The House of Aunts

The House of Aunts Undeath had not lent Ah Lee any mystical glamour It had not imbued her with magical powers gained her exotic new friends or even done anything for her acne Free epub download

Undeath had not lent Ah Lee any mystical glamour It had not imbued her with magical powers, gained her exotic new friends, or even done anything for her acne.Free epub download.

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The House of Aunts

  1. I m a Malaysian fantasy writer based in London I ve written a novel called Sorcerer to the Crown about magic, intrigue and politics in Regency London, and a short story collection called Spirits Abroad Plus some other stuff I ve won a British Fantasy Award for Best Newcomer and the Crawford Fantasy Award, and been nominated for a Locus Award and the Campbell Award for Best New Writer Find out about my work here zencho

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  1. Short Story Ah Lee lives on an abandoned rubber tree plantation in a house full of aunties, and even though she s dead, one day she falls in love.A lot of the finer details went over my head because of language and cultural differences, but it never got in the way of the story, and in most cases unfamiliar words could easily be understood by context Cho writes with a light hand and a playful sense of humor, and there s lots to love in Ah Lee, and her relationship with her aunts The dialogue in p [...]

  2. This was such a cute story Ah Lee, a young teenage vampire in a house full of vampire grandmas and aunts, navigates the trials and tribulations of eternal teenagerhood, including a chance at young love Her aunts, than a little overbearing at times, want her to forget men regaling her with stories of horrible men in their lives and concentrate on her studies so she can achieve an almost normal life But the charm of the story is certainly vampire girl protag dealing with the mundane things like h [...]

  3. Copied and pasted from my review for Spirits Abroad a sweet YA paranormal romance starring a teenage vampire who lives with all the protective, overbearing yet nurturing female relatives of her family who share her condition while posing as a living student at school At one point in the story she won t let the Muslim boy she has a crush on share her lunch, telling him that it s pork Readers it s not pork This is just so goddamn cute and grisly at the same time that it made me smile, and also is [...]

  4. High school vampire romance, the somewhat mellower version of Let the Right One In only set in Malaysia with lots of local things and a charming all female vampire family vampires doing affirmative action indeed Awesome

  5. This is a cool novella or w e , thought provoking than satisfying, I guess But it s the sort of story that makes you interested to see from a writer.I do think I missed out on some of the experience because I m used to reading standard American English sentences, and so I sort of re represented Cho s use of non standard or Hokkien ized English into the kind of English I m used to read But that s actually an important part of the story, I think, and so I lost a bit of the rhythm If I hadn t bee [...]

  6. Due motivi ma non i soli per leggere questa novelette a Il piacere di leggere di vampiri non generici, strettamente legati al folklore dell ambientazione, dei quali si viene ad apprendere il giusto necessario man mano che la storia si evolve E per una volta viene voglia di approfondire b La rivisitazione dei trope dello YA paranormal romance con personaggi con cui ci si pu effettivamente relazionare perch inseriti in un contesto reale e complesso Il contrasto tra la protagonista e le zie funzion [...]

  7. Rather sweet with a big dollop of sour story about family, people and entrails all over the landscape Maybe I love it so much because I m partial to aunties, but I think I love it also because it s good, packing a lot of complicated love into a very small space.The structure is a little odd at first, but the I think about it, the I come to think it was the right choice The other interesting thing is that it s free from the really a screenplay problem some stories have but is still peculiarly c [...]

  8. Ah Lee is supposed to go to school and be a good girl, but then she falls in love with a classmate How can she date with a grandmother and a great grandmother and innumerable aunts keeping watch over her And how can she have a relationship without revealing that she died at 16 and has been killing and eating humans ever since Hilarious and touching and lovely Each of the characters has so much personality, and I love the way Ah Lee s family works.

  9. This short story is fantastic To my mind it establishes the relatively unknown author Zen Cho as being a major new talent on the level of Neil Gaiman or Ursula K Le Guin As soon as I d finished it I went out and bought everything else by Zen Cho that I could get my hands on It s absolutely thrilling to discover a new writer of this caliber, at the beginning of her career.

  10. A longer story novelette about a teenage girl with a surfeit of aunts, all of them undead Being sixteen and undead is not so bad when you have so many aunts looking after you, but not being allowed to have friends at your new school is a bit harder An excellent story on the longer side novelette range by Hugo definitions that s slightly gory people are eaten but otherwise a fun read.

  11. This is a really incredible short story that I recommend to anyone who likes speculative fiction I read it on a whim after a friend mentioned it as a good example of bilingual fiction and I loved it to pieces.

  12. There are already so many vampire teen romance stories in the world that is difficult to imagine that there would be room for another This one is different however, because it is Malaysian and incorporates cultural references and folk traditions from Malay and Malaysian Chinese culture There is a local equivalent to a vampire, which must not be mentioned The relationships between the teenage female vampire and the human boy is nicely written and believable, as is that between the girl and her au [...]

  13. Morally horrifying I do appreciate the well drawn look at other cultures and a supportive but not syrupy family, but the embracing and downplaying of murder pervades the narrative like blood ruining the pages of a book, starting out red and startling and then drying to an ugly, boring brown Add to that an indifference to worldbuilding can these vampires age What is the mechanism of transformation What is the point of a relationship with a mortal, other than selfish gratification though, to be fa [...]

  14. I was reminded so strongly of Wolf Children Ame and Yuki that I had to double check the publication dates of these two stories Luckily, House of Aunts came first, so no marks against it there.Ah Lee is a particular kind of Chinese zombie, but she s also a teenage girl She lives with her aunties also man eaters and is constantly subject to their advice as she navigates the world of normal people, and ESPECIALLY when she begins steering towards a romance with a Malaysian boy Ah Lee must be careful [...]

  15. I really, really enjoyed this It tells us a young girl s story about her school crush but also about her family s secret I won t spoil anything for it I think it s worth going into blind I also think it s worth taking the time to read as it s very short.Possibly my favorite part of this was the way it was written I m not sure if it was translated or written to seem translated, but it added something very rich to the story for me It was done just enough that I could follow perfectly but the added [...]

  16. A story of vampires, Malaysian style, with aunts galore to critique over a young girl s every thought and action, with much close attention stern love Aside from the eating of entrails, life after death is not so different from life before death, after all.

  17. The House of Aunts was charming, tender coming of age love story with a strong sense of place and myth, staring a 16 year old female Chinese Malay vampire zombie, but thankfully low on the angst and goo goo eyes that tends to surround such protagonists.

  18. Found this freebie thanks to Ann Leckie It was so great but it s a short story not a book really I loved it s simplicity and sparse writing that conveyed a lot Worth a look.

  19. Heard about this on the SF Squeecast I hadn t heard of this folklore before The humor and the pain were both lovely and in good balance.

  20. I have been coming to the realisation that probably I will love anything that Zen Cho writes What an excellent story

  21. Adorable story about a vampire girl who lives with her many aunts and has a crush on the new boy at school.

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