Hostile Takeover

Hostile Takeover Book V of the Knights of the Board Room series can be read as standalone Ben is the last unattached member of the five man executive team of KA Associates The other four all Masters have found the s

Book V of the Knights of the Board Room series can be read as standalone Ben is the last unattached member of the five man executive team of KA Associates The other four, all Masters, have found the submissive of their dreams That s fine The sharp edged lawyer knows he s the most hardcore of all of them, with extreme tastes as a Master he satisfies physically throBook V of the Knights of the Board Room series can be read as standalone Ben is the last unattached member of the five man executive team of KA Associates The other four, all Masters, have found the submissive of their dreams That s fine The sharp edged lawyer knows he s the most hardcore of all of them, with extreme tastes as a Master he satisfies physically through experienced club submissives He doesn t really need anything than that.Marcie has loved Ben since she was sixteen He s never behaved as anything than a protective big brother, a family friend But now she s twenty three and starting her career as a corporate investigator She may be a blood and bone deep submissive, but she won t hesitate to use her aggressive talents to prove she s meant to be his With a Master as tough as Ben, she ll have to take whatever measures are needed even if her deepest desire isn t a hostile takeover of his heart, but an unconditional surrender to it.Reader Advisory Marcie s sexual journey contains a group scene of female female sexual exploration The Masters also share her in a brief group scene.

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Hostile Takeover

  1. BDSM Romance for the Heart Soul Winner of the RT Book Reviews Career Achievement award, Joey W Hill has published over forty contemporary and paranormal BDSM erotic romances, including six series Her emotionally intense love stories offer everything from vampires, mermaids, witches and angels, to boardroom executives, cops and simple housemaids Free excerpts from all her works are available at her website Additional vignettes, character interviews and graphics inspired by the work are at the fan forum site.Website storywitchTwitter twitter JoeyWHillFacebook facebook JoeyWHillAuthorFan Forum storywitch community

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  1. After reading this I felt like another Re read8 21 15Re read 5 30 15 Original Review This was deep and awesome and just deeply awesome But mostly This one s going right in my spank bank.Some added visual aids That s all I got.

  2. 5 THISBOOKIS BANANAS B A N A N A S STARS WARNING If your favorite position is missionary, this book is not for you.This is how I would describe this book Let me explain Marcie BALLS OF STEELMarcie got her HEA And I got my HEA too This is one of the HOTTEST books I ve ever read I was on fire I want a man to call me a slut and throw me up against a wall Is that too much to ask There is also a really fabulous story Marcie has been in love lust obsessed with Ben since she was sixteen He is several y [...]

  3. This beauty of a book is on sale for a LIMITED TIME and it hardly ever happens Grab it US UK Check the price before purchasing I ve found a new book loveIt was sooo good Just, WOW emotional and intense and beautiful and sexy and HOT Very, very lovely Deep all consuming love at its very best A love that runs deep, has history, earns trust and is oh so very powerful This book consumed my mind, my heart and my soul It s Ben and Marcie s story, a story I adored and here s why Hostile Takeover is a B [...]

  4. Ultimate Favorite Love Story EVER That s all This spoiler free review is one of my favorites when it comes to this book TeriLyn s review of Hostile Takeover WARNING Joey W Hill s books aren t for everyone They almost always feature Master slave at times 24 7 D s relationships with hardcore BDSM scenes that may be offensive to some If you are easily offended and think 50 Shades was hardcore, this is NOT a book for you.

  5. 0 stars Review edited March 18, 2015Instead of sticking out my tongue, I should cane Ben s ass and stick the thing up his ass You are just a body My body, to do with as I wish You have no identity except as my slave What I think of Ben Baba s 101 psychology Ben, a hardcore Dom and extreme sadist, was a street kid after he d been abandoned by his mother He d been abused and I m pretty sure it was both, emotionally and sexually Enter Marcie, a 24 7 hardcore slave She s clean but Ben is not When he [...]

  6. 4.5STARS Let me start off by saying, if you have difficulty opening your mind this book is mostly likelyNOT FOR YOU I consider myself to be pretty open minded, yet there were times I needed a spreader bar to keep my mind from closing.This is a story of a young girl crushing on a nurturing man, maturing into a love that fuels her vagina soulG Ben aka Backdoor Bruiser Ben O Callahan is the only remaining bachelor of the five man executive team of KA associates He works hard, plays hard and can sta [...]

  7. 4 Spank Me Stars Welcome toWhere Ben is the mayor and will for being a bad girl Ben,Marcie has known Ben since she was 16 and has had a crush on his ever since Now at 23, she is a woman with a woman s desire and her feelings for him have turned from crush to love Ben, 9 years her senior, doesn t think it is right even though his blood boils when she is near him or even when he thinks about her Marcie is on a mission to prove that she is the Slave of his dreams If my Master is lost, I ll find him [...]

