Edie Investigates

Edie Investigates From the author of The Gone Away World and the forthcoming Angelmaker an exhilarating espionage murder mystery eShort There has been a strange death in the quiet village of Shrewton old Donny Caspian

From the author of The Gone Away World and the forthcoming Angelmaker an exhilarating espionage murder mystery eShort There has been a strange death in the quiet village of Shrewton old Donny Caspian has lost his head In the Copper Kettle tea rooms, Tom Rice, a junior nobody from the Treasury, puzzles over the details of the case He has been sent by his superiors to ovFrom the author of The Gone Away World and the forthcoming Angelmaker an exhilarating espionage murder mystery eShort There has been a strange death in the quiet village of Shrewton old Donny Caspian has lost his head In the Copper Kettle tea rooms, Tom Rice, a junior nobody from the Treasury, puzzles over the details of the case He has been sent by his superiors to oversee the investigation, but is he supposed to help or hinder At the next table, octogenarian superspy Edie Banister nibbles a slice of cake and struggles not to become Miss Marple But what is the connection between the two Who killed Donny Caspian, and why Taking in Rice s present and Edie s daring past, from duels on shipboard to death in back alleys, Edie Investigates is a superb short story from the incomparable Nick Harkaway Also included with this short, the first chapter of Nick Harkaway s long awaited new novel Angelmaker.

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Edie Investigates

  1. Nick Harkaway was born in Cornwall, UK in 1972 He is possessed of two explosively exciting eyebrows, which exert an almost hypnotic attraction over small children, dogs, and thankfully one ludicrously attractive human rights lawyer, to whom he is married.He likes oceans, mountains, lakes, valleys, and those little pigs made of marzipan they have in Switzerland at new year.He does not like bivalves You just can t trust them.

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  1. 4.5The plot a civil servant Tom Rice is sent to deal with a murder of an old banker He is told that died from natural causes cause of death would be preferable The problem is Tom Rice had never seen anything so blatantly unnatural in his life At the same time Edie arrives to investigate The strength of this story is not the actual mystery at least not for those who know who Edie Banister is and what she was It is in its dark humour, the depiction of the society and, well, Edie I love the humour [...]

  2. This is a review issued with a warning I enjoyed this a great deal, but it clearly exists as part of the larger context of the author s novel Angelmaker the first chapter of which is included along with the story , and which I haven t yet read I m not entirely sure Edie Investigates works in a straightforward way as a piece of stand alone fiction, as a piece of meta around the novel, like an iTunes Extra.That said, there was a lot to love here four stars worth, in fact the description of young [...]

  3. I stumbled across this after hearing about Angelmaker, an interesting sounding book by a Cornish author Then this a short story featuring one of the same characters, surely an easy introduction to his writing I should have been worried by the author s confession that this was his publisher s idea, and I was prepared to cut it a little slack because of that It overcame it s tawdry origins magnificently though.A short, sharp, funny story that comes across like Douglas Adams writing Miss Marple, I [...]

  4. Having already read Angelmaker, I am well acquainted with Edie I was so happy to read a little side story and spend a little time in her brilliant,cooky mind This little gem takes you on a ride, going wherever the stream takes you next I enjoyed the lack of typical transitions and just went with it, always getting lost in the story again only to be led somewhere else Yes, we would have liked to have at the ending but Nick Harkaway is such a talented author that I believe we will always be want [...]

  5. It s been a while since i ve read Nick Harkaway and it s not really like anything else out there, i should have known but yet again i wasn t ready Edie investigates is a short story bursting at the seams with writing thick and juicy, every little aside is so chock full of details and colour that it s easy to get sidetracked and lost into the side stories.The first chapter of Angelmaker though is on another level altogether, lighter, direct and yet at the same time even complex, impeccably writ [...]

  6. After reading Angelmaker I thought I d read this novella It failed to live up to the quality of either Angelmaker or The Gone Away World.I am a bit curious if I had read it before Angelmaker if I would have liked it as perhaps in some ways it stands as a tease to the Novel or if it would have turned me off the novel altogether.I suppose I m glad I read it after, just in case.

  7. Great, short read about one of my favorite characters in Anglemaker It almost feels like that first chapter in a new adventure One can only hope

  8. One hundred years after a primitive missile composed of wood and goosefeathers and capped with a metallic blade transfixed the brain of Harold Godwinson and announced the success of the Norman Conquest but five hundred years before a young bisexual man obsessed with witches and demons acceded to the thrones of England and Scotland and commissioned a bible which all evidence to the contrary many still insist is the unaltered word of God a hunter named Simon Sharrow was struck by a bolt of lightni [...]

  9. Was happy to find my library carried this short as an e book Was sad that it was, indeed, quite short.This seemed like a teaser for Angelmaker which is a great book than actually a stand alone I did appreciate some of the backstory it provided on our indefatigable heroine.It would be nice to see of Edie

  10. An interesting little short that leaves me wanting I would use this piece in a class to study character building In 49 pages Hathaway builds a backstory and stronger characters than many current authors manage in 300 pages The man is a magician with words.

