Invisible Murder

Invisible Murder Scavenging hospital ruins in northern Hungary two Roma boys stumble on something valuable than usual black market finds The chain of events threatens many lives In Denmark Red Cross nurse Nina Borg

Scavenging hospital ruins in northern Hungary, two Roma boys stumble on something valuable than usual black market finds The chain of events threatens many lives In Denmark, Red Cross nurse Nina Borg puts her life and family on the line when she treats Hungarian Gypsies living illegally in a Copenhagen garage What are they hiding What makes them so sick

Invisible Murder A Nina Borg Novel Invisible Murder, the sequel to The Boy in the Suitcase, is a gripping thriller which sets the various narrative threads running before entwining them in a nail biting race against time climax EuroCrime A fascinating insight into current Danish culture Thinking Invisible Murder Nina Borg, by Lene Kaaberbl Feb , Invisible Murder by Lene Kaaberbol and Agnete Friis The second of four books in the Nina Borg series, the best known of which is the first one, The Boy in the Suitcase Although only one author is listed on GR, my copy has it co authored with Agnete Friis Nina is a nurse in Copenhagen and the book is translated from the Danish. Opinion Nukes, Lies and Invisible Murder Robert C Koehler Jun , Opinion Nukes, Lies and Invisible Murder Robert C Koehler Anti War activists gathered on the th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, at the Manhattan Bridge Plaza at Bowery and Canal holding banners and signs facing the late afternoon Friday rush hour traffic to oppose the United States endless cycle of war and militarism. INVISIBLE MURDER Official Trailer YouTube a trailer for my short film INVISIBLE MURDERa film by Sirada Tritruengtassana Official Selection International New York Film Festival Women s Only Invisible Murder A Nina Borg Novel Kaaberbol, Lene Oct , Invisible Murder, the sequel to The Boy in the Suitcase, is a gripping thriller which sets the various narrative threads running before entwining them in a nail biting race against time climax EuroCrime A fascinating insight into current Danish culture Thinking About Books Praise for The Boy in the Suitcase INVISIBLE MURDER Kirkus Reviews Oct , INVISIBLE MURDER by Lene Kaaberbl Agnette Friis translated by Tara Chace RELEASE DATE Oct , Denmark s normal cycle of stealing, smuggling, forced prostitution and unauthorized aid to minority populations is disrupted by the exhumation of a truly malign object Invisible Murder by Lene Kaaberbl, Agnete Friis, Tara Invisible Murder By Lene Kaaberbl,Agnete Friis,Tara Chace translator Narrated by Katherine Kellgren Try for . . a month after days Cancel anytime Buy for . Buy for . Confirm purchase No default payment method selected Nukes, Lies and Invisible Murder Freepress Jun , Nukes, Lies and Invisible Murder by Robert C Koehler June , cybermagik Attribution . Generic CC BY . no change Let s listen in for a moment to the gentle, awkward language of mass killing The employment or threat of employment of nuclear weapons could have a significant influence on ground operations Integration of Nukes, lies and invisible murder Opinion Jun , The employment or threat of employment of nuclear weapons could have a significant influence on ground operations Integration of nuclear weapons into a Invisible Ships Podcast From true crime to the truly weird. the U.S Government is expected to release a report this month on UFO sightings, how they are being investigated and what the U.S military is going to be doing about them We go over all of our hopes and concerns about what the Government s report will and won t tell us We get into some pretty deep stuff everything from quantum mechanics to New World Order PSYOP and what all of this has to