  8. 5 Take Me StarsFirst I have to say This book involves hardcore BDSM and that may not be for you you ve been warned now moving on to the fun stuff This book is over the top hot seriously one of the hottest books I have ever read More than that, the writing is phenomenal and I was immediately invested in Ben and Marcie s relationship Marcie, 9 years younger, has loved Ben for years So long that Ben feels like this is a girlish crush that Marcie needs to grow out of Marcie s love for Ben is all con [...]

  9. 3.25 starsShe d heard rumors about his size, but if that was a partial erection, there were monsters in Japan who would run screamingENSEThat s the best word I can come up with here to describe the experience that was this book As much as I love this author s writing and as hot as most of the scenes in this book wereis was not my favorite book by her The series has been a little hit or miss for me, with Peter s book still continuing to be my favorite.If you ve never read BDSM books, this is not [...]

  10. Second time reading better than the firstMs Hill, for the second time with Ben and Marcie, held me hostage with her beautiful words and powerful love story I had to add to my review Hostile Takeover blew me away The BDSM and the psychology of that lifestyle is fascinating in this book so than any other of its kind that I ve read The sex scenes are hot and charged with consuming, raw passion Those elements integrated with the raw, honest, emotional vulnerability of the characters make it a must [...]

  11. 5 Very Special Million Stars Wow I ve spent that past two weeks with this couple and read one stop this past week, I ve been engrossed by their qualities, their love and their story I am in love with them but really this the kind of read where you will re read it and re read it again and again without getting bored I am 100% sure I will be doing this at some point A LITTLE WARNINGIf you have read Joeys books before then move onto my review for those who are new to Joeys writing then learn that s [...]

  12. Get it here US UKHostile Takeover was sitting on my TBR for far too long so I finally decided to give it a try since I was in the mood for something sexy I definitely got the sexiness that I craved but the story itself fell a little flat for me I started to get bored early on with the story line and I never really felt the connection between Marcie and Ben She was always chasing after him and he would give her the sex she craved but that was it It made it difficult for me to believe they belonge [...]

  13. My Ultimate Favorite Love Story That s all This spoiler free review is one of my favorites when it comes to this book TeriLyn s review of Hostile Takeover WARNING Joey W Hill s books aren t for everyone They almost always feature Master slave at times 24 7 D s relationships with hardcore BDSM scenes that may be offensive to some If you are easily offended and think 50 Shades was hardcore, this is NOT a book for you.

  14. I liked it Yeah, Ben was sexy as hell but the whole sub DOM lifestyle 24 7 thing is just a bit offputtingI think I would have liked to have a bit of his background as a childI have read one or two of the other books in this series and was not totally enamoured with them either Think they got 2 or maybe 3 stars Would I read this author again Yes

  15. 5 To thine own self be true StarsA very dear friend, Irene, gave me my first Joey Hill book, Unrestrained I read it and fell in love with the author and her magical way with words So when she said you have to read Hostile Takeover, I was excited and a little worried as she warned me that it s not a book for everyone I enlisted my fellow Pinkie Jxxx for a BR.Once again, I was completely blown away and mesmerize This book is hardcore BDSM, no way around that But really what this story is to me is [...]

  16. 5 ALWAYS YOURS STARSThis was my first Joey W Hill book and what an incredibly delectable treat Thanks to Irene for recommending I start with this one Start every day with chocolate cake That way, no matter what else happens, the day started with something perfect I ve read BDSM s stories before but none of them come even close to Hostile Takeover The title says it all, from the get go I was invaded, captivated and bound pun intended by Ben O Callahan and Marcie Moira s story I m tongue tied as t [...]

  17. 5 Always yours StarI don t know how to start This was my first Joey W Hill book and I m in awe I fell HARD for this book and for Ben and Marcie Usually I read a serie in order but it was for a BR with the Canaries AND Irene told it was ok to start with this one so I did it I m so glad I took a chance on this book because I would never have read it if it was not for this BR I would have never found it in all the books people read.Generally it s the cover that catch my eye and often it has to have [...]

  18. 5 Back that ass up Stars This was the first book in this series that I ve readI had no idea what to expect say I enjoyed this book would be an understatementI originally gave it 4.5 stars but after that dream I hadI had to change that shit to 5 I might have carpal tunnel Stars Hostile Takeover tells the story of Ben and Marcie and how a friendship and childhood crush turns into one hell of a love story Ben O CallahanwaitI need a secor as i like to call him Big Ben explanation needed He s a membe [...]

  19. 3.5 stars rounded down to 3 for Ben being despicable for 75% of the story.So, Hostile Takeover I think this would have made a better title for book 1 in the series for what Matt did to Savannah This one would have been better called Intolerable Cruelty or possibly Dickheads R Us because Ben is a world class bastard for most of the book.Marcie is Cassandra s younger sister and has had a crush on Ben for years She s a blood and bone deep submissive and she wants Ben to be her Master but he sees he [...]

