傷物語 [Kizumonogatari]

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傷物語 [Kizumonogatari]

  1. Nisio Isin Nishio Ishin , frequently written as NisiOisiN to emphasize that his pen name is a palindrome, is a Japanese novelist and manga writer He attended and left Ritsumeikan University without graduating In 2002, he debuted with the novel Kubikiri Cycle, which earned him the 23rd Mephisto Award at twenty years of age.He currently works with Kodansha on Pandora, the Kodansha Box magazine, and Faust, a literary magazine containing the works of other young authors who similarly take influence from light novels and otaku culture He was also publishing a twelve volume series over twelve months for the Kodansha Box line Ryusui Seiryoin was matching this output, and the Kodansha Box website stated that this is the first time in the world two authors have done twelve volume monthly novel series simultaneously from the same publisher.In February, 2008, his novel Death Note Another Note The Los Angeles BB Murder Cases was released in English by Viz Media Del Rey Manga has already released the first volume in his Zaregoto series His Bakemonogatari, Nisemonogatari and Katanagatari novels have been adapted into anime series Nekomonogatari Kuro has been adapted into an anime TV movie, and Kizumonogatari will be release in theaters this year Monogatari Series Second Season, adapted from 6 books in Monogatari Series will air in July 2013 Another of his works, Medaka Box manga , has been adapted into a two season anime series.

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  1. If you re not very familiar with Japanese reading this can be a torture, but clearly this is my cup of tea, and loved it.

  2. This is the story of a tragedy, the story of two damaged people Araragi Koyomi, an apathetic student who would willingly give up on his life, and Shinobu, previously having the pompous name Kisshot Acerolaorion Heartunderblade, a 500 years old vampire who was condemned to become a shadow, a being without its former glory Two people bounded together for eternity who will, eventually, walk the path of solitude After Nisio introduced Shinobu in Bakemonogatari as a supporting character, a mysterious [...]

  3. Freshly translated into English, Nisioisin s novel of vampires and hapless human thralls is catnip for fans of his Monogatari series, but everyone else faces an uphill climb.Full review ganriki article kizumo

  4. One might point out that light novel as a medium, as well as the whole japanese animated industry, are going through a long period in which competent authors and writers are snobbed, producing rather of the same so that the public is satisfied without risking money on anything new or unfamiliar Of course, this can t be totally blamed on the buyers since even competent authors apparently become so engrossed in their own fame they think fans will forgive any missteps, once it s clear your work wi [...]

  5. As a huge fan of the anime, it came as a surprise that Nisioisin s ultra popular light novel series was coming stateside The demand for light novel s seems to have grown with recent releases like Durarara, Sword Art Online, and soon Baccano being something I wouldn t have thought possible years ago The light novel is never anything with mainstream appeal, the writing style is wonky regardless of whether you are into them or not, and especially with novels like Monogatari, there s the culture sho [...]

  6. A great story of two wounded people who thinks their life is not important and wanting to end it Looking past the panties and bra jokes, one might say this is a story of two suicidal people eventhough Araragi doesn t really fit the suicidal profile, but he deem his life too unimportant to sacrifice it for others only to realise the opposite finding each other and sharing each other s pain Only for one of them reluctantly accepts it.A story about suicidal people is not really one would expect of [...]

  7. Reading this as a novel, I can definitely tell that it has an anime adaptation So it is a little strange to read it not as a manga and at times has confusing erratic punctuation The plot line was very japanese people who are familiar with japanese dramas animes mangas novels would understand As a result, it is not for everyone, and it certainly doesn t have the neat ending that is somewhat common in Western writing.

  8. Vertical did a fantastic job with this translation I hope we get the rest of the monogatari series translated by them soon

  9. Review also published hereChronologically, Kizumonogatari is the first light novel in the long running Monogatari series by NisiOisiN over 20 volumes published to date , even though it was published as number 3 The english publisher Vertical has decided to bring this one over first, with Bakemonogatari volumes one and two following in the coming year or two There shouldn t be any problems with reading this one first if anything, you can even read it as a standalone book, outside of the series co [...]

