Talking to the Dead

Talking to the Dead SHE KNOWS WHAT IT S LIKE At first the murder scene appears sad but not unusual a young woman undone by drugs and prostitution her six year old daughter dead alongside her But then detectives find a

SHE KNOWS WHAT IT S LIKE At first, the murder scene appears sad, but not unusual a young woman undone by drugs and prostitution, her six year old daughter dead alongside her But then detectives find a strange piece of evidence in the squalid house the platinum credit card of a very wealthy and long dead steel tycoon What is a heroin addicted hooker doing withSHE KNOWS WHAT IT S LIKE At first, the murder scene appears sad, but not unusual a young woman undone by drugs and prostitution, her six year old daughter dead alongside her But then detectives find a strange piece of evidence in the squalid house the platinum credit card of a very wealthy and long dead steel tycoon What is a heroin addicted hooker doing with the credit card of a well known and powerful man who died months ago This is the question that the most junior member of the investigative team, Detective Constable Fiona Griffiths, is assigned to answer.But D.C Griffiths is no ordinary cop She s earned a reputation at police headquarters in Cardiff, Wales, for being odd, for not picking up on social cues, for being a little overintense And there s that gap in her past, the two year hiatus that everyone assumes was a breakdown But Fiona is a crack investigator, quick and intuitive She is immediately drawn to the crime scene, and to the tragic face of the six year old girl, who she is certain has something to tell her something that will break the case wide open.Ignoring orders and protocol, Fiona begins to explore far beyond the rich man s credit card and into the secrets of her seaside city And when she uncovers another dead prostitute, Fiona knows that she s only begun to scratch the surface of a dark world of crime and murder But the deeper she digs, the danger she risks not just from criminals and killers b

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Talking to the Dead

  1. Harry Bingham is best known for his Fiona Griffiths crime series, which has drawn rave reviews from critics, authors and readers alike.If you ve read and enjoyed one of Harry s books, make diddle darn sure that you ve signed up to the Fiona Griffiths Readers Club, by hopping right over here harrybingham lev in glYou ll get a free, lovely welcome gift and you ll be the very first to know when Fiona Griffiths is back with a further adventure .

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  1. I m not the first, and I certainly won t be the last to observe that Harry Bingham s DC Fiona Griffiths is an odd duck Was she born that way, or did something in her two year illness as a teenager cause her to become different from her peers on the police force or from her family or most other folks, for that matter Talking to the Dead is Bingham s first novel featuring the unusual DC Griffiths She s young and inexperienced, but incredibly intelligent and efficient Until she assists on her first [...]

  2. Fiona Griffiths, known as Fi, is a young woman in a Wales police department, a detective with good intuition and analytical skills She is also harboring a dark past, which periodically clouds her sleep, emotional clarity, and her thoughts Told in the first person, she states that her social skills are a bit off but I don t see that, only that she tells us , and that she struggles mightily with a challenging mental illness, which is revealed in gradual doses Fi is currently investigating a case i [...]

  3. Meet Detective Constable Fiona Fi Griffiths of the South Wales Police An acknowledged work in progress according to her ex clinical psychologist and the most endearing loose cannon readers will ever meet A nightmare to manage for her superiors but primed with an inquisitiveness which make her a risk worth having on any team Four years after joining the police force and now amongst the ranks of CID, DC Fi Griffiths is no predictable and bemuses and exacerbates most of her colleagues in equal mea [...]

  4. You may also read my review here mybookishways 2012 09 Fiona Griffiths is bored of the case she s working on, going over the financial records of an ex cop turned thief, when another case comes up, and it s about much than theft A prostitute and her young daughter are found in a squalid house, and the manner of murder of the little girl is horrendous Something about the case captures Fi s attention, and she begins to insert herself into the investigation any way she can Focused, intense, and a [...]

  5. Since this has been out for awhile, I ll just leave a few quick words I loved this book and I hope the rest of the series continues as it has begun Clever plot, highly original character, and great secondary characters too What can you wish for Now if only I could learn to pronounce the names and place names of Wales.

  6. Rather late coming to this series, but I won t let that stop me I like Fiona Griffiths, an irreverent, cheeky DC in Cardiff, who is also a little bit mutinous, with a than healthy helping of self doubt She fades in and out of Planet Normal, as Bingham describes it, wrestling with a haunted past that had her institutionalized in a mental healthcare facility for two years when she was a a teen At the same time, she is also fearless, in contradiction to her insecurities, allowing her to achieve mu [...]

