The Land of the Silver Apples

The Land of the Silver Apples THE CHILDREN FROM THE SEA OF TROLLS BRAVE THEIR WORST NIGHTMARES UNDERGROUND Jack is amazed to have caused an earthquake He is thirteen after all and only a bard in training But his sister Lucy ha

THE CHILDREN FROM THE SEA OF TROLLS BRAVE THEIR WORST NIGHTMARES UNDERGROUND Jack is amazed to have caused an earthquake He is thirteen, after all, and only a bard in training But his sister, Lucy, has been stolen by the Lady of the Lake stolen a second time in her young life, as he learns to his terror Caught between belief in the old gods and Christianity 790 ATHE CHILDREN FROM THE SEA OF TROLLS BRAVE THEIR WORST NIGHTMARES UNDERGROUND Jack is amazed to have caused an earthquake He is thirteen, after all, and only a bard in training But his sister, Lucy, has been stolen by the Lady of the Lake stolen a second time in her young life, as he learns to his terror Caught between belief in the old gods and Christianity 790 AD, Britain , Jack calls upon his ash wood staff to subdue a passel of unruly monks, and, for his daring, ends up in a knucker hole It is unforgettable for the boy and for readers as are the magical reappearance of the berserker Thorgil from a burial by moss new characters Pega, a slave girl from Jack s village, and the eager to marry her Bugaboo a hobgoblin king kelpies yarthkins and elves not the enchanted sprites one would expect but the fallen angels of legend Rarely does a sequel enlarge so brilliantly the world of the first story Look for the conclusion in The Islands of the Blessed in 2009.

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The Land of the Silver Apples

  1. Nancy was born in 1941 in Phoenix and grew up in a hotel on the Arizona Mexico border where she worked the switchboard at the age of nine She also found time to hang out in the old state prison and the hobo jungle along the banks of the Colorado River She attended Reed College in Portland, Oregon, earning her BA in 1963 Instead of taking a regular job, she joined the Peace Corps and was sent to India 1963 1965 When she returned, she moved into a commune in Berkeley, sold newspapers on the street for a while, then got a job in the Entomology department at UC Berkeley and also took courses in Chemistry there Restless, again, she decided to visit Africa She and a friend tried to hitchhike by boat but the ship they d selected turned out to be stolen and was boarded by the Coast Guard just outside the Golden Gate Bridge Nancy eventually got to Africa on a legal ship She spent than a year on Lake Cabora Bassa in Mozambique, monitoring water weeds Next she was hired to help control tsetse fly in the dense bush on the banks of the Zambezi in Zimbabwe Part of the time she spent in the capital, Harare, and was introduced to her soon to be husband by his soon to be ex girlfriend He proposed a week later Harold and Nancy now live in the Chiricahua Mountains of Arizona on a major drug route for the Sinaloa Cartel This is the setting for The Lord of Opium They have a son, Daniel, who is in the U.S navy Nancy s honors include the National Book Award for The House of the Scorpion and Newbery Honors for The Ear, the Eye and The Arm, A Girl Named Disaster and The House of the Scorpion She is the author of nine novels, three picture books and a number of short stories Her books have been translated into 26 languages.

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  1. Love how it just threw me into a land where just about anything could happen Had a lot of suspense, and got me wanting every time I set down the book One of my favorite books because of the historical ties.

  2. I was so excited to read this book I LOVED The Sea of Trolls It was a five star for me and I enjoyed it so much.But a mere 50 pages into this book, I could tell something was wrong Something was up And here arose my first, and huge, issue about this book that quickly changed the rating from a probably 5 stars to a definitely 4 stars or lower.The characters were so very different And in a bad way You suddenly get thrust into the characters and they are so terribly, terribly different It seemed li [...]

  3. After having hugely enjoyed the first book in the series, I had great expectations for this second novel, but alas, they weren t fulfilled I liked the mainly Norse mythology theme of The Sea of Trolls, but IMO in this second book the author tried to put too many fantasy elements, Saxon Celts and popular folklore as well as Christian beliefs view spoiler a puzzling mix of fairy tale creatures hobgoblins, elves, kelpies, mermaids, nymphs, knuckers, The Lady of the lake, Lancelot, The man in the mo [...]