  10. I was in the mood for something different, and a novel adaptation of a popular Japanese anime by the prolific Nisio Isin seemed like it might fit the bill So I took a chance on this book and I really enjoyed it, especially since I listened to the audiobook which had great narrators and background music Some of it was overly juvenile, but the main story and action scenes were really good I could feel when some of the cultural references and jokes just didn t translate well into English, but all i [...]

  11. 4.5 as reading Nisiosin when you re really tired is such hard work Definitely one of the best light novels around To call Kizumonogatari a light novel seems to do it a disservice as the quality of writing is so much than your typical light novel Now on to Bakemonogatari.

  12. Vampires done right.I had a predisposition to love this book, because the anime version of the Monogatari series is one of my favorite series of all time The writing is clever, the characters are interesting, and the dialogue is engaging And that definitely carries over to this book.In this book, we learn the origin of the main character of the series, Koyomi Araragi After meeting Tsubasa Hanekawa through a rather awkward circumstance, he encounters a dying vampire, desperate for blood Being the [...]

  13. This is chronologically the 1st installment in the popular Monogatari series ,which is adapted by Shaft studio, the 2nd book by release order lastly the last installment of the series to be adapted into anime It was adapted into a movie triology the 1st movie was aired in the beginning of this year it was available online by end of July , the 2nd movie was aired a few days ago but it won t be available online until like 6 8 months later.Summary Spoilers heavy The story revolves around Araragi Ko [...]

  14. I made a mistake I should ve read this after my vacation, now so much time has passed the books all blurry in my head Oh well.I don t have much to say about Kizumonogatari Ignoring the plot I really liked the writing The way the characters were written and the easy to understand and visualize descriptions were the best part of the book for me.Just, I m not so sure how I feel about the plot It felt so simple and straightforward, which isn t a bad thing But considering Araragi had to fight three o [...]

  15. An old review that I m just now getting around to adding to Kizumonogatari stars Koyomi Araragi, a 17 year old loser He avoids having friends because he believes they would lower his intensity as a human although one wonders if this isn t just his way of making himself feel better because no one wants to be friends with him His life seems to be going nowhere, until one day he comes across Tsubasa Hanekawa, class president and all around model student, and accidentally gets an excellent view of h [...]

  16. Summary I think it s about time I talked about Kissshot Acerolaorion Heartunderblade I believe it s something I have to do I met her in the spring break between my second and third years of high school That meeting had such impact, and was also quite devastating My opinion I can honestly say, there has never been a vampire story like Kizumonogatari The main character, Koyomi Araragi, is someone I can relate to Mainly because I m almost as apathetic as him Koyomi really doesn t care for friends, [...]

  17. This starts the Monogatari chronology I believe, at least Araragi s story For the unfamiliar, Monogatari is an odd mix of older Japanese Teen Life with the supernatural It s tough to pin down its genre, as the mood of the story changes from moments of cliche levity to dour moments of despair One thing is for certain I would not recommend this book for the under 16 audience The innuendo in some scenes is a bit much There is also talk of blood, as should be expected from a story that involves some [...]

  18. First light novel Took me a while to get used to the style, but I liked it Of course, Bakemonogatari had always been one of my favorite animes

  19. I pre ordered Kizumonogatari and I have to say I m impressed with the translation The translator had to deal with many synonyms of root words and despite that it s quite decent What do i mean, Let s look at the tittle first and foremost on the english translation presented on the novel under the registered name of Wound Tale As as mononogatari fan myself and many others know that the key feature of the series is the multiple meanings and alternate connotation of what s presented to us on their s [...]

