Gift Daisy has an electrifying secret that could save her life or kill herHigh school sopho Daisy Jones is just trying to get by unnoticed It doesn t help that she s the new girl at school lives in a trai

Daisy has an electrifying secret that could save her life or kill herHigh school sopho Daisy Jones is just trying to get by unnoticed It doesn t help that she s the new girl at school, lives in a trailer park, and doesn t even own a cell phone But there s a good reason for all that Daisy has a secret, unpredictable power one only her best friend, Danielle, knows aboDaisy has an electrifying secret that could save her life or kill herHigh school sopho Daisy Jones is just trying to get by unnoticed It doesn t help that she s the new girl at school, lives in a trailer park, and doesn t even own a cell phone But there s a good reason for all that Daisy has a secret, unpredictable power one only her best friend, Danielle, knows about Despite her gift or is it a curse , Daisy s doing a good job of fitting in, and a gorgeous senior named Kevin even seems interested in her But when Daisy tries to help Vivi, a mysterious classmate in a crisis, she soon discovers that her new friend has a secret of her own Now Daisy and her friends must deal with chilling dreams and messages from the beyond Can Daisy channel the power she s always tried to hide, before it s too late Extra features include A short graphic novel telling Vivi s story Danielle s journal, revealing her deepest thoughts Lyrics and video links for Kevin s music songs composed by Fredrik Larsson, otherwise known as YouTube sensation FreddeGredde

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  1. Andrea J Buchanan is a New York Times bestselling writer whose newest book is the young adult novel GIFT Her work includes The Daring Book For Girls, Mother Shock, and six other books Both GIFT and the digital short story WAKING UP have free, downloadable, playable Minecraft maps based on the stories Before becoming a writer, Andi was a classical pianist she studied at the Boston Conservatory of Music, where she earned her bachelor of music degree, and continued her graduate studies at the San Francisco Conservatory, earning a master s degree in piano performance Her last recital was at Carnegie Hall s Weill Recital Hall She lives in Philadelphia with her family.

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  1. Thanks to NetGalley for a copy of this book.Good ghost story for the younger readers, but I think older teens and adults will be bothered by some of the plot holes involving Daisy s powers.At first, Daisy s gift seems to be the ability to short out electronics Not a cool gift.Yes, I would like to return this gift, please It s defective, and I would like a refund No, I don t have the receipt Why Because I obviously didn t purchase this for myself I thought the purity ring Dad got me for my last b [...]

  2. This review is for the iPad iBooks version.The Gift is a story about a girl trying to be normal, despite her extra ordinary gift Adding multimedia to an ebook can enhance the storytelling experience Giving it a sense of discovery and immersion that a paper book might not provide for the reluctant reader On the other hand when the technology is used without purpose or reason, adding multimedia becomes shallow embellishments Those special effects bring nothing to the story or to the reader s enjoy [...]

  3. OH HEY I GOT YOUR ATTENTION HEYYYY SEXY WINK WINK Overall score 4 starsSUMMARY Daisy Jones had a gift She always knew that this was something that nobody should know about and even telling her best friend was hard enough to reveal and finally admit to herself what she is capable of Sending out electric waves and feeling each person s energy was tough enough but then she is somehow stuck with Vivi, shy and always out of it girl who says she can talk to Patrick, her soulmate At the same time when [...]

  4. Possible minor spoilers ahead Gift is a YA book with an interesting premise A young girl has a complicated secret that she is desperately trying to hide She can control electricity and even harness some of its power I was immediately intrigued and was excited to see where the book led The first chapter was even very promising and I started to get very high hopes However, Gift doesn t quite live up to its potential My issue with this book is that it tries to do too much The main character can not [...]

  5. Not what I expected, but awesome twists From the description or at least, my memory of it , the title, and the cover, I expected something a little paranormal Ghosts, arguably, are paranormal, but I expected that element to come from the MC, rather than on of the other characters.I read an ARC I received from the publisher, so I wasn t able to make use of the enhanced e book options.I really enjoyed the twists, but some of them were a little confusing to me mostly because my own preconceived ex [...]

  6. Daisy s got an issue that I can somewhat, nominally, empathize with she kills technology She doesn t have a TV, computer, cell phone, nothing too technologically current because she d just drive it crazy I feel that With the trail of computer deaths in my wake, and the shrapnel of other miscellaneous freakazoid technological malfunctions I ve had to deal with, I immediately connected with Daisy I understood her Of course she s an extreme but such is the way of books A boring blue screen of death [...]