  4. I was very excited when I saw this on the bookstore shelves, because I really enjoyed the first one, and I m a huge admirer of Nancy Farmer in general.I enjoyed the adventure, and certainly the kids who likedSea of Trolls will love this one, too However, I was disappointed in the mythology and folklore allusions in this one Perhaps it s just that the world of hobgoblins and elves is well trodden than the realms of Nordic mythology that Farmer introduced us to in the first book The story is good [...]

  5. Low three, honestly Didn t grab me like the first book and I struggled to finish The narration is quite good though There s lots of religious backgrounds and mythologies or whatever mixed into this Sort of a there are many ways to heaven deal, so maybe not for kids or adults who are keen on sticking to nothing at all or their own kind I got lost in the names and places and events a bit It didn t help that I took one or two big breaks in my listening, but still The writing was fine I didn t get t [...]

  6. Ooh, I wanted to love this book as much as I loved Sea of Trolls But as happy as I was to see Jack, Thorgil, and the Bard again, I just wasn t as thrilled with this one as I was with its predecessor The characters were great, especially the new monks and the hobgoblins, but the story meandered entirely too much and I often got confused as to how things related to each other But still, a fun read and I liked it I will definitely read the next one

  7. First off, let me say that the AD 790, Britain part of this blurb is complete nonsense If you ll recall, the first book apparently takes place in 793 AD So either the blurb writer is confused about the timeline or does not know that AD goes forward while BC goes backward If you re really picky, let s just say that this book takes place 3 years later, in 796 AD.I love this book because we finally learn why Lucy is such a brat That may seem like a lame reason to like a book, but I really, truly ha [...]

  8. I liked this one quite a bit better than Sea of Trolls.Of course you don t know but I thought the first book in this series was one that certainly some people would thoroughly enjoy while others, like myself, would find it meh The problems had nothing to do with writing so much as the plotting and lack of satisfactory character development in the main character Jack The secondary characters were much interesting In this second volume, we get to see Jack develop a bit, plus there are a pair of v [...]

  9. I didn t like this one quite as much as the first one,The Sea of Trolls, because it didn t seem to be as original as that one I d never read anything about Norse berserkers before but it was still fun Jack is back home in Saxon England, but his sister is not behaving nicely at all, she s a very spoiled brat, and so their father takes them to the local monastery to have her exorcised, fearing that she s possessed Well, it turns out she s a changeling Jack s real sister was kidnapped while a baby [...]

  10. I read the first book in this series way back in about 6th grade Back then, I thought that it was a great book Now, all that I remembered about it is that the main character learned some magic I usually enjoy those kinds of books, so I thought I would read the second book What a bad decision It dragged on and on and I just kept hoping something interesting might happen At one point, there s an earthquake, and the author somehow managed to make that part boring There was no climax in the whole e [...]

  11. i really enjoy nancy farmer, as she does a fantastic job of weaving tales and making them feel very accessible to all readers The Ear, the Eye, and the Arm is just brillant The Land of the Silver Apples is the second book involving the children from The Sea of Trolls, and Jack journeys to the Fairie World to rescue his sister, picking up strange friends and having adventures along the way Thorgil, the daughter of a berserker, provides great comic relief Although I was amused, I feel overall the [...]

  12. A great sequel to the Sea of Trolls The size might intimidate some kids, but the adventures that Jack has as a bard in training makes it hard to put down and of course they ll sympathize with Jack as he struggles with envy, self control, anger, and disappointment Tolkien is the only other author I know who took such pains to explain mystical creatures and legends, but at such a level with density of information that children could never follow Farmer does an excellent job of presenting different [...]

  13. Just finished the book and can t wait to go and buy the 3rd book It got my attention with every page, though not as much as the sea of trolls The original characters Jack, Thorgil, and Lucy didn t develop as well as I hoped, but the new characters made up for it My favorite parts of the story was when they were with the hobgoblins, they made the story much interesting.

  14. Not quite as good as the previous I found myself longing for the adventures in the Sea of Trolls, but the same enchantment just wasn t here I felt like skimming through it really often Bute it still was enchantingFive stars.

  15. I love the overall series and this is a very well done bridge a book complete in its own right The character development is excellent Well rounded plot, superb settings.I hovered between 4 and 5 stars, but as I have re read this many times and love it each time, I went with five stars.

  16. I am thoroughly enjoying this series, the style reminds me of The Hobbit except with a modern, middle grade hero The humor is adorable and the characters so well developed.