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Invisible Murder

  1. Jeg kom til verden p Rigshospitalet i K benhavn d 24.3.1960 Overl gen var i kjole og hvidt han var blevet afbrudt midt i en gallamiddag men min s ster siger, at det er da ikke noget, hendes f dselsl ge var i islandsk nationaldragt Nogen vil mene at det s ledes allerede fra starten var klart at jeg var et ganske s rligt barn Andre vil sikkert p st at min mor bare var god til at skabe pludselige gyn kologiske kriser.Jeg blev alts f dt i K benhavn, men det m nok betragtes som en fejl, for min for ldre er jyske, min opv kst foregik i Jylland mestendels i Malling ved rhus , og jeg betragter mig i dag som eksil jyde p Frederiksberg, p det mine jyske venner omtaler som Dj vle en Sj lland.Jeg har skrevet altid, eller i hvert fald lige siden jeg n ede ud over Ole s en so stadiet Som hestetosset teenager skrev jeg b gerne om Tina og hestene de to f rste udkom da jeg var femten, den fjerde og sidste da jeg var sytten Som 18 rig opdagede jeg Tolkien og Ringenes herre, og derefter Ursula K LeGuins trilogi om Jordhavet, og lige siden har mit bog hjerte banket for eventyr og drageblod og verdener, der ligger mindst tre skridt til h jre for regnbuen eller M lkevejen, og under alle omst ndigheder et p nt stykke fra den asfalterede danske virkelighed.I dag, cirka 30 b ger senere, er jeg stadig lige s h bl st vild med at skrive som jeg altid har v ret Og selv om jeg har v ret en lille smuttur i krimi land og skrevet en kriminalroman for voksne l s mere p ninaborg hvis du har lyst s er jeg bestemt stadig b rnebogsforfatter og har stadig hang til magiske momenter Personal Name Lene Kaaberb l Born 1960, in Copenhagen, Denmark Education rhus University, degree English, drama Hobbies and other interests Playing pentanque Addresses Office Phabel Plott ApS, Laksegade 12, St, DK 1063 Copenhagen K, Denmark Career Novelist Formerly worked as a high school teacher, copy writer, publishing company editor, cleaning assistant, and riding teacher Phabel Plott ApS, Copenhagen, Denmark, owner and writer Honors Awards Best Disney Novel Writer of the Year award, Disney Worldwide Artist Convention, 2001, for five W.I.T.C.H series novels.

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  1. Caution This book with infect you with the need for Nina Borg Invisible Murder is an intense look into the treatment of illegal immigrants, mainly Hungarian gypsies, and PET s counter terrorism officials struggle to keep black market weapon traders from successfully selling items that threaten the Danish national security Of course, large hearted nurse Nina Borg is back, getting herself involved in life threatening situations while treating the illegals denied medical access elsewhere Kaaberbol [...]

  2. 4 stars.This book is an amazing feat for the authors four wildly disparate plotlines all converge on do gooder Red Cross nurse, Nina Borg The plotlines each take a while to develop, so slowly that I wondered how it would all play out, until the exciting, explosive finish.I listened to this book on Audible, and I must say, the production was terrible The narrator read the book very well, but the post production editing was not completed I lost track of the number of times sentences were repeated, [...]

  3. Love this book even than the first book by the authors THE BOY IN THE SUITCASE I think it s a really, really special thing these authors do in creating thrillers that aren t about crooks or bad guys they re about real people coming into conflict because of real world pressures, need, and desperation The realism makes the edge of the seat action feel that much closer to home.

  4. Invisible Murder by Lene Kaaberbol and Agnete Friis is a good thriller I actually liked it than the well known The Boy in the Suitcase by the same pair of Danish authors because it reaches deeper into the layer of acute social issues Without spoiling the plot, let s just say it involves Hungarian Roma Gypsy refugees in Denmark Nina Borg is one of the main characters as is her teenage daughter Ida a very well drawn portrait of a mixture of natural teenage stupidity and strength of character The [...]

  5. This is the second book following The Boy in the Suitcase featuring Danish nurse, Nina Borg She works at a Red Cross facility that offers medical care to immigrants living in Denmark She also occasionally works for a secret group, called the Network that helps illegal immigrants She has promised her husband that she will not work for the Network while he s doing his two weeks of work on an ocean oil drilling platform and will take care not to put their two children at risk Of course she is unabl [...]

  6. I really like the Boy in the Suitcase, so I was looking forward to this second book, but unfortunately this book is like a cliche of the first book the bad guys have no element to explain them, Nina has gone further away from believable plus I have trouble with the notion of the book, that Nina is the good guy.what s the point of trying to save the world if you sacrifice your own family I did like the surprise ending, although I saw it coming in some form.

  7. If you re a fan of Stieg Larsson, or if you enjoyed The Killing, I think this book would appeal to you It has that same dark, realistic, and gritty feel to it Along with the murder, there is a lot of human drama surrounding the characters, and it was one of those books that I just didn t want to put down More complete review to come.Full review The description of this book made me a bit wary, because I m not a big fan of spy novels or big books about terrorism I m interested in novels that expl [...]