  20. 4 4.5 Stars This was only my second book by Joey W Hill The woman sure knows how to put the psychological aspect into this sub genre of romance books At the age of sixteen, Marcie s older sister caretaker, started a relationship with one of the the elusive Knights of the Board Room, a group of five men whose proclivities veer into the BDSM scene Since all of the guys and their women consider themselves an extended family, Marcie met and was enad by the emotionally detached Ben O Callahan Through [...]

  21. Sept.4 15 My 3rd re read EPIC love story that will forever be a re read until the day I die.Even after my 3rd read, this book still leaves me speechless and whenever I think about Ben and Marcie s love story, my heart does this little clenching thing that makes me smile with tears in my eyes.Original reviewOf course, A sky of unlimited stars Welcome to the exclusive club known as Knights of the Board Room Special permission has been granted for your entry BUT, only for a short time.Book 5 in thi [...]

  22. 4.5 StarsHostile Takeover was so much than your ordinary BDSM story This was a beautiful and intense love story This was my first by this author and I really enjoyed her prose and how she constructed the story Especially the letters and phone calls between Marcie and Ben when she was younger only established their strong connection and history.Marcie is a fabulous heroine So mature for age and certain in her love for Ben Everything she did was done with grace and strength I admire how secure sh [...]

  23. This book was sensual, sexual, hot and by that I mean H.O.T burning your ass on fire and staying there because you like it , eye opening, psychological, profound, emotional I admit it, I cried my eyes out several times , fun and clever the exchanges among the males are epic, even at their most difficult moments and the list goes on and on.The writing is exceptional, not your typical mainstream erotica with the so and so writing, characters and storyline.And ladies and gentlemen, the tables are t [...]

  24. Ben has been Marcie s teenage crush Do first crushes bloom into love I think they can Marcie does her damnest to prove to Ben her love is real, even if she is only 23 and he s 32 Pfft It s a know fact yes, I m bias that women mature quicker than men With Marcie s history of her parents deserting them and becoming second mother to help her older sister Cass, Marcie grew up very quickly I think of when I was 23 with two younger siblings At 23 I had been working for 3 years full time and I bought m [...]

  25. I think if I had read this series from the beginning, I might have enjoyed this story and Ben I liked it but just wasn t in love with it There were certain parts I felt were not needed or understand The f f scene I did not understand the point to this I felt it was just thrown in for some kink Marcie just had a pretty intense fight with Ben that left her battered and numb and what do these ladies do to make feel better A sexual massage and another woman going down on her Maybe in a different se [...]

  26. Rating A Heat SizzlingWarning First off, it must be said This book does not play at BDSM While kink can take all forms, this one is extreme to n th degree This couple is engaged in a 24 7, Master slave relationship that requires the heroine to submit absolutely This is a no limits couple that employs edgeplay and CNC consensual non consent There is also lots of anal sex, two brief m nages f f f f and m m m m m f , and a variety of bondage That said, this book won t appeal to everyone You ve been [...]

  27. This one won t be for everyone However, if you enjoy stories that push that envelope just a bit, don t have an aversion to slightly hardcore BDSM, and can still find some good in heroes that are not always easy to love or even like, on occasion , well, you might just give Hostile Takeover a try I was thoroughly drawn into this story and these characters from the start While I may not have outright loved every single moment of this story, I cannot fault the author s writing for that In fact, I b [...]

  28. Before you read this story please look up Sadist and masochist Truly understand what that means, otherwise you might miss this beautiful story Truly it is This is a story about love Not just between a man and a woman but about family and family can come in any form, not just blood family The men in this book are family, the women are family, the men and women together are family and of course Marcie and her siblings along with the women and men are family They look out for each other, tend to th [...]

  29. 3.5 Intense BDSM stars I did this as a BR with LKay She did a stellar review so I m going to defer to her review and say DITTO THAT Her review will make you laugh out loud and I agree on all accounts Am I cheating Hell yes So, follow the link for review awesomeness Bahaha review showI would add that Ben is a complex character He s got a dark history as an abandoned child living on the streets He s got an armor built so thick, nobody can penetrate Marcie, on the other hand, knows from age 16 on, [...]

  30. This review posted at Guilty PleasuresRECOMMENDED READJoey W Hill, and her Knights of the Board Room series in particular, has been in my Mount TBR pile forever, so I jumped at the chance to review this book I ve heard great things about Ms Hill s writing, and Hostile Takeover does not disappoint No, my kinky friends, not at all In fact, so far this is one of my favorite books of 2012 But a warning to the faint at heart Ben is a sadist, and this book contains some very intense and graphic scenes [...]

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