  11. Edie The whole time I was thinking she sounded familiar, but I couldn t put my finger on it until I saw a mention to Angelmaker Ah Edie, still a bad ass I would read her hey day shenanigans in a heartbeat.

  12. I read Angelmaker a few months ago and found it a quite frustrating read, as there were aspects I absolutely loved undermined by points I had no interest in My favourite part of Angelmaker was the character of Edie a glamourous female super spy and bisexual seductress during WW2 who s now an under estimated little old lady.It was therefore a real pleasure to pick up this very short read which takes place just before the main novel and revisit Edie without any of the distractions of Angelmaker It [...]

  13. Nick Harkaway manages to upset expectations at the very outset of this tale, giving an offbeat sketch of the history of Shrewton, a placid village, before he launches the story proper with a deft depiction of an unnatural death The entire piece is rather a bagatelle, which introduces the amusingly improbable character of Edie Banister, an octogenarian superspy who I gather from other reviews figures into Harkaway s Angelmaker novel The wit, the tone, and the inventiveness he shows here make me c [...]

  14. I read this because the author will be at the VA Book Festival this week, and I wanted a sense of his writing I had a mixed reaction.I really liked the understated Brit wit style of the beginning, but that seemed rather less evident as the story went along There were some abrupt transitions, and the ending also seemed abrupt and either unfinished or I didn t understand it And some of it goes beyond the amusingly absurd, as when one of the characters think back to when he was in charge of monitor [...]

  15. This is a fun short story by Nick Harkaway It serves as a sort of introduction to the character of Edie Bannister, a woman in her eighties with a past as a highly trained secret agent.In a small town, a man whose past is entwined with Edie s is murdered A minor functionary from the government is sent to investigate, and soon finds himself in over his head Luckily, Edie comes to his aid.I don t honestly remember much about this story other than my enjoyment of it It comes with the first chapter [...]

  16. 7 10This short story has a lot going for it in terms of writing it s funny, charming, and full of detail So much detail in fact, that once or twice the story meanders into arguably unnecessary territory, but it worked for me, so no harm done I highlighted quite a few passages that I found amusing, most of which were related to Edie, who I think is a fantastic character I couldn t help but worry about her she is in her eighties, after all but she s defied expectations of being a weak little femal [...]

  17. Edie Investigates was the perfect answer to a long layover this past week As a prelude to Angelmaker, it effectively presented characters I want to know about It also gave hints of a world that I intensely want to explore Highly enjoyable prose as expected from author Nick Harkaway This short novella whet my appetite for while leaving me sufficiently satisfied with the story it had to tell.

  18. Prelude to Harkaway s next novel Angelmake, which I m pretty excited about, and this is a charming intro to one character I was, probably unrealistically, kinda hoping for a completely self contained story rather than a prologue to the larger piece, and this is very much the latter, but aside from that entirely personal issue, this did the business nicely.

  19. This is a sort of prequel chapter to pique your interest in Angelmaker It s full of all the superb prose, wry humour and intrigue you always find with Nick Hakaway The only thing I d want of is to give it all room to breath, to allow his wonderfully tangential style to really work it s magic And you ll get that in spades in the full novel, so no complaints about this novella here.

  20. I loved the heart out of Edie Banister in Angelmaker She has steel nerves, comprehensive spy experience, and a creepy old dog with glass balls for eyes and a farting problem I can t wait to read about her

  21. Liked it a lot but it really is just a teaser for Angelmaker Was pleasantly surprised that it was a bit of a cold war thriller in some ways Looking forward to , particularly from the Legacy Board, although the flashbacks to Edie s youth were the most vital and compelling parts of the story A great character there.

  22. Nick Harkaway makes me tired.I read this in two sittings The first half I think I wasn t in the mood for his convoluted prose, and I really had to slog through it My second sitting went much quicker, but it still made me tired If you liked the Gone Away World, you ll like this And probably like Angelmaker too I think I m going to pass.

  23. I loved this short story not only is the female protagonist kickass, but she shows that women over 50 can still be kickass I also love the fact that she is not at all grandmotherly, and she is described as the anti Miss Marple The first chapter of Harkaway s upcoming novel, _Angelmaker_, was very intriguing, so I m awaiting it impatiently.

  24. A great short story companion to Angel Maker If you liked Angel Maker you ll want to make sure you read this Even if you haven t read Angel Maker, it s a good sampling of what you re missing out on.

  25. Meh it just got started at the end.I would rate it better if it were the first chapter of a book But it s merely pretending to be a short story too many things started that beg being finished or expanded on Good writing just didn t feel like like a nicely constrained short story.

  26. Was interested but not entirely satisfied by Harkaway s GoneAway World, so wanted to read this before sending away for Angelmaker After reading this short, I ve placed my order Loved the characters, loved the setup I can t wait to get the book Charming and funny.

  27. Interesting read makes me want to re read Angelmaker, as I d nearly forgotten all about Edie Not really a stand alone story, as it leaves so much unresolved.

  28. Good to see a bit of Edie Bannister from Angelmaker although if you haven t yet read that and you should it s worth noting that there are very slight spoilers here some of Edie s background and talents are revealed.

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