  7. I have to applaud the interactive ending Usually you finish a book, you put it down, and that s pretty much it We here get to rate and review, and some just process the contents, before moving on Generally this is where I get upset if there isn t a sequel With Gift, I was upset, I wanted to witness Daisy and Kevin in action, realizing their full potential because it s definitely not set in concrete I want past life stories, or bonding moments for the couple And as I was fuming WHY IS THIS NOT [...]

  8. I requested for this book and was granted to read it for a honest review.First of all I was intrigue by the cover itself I thought it was like a Sci fi thingy But after I had read the description made me curious then finally I was granted to read it and found out it s about a ghost and a human gift.It s about Daisy, Vivi, Danielle, and Kevin four teenagers and Patrick the ghost The story revolves around the fact that Daisy had this special gift which has something to do with electricity, and he [...]

  9. Gift gives you a little of everything It s a Paranormal, Mystery, Sci Fi, mixed with rock n roll, a little Greek mythology, and even has two novels within as it includes an extra graphic short story Andrea J Buchanan definitely created an intriguing storyline that had me flipping pages to find the answers to the mystery who, what, and where in this novel The four teenagers were fun and cute characters Buchanan mashed different genres together to give a fantastic new twist in this Paranormal.Dais [...]

  10. Cross posted here and at my blog Take Me Away On the Pages of Your StoryFrom the moment I read the synopsis I was intrigued by the premise It truly was one that I hadn t heard of before and I just had to read the book, because I nosily wanted to know what her gift was So I began reading And then I couldn t stop I finally found out that the main character s gift is the ability to mess with or mess up electronics, like cell phones, microwaves, and radios Unfortunately, this is where my liking for [...]

  11. Daisy has always had a gift A gift that is the bane of televisions, MP3 players and school firealarm systems it is as if electricity flows through her very being, and from a young age Daisy has had to learn to control and tame her gifteping it hidden.And nothing seems unusual until a girl in her class, Vivi, nearly kills herself in the school bathroomsying the words, He s gone with a desperation that makes its mark on Daisy Who is this he that no one but Vivi seems to see And what is the subtle [...]

  12. Book Review originally published here iheartreading reviews Gift was a so so read I didn t love it, but I didn t hate it either Daisy is a loner, but she doesn t mind She d go by unnoticed by everyone, if she had the choice But unfortunately for her, she has a secret power only her best friend and only friend Danielle knows about She can send out electric waves and feel another person s energy Telling Danielle about is was tough enough, but then she s stuck with Vivi, a shy, mysterious classmate [...]

  13. I really don t have very much to say about this book I usually take quite a lot of notes on books that I plan to review I write down the things that I loved, things I hated, what didn t make sense to me, etc With Gift I literally had no notes Not a single one, good or bad.This was a cute book It was a fun and fluffy read I enjoyed the concept of the story but I think that the execution could have been better My favorite part was the characters They all had their fun and different quirks I especi [...]

  14. Andrea J Bunchanan did an amazing job on Gift , when I first read the description I was so excited to read it When I received my ARC copy, I raced through it To me this book is a mystery than anything else, with a touch of paranormal I guess you could say It wasn t the BEST book I have ever read but it certainly kept me guessing.I found the main character in the story was pushed into a corner Her mother telling her lies and pushing her into a corner about not using her gift then when she begins [...]

  15. Originally posted Book WhalesThe blurb made me want to read this book I like a story that is about mystery and paranormal with a hint of romance Gift is a good story, a light read and was written flawlessly.The story is seen through Daisy s point of view She was sent to find Vivi, a broken girl who tried to kill herself by drinking loads of painkiller Daisy saved her from her fate The story became much interesting, when Daisy and Danielle shares the same dreams, a dream place where they were pe [...]

  16. I really enjoyed reading Gift, by Andrea J Buchanan The story was highly entertaining, and I was riveted to every page The way the author began the story, had me completely hooked I found her in the bathroom of the 300 building Slumped in the corner, pressed up against her own reflection in the mirrored wall, she could have been crying, or sleeping, or ignoring me But I knew as soon as I saw her that something was seriously wrong EARC, Loc 44 The moment I read this initial sentence, I wanted to [...]

  17. DNF I am afraid this is a little too young for me I don t believe in scoring very low because of my taste in books hence the three stars.

