Closure, Limited and Other Zombie Stories

Closure Limited and Other Zombie Stories A terrifying new collection of short stories from the master of zombie fiction Max Brooks bestselling author of World War Z The Zombie Survival Guide and Recorded Attacks

A terrifying new collection of short stories from the master of zombie fiction, Max Brooks, bestselling author of World War Z, The Zombie Survival Guide and Recorded Attacks.

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Closure, Limited and Other Zombie Stories

  1. Max Brooks is The New York Times bestselling author of The Zombie Survival Guide and World War Z He has been called the Studs Terkel of zombie journalism Brooks is the son of director Mel Brooks and the late actress Anne Bancroft He is a 1994 graduate of Pitzer College His wife, Michelle, is a screenwriter, and the couple have a son, Henry.

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  1. These zombie stories, can t live with em, can t kill em off Despite the zombie subgenre fad having passed ages ago, books like this one keep popping up to feed off of readers everywhere And from time to time everybody likes a good zombie thing, like an old George Romero film or a well written story, but not when it s been done a hundred times before and then some Closure, Limited has no depth in my opinion, no originality, not even anything new to offer the genre other than the usual post apocal [...]

  2. I really enjoy Max Brooks stories I love his insightful way of looking at the zombie culture, what it represents, what it means for us, what we would, or could, do about it if it were to occur.I recently recommended Max s World War Z to a friend, and loaned him my copy so he could read it Don t worry, it s back in my possession now, and unharmed D He returned it with the comment that it was probably one of the best stories about society in crisis he d ever read, and that the realism was incredib [...]

  3. If I had paid 5.99 for this book I d have been extremely pissed off It s only 120 pages the print over covers about three quarters of the page and well it s not great I loved LOVED World War Z but this does not live up to it, it s wreaks of cheap, lazy money making off the back of that Even the writing isn t up to Brook s usual standard I can only assume the endorsements on the back are for World War Z, and whoever wrote the blurb that calls this a terrifying new collection of short stories has [...]

  4. Partiendo de que no me gusta el g nero, el libro no me ha disgustado, son 4 relatos independientes que, para m , tienen su sentido y est n muy bien escritos No son gore ni se detienen en detalles desagradables o demasiado sangrientos, si me han gustado.

  5. Four short zombie stories from the zombie master himself Closure, Limited A Story of World War Z Picks up right where WWZ ended in the aftermath of the zombie apocalypse The interviewer visits a post war company that goes to great lengths to make zeds up like lost loved ones so that the client can achieve some measure of closure With a handgun Well written and realistic 4 stars Steve and Fred Steve is an 80s style action hero He effortlessly scores headshots at 200 yards while racing a motorcycl [...]

  6. This is a great little book with a few short zombie storiesIf you re expecting descriptions of gore however then avoid this book, this looks at the survivors and the war they wage upon the undead in order to survive It deals with self sacrifice, hope and strategy I particularly enjoyed the story The Extinction Parade because it dealt with vampires tooAll in all a great book if you re after something to read in a day, however it fell short of 5 stars because I would have liked to have seen from [...]

  7. Holy crap, it really is short Anthology includes 4 stories, all in the same world as WWZ, set during and after the war.Chapter 1 Set after the war, a company makes bank view spoiler altering zombies to resemble lost loved, or not so loved, persons People pay for the privilege of putting a loved one out of their misery, or to enjoy the chance to pop a few rounds into someone who always really deserved it hide spoiler This one had the voice closest to WWZ, in my opinion, but its all build up to a [...]

  8. This was a short a very very short collection of just 4 short stories seemingly set in the same universe as World War Z An Oral History of the Zombie War I say seemingly because it is not specifically stated as such, it is just that the stories are all zombie related All are entertaining in their own way, the best of the bunch is probably the one which posits the question of how vampires might react to their food source all turning dead and inedible It s a question that has been asked before, su [...]

  9. No closure, whatsoever I am a huge fan of Max Brooks work and of World War Z, as I am sure practically everyone who buys this is.If you have never read any of Brooks work before, do not buy this as a first foray in to his work, it doesn t do him justice at all.I was so excited to hear another Brooks compendium of stories was coming out Imagine my disappointment when a wafer thin tome with paper quality matching that of a pulp paperback landed on my door.Still, not to be one to judge the book by [...]

  10. This collection of four stories from World War Z author Max Brooks is good fun, and a nice addition to his growing body of WWZ related works.The book opens and closes with stories told in the same style as World War Z that is, interviews with survivors of the war It s a style that works well for Brooks, and I love getting a glimpse into the minds of the different characters that he has populated his world with Opening story Closure, Limitied the title story of the collection is the best of these [...]