  17. NANCY FARMERThe sequel to Sea of Trolls, I felt that this book sort of struggled to make a place for itself after the last book ended fairly soundly Farmer is good at integrating us into the traditions and complex systems of belief in the Saxon world She explores how beliefs merge and change She writes a fairly standard quest novel, but it s fun because Farmer uses a lot of fun historical details, and a lot of details from the old myths.

  18. Honestly, while I did like it somewhat, I enjoyed this sequel far less than I enjoyed the first in the trilogy, The Sea of Trolls The book has all of the flaws of the first, which I considered minor matters then, but which actually seem to be compounded and joined by new problems The Land of the Silver Apples follows Jack, Thorgil and Pega, a new character, as they journey underground to Elfland, the home of the earthy, oddball hobgoblins and their perilous yet beautiful neighbors, the elves, wh [...]

  19. Did Not Have the Same Spirit as the First Book in This Trilogy.Published by Simon and Schuster Audio in 2007.Performed by Gerald DoyleDuration 13 hours, 31 minutes.UnabridgedIt is the year 794 and Jack, the 13 year old Bard in training from what is now the United Kingdom is on a new mission Having recently returned from his adventures with the Vikings and the Frost Giants detailed in Book 1 of this trilogy, The Sea of Trolls Jack s new adventure begins with a mid winter ceremony led by his teach [...]

  20. Land of the Silver Apples, by Nancy Farmer, is the sequel to The Sea of Trolls The book takes up where the last one left off Jack and his sister have returned to their village, but not for long After a religious ceremony goes terribly wrong, Jack suspects his already spoiled sister has been possessed Jack journeys to a monastery to find a cure However, all is not what it seems at the monastery His search for a cure leads them to the land of the Hobgoblins, the elves, and beyond.The Land of the S [...]

  21. Jack and his sister Lucy were reunited with their family at the end of The Sea of Trolls the first book in this series by Nancy Farmer Lucy is now spoiled and self centered than ever and Father finally reveals that she is not truly his daughter his baby was stolen just weeks after her birth Thinking Lucy is possessed by demons, they take her to a monastery for an exorcism and find themselves in the midst of corruption The monks are lazy and self indulgent, and the King of the region is a cruel [...]

  22. Part 2 in this trilogy takes place one year from where The Sea Of Trolls ended Jack is continuing his training as a bard, and Lucy is still the selfish brat she was in the previous book An important ceremony is about to take place, and Lucy is given an important role However, she ignores an important rule and wears a metal necklace which causes complete chaos Instead of handing the situation, her father continues to indulge her, and a slave girl, Pega has to fill in the ceremony Lucy demands tha [...]

  23. Ok, I wasn t really impressed with this book The book is rather slow and I understand that as a fairy tale esque story it might not suppose to be action, action, action, but really everything in this book too far to long to do The book doesn t even leave for the adventure through nearly the first eighth of the book.I did find the the blending of the cultures of Druidic, Norse and Christian interesting and the interaction between the characters of these faiths was unique I didn t understand exact [...]

  24. During the third trimester I read The Land Of The Silver Apples by Nancy Farmer from the Sea of Trolls series This was a fascinating book about a young boy named Jack In the last book Jack got captured by Northmen and taken as a slave to be sold on the market Then he tells them he is a Bard which means he can do magic so they treat him as a friend and take him on adventures At the end of the book Jack Returns home to his family In the second book it starts in the village that Jack lives in It is [...]

  25. Category Nancy Farmer FantasyThe main character, Jack, is thirteen The book is about discovering what is wrong with his bratty sister, and the answer is she s an elf He and his companions travel to rescue Lucy, find his real swapped at birth sister, and return the land back to Life He s on the lower end of the teen spectrum, but the book s characteristic of a thick novel, fantasy series is popular with teens Also, a thirteen year old in the books is claimed to be an adult Age isn t always precis [...]

  26. When I was ten I finally picked up the domineering book my Aunt had sent me a year ago I was worried it would be long and boring, but instead I had found a novel that would become my favorite book for years to come This book was the Sea of Trolls When I was thirteen, I discovered at my school library that there were two sequels I checked them out as fast as I could After finally getting my hands on this book I was disappointed There was a much different feel to this book While the last novel had [...]

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