned by Denazen his whole life, he never got to learn social behavior Social skills and etiquette are completely lost on him He doesn t understand slang or why people lie He gets bewildered by elementary things It s sad in a way because of what he went through, but it s strangely fascinating to see how human behavior is perceived to such alien eyes and not to mention terribly amusing You gotta admit, a lot of the things we say and do ARE bizarre when [...]

  2. 40 ish page short which takes place in between books 1 and 2 This chapter is in Kale s PoV Normally, I like when we get to see a glimpse of the male PoV, but being inside of Kale s head doesn t do it for me However, I am glad that I opted to read this story because it introduces a new character and places our sixes in a tricky situation by the end, which is where I m assuming book 2 will pick up at.Could you skip this one I m guessing you could, since most side stories are usually bonus PoV s or [...]

  3. Untouched Denazen 1.5 by Jus AccardoUntouched is a short novella, all told from Kale s point of view, the interesting thing about the story being told by Kale is that he sees things very different from everyone else due to he was locked up and isolated for a very long time Since he has never experiences everyday things we get to see firsthand his confusion and lack of humor I have to say it was great reading this story from Kale s point of view.Kale and Dez have set out to track down other Sixes [...]

  4. Untouched Review on K BooksWow, what a novella I was completely and utterly sucked back into this incredible world that Jus Accardo has built Usually novellas are not my favourite books and most don t get over a 3 star rating I just usually feel like it s so short you can t really enjoy it as much as by the time you get into the book it s over This is one of the exceptions I absolutely loved Untouched and it has made me very excited for the upcoming second Denazen novel.Dez and Kale are on the m [...]

  5. This review was done in conjunction with the review for Touch at thebookhookupAna Celeste reviewed these books together Initial thought after finishing Ana Really enjoying this series So many twists and turns such evil bad people and a great romance Celeste Loved Holy double crossing Fast paced with a great romance full of sparks lol The story Ana I liked the adventure of these stories There was lots of action and unexpected twists that kept the stories moving along quickly The premise of the bo [...]

  6. I absolutely adored Jus Accardo s debut novel Touch, so when I was offered the chance to review her new novella Untouched, of course I jumped at the chance and honestly I m so glad I did because it doesn t disappoint Untouched is a short story told from Kale s point of view Yes, you heard that right It s all about Kale Anyway, in Touch we saw Kale escaping Denazen, meeting Dez and teaming up with other Sixes to try and take down Denazen Now in Untouched he and Dez are trying to recruit a new Six [...]

  7. You can see the full review at Chocolate Chunky Munkie I have to say when this novella was released I jumped for joy I was really pining for the next book in the series and it s not released for a couple of months So when I saw Untouched I did a little dance on the spot I absolutely loved Touch Understatement really, let me say this again I LOVED Touch So when I found out that Untouched was being told from Kale s POV, I was really excited Kale has to be one of my favourite boy characters of the [...]

  8. Kale and Dez are travelling around the country, trying to contact other sixes and take them back to safety After they visit the next six, they are heading to an amusement park so that Dez can get some Kale time as she calls it She doesn t really trust them and tags along to the amusement park Where they are attacked by one of Denazen s best, Samsen A nightmare from Kale s past He can control Kale just by using his voice This short story is told from Kale s POV It is quite amusing being in Kale s [...]

  9. Kale Kale Kale Omg how I love thee This was an amazing Novella told from our beloved Kale s POV I truly saw him better in this and understood who he was Ahh I love him so much I love Dez too She is a kick ass heroine with a strong and noble persona They are truly the perfect pair together We get to meet Kiernan, a Six who Dez and Kale meet to take her away from danger from the Denazen agents At first I wasn t so sure about her But quickly warmed up to her when she realized that trusting them wou [...]

  10. Oooooh I love Kale This little novella was so good and really gave you an insight into how Kale thinks It gave us readers a chance to get to know him better and understand him aswell as to realise the full extent of how his past has affected him now His love and need for Dez is so goddamn cute He relies on her for his restraint and his normalcy Without her he thinks he is amonster poor Kale Iwasn ta good person Today I d proven that, if not to her then to myself But arguing wouldn t do any good [...]

  11. A novella from Kale s perspective Kale and Dez track down a Six to invite her to join them and to warn her about the evil corporation Denazen Kale, Dez and the Six decide to go to the local theme park to get to know each other better but it s not long before the Denazen agents turn up to cause havoc and ruin Kale s fun I loved reading from Kale s perspective and getting a glimpse of him adjusting to his freedom, finding out what he feels for Dez and how he s trying to fit in with those around hi [...]

  12. OMG, why havent I been able to find romances like this It has been a long time since I read a really great YA romance, and I didnt even realize it till I read this and remembered how much better Touch is compared to anything I have read in a long time I cannot wait for Toxic The ending was really heartbreaking, how Kale feels really guilty about what he did and doesnt believe that he is a good person, even though Dez tells him she think he is, and that he shouldnt feel guilty But he is glad tha [...]