  18. Gift rimasto per diverso tempo abbandonato a s stesso, perch non ho mai trovato occasione di leggerlo e perch come mi capita spesso avevo completamente rimosso la trama Non mi ricordavo assolutamente di cosa parlasse e ho deciso di concedergli una chance quando il galley era in fase di scadenza.Daisy ha un dono particolare, pu entrare in contatto con l elettricit che la circonda e far saltare in aria gli oggetti elettronici che la circondano Un giorno il prof di inglese la manda a cercare una su [...]

  19. What if you had the power to affect electricity and electrical devices Would you struggle, daily, if not hourly, to keep your power under control, or would you allow yourself the freedom to let go This is one of the dilemmas facing Daisy Jones, the 16 year old protagonist of Andrea Buchanan s teen lit novel, Gift As Daisy says I told her how when I was a baby my mom noticed the radio garbling or going static if she happened to be holding me while she touched it to switch stations or fiddle with [...]

  20. This one I requested off Netgalley, originally because I thought it was a re pub of some 90s teen paranormal book and I love those cheesy things to death So imagine my surprise when I saw a Twilight reference in the dialogue but it was a nice surprise The main character Daisy is the new kid in school for what seems like the millionth time when she and her Mom move because of trouble at her last school She has an ability that they ve kept a secret, to manipulate electricity and it makes her a dea [...]

  21. Quick review Gift by Andrea Buchanan is an animated and entertaining read I enjoyed the characters and found the story intriguing Daisy must somehow disentangle her dreams and learn to channel her unnatural ability before it is too late Determining who is a friend or foe is hard enough in high school without including the supernatural The witty comments keep the atmosphere light while the mystery and suspense keep the reader turning pages Gift is sure to appeal and satisfy a wide range of reader [...]

  22. Normally I m not a big fan of ghost stories When it comes to supes my preference is normally witches, vampires, and then werewolves However, my curiosity got the best of me after I read the synopsis I became instantly intrigued I have to say, out of all the books I ve ever read, Gift has one of the best and most alluring opening chapters I ve ever seen By the time the first chapter ended I was was desperate to read on.Gift starts off with introducing our main character and heroine, Daisy Jones w [...]

  23. I received an e copy from the publishers at NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Another one of my NetGalley impulse reads I had read a few reviews from other bloggers that I follow who were quasi impressed with the book I was curious whether this shortie 155 pages would live up to the praises I actually thought this was going to be of a witchy type of book instead of being about a ghost When you think of gifts that is what you think of naturally, right When I started to realize while rea [...]

  24. I received this from NetGalley for review, and boy am I glad I did What a pleasure.This was a fun read It took awhile for me to really figure out what it was about Was it reincarnation Special powers Ghosts Turns out, it s a combination of all of those, nicely rounded out by an evil villain who s a psychopath.The main protagonist and hero of the story is Daisy Jones, a typical high school sopho She s pretty average other than the fact that she short circuits electronics around her, meaning she c [...]

  25. A lot goes on in this book Daisy Jones is just trying to live her life as a normal girl date that cute senior, Kevin, get on with her life but her gifts are keeping her from being able too She meets with a new friend Vivi whom is unpredictable and filled with mystery Somehow they are all connected Daisy, Danielle her best friend , and Vivi they all get the same dreams, ones that are from another era another past life If that is not weird enough for you, a vengeful spirit is trying to break loose [...]

  26. I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review This book looked incredibly interesting and different, which is why I requested to review it The story is mainly about Daisy, a high school sopho that has a secret power To Daisy, being able to make electronics go haywire seems of an inconvenience than a power Fortunately, she is able to control her abilities to some degree and tries to fit in at her school When a teacher asks Daisy to look for Vivi, Daisy finds her [...]

  27. Gift by Andrea J Buchanan has an interesting premise with Daisy s mysterious gift and some hints of ghostie messaging, I thought it would be a fun pre Halloween read for teens and fans of YA stories Daisy has a good heart and a huge secret, one that she found difficult to tell her best friend Danielle In the grand scheme of things, Daisy really isn t too different from any other high school sopho, even if she doesn t have as much money In fact school is not nearly as bad as she expected until sh [...]

  28. I liked the concept of the novel, but there were some things about this book that completely failed First off, the opening chapters were confusing It felt like a romance brewing between Daisy and Vivi because of Daisy s obsession with the other girl and then it abruptly switched to a very long explanation about Daisy s powers There were quite a few instances where the author said what was happening rather than letting the story reveal the plot I felt very confused for most of the book, as the re [...]

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