Academ's Fury

Academ s Fury For centuries the people of Alera have relied on the power of the furies to protect them from outside invaders But the gravest threat might be closer than they think Tavi has escaped the Calderon Val

For centuries, the people of Alera have relied on the power of the furies to protect them from outside invaders But the gravest threat might be closer than they think.Tavi has escaped the Calderon Valley and the mysterious attack of the Marat on his homeland But he is far from safe, as trying to keep up the illusion of being a student while secretly training as one of thFor centuries, the people of Alera have relied on the power of the furies to protect them from outside invaders But the gravest threat might be closer than they think.Tavi has escaped the Calderon Valley and the mysterious attack of the Marat on his homeland But he is far from safe, as trying to keep up the illusion of being a student while secretly training as one of the First Lord s spies is a dangerous game And he has not yet learned to use the furies, making him especially vulnerable.When the attack comes it s on two fronts A sudden strike threatens the First Lord s life and threatens to plunge the land into civil war While in the Calderon Valley, the threat faced from the Marat is dwarfed by an ancient menace And Tavi must learn to harness the furies if he has any chance of fighting the greatest threat Alera has ever known .

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Academ's Fury

  1. Jim Butcher is the author of the Dresden Files, the Codex Alera, and a new steampunk series, the Cinder Spires His resume includes a laundry list of skills which were useful a couple of centuries ago, and he plays guitar quite badly An avid gamer, he plays tabletop games in varying systems, a variety of video games on PC and console, and LARPs whenever he can make time for it Jim currently resides mostly inside his own head, but his head can generally be found in his home town of Independence, Missouri.Jim goes by the moniker Longshot in a number of online locales He came by this name in the early 1990 s when he decided he would become a published author Usually only 3 in 1000 who make such an attempt actually manage to become published of those, only 1 in 10 make enough money to call it a living The sale of a second series was the breakthrough that let him beat the long odds against attaining a career as a novelist.All the same, he refuses to change his nickname.

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  1. 2.5 5 StarsAnother okay installment in the Codex Alera series, it s time for me to part way with this series.I m going to keep this review short, I actually can copy my review for the first book here to explain why I won t be continuing with this series Although my review is going to sound negative, let me state that this is not a bad series, but then again there s nothing special about it and I don t see any sign of improvement from the first book It s all once again, pretty basic and formulaic [...]

  2. If you were on the fence about the first book Furies of Calderon then go ahead and give this one a try The pacing was faster, there are finally some explanations for the way the furies work, and now that I knew a bit about the world the entire thing is a bit easier to understand Plus, I really enjoyed seeing the characters again This one was a bit different than the last book because, besides all of the political intrigue, there was also an Invasion of the Body Snatchers flavor to it What the wh [...]

  3. Minor spoilers follow as it is impossible to talk about the plot of the second book of the series without at least mentioning some characters indicating they survived to live by the beginning of the second one Two years have passed since the events of the first book in the world with magic inspired by very popular Pokemon franchise with social structure coming straight from Ancient Rome Thanks to a brilliant stroke by the First Lord the Big Guy in charge of everything in the realm for those unfa [...]

  4. OKAY, HOLY SH T Dieses Buch hat sich in eine Mischung aus Game of Thrones und Harry Potter verwandelt entwickelt Was zum Teufel ICH LIEBE ESEdit Ja okay, Harry Potter VIBES im Epilog, hab riesige Erwartungen an den dritten Band f r mehr davon D

  5. I liked Furies of Calderon the first book in the Codex Alera series but thought it was pretty average compared to other works in the genre Academ s Fury, on the other hand, was AMAZING Seriously I couldn t put it down It delivered on every promise made in the first book and completely blew me away with its stellar pacing, fantastic battle scenes, exceptional characters, and overall creativity I felt like my heart was ripped out a few times while reading it and I love it when a book can make me f [...]

  6. I really enjoyed reading this book The book has two main plot lines The first takes place in Calderon, and the second in the Capital You ll see here politics and intrigue and a bit less action, in comparison the first book in the series Butcher gives his characters depth, and reveal to us knowledge about the world.Academ s fury is another great book in the series I really like the world, the writing, the characters, the action, and all the politics and intrigue.So, once again definitely 5 5.

  7. This book is just as bad or even worse than the first book in the series, but for a the opposite reason This book I love the pacing, but I hate all the characters All the characters to me seemed 1 dimensional and flat that I was not emotionally connected, which for many books the pace of the plot is of a problem than disliking a character I think the writing, design of the cover, and the overall series are all just god awful words can t describe it I for one will never try to read or go near th [...]