  11. I don t feel that such a short book deserves a long review, so it won t get one Four stories are in this book, none of which are especially good or well written One features vampires which, for me, was a complete turn off I love zombies and all they represent, however I find vampires uninteresting and personally would prefer to keep the two undead creatures far distant from each other Annoyed by that, the poor quality of the stories, and the sense that I d paid to read something that has been cr [...]

  12. I m a fan of WWZ and this book, which felt like a hastily produced expansion, was a let down There were only four really short, unrelated stories How about taking time to write stories and releasing a decent book, huh There were appalling grammatical mistakes the plural of Asian was Asian s , and for every construction sight I came across I did a mental facepalm Construction SIGHT Was this book not edited And, sigh, one of the stories was told from the POV of a vampire People loved WWZ because [...]

  13. Sadly, Brooks fails to live up to the quality of his previous work here Weak storylines, lack of resolution and one story that is too bizarre even for zombie fiction makes this book one to not worry about missing.

  14. An addition to World War Z this tells personal stories from survivors The Closure Limited company is something I could imagine happening in todays society I didn t enjoy the supernatural The Extinction Parade so much, mixing genres I don t think go well together.

  15. A very short book disappointingly short The stories within were worth reading, however perhaps only buy this book if on offer.

  16. I LOVED World War Z and this collection of short stories is another good wee zombie read, just not up there with Z Max Brooks son of Mel is the master of writing zombie stories, but he writes about zombies not just as a gritty horror but as the perfect lens for examining societal collapse Zombies are SARS or the hurricane that drowned an entire city or the master race that burned an entire continent as Brooks tells it It s his way of commenting on our society and our own destruction of it.One of [...]

  17. I listened to this book via.This book is a compilation of several short stories set in Max Brooks World War Z universe They span a wide variety of locations and people to help expand the world he created with The Zombie Survival Guide.Some of the stories break new ground and introduce new characters and events that we haven t seen previously, while others revisit things from past installments It s a nice variety that lets the book stand on its own but rewards people who have read the earlier wor [...]

  18. Autor de O Guia de Sobreviv ncia a Zumbis e Guerra Mundial Z, Max Brooks parece ter compilado um punhado de ideias descartadas, mas ainda assim interessantes, neste livro.H muita coisa que n o se encaixa na lore criada nos livros passados, como uma realidade alternativa em que existem zumbis e VAMPIROS.Acho dif cil de agradar um leitor que desconhece as outras obras, mas pra quem j f torna se leitura indispens vel.

  19. Para completistas de World War Z An Oral History of the Zombie War contiene dos nuevas entrevistas que tampoco aportan demasiado a la narrativa anterior y otras dos historias de zombies no necesariamente relacionadas y en otro estino distinto de la entrevista que tampoco son muy all aunque la idea detras de una de ellas The extiction parade es interesante.

  20. De los 4 relatos, el primero me pareci el m s flojo ir nicamente es el m s largo A mi no me convenci mucho esta mezcla de vampiros y zombies El resto sigue el estilo de Guerra Mundial Z Una peque a obra complementaria por decirlo de alguna manera.

  21. I enjoyed some of the Stories than others It was a nice quick read, but I expected a little action and or suspense.

  22. This is sort of a side piece to World War Z, and I actually prefer it to the main book There s a really cool zombie story in there that also features vampires I d definitely recommend this book, it s a lot of fun.

  23. Closure, Limited and other zombie tales is written by Max Brooks, the man behind World War Z, one of my favourite books EVER.So, with this much anticipation built up, you can imagine my disappointment when this book arrived and I found it to be very slim indeed In fact, there s less than 130 pages and only four short stories, of which, Closure, Limited only takes up TWELVE pages.Trying to set this negative feeling aside, I started reading and easily chewed my way through the contents of this boo [...]

  24. No sab a que fuera tan corto De todas formas, Guerra Mundial Z me gust m s El primer relato me ha frustrado, porque despu s del realismo tan bien documentado no queda bien en absoluto El resto me ha gustado Especialmente, Punto final S.A.

  25. Para ser mi primera lectura de tem tica Zombie, me pareci entretenido , tiene 4 peque as historias que, seg n pude leer en internet son de formato similar al libro anterior del mismo autor Guerra Mundial Z , el cu l a n no leo pero pretendo leer pr ximamente.La primera de ellas titulada El camino a la extinci n , a mi parecer fue la mejor, explica de manera un tanto humor stica la lucha entre vivos y no muertos, desde el particular punto de vista de un ser que se alimenta de humanos no puedo rev [...]

  26. Max Brooks has such a way of bringing his writing to life that I can scarcely wrap my mind around it He mingles fantasy and the paranormal so seamlessly into our reality that I find myself getting ready to defend myself against the subdead hordes and pray I have enough knowledge to survive the onslaught.I truly enjoyed all the short stories in this small anthology I enjoyed the contrasts of each story while enjoying the similarities in turn.The Introduction gives a nice introduction into the min [...]

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