  7. I loved this book As I closed the cover, I was sure I d give it my first five, but after thinking about it, I realized there was one thing that didn t quite work for me It didn t make sense that the clearly loving parents of troubled Welsh police detective Fiona Griffith didn t tell her a family secret until she guessed it in her mid 20s They thought she hadn t been ready for it, and she agreed, but I can t believe that during the two teenage years when Fiona suffered a dramatic puzzling breakdo [...]

  8. Another new author for me another author I know I will keep reading.Talking to the Deadis all about introducing Detective Constable Fiona Griffiths who is a mystery herself Fiona is known for her spurts of genius and for her need at times to not follow the rules She is definitely a young woman of contrasts.She is working her first case a prostitute and her young daughter are murdered Found under the bodies is a credit card belonging to a man who died a year ago The book is full of action murders [...]

  9. I heard about this series last year and was rather intrigued about Fiona Essentially the book is very reliant on the rather strange and fascinating DC Fiona Griffiths Fiona is a Cambridge educated detective constable in the police force in Cardiff She is a maverick and has her own peculiar way of viewing the world Quickly you start to understand that Fiona will go out of her way to solve a crime She puts herself in danger, yet she is incredibly vulnerable at the same time.From the start, Fiona e [...]

  10. Time taken to read 9 days Publisher OrionPages 384Blurb from The first novel in a powerfully original new crime series featuring a young policewoman haunted by her own dark past.It s DC Fiona Griffiths first murder case and she s in at the deep end A woman and her six year old daughter killed with chilling brutality in a dingy flat The only clue the platinum bank card of a long dead tycoon, found amidst the squalor.DC Griffiths has already proved herself dedicated to the job, but there s another [...]

  11. Oh, I like this Fiona Griffiths character The most junior on the investigative team of a Welsh detective unit, she became a copper because she wanted to make sense of things Fiona is blitzkrieg fast on a keyboard, a one woman work monster , and she thinks a civil question deserves a civil answer The murder mystery is okay, but far intriguing is learning what it is that makes Fiona tick She becomes numb at times, she cannot cry, her habitual default attitude is prickly she refers to it as her ca [...]

  12. What an astonishing book I absolutely loved it Fiona Griffiths is a complex, amazing character Her voice, characterized by her dry, and irreverent humor, is also removed I guess what I mean by that is that the author tells us this story through Fi s voice, but although it is told in first person, and there is still a distinct feeling of separation Bingham has done an utterly brilliant job of immersing the reader into a character almost impossible for average people to immerse in What feels, and [...]

  13. First Line Beyond the window, I can see three kites hanging in the air over Bute Park.The crime scene is a sad one a woman killed after a short life ruined by drugs and prostitution and her small six year old daughter lying dead beside her The only thing that marks this crime scene as unusual is one small piece of evidence Why would a drug addicted prostitute have the debit card of a very wealthy man who s been dead for months Police headquarters in Cardiff, Wales, has important cases to focus [...]

  14. My five stars are a little generous but I liked this book much better than any of my four star choices I have been trying to find a book featuring a police detective as fascinating as Tana French s Cassie Maddox and S J Bolton s Lacey Flint, and Fiona Griffiths in Talking to the Dead belongs in their league She has a most unusual back story, though I wish the author had not waited to the end to unload most of it, and a rare mental condition which enables her to communicate with dead crime victim [...]

  15. Let s keep it simple I think Fi Griffiths would appreciate that.Fiona Griffiths is one of the most compelling investigators in recent memory, right up there with John Rebus What makes Detective Constable Griffiths so interesting is something best left discovered, like most of what makes Talking to the Dead such a worthy novel Suffice it to say that she s a multilayered, occasionally frustrating, often surprising, and fully realized character, and I loved reading her voice, crafted to perfection [...]

  16. DNF 21%This is definitely a case of it s me not you It s okay, but I m soooo bored I just can t bear to read the rest And Fiona creeps me out since she is very comfortable around dead bodies.

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  18. Book Info Genre Mystery ThrillerReading Level AdultRecommended for Fans of mystery suspense thrillers novels with great characters.Disclosure I received an ARC galley paperback from the Vine program in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my own.Synopsis SHE KNOWS WHAT IT S LIKE At first, the murder scene appears sad, but not unusual a young woman undone by drugs and prostitution, her six year old daughter dead alongside her But then detectives find a strange piece of evidence in the s [...]

  19. I have mixed feelings about this book, so 3 stars is about right DC Fiona Griffiths is being hailed as the next edgy, outsider crime novel protagonist Fi, as she s called, is odd, isn t understood by her co workers, is constantly questioned by her boss and hints at some sort of break with reality in her teenage years She s a rogue cop, striking out on her own in the cases she s working on She is on an embezzlement case and works her way into a case of murdered prostitutes One of the murder victi [...]

