Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect When Captain Janeway brings the sole survivor of an alien sampling mission on board Voyager she finds herself in the reluctant role of counselor But her newest responsibility turns out to be of a han

When Captain Janeway brings the sole survivor of an alien sampling mission on board Voyager, she finds herself in the reluctant role of counselor But her newest responsibility turns out to be of a handful than she ever dreamed, challenging her to adapt to an ever changing role while dealing with an alien race whose culture hides a secret.

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Past Imperfect

  1. Fletcher DeLancey spent her early career as a science educator, which was the perfect combination of her two great loves language and science These days she combines them while writing science fiction.She is an Oregon expatriate who left her beloved state when she met a Portuguese woman and had to choose between home and heart She chose heart Now she lives with her wife and son in the beautiful sunny Algarve, where she writes full time, teaches Pilates, tries to learn the local birds and plants, and samples every regional Portuguese dish she can get her hands on There are many It s going to take a while She is best known for her science fiction fantasy series, Chronicles of Alsea, now comprised of four novels and a novella Among them, the Alsea books have won an Independent Publisher s Award 2017 bronze medal , a Golden Crown Literary Society Award, a Rainbow Award, and been shortlisted for a Lambda Literary Award.Fletcher believes that women need far representation in science fiction and fantasy, and takes great pleasure in writing complex stories with strong, believable women heading up the action Her day is made every time another reader says, I didn t think I liked science fiction, but then I read yours.

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  1. If this review had a title like s reviews have, it would be Sci fi for lesfic romance lovers , or better yet FREE sci fi for lesfic romance lovers Yep, its free to download on the author s website.This book is the start of a series of 5 novel length fan fiction stories based on the Star Trek Voyager TV series and its characters I know most people equate fanfiction with unsophisticated writing, an abundance of typos, and lack of editing but this is a rare exception Note The author has polished up [...]

  2. Now, this is an author who never disappoints me.My knowledge of the Star Trek universe is very limited Whan I was a young boy I have seen some episodes of the original series with Kirk Shatner and Spock Nemoy and I lately saw two of the last reloaded movies I never saw anything about the Voyager series and I enjoyed a bit of research on Google in order to know the characters of this fan fiction.Past Imperfect is, essentially, a lesbian romance, set on a startrekkian stage.Sci Fi elements are not [...]

  3. If it weren t for the boat ton of inter relationship conflict this clearly would have been 5 stars Fletcher, at least in my opinion, is without equal when it comes down to lesfic sci fi This bit of fanfic was excellently written Pure sci fi bliss We all know the characters, with the exception of a creative nudge to our well loved Katherine Janeway that is

  4. Seriously, this is only volume 1 out of 5 and I can already say that this is definitely one of the best science fiction series I ve ever read Even if you are not a Star Trek fan, or even if, like me, you have not even seen the series, it is not difficult to follow the plot and understand the characters This because, as I said in another review, Ms Fletcher DeLancey is a terrific writer She always creates a universe full of possibilities Anything can happen The romance, needless to say, is also v [...]

  5. The first in a great fanfic series by Fletcher Delancey If you like Voyageur but were kind of miffed at some of the storylines, this may be for you Rather than going down the Janeway Seven or Janeway B Elana path, Delancey creates a new character and inserts her into the Voyageur timeline and pretty much rewriting the series This is fanfic so it is long, full of hand wringing angst, a bit of Mary Sue, and lots of kick ass action But its also a hell of a good read Honestly, I kind of liked this s [...]

  6. It s been a solid 10 years since I ve read a Star Trek novel and this one reminded me how much I used to love them On top of the fact that it is a great addition to the Star Trek universe, the added bonus of the relationship between Janeway and Hamilton is fantastic I can t wait to read the other books in the series The author has them posted on her website, but if there were available on , I would gladly purchase them because she deserves every penny.

  7. Some quick thoughts I assume I ll have to say tomorrow Hopefully.1 I mentioned in that other book I ve read by DeLancey that I had read 15, I think, Voyager books, and seen most, maybe all of the show And that I didn t exactly recognize the people involved from Voyager in the book I had read But then that s to be expected That wasn t a Voyager book This one is a Voyager book.A lot of people from Voyager had mostly cameo roles in this book Or, at least, their scenes were quite small Tuvok, Chako [...]

  8. This is my first full on fanfic novel And I have mixed feelings.I loved the story, loved how it is written, and it fits in with the Voyger world In all, there are no negatives to how it is written.My mixed feelings apply only to the notion of fanfic I know it s incredibly popular and so on, but It kinda doesn t sit well for me, and I think that s only because I ve seen every episode and I can t find the space ha for the story and the HEA that doesn t happen in what I have seen It is just a perso [...]

  9. I found myself falling in love with the Star Trek universe all over again Very, very well done Kudos to Fletcher DeLancey.

  10. 3.5I liked it But I m torn The sci fi part of the story is great Really Especially the second half where the adventure really happens DeLancey tells a really entertaining story I didn t know anything about the Star Trek universe and I was pleasantly surprised about how much I enjoyed it DeLancey is obviously a science and science fiction fan, and mixes up the Star Trek universe with things from her own imagination, and in the end we are given a great tale in which we learn, among other things, a [...]

  11. This one Ah I m torn in half Fletcher DeLancey is one hell of a great writer and storyteller, and boy does she know her scifi Even so, does she know the Star Trek universe I loved the geeky bits and the adventure story to bits Her world building is something else, and I loved the Tsian and Santori storyline I especially loved how Janeway didn t swan in to solve all of their problems for them She very gently nudged a door open but didn t push anyone through That was cleverly done I also enjoyed [...]

  12. OMG This was sooo good GREAT story line For me it was one of those can t put down books It s no wonder the Author met her future partner by way of reading this book Fabulous, great read so far this author is my favorite in the genre That s saying a lot I gave it a try after reading the Catalyst Series also fantastic and FYIe book is free on her website.

  13. Star Trek Voyager fanfic I ve never seen the show though I ve watched the original series and TNG , but still enjoyed the book immensely Anybody who has read fan fiction can tell you there are various levels of quality, from really horrid to beautifully plotted and written This belongs to the latter Captain Janeway rescues a human kidnapped by aliens from 400 years ago They develop feelings for each other and romance, with its inevitable bumps along the road, ensues Add to that aliens, temporal [...]

  14. Sometimes when someone writes fanfiction for a show it leads to rather interesting investigations Ill def put her Chronicles of Alsea on my to buy list ASAP While I very much enjoy the official ST line of books and how Janeway and crew turned out, its quite fun to discover a writer through some very entertaining fanfic.

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