  8. I d say this one is marginally better than book 1 The first two thirds I wasn t please with the progress of the series but the last third really made up for it I think part of my frustration is that the two best new characters both got killed off and they both had great potential Additionally I like several of the secondary characters than the main characters More Katai, Lady Acquitaine and Odiana The series has all the elements to be great but is just average at this point I m hoping it grows [...]

  9. Another action packed installment of a great fantasy series.I didn t know where it where it was going to go after the first book but was floored when it was every bit as good as Furies of Calderon and possibly exceeding it In Academ s Fury we get to see Tavi grow as he studies to be a Cursor We get multiple stories going again with many of the characters from the first book In addition we are introduced to some new intriguing characters one of my favorites being Tavi s best friend Max Kitai make [...]

  10. Although this installment was easier for me to read than Furies of Calderon my groans were cut down by about a third, I d say , I liked this second novel no than the first one It has been two years since the events of Furies, and we re plopped right back into the action without so much as an update, which at first had me a little miffed The problem with plowing through novels so quickly is that proper nouns quickly find their way into the oubliette, so even though it s only been about two month [...]

  11. 3.5ish stars.Book 2 provided a lot of what I loved about book 1, added a few things that I love and, unfortunately, a few things I didn t love as well Possible spoilers to follow.The first chapter led me to believe that the series had gone waaay downhill somewhere in the gap between where the last book ended and this one began Literally every stupid high school cliche I ve ever read in one chapter poor Tavi and his nerdy friends are getting bullied by the bigger, stronger popular kids Oh wait [...]

  12. Academ s Fury was a truly excellent book The characters all showed great depth, the struggles they faced kept me tearing through the pages to see what happened next, and the new dangers view spoiler The Vord and Canim hide spoiler were terrifying view spoiler The situations that all the POV characters found themselves in was tense to say it nicely It was shocking and pleasing to see alliances change as Isanna joined The Aquataines in order to protect her family I enjoyed Bernard and Amara relati [...]

  13. Rating a solid 4 stars I like these books much better than I like the Dresden books Between the Dresden books and now the Codex Alera books I have come to the conclusion that Jim Butcher has an over the top writing style There is basically non stop action throughout all his books One could argue that there is almost too much action What I mean by over the top writing style is that he makes the odds against the good guys terrible from the beginning and then throughout the story makes them worse a [...]

  14. Jim Butcher s first two books in his Codex Alera are fascinating weighted with capable, yet flawed female and male characters, and full of political intrigue and adventure The very concept an alien world populated by future descendants of the Roman people is intriguing However, at times the writing itself feels too neat and the suspension of disbelief falters.The book follows Tavi, a young man in a world of furycrafters, who cannot furycraft Furycrafting is the magic system of this world, whereb [...]

  15. When the first Lord of Alera Gaius mysteriously falls unconscious after drinking Spirit fire, Tavi and his friends must come up with a plan to cover for the ill Lord before the realm ends up in chaos Can he succeed Will his Uncle Bernard be able to save the realm from the Vord demons before it is too late The answers you seek lie in this book when you read it for yourself.This was a pretty good second installment of the Codex Alera series by Jim Butcher It was action packed and the dialogue and [...]

  16. What a sequel It is always a nail biter when it comes to the second book in a series because normally they fall flat and don t live up to the awesomeness that was the first That is not the case here with Academ s Fury the second book in the Codex Alera This books was everything the first was and so much I am absolutely having a blast with this series The story is engaging and the characters are riveting to read about Butcher also has a way with writing action sequences that leave you completely [...]

  17. 4.5 stars Outstanding follow up to the excellent Furies of Calderon The expansion of the world introduced in the first book and the new races and characters introduced, together with the internal politics and geo political forces dealt with at length, made this a superb story Can not wait to read the next one.

  18. I loved this book I was sucked into it right away I always love when I m held hostage by a book I try to limit my audio listening to just when I m at work, but I couldn t stop listening to it So after I got home from work, I slipped out to my garden for awhile just to hide from my family or less , then I came in and busied myself by canning 35 lbs of tomatoes The kitchen is also a place to hide in after dinner because no one wants to be put to work I loved the story line, and also, I liked the [...]

  19. Executive Summary The chosen one goes to school in the capital and politics abound If you enjoyed the first book, I think you ll find a lot to like here as Mr Butcher continues to build out the world from the first book.Audio book Kate Reading once does a great job as a reader I ve gotten used to her reading all the male voices so it s much less noticeable.One of her voices in this one is so spot on to what I imagined, I find it annoying because I find the way that character talks to be annoyin [...]