  20. I finally got around to reading this book I ve seriously had this on my shelves for over a year now, possibly I picked it up at ACEN this one year in hopes of getting into light novels and since I d heard really good things about the series, figured it would be a good one to startIt didn t actually happen this way For some reason it took me buying the audiobook to finally get through this story and fyi, the audiobook is AMAZING It s like watching an anime but without the visuals It s done by Kei [...]

  21. While there may be spoilers, I won t spoil any of the ending or Epilogue or anything like that To summarise, this book is Amazing I would highly recommend it to anyone who likes Teen, rom com in a loose sense , Seinin supernatural and horror in the gory sense The story centres around a young teenage boy who comes across a dying vampire, and in doing so, decides to save her by allowing her to drink his blood He accepts this as his death, falling unconscious, but awakens to discover that he has be [...]

  22. This was a kind of fun and unusual experience This was an Audible adaptation of a Japanese graphic novel It used several different voices and included background music during some parts I like graphic novels though I m not a huge fan of anime or Japanese graphic novels.The main character is Koyomi Araragi, a not terribly bright or experienced 17 year old student He has a crush on Tsubasa Hanekawa, the class president and brightest student at their school To give a sense of the kind of humor the [...]

  23. Plot wise, this is YA 101 Teenage boy gets turned into a vampire by a desperate and beautiful woman who needs a servant to protect her from vampire hunters He Even though said hunters are Buffy level badasses, Newb is able to outclass them Sprinkle with some angst about him not wanting to give up his normal life and the sweet class president who s trying to become his Magical Pixie Dream Girl.Totally pedestrian.But this is NisiOisiN, so nothing is actually that simple, least of all the prose The [...]

  24. Kizumonogatari is another example of a four star book muddied by the author s insistence that perviness be a large motivating factor in their protagonist Nisioisin is a fantastic author, and I love many of his other works where the protagonist isn t a caricature of a teenage male Here again the scenario is fresh and exciting, and the dialogue is fast paced, well crafted, and a pleasure to read And all this wonderful momentum grinds to a stuttering halt any time the Pervy Koyomi scenes stomp into [...]

  25. I definitely have a bias towards this series, having been a huge fan of the anime, so take my words with several grains of salt.Kizumonogatari is a well written piece of fiction that, while amateurish in structure, dives deeply into characterization and character interaction Indeed, most all of the book is either dialogue, fighting, or the occasional postulation on the nature of becoming an adult, told through the filter of an interesting vampire story.The downside to this particular version of [...]

  26. Kizumonogatari, as most of the Monogatari series, has a really interesting setting from where to draw inspiration and had the potential to thrive up to its predecessor, Bakemonogatari However, the only impression I ve got from reading it is that the writer attempted to go full meta and just write a bad superpowered school story for money with plot here and there, and mostly just futile chit chat And I mean futile Different from the usual interesting, compelling dialogue that is customary to the [...]

  27. This book is awful The plot makes little to no logical sense and it really does not help that the characters are neither well developed nor even worth developing For example, the bad guys have ridiculous names like Drama Turkey and the dialogue among all characters is often nonsensical The voice acting in the audiobook made it even worse because it emphasized that the book is essentially a VERY rough translation of an anime to a novel Since this was not accomplished well in the actual written fo [...]

  28. If you re picking up this book, I hope you know you re picking up an anime well, a light novel, which is something like a written version of an anime Don t go into it hoping to take it any seriously than you would an anime Pretty much the first chapter will tell you whether you re willing to stick with it or not.I liked it, but I ll admit that it s kind of a guilty pleasure for me, and that I only enjoyed it as much as I did because I ve been watching the Monogatari series for many years Take t [...]

  29. While I enjoyed reading about what happened prior to Bakemonogatari, I missed a lot of the rididculous banter in this book It was only at certain times with Araragi and Hanekawa did I really get to enjoy the conversations I came to love You get insight on what kind of guy Araragi is and how that sets up the later situations It is also a very good and engrossing story to the end, but one that left me wanting in terms of characters interacting with each other like the other books.

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