  8. I don t get it These Scandinavians, plain and simple, have a flair for the psychological thriller mystery For this series, with our heroine Nina Borg, I hate to admit that I was disappointed Nina Borg, a Red Cross nurse, wife, and mother of two, is a compulsive do gooder who can t say no when someone asks for help Even when she knows better Sorry, but she doesn t seem very appealing Her need to do good may have some psychological roots, but ultimately it feels like an annoying, not quite believa [...]

  9. This Danish mystery series featuring Red Cross nurse Nina Borg in modern day Copenhagen follows a long line of deliciously cosmopolitan and yet delightfully local novels translated and published by Soho Crime Reading a few of the mysteries by these illustrious authors will give the reader an indication of the quality associated with Soho Crime James Benn, Cara Black, Jassy Mackenzie, Leighton Gage, Timothy Hallinan, Martin Limon, Peter Lovesay, Qiu Xiaolong, Helene Tursten, Akimitsu Takagi, Matt [...]

  10. This follow up to The Boy in the Suitcase presents an even wider scope of crime and an almost entirely new cast of characters Nina Borg still plays a large role in the events, but the real shining star is a new, Hungarian Roma character, Sandor He becomes heartbreakingly entrenched in the plot, through no real fault of his own Like in their first book, the conclusion doesn t feel quite complete with most of the main characters personal storylines left open to interpretation or perhaps open for [...]

  11. I had previously read and enjoyed the author s first book in this series, The Boy in the Suitcase I was looking forward to this book but I almost threw in the towel at page 75 The book has so many different plot threads and characters running through dIfferent countries With so many nationalities and names I was unfamiliar with, it was quite difficult to keep everything straight I am glad I stuck it out though because once the threads started converging together it made for quite the thriller.Th [...]

  12. This was my first exposure to Nordic Noir and it was a fantastically written tale of deceit and family manipulation The story was written in a style that is sort of Tarantino like in that several separate story lines converge bringing relatively normal people into extraordinary circumstances The character development was top notch, and although it was a little slow to start, it reached a frenetic pace early and kept you on the edge of your seat till the great twist at the end Perhaps the slow st [...]

  13. This book starts out a bit slowly, many different threads to follow Once they come together though the book really takes off and doesn t let up until the end What I like most about this book is that it features, for the most part, regular people who get caught up in not so good things Nina herself, is a character who tries to do the right things and ends up involved in situations that are life changing Can t wait to find out what the author has in store for Nina next timeC from NetGalley.

  14. Lene Kaaberol and Agnete Friss s first Nina Borg book The Boy in the Suitcase was a New York Times bestseller I ve been eagerly waiting for the second book Invisible Murder from this Danish writing duo.Nina Borg is a Red Cross nurse living and working in Denmark She works with the marginalized, the desperate and those who can t help themselves Her official home base is the Red Cross s Coal House Camp But Nina also works under the radar, helping out those who have no official status and her heart [...]

  15. There is a mystery in this book, but not exactly a murder mystery There is crime, but this isn t primarily about crime What it is has a lot to do with issues like immigration, prejudice, and the debt we owe to society to try to make things better At least this is what the main character, Nina Borg, struggles with throughout the story This book isn t mainly about Nina, however Intertwined in her story is that of a half Roma young man and his Roma family and background I found that as interesting [...]

  16. Nurse Nina Borg s compassion and her difficulties making her family understand and accept what she feels she must do are at the heart of this novel which is about ordinary people caught up in situations over which they have little personal control.The story begins in Hungary where two young gypsies scavenging an abandoned Soviet hospital facility stumble on an object promising to lift them and their families from poverty Unfortunately, their efforts to find a buyer for this object put the life a [...]

  17. Invisible Murder is the second installment in the Nina Borg series and I enjoyed it quite a bit than the first.In this installment, Nina isn t as bleeding heart or annoying I was a little tired of her by the end of the first book so many irritatingly irresponsible decisions She definitely felt real this time and not as over the top with her actions and she garnered sympathy from me as the reader.This story, like its predecessor, had many characters and the chapters bounced between different s [...]

  18. 4 Stars advanced reader s copy When two poor Roma boys discover an abandoned weapon under an old Soviet hospital they were only thinking about getting the money their families so desperately need, not about what that weapon could unleash on the world When Danish Red Cross nurse Nina Borg gets a call that there are sick Roma children squatting in an abandoned auto shop she doesn t think about the danger that being associated with them could bring on her and her family The consequences that arise [...]