  13. Loved it It was really short and that makes me have a sad face I love Kale to no end and reading from his POV was just as funny He still takes everything literally which just makes everything ho larious I sort of missed Dez s mouth cuz she really didn t talk The little novella takes place in one day and then bam it s over This is why I have the sad face Can not wait for Toxic

  14. Super fast fun read Interesting cool to see things from Kale s POV I laughed at the things he struggles to understand The only problem, really, was that it was over so fast Toxic isn t out already.

  15. I found the first book in the Denazen series, Touch, to be an okay book My main concern with that book was that I had a hard time wrapping my head around Kale as a romantic lead for this story He was a wonderful character with an interesting history, and I did want to explore of the difficulties he faced as a result of being locked away in a Denazen facility for almost his entire life He entered our society without any understanding of the subtleties of language or the conveniences of modern te [...]

  16. Untouched is a novella in Jus Accardo s Denazen series The story follows Dez and Kale as they recruit Sixes, not only warn them and protect them, but also to gain their help in the fight against Denazen On their way to an amusement park for a day of fun and firsts for Kale , Dez and Kale have one stop to make They must warn Kiernan McGuire a Six who can blend into her surroundings like a chameleon of the Denazen threat Upon meeting them, Kiernan s very reluctant to trust them, even though she s [...]

  17. 4 swoon worthy stars for this short little read, Untouched You promised me my first coaster ride, I said, leaning in to brush a quick kiss across her nose She rose onto her toes and rubbed her nose against mine There was a name for it Dez had told me a few nights ago Something about Eskimos, but I couldn t remember, and it didn t matter Nothing mattered when I was with Dez I mean, swoooooooonnn Come on It was nice to get inside Kale s head and hear well, technically read his POV He is a magnific [...]

  18. This review is also available on my blog, Bows Bullets ReviewsKale is going cross country with Dez to find and warn other Sixes about Denazen He s learning a lot about the outside world on this trip and he gets to spend time with Dez, which is always a plus But when contacting the last Six Kale is sure they are being watched and when Samsen shows up and Dez sacrifices herself to save Kale, he knows he must find away to get her back The problem Samsen is the most powerful Six he has ever met and [...]

  19. Reviewed for the author on Pen to Paper.I have been so excited to read from this series for so long now I LOVED Touch and although this is a short read, it s definitely keeping me going for now until I can get my hands on Toxic, anyway Kale is one of my absolute favourite YA heroes at the moment he s tough, protective and loyal, but oh so naive, which makes him both cute and hilarious, all in one go It s an interesting mixture, and it really does work with his character He also complements Dez [...]

  20. Spoilers if you haven t read TouchMy Summary Kale has escaped Denazen for now but he can t escape what he is, a six someone with abnormal abilities and his is one of the most abnormal abilities His touch kills, well, except for Dez She s the only one he can touch safely and he lives for those touches Together, they are looking for other sixes to warn about Denazen But when an fun trip to the amusement park ends in a battle with a nightmare from Kale s past, he fears he may have lost Dez for good [...]

  21. I fell in love with Kale in TOUCH but reading a book from his point of view Yeah, I fell harder He s so innocent it s adorable but it turns out, he s not as innocent as you think He s just not used to the outside world He can t see the things we see because his entire existence was basically locked away from the world He doesn t see what is fun about a Ferris Wheel He doesn t see what s appealing about an amusement park especially a clown He has a dark side and we see it His guilt seems to eat h [...]

  22. Touched was an amazing book Jus Accardo really wrote such an amazing book that was action packed and full of just the right amount of everything So I was very excited to see that there was going to be a Novella between books 1 2 This was a great addition to the Denazen series Kale is such a great character and I loved getting a peak into his mind As Untouched is told from Kale s POV Kale and Dez are on the hunt to find Sixes to join them at taking down Denazen After meeting up with a new Six the [...]

  23. Okay, so I started reading Toxic and decided I probably should have read this first, so I backtracked This was a really quick read and I was so happy to see a little Dez and Kale Getting Kale s POV was great, because I just love his innocent naivete when it comes to the ways of the world He s once again adorable when it comes to his unquestioning love of Dez, and it just made me melt all over again for him It s also making me really nervous about reading Toxic, because I know what the plot is f [...]

  24. This was received from the publisher but that did not influence the review Ana and Celeste reviewed this on The Book HookupAna In Untouched, the adventure continues as the characters continue to try to escape the corporation s evil and save other Sixes people with special powers Touch captured me right from the very beginning and ensured that I fell in love with these characters Celeste This was from Kale s point of view and while I loved the first book, this was like a filler scene, and writte [...]

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