Bourne BOURNE picks up right where TORRENT left offFind out what has happened to men returning from the battle gravely wounded to the Betarrinis fighting for the men they love and just who is hunting the

BOURNE picks up right where TORRENT left offFind out what has happened to men returning from the battle, gravely wounded, to the Betarrinis, fighting for the men they love, and just who is hunting them next

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  1. AboutLisa Tawn Bergren is the best selling, award winning author of over 40 books, with than 2.5 million copies sold She recently finished a teen series called Remnants SEASON OF WONDER, SEASON OF FIRE, and SEASON OF GLORY She s also written the River of Time Series WATERFALL, CASCADE, TORRENT, BOURNE TRIBUTARY, DELUGE and The Grand Tour Series GLAMOROUS ILLUSIONS, GRAVE CONSEQUENCES, GLITTERING PROMISES She just released a new time slip romance duology called River of Time California THREE WISHES and FOUR WINDS and is researching her next trilogy, The Sugar Baron s Daughters releasing in 2018.Lisa s time is split between managing home base, writing, consulting and helping Tim with his business Her husband Tim is a sculptor of ducks out of fenceposts RMRustic , graphic designer and musician They have three kids Olivia 21 , Emma 18 and Jack 13.All five of the Bergrens make their home in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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  1. 4.5 starsThe thing that I loved the most about this book is that it was mainly focused on Lia and Luca I was so happy to see of them together since we didn t get to see as much in the last book, Torrent Luca is probably my favorite male character out of the whole serieshe is sweet, charming, and always making me laugh P I am not saying that Marcello is bad necessarily I know a lot of people like him better lol I just like Luca s character a lot in comparison P This was a novella, so it was sho [...]

  2. This book is so action packed and fast pace I read it so quickly way quickly than I thought it would I loved getting to see from Evangelia s point of view, it was very interesting.Although you do have to pay attention about whose name is written at the top of the chapter or you will get confused I love that this book just throws you back where Torrent left off and yes throw is the right word I highly enjoyed my time reading this book except for a little bit of the beginning because injuries are [...]

  3. As much as I love Gabi and Marcello, I wish this novella had been entirely in Lia s POV I guess I feel that Gabi s story was wrapped up nicely in the trilogy and I was hoping to have the focus on Lia and Luca I loved the parts with them, they have fun chemistry I think their relationship is lighthearted, I like their banter While they are still in serious situations they bring a lightness to it, which is fun to read I think they at both interesting enough to get their own book full length would [...]

  4. 09.04.2014 I had to go back reread the series after Deluge So, so good Just as much of a page turner as it was the first time I read it Enjoyed getting to experience little moments I d forgotten about throughout Love these characters their story 02.28.2012 I enjoyed Bourne SO much True, it was rather short and there is the fact that my eyes still feel funny from staring at my iPod for so long P , but other than that, I didn t find it lacking in any way Well, I would ve liked it even better if th [...]

  5. Bourne is a glimpse into the events going down after Torrent s battle and Paratore s death Its a hint of possibilities these richly complex characters are going to take and how much depth character development is going to become I could break this all down and tell you about the writing, the drama and the voice of Lia, which was well done or the heated love story of Luca and Lia, but I really only want to talk about Lord Grecod this is where I think Lisa can really expand on the RofT story, espe [...]

  6. 4.5 starsPicking up right where Torrent leaves off, Gabi and Lia find themselves awaiting the arrival of their men, Marcello and Luca, along with their armies and Lord Greco War still rages on, danger is an ever present thing, and someone s life is on the brink of ending With everything that goes on in this book, I love how Lisa is able to blend together her suspense, love, action and humor It s one of the things I ve come to love about her series BOURNE made me fall in love with this series all [...]

  7. Blog christianbookshelfreviews review RTAATW8VI was so happy when I heard that Lisa Bergren decided to write River of Time books I had thought that Torrent was the end, but thankfully I was wrong I think Bourne might actually be my favorite in the series and that s saying something considering they re all favorites of mine DI loved how there was a lot of Lia and Luca s story they are my favorite characters in Bourne I also really enjoyed how the story s point of view changed from Gabi to Lia t [...]

  8. Originally posted on Small ReviewThis is a review for book 3.1 in the River of Time series and THERE ARE SPOILERS in this review for earlier books Don t want spoilers Check out my reviews for the first three books WaterfallCascadeTorrentWhenever I read an extra like a novella or short story, I always have a few nagging questions and, ok, I ll admit it, fears The worst thing an author can do to a beloved story is stretch it beyond its limits, and oftentimes that s exactly what happens with little [...]

  9. Originally posted on A Book and a Latte I am so addicted to the River of Time series, to the characters I devoured Bourne as soon as I got my hands on it Bourne picks up right where Torrent ends, and in true River of Time fashion, I was immediately taken back to 14th century Italy.Bourne, unlike the other novels, alternates between Gabi and Lia s perspectives I LOVED this I loved getting to know Lia , and seeing her and Luca s relationship from the inside Also, Lia s modern day references had me [...]