  19. When a protagonist is a Red Cross nurse and not police, there are some narrative risks and compromises Detective thinking is obviously reduced, and the credible heroism of the nurse must be unfortunately stretched, as it is in the concluding pages here So is the ultimate revelation of the crazed criminal, again in the last pages The real strength of the novel lies in its empathy with the Roma of Eastern Europe, and the integrity of one young man who is tangled up in an attempt to pass into the n [...]

  20. The book begins in Northern Hungary Two teenage Roma boys break into a long abandoned military camp and stumble into discovering a substance of value Little do they know the toxicity of their find When nurse Nina Borg answers the call to tend to some sick immigrant Roma children, she neglects her promise to her husband, and rushes to their aid But what is making them so ill Where is the young man who seems to be the source of the illness When Nina herself becomes violently ill, she does not real [...]

  21. I just couldn t get into this story I don t know if it was the terrorist angle or just too many darn characters plots that I couldn t keep straight Just like the first one, the action speeds up towards the end and forces you to continue but it s a long, hard journey getting to this point Of course, everything is tied together but this becomes clear too late and I found myself not caring one way or the other.

  22. GAH this is a good series Once again, the authors have found the perfect mix between big picture crime and personal motivations Nina Borg s character continues to develop in heartbreaking and interesting ways I enjoyed the first book in print, but did this one as an audiobook, and the reading was very good and the Danish words were mostly pronounced correctly Yay

  23. First Line Maybe we ll find a gun, Pitkin said, aiming his finger at the guardhouse next to the gate.To the teenage boys living near the abandoned Soviet military base in northern Hungary, it is a potential source of hidden treasure, an opportunity to sell what they find and treat themselves and their families to things the rest of the world seems to take for granted When Pitkin and Tam s find something in the basement of the hospital, they know it s better than drugs or guns to sell on the blac [...]

  24. Red Cross nurse Nina Borg is a do gooder who can t say no regardless of the consequences to her marriage or her two children s well being The older child, a fourteen year old girl, has consigned Nina to Mom Hell The place reserved for bad mothers, career women, alcoholics, and mentally unstable women where they might suffer for all eternity because they had dared to reproduce despite a complete absence of maternal qualifications In The Boy in the Suitcase, Nina found her life in danger, and her [...]

  25. 1.5 5I picked up this book because it was on sale at Chapters for a ridiculously low price and the premise seemed promising I love a good mystery thriller so a story of a nurse treating Hungarian Gypsies living illegally in a Copenhagen garage What are they hiding What makes them so sick was appealing I was disappointed The mystery of what is making people sick seemed relatively obvious so that thrill was gone for me I also found this book to be incredibly violent There were scenes with detailed [...]

  26. Supplied by Random House New Zealand for reviewTwo Hungarian Roma boys investigate a hospital abandoned by the Russians after the collapse of communism They find something and take it to sell on the black market Tamar then steals the passport of Sandor, hi s half Roma brother and travels to Denmark to sell it Sandor is then questioned by authorities about his terrorist connections and his Roma roots exposed Sandor then travels to Denmark to find him after being told he s sick.Nina Borg is a nurs [...]

  27. This novel, the second in the Nina Borg series, reminds me of an old MGM epic A big cast Broad geographical setting in this case from Hungary to Germany to Denmark A tale of Biblical proportions And yet, despite all this complexity, the plot is pretty simple.It all begins when two young gypsy boys break into an abandoned Russian clinic in Hungary looking for some loot to sell Instead they find a canister of cesium salt, a dangerous radioactive material which can be used to make a dirty bomb One [...]

  28. For some reason, I have a real problem getting through these books Nina is a great character the conflict that rang most true for me in this book is that within her family I like the setting and the circumstances but the way the story is told and the language just doesn t hold my attention Part of this may be that at least this book is kind of derivative if you read a lot of Scandinavian crime, you ve probably been down this plot line before, or at least something similar Probably than once, an [...]

  29. Another excellent novel in this series, though, like the first, rather dark And it s true, for many that s the way life is So I sit here, reading dark novels and thanking my lucky stars that I personally have not had to face the situations that Nina has to, nor have I had to choose whether to risk my marriage because of the needs of others Nina is a nurse in Copenhagen and helps out at a centre for refugees She has also helped in the past a chsp who runs an illegal railroad for similar people Be [...]

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