  20. I don t spend much time on reviews for later books in series and this won t be any exception If it s utter garbage then I ll lay out details but as you can tell from my rating, I enjoyed this second book in the series It had been quite a few months since I read the first book so I was a little concerned about getting back into the world It took a few chapters but fairly quickly I was thrust back into Alera with Tavi, Bernard, Amara, Isana and my favorites, Doroga and Walker Some political intri [...]

  21. I gave this series a good second chance to win me over There are many reasons why it didn t succeed Potboiler romance, shallow characters without development, predictable story is the best I can say Though it s packed with action, it feels repetitive and you have to search for worthwile and important scenes I had to skim through the pages to endure and reach the end I hoped for world building and interesting developments of the furies magic system but in 700 pages, nearly nothing new was unccove [...]

  22. So many reveals right at the end The next one is going to be great I can tell It s not that Academ s Fury wasn t great, but it was pretty similar to the first one It was still lots of good fun, but no real surprises.I m excited to see of Kitai in the future she was by far my favourite character in this book.Again, I have to complain about Isana She s made out to be super powerful, but then view spoiler she always gets kidnapped or used by other characters Meanwhile, Tavi, with no powers, is bre [...]

  23. This is not as tense as the first book but its still really good The action is great you still go through that up and down sensation when you think everything will go smoothly but something then happens yet again The story line is different, political, but equally as interesting and the main characters are developing well and i m very invested now to find out what happens to them through the series, So i m straight onto the next one even though i have a huge pile of books i had planned to read [...]

  24. Academ s Fury by Jim Butcher is the second novel in the Codex Alera sequence, featuring Tavi, a young man who has been taken under the wing of the First Lord of Alera and provided with sponsorship so that he can train as a Cursor In the course of this book, the Alerans discover the threat of the Vord, a race of shapeshifters governed by queens who aim to destroy all life in Alera Tavi discovers that his lack of furycrafting the ability to manipulate natural forces is a boon in the fight against [...]

  25. Even better than book 1, and with just a bit romance not that it s a romance novel Wonderfully creepy villains in this book The Vord Yikes The Canim wolf men weren t nearly as scary And the bullies, especially the vicious Lord Kilarus and his murderous whelp Brencis The scenes at the Academy reminded me very much of Hogwarts Echoes of Harry and his chums, of Malfoy and his gang Glad to say, Tavi still shows no sign of special fury crafting powers, which means he must win by his wits, his streng [...]

  26. Auch Band 2 war voller berraschungen und Wendungen Es ist so viel passiert, was mir gefallen hat Die Charaktere sind mir weiter ans Herz gewachsen, mittlerweile mag ich Kitai sogar ganz gern Die Gespr che ganz am Ende bei Isana hatte ich ja schon eine Vermutung, aber was der Erste F rst dann noch andeutet Mannoman, ich brauch den n chsten Band, ganz bald

  27. 4.5 Stars All the fun of the first book, with the setting of a school thrown in I definitely have a little bit of a better feel for the world, but I still feel like it needs some work.FADE ISANA WEIRD ANTHROPOMORPHIZED INSECT THINGIES.

  28. Anger subsides Love doesn t What an excellent second book Just as good or better than the first If I had one word to describe this book, I would use the adjective EXCILERANT Jim Butcher is a master at crafting a unique world where amazing characters live I wish I could join them Maybe even have my own furies too Who wouldn t want to meet Doroga, Tavi, Isana, Gaius, Bernard, or Kitai I certainly would Your Kind, Aleran, are the most vicious and gentle, most savage and noble, most treacherous and [...]

  29. Okay so in all fairness I think there were factors working against me liking this book from the get go Firstly, I think there was a little bit of the proverbial half hour death slot after Seinfeld syndrome here For the longest time NBC could not get a show to succeed directly after Seinfeld because nothing could follow it up without being directly compared and found wanting I read this book right after reading Blood Song which blew me away.Secondly, there was an almost two year gap between my re [...]

  30. Jim Butcher continues exploring the great fantasy world he created in Furies of Calderon with this one This time around, we get political intrigue full of double crossings and backstabbing that ties together with a strange creature that tries to do battle with the people of Calderon and with the First Lord.Exactly like the first book.Well, that s fine enough for me I enjoyed the first book and I enjoy the story in this one Sure it follows a bit close to the first book s plot, but the world creat [...]

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