  20. Water Duck s Back Paddle On.Paddle on And that s what Bingham s quirky female detective does.We meet Bingham s new rookie copper at her job interview with the Cardiff, Wales police department Fiona Griffiths, age 26, recent Cambridge graduate with a degree in philosophy, gets the job Her boss thinks she s bright enough and may be a couple of cases away from being a phenomenal officer or a right pain in the arse D C Griffiths is different she works like a bluebottle and she s probably a vegan and [...]

  21. With Detective Constable Fiona Fi Grffiths, Harry Bingham, author of Talking to the Dead, finds a sweet spot in crime fiction a female protagonist with stunted emotions, a passion for protecting women think Stieg Larsson s Lisbeth Salander , outsider status think Denise Mina s Paddy Meehan , sheer guts, and an unstoppable drive to follow her own instincts even when it means breaking every rule in the book think Lee Childs s Jack Reacher.Fi has no idea what it feels like to cry, and when she s in [...]

  22. I just could not get into this book I would find myself reading a part and not understanding at all how I got there so I would go back and re read sections to see if I missed something I almost stopped reading because it seemed to be so disjointed and the main character, Fiona Griffiths, seemed to be so erratic At the very end, the author presents the why s and what for s that help to better understand Fiona but by then it was too late I did not care and was glad to have the book done.

  23. This is a very hard book for me to rate Sometimes I think it is a 4 , going on 5 other times a 3 going down to 2 Odd just like the main character in this book, Fiona Griffiths odd is only one word to describe Fiona.Fiona is hired as a detective constable which is the lowest rank in the Wales police department She is working on one case, where a cop or copper as they say is being charged with embezzlement then another case pops up where a woman dies of a drug overdose and her young daughter is al [...]

  24. My brother recommended I try this series, another Kindle Unlimited offering on This first book is a minimal purchase price and then the following books fall under Kindle Unlimited for now The author says he has been writing for 20 years and this is his favorite series to date I have visited Cardiff and enjoyed myself tremendously, so I am happy to have a Welsh police procedural for a change.The main character, Fiona Griffiths, is on the outside of normal The syndrome she suffers from that causes [...]

  25. I purchased a copy of Love Story, With Murders for the Library, based partially on the novel s excellent title, only to discover that it was the second in a series starring Cardiff Detective Constable Fiona Griffiths Our lovely former adult services librarian had purchased Talking to the Dead, the first in the series, so I took it off the shelf and brought it home.Talking to the Dead is perfect for anyone waiting for the next Lacey Flint installment from S.J Bolton Both series feature a female p [...]

  26. Talking to the Dead is the first book in the Detective Constable Fiona Griffiths series that is set in Cardiff Wales A prostitute and her six year old daughter are found murdered in a run down drug house A out of date credit card was found on the site that belonged to a deceased millionaire that died in an airplane crash What was the card of a deceased person doing in this seedy location Why were the murder victims living there as this wasn t their home Fiona is on the case which is called Lohan [...]

  27. I really wasn t sure what to think about this book The main character, Fi, is a young DS, and right from the word go you realise there is something a bit unusual about her She almost has to keep reminding herself that she is normal, and how she is supposed to act, during the investigation into the horrific deaths of a mother and daughter.At one point, I found myself getting distracted from the story because of the focus on the apparent breakdown that Fi was sufferingbut on reaching the end of th [...]

  28. USA Today compares author Harry Bingham to Steig Larsson and DC Fiona Griffiths to Lisabeth Salander which was enough to steer me into picking up a copy of Talking to the Dead Well they got it half right, Bingham is an outstanding new voice in the thriller genre however Cambridge educated Fiona Griffiths is a much multi faceted, engaging character than Lisabeth Salander We first meet Fiona as she applies for the detective constable position and get hints that something in her background keeps h [...]

  29. The rebellious but good cop who s prepared to break the rules, and sometimes the law, to catch dangerous criminals is somewhat of a clich in police procedurals Harry Bingham manages, however, to put a fresh spin on the format with Detective Constable Fiona Griffiths, an unconventional, socially awkward, highly intelligent woman who is something of a law to herself, despite her concerted attempts to try and read social situations and do the right thing Griffiths is a wonderful character that rais [...]

  30. The basic story was good but got a bit tired of Fiona always examining her feelings and how to react I know that is an integral part of who she is but it was a bit repetitious The fact that she is constantly going against what her bosses tell her also was irritating Was hard to understand why she wanted to spend time with the dead bodies and whether they were actually talking to her or not It would have been better if the explanation for her illness had been in the beginning of the book She does [...]

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