  10. First posted on my blog, Legacy of a Writer.Once again, I come to the end of a River of Time book, and all I can say is Awesome, awesome, AWESOME From page one, Lisa Bergren s unique writing style captures my attention and takes me back to medieval Italy to once again experience an adventure with my favorite fictitious characters For those of you who weren t sure if Bergren could pull off another awesome, one of a kind, pulse pounding adventure in a third of the usual pagese CAN Bourne packs a b [...]

  11. So it was very much a delight to reunite with Gabi, Lia, and their handsome, medieval knights As well as their parents and everybody else Bourne takes off right from Torrent, so I was thrilled to be right back where I left, since I read Torrent awhile ago.Bourne focused a little on Luca and Lia s romance, though there was stuff about the happily married Gabrielle and Marcello, And there was plenty of drama, and battles, and suspenseful moments as well as sweet Reading Bourne, I am reminded why [...]

  12. NOTE You should read The River of Time Trilogy before reading this book WATERFALL, CASCADE, and TORRENT BOURNE starts right where TORRENT ends Castello Forelli is dealing with the wounded from the battle Gabi, instead of enjoying her first days as a bride, finds herself organizing the people of the castle in order to best help the wounded She finds it difficult to keep her mind on her duties as Lady of the Castle since her own husband, Marcello, is severely wounded Gabi and her family must reaff [...]

  13. Bourne takes place right after the last battle in Torrent Many have died in the battle and there are many injured at the Castello Forelli Gabi must put in an appearance to all of the injured since she is now lady of the Castello She and her family must do their best to stitch and bandage up all of the injured They must also see to the proper burial of all those who lost their lives for the Forelli family.Just when they think that there will be peace in the land a band of mercenaries is going aro [...]

  14. It just gets better and better Loved this It was even exciting, fun, and captivating than Torrent I was completely impressed, and can now say this is most definitely one of my favorite series I cannot wait for .And now to backtrack a little I forgot to mention something in my review of Torrent When I reviewed Waterfall, I expressed my opinion regarding the men in the book Specifically, I touched on my opinion about Marcello and Luca, saying I liked Luca better By the time Torrent was over, I [...]

  15. Fantastic Another action packed Gem Lisa T Bergren has created such an alluring world for her readers I love the action, suspense and the chemistry between the characters I have grown so fond of her characters and feel a connection with them It s truly magical when you feel completely immersed into a story After reading Waterfall, Cascade, and Torrent, I knew without hesitation I had to read Bourne.In Bourne, the POV alternates between Lia and Gabi, which I like I felt like I got to know Lia a l [...]

  16. I really enjoyed it I liked seeing the world through Lia s eyes and squeals between her and Luca But I liked that we still got to see what was going on with Gabi and Marcello There was action, romance, some sadness thankfully not too much, but it s realistic even a little comedy from Luca and Lia s narration It kept me interested Battle scenes were pretty awesome, as always I think it was BEAUTIFUL And I hope are on the way Especially so I can figure out this whole secret brotherhood thing and [...]

  17. I loved this quick little read It was fun to see the progression of Gabi s character from girl to woman I felt like she gained maturity through her experiences I loved Lia and Luca s story They are both such fun characters In some ways though I feel like the story could end here and I wouldn t be missing anything I feel like Marcello and Gabi and Luca and Lia have been resolved I would love to see a new book through the eyes of Lord Greco.I really enjoyed it and I felt like it wrapped up the who [...]

  18. So lovely I love that all the books in this series pick up the action right where it left of in the previous book I m so pleased to see some of this novella written from Lia s POV, I absolutely adore when we get another characters POV Also, I m so obsessed with Luca and Lia.This just made me so excited for the 4th book

  19. This is a nice short story for the fans of the series, albeit not as good as the books, obviously.I must say I didn t like seeing Greco suffering so much I hope he finds a woman who loves him Maybe Luca s sister may be the one for him.Also, Gabi s sister, Lia, is damn annoying in this one Why can t she do what she is told Uff

  20. 4 2 16 Love this serieswhat can I say 9 6 14 Love it, love it 9 9 13 Re read Wonderful series 9 17 12 I m so glad she wrote I felt Torrent ended too abrubtly happy I could read Love this series Moral Note Violence

  21. Wow lisa did amazing on her first three of this series oh my gosh She made these characters come alive she makes it as though im living in ancient italy i love them i cant wait ubtil tributary is done

  22. Like the other books in series I loved this one and I was happy to see Lia and Luca finally airing their feelings for each other

  23. I absolutely love this series Lisa is such a talented writer This book did not disappoint I loved how she focused on Lia and Lucas relationship I can t wait for the next one

  24. I absolutely loved it When I started reading it I was amazed at how I felt like I had never stopped I only wish for and and .

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