Island of Silence

Island of Silence Second book in the middle grade dystopian fantasy series Unwanteds The battle is over The magical barrier between the dreary land of Quill and the fantastical world of Artim is gone Now residents of

Second book in the middle grade dystopian fantasy series, Unwanteds.The battle is over The magical barrier between the dreary land of Quill and the fantastical world of Artim is gone Now residents of both places are free to mingle, but tensions are high The artistic warriors of Artim struggle to forgive those in Quill who condemned them to death, while the Quillens atSecond book in the middle grade dystopian fantasy series, Unwanteds.The battle is over The magical barrier between the dreary land of Quill and the fantastical world of Artim is gone Now residents of both places are free to mingle, but tensions are high The artistic warriors of Artim struggle to forgive those in Quill who condemned them to death, while the Quillens attempt to recover from the shock of Artime s existence, the loss of their leader, and the total collapse of their safe, orderly world.14 year old Alex Stowe has recovered from his physical wounds since his death defying role in Artime s victory, but his confidence is shattered He battles self doubt after Artim s beloved mage, Mr Today, makes a stunning request, which is further complicated by the mysterious arrival of two silent, orange eyed teenagers.Meanwhile in Quill, Aaron is devastated by his fall from grace and seething with anger toward his twin brother Alex Spurred by rage, Aaron recruits a team of Restorers and devises a masterful plan of revenge that will return him to power if no one gets in his way.

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Island of Silence

  1. Lisa McMann lives and writes in the Phoenix area Her books include the NYT bestselling THE UNWANTEDS series the new UNWANTEDS QUESTS series begins Feb 7, 2017 and the YA paranormal WAKE trilogy Other books include the VISIONS trilogy, CRYER S CROSS, DEAD TO YOU, INFINITY RING The Trap Door, and the GOING WILD trilogy book 2 coming autumn 2017.You can find info at Lisa a website, lisamcmann, interact with her on Facebook or Twitter, or ask questions on her Instagram.

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  1. THERE IS MORE THERE IS MORE I THOUGHT THAT WAS A PEGASUS BUT IT S MY BABY, SIMBER Simber, my darling, I m coming Just wait a little longer D Oh my god that cover makes me want to cry from its beauty.I AM READY FOR THIS BADASSERY.

  2. Finished this up last night and omg this was so good The island of silence scares the crap out of me Parts of this one had me sitting up in bed all sweaty palmed and gasping for air waiting for the narrator to say everyone was ok I m still waiting lol Such a great story Can NOT wait for the next book FULL REVIEW TO COME B Originally posted on bunnycatesMy Thoughts I don t know why I am having such a hard time coming up with how I want to write this review My brain is so weird sometimes.This is b [...]

  3. Now this book was just as good as the first one when it began but then took a step in the right direction to be a little better with those last 100 pages or so I had a few minor issues with this book though One being the characters being only 13 and 14ish really disturbed me and that is saying a lot coming from a 25 year old The second being why title the book Island of Silence if we literally only spend and talk about it for like 50 pages out of a 400 page book In all I am having a lot of fun r [...]

  4. Great follow up to the first The sun was low over the sea off the shore of Artime, making the distant islands look like flaming drops of lava on the horizon An enormous winged cheetah named Simber came into view, flying over the nearby jungle opening sentences This book was just as good as the first The end was a huge cliffhanger and I am dying to read the next one But, my tbr list calls and there are at least 5 books in the series So, I will take a short break But I ll be back.

  5. Rather than give a summary of the book, my review focuses on the appropriateness, and enjoyment for a Middle Grader who the audience is intended to be EXCELLENT choice for middle graders Especially BOYS My son is an avid and advanced reader so sometimes finding exciting age appropriate books for him is difficult However, as I mentioned in my review of 1, Unwanteds, I m enjoying this series as much as he is My 7th grader and I both read this 2nd installment of the Unwanteds series as quickly as w [...]

  6. This is the third Middle Grade book I have read in three days All have been amazing Island of Silence infected me the most, though, I think I m still kind of shaking It was awful And perfect So full of terrible things And I need to know what happens next Such a cliffhanger But I don t hate it I think I just need the third book right away, please Anyway I loved Island of Silence Didn t happen much for the first 200 pages, so was a bit disappointed, but then so much happened and I could not stop r [...]

  7. A stunning sequel Much mature than the first, which seems a little strange being that the characters have only aged one year since the first book.Very well done I can t say any now, because the ending left me thoroughly traumatized and in mental pain.

  8. What a fabulous sequel Island of Silence picks up right where The Unwanteds left off and dives right into a plot line full of action, betrayal, chaos, and suspense I swear Lisa McMann s writing gets better and better with each book Every time I read her newest release it becomes my favorite Lisa book because of that This time around I really liked how she not only told the story, but how she allowed me to understand the motives that drove the two brothers to make the choices they did It was real [...]

  9. ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED ON SHELF AWARENESS In this action packed sequel to The Unwanteds, Lisa McMann turns the tables on the once privileged Wanteds in favor of the Unwanteds.Months following the deadly battle fought in the first book, the mage Mr Today removes the gate that once separated Quill, a regulated land, from Artim , home of creative innovators This allows Quill s Wanteds and Necessaries a new way of life in a once hidden world of choices, bright colors and wandering creatures In Artim , [...]

  10. I loved this book, maybe even than the first in the series In this action packed second installment of THE UNWANTEDS series, we see of the fantastical worlds of Quill and Artime and how their inhabitants deal with each other in the aftermath of the skirmish between them I loved reading about the two brothers, Alex and Aaron and how they each navigate through their respective worlds Alex s self doubt and Aaron s false bravado are both well drawn and provide another layer of the dichotomy betwee [...]

  11. I really enjoyed this book because it had me intrigued at all times and wanting me to read I especially liked the twist ending when Mr.Today died and changed the whole book plot I loved and hated that part so much So if you have interest in the Harry Potter series ,The hunger games series than your definitely love The Unwanted s island of silence

  12. The Unwanteds Island of Silence by Lisa McMann 3.5 rounded up to 4 because I m feeling generousThe second book in the Unwanteds series isn t as great as the first but it is still fun none the less In book two we see the twins still at odds with each other and the magic develops a bit further, as do the interpersonal relationships between the characters This book is dark in different ways than the first book and there isn t much if any of the fun feelings of awe we got from discovering Artime and [...]

  13. A digital galley of this title was given to me, free, in exchange for my honest review How could you do this to me Ms McMann How could you weave sucha magical and wonderful story, force me on a stomach clenching emotional rollercoaster and then just leave me hanging That is cruel, cruel punishment and extremely unfair The Unwanteds was a nice read with a pretty satisfying ending the story was complete on its own but left you wanting I was even curious about what was going to happen But not so w [...]

  14. Well, not as good as the first book, but not bad either It is definitely very much like the story of Harry Potter in the ideas of the story line, but definitely dystopian and its contrast all in one The story continues and definitely leaves us completely hanging It does broach the subjects of loss, curiosity, hatred, anger, revenge and left several unfinished tiny pieces of the story I am still at a loss of words about what happens to Alex friends I admit I am writing this review after finishing [...]

  15. After the fall of the High Priest of Quill and the gates of the magical land of Artime, nothing is the same For twins Alex and Aaron Stowe, their respective lives are either up or down Alex recovered from his injuries during the battle in The Unwanteds and has been offered the chance of a lifetime He must figure out if he wants to be the proverbial Charlie Bucket and take over the chocolate factory Mr Today, the wise Mage and leader of Artime knows he is not getting younger and sees a predecesso [...]

  16. Super fun book One of the better middle books in a trilogy Loved the twists and turns the book takes and the magic is fun.Recap of book view spoiler Mr Today wants Alex Stowe to take over Artime the magical town Alex says he s not qualified and doesn t want the big job, but trains with Mr Today nonetheless He creates a weapon called heartattack and is showing lots of promise Aaron, Alex s twin brother, meanwhile plans to take over Quill His team wants all the Necessaries to come back and clean u [...]

  17. We often don t know what we re made of until we face some crisis or our backs are pushed against the wall We can fantasize all we want about what we think we will do in this circumstance or that But we never know The reality, when it happens, and our reaction to it, can be worse than the fantasy Or better Also, in a crisis, the temptation is to think about all we ve lost, or are in the process of losing It takes some time to begin to make the shift of concentrating on what we don t have to what [...]

  18. I thought that Island of Silence was okay but not as good as the previous book in the series Most of the book was good but some parts were lacking For example, I think the death of one of the main characters was surprising and wasn t very well explained After this death, the entire world that he had built collapsed and everything he had created died Also, when two children with weird features show up, they are talked about and then mostly left out for the remainder of the book I m not sure why t [...]

  19. It s difficult to compare books when I read the first book in this series so long ago, but I think I liked this one even Life in Quill and Artim has or less settled now that the barrier between the two areas is down But peace is only transitory before everything falls apart And the conflict centers on the differences between twin brothers Alex and Aaron Stowe In Artim , Mr Today wishes to empower Alex, but he is reluctant and doubtful of his abilities in Quill, Aaron is removed from his positi [...]

  20. Hello twisty plot of the twistiest kind Ok, I know I have to stop making up words to review books, but I couldn t help myself Book one left me lukewarm at best but this one oh boy oh boy did than make up for that.Alex finally grew some back bone instead of his usual flailing and Aaron reached a deeper level of evil Meanwhile, quite a handful of the secondary characters had their own plates full of dilemmas anger, disappointment, distrust and so much .Despite the fact that I risk sounding like a [...]

  21. Unwanteds, the island of silence is by Lisa McMann.It is a book about a magical land that has become under attack by another land named Quill The magical land s leader has fallen and his successor is a teenager boy who has to take a great responsibility I loved this book because I liked the content because it was a story based off of adventure and mystery The author did a great job putting the story together because I couldn t stop reading The characters are very unique and they all have differe [...]

  22. Don t read this is a spoiler This book is really good if your looking for action pact scenes and really good twists Alex has lost his friends Samheed and Lani and Meghan on an island far away from Artime Alex was able to get Meghan back When Alex tries to use magic it doesn t work only because Mr.Today died from a spell Alex created and gave to Eva Fathom, and Eva Fathom gave them to Aaron Alex s twin brother who used the Heart Attack attack spell the spell Alex made to kill Marcus Today.

  23. The island of silence is one of the best books yet out of the series It was full of suspense and lots of action I was so shocked to here that Mr.Today died it made it just that much better There are also two new characters sky and Crow they are from a new island and cant talk and have metal spikes in there necks Over all this is a great book and i cant wait t read the next one.


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