Prophet Some men are born monsters others are made so In Prophet Rance Ridley the teenage son of a cult leader lives on an isolated compound disconnected from modern civilization There is no running water

Some men are born monsters others are made so In Prophet, Rance Ridley, the teenage son of a cult leader, lives on an isolated compound, disconnected from modern civilization There is no running water No electricity And no law but the Prophet s When Rance is caught in an act of flagrant disobedience, his father delivers the ultimate punishment, and Rance is seSome men are born monsters others are made so In Prophet, Rance Ridley, the teenage son of a cult leader, lives on an isolated compound, disconnected from modern civilization There is no running water No electricity And no law but the Prophet s When Rance is caught in an act of flagrant disobedience, his father delivers the ultimate punishment, and Rance is set on a course that will change everything Prophet is a disturbing glimpse into the past of the villain of Jennifer Bosworth s debut novel, Struck.

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  1. Author and screenwriter, Jennifer Bosworth, grew up in a small town where there was nothing to do but read and get into trouble She did plenty of both, which led her to a career writing about people who get into trouble Jennifer and her husband recently escaped from Los Angeles and are now hiding out in Portland, Oregon with a couple of long legged dogs In her spare time she can be found watching horror movies and dreaming of starting her own hippie commune, where there will be many goats Learn about her and view her short films at jenniferbosworth or just Google her and see what happens.

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  1. Interesting short story about the son of a religious cult leader and how, aged thirteen, certain events would change his life forever It presents a nice example of the distorted worldview of cults and the autocratic power of cult leaders, but with a hint of otherness about it While it s nicely written, I would ve preferred a longer tale My interest is nonetheless piqued so I will be checking out other books and stories in the Struck series.

  2. I struggled with reading Struck by Jennifer Bosworth, so I thought maybe reading Prophet after was a good idea to help me appreciate it These were the moments when I thought I just didn t get the whole thought behind the story of Struck Seeing Prophet, I thought to myself Hey Maybe this ll help me get to know Rance Ridley and why he s so villain ish Not a word, I know I tried using evil but he doesn t fit the word exactly Anyway, so I read through Prophet I couldn t help but notice that Rance t [...]

  3. WTF This story is a prequel to Struck, by Jennifer Bosworth, involving one of the novel s main characters, Rance Ridley I have not read Struck, but I am glad he is not the narrator because I found this part of his back story revolting Not the writing, just what happens, what he and his father do Pretty much every single thing Can t really say without spoilers, but it s so short you can read it yourself if you don t believe me Warning I have been told this story has spoilers for Struck, so you m [...]

  4. Prophet can be read for free here tor stories 2012 04 pr.Meh This is only a prequel to the book but it did not make me want to read the actual novel This short story gives some insight into the mind and past of the villain of Struck but I don t know why this would make Rance understandable for me or why I should have sympathy or empathy with him when he was such a weak person view spoiler and let his girlfriend suffer for him and then die hide spoiler.

  5. 3.5 5This short story was pretty good all in all It is a very short story and I feel that Bosworth could have easily went a bit into the explanation of what exactly this community was all about Other than that, everything was explained in a sufficient, concise manner.This story was very interesting and well written At first, I wasn t sure that I was interested in reading the novel, Struck, as I felt that this story was good enough on its own and I didn t know if I wanted to read an entire novel [...]

  6. Read this and at Romancing the Laser Pistol.This was another prequel in the Fierce Reads anthology I picked up in order to read the Grisha short It s compellingly written I fell in love with Jennifer Bosworth s writing and immediately picked up Struck, the novel set in the same universe that this story is supposed to be a teaser for.This story is a bit too cultish and preachy, it is meant to be that way After reading Struck, this story really gave a sense of how Rance Ridley came to be and what [...]

  7. I really liked this sequel First of all, I love the cover Secondly, I know, Rance should have taken the blame and should have done something about Olivia, but in the end you just cannot judge a person He had fears, he was actually weak and we knew his intentions that he wanted to do something about it But we was just 13 so cut some slack people Its really complicated And lastly, I was happy when he tried to save Olivia and you know, the end reviewed by someone who hasn t read struck yet.

  8. .5 Stars if possible God has chosen me, Rance Ridley, to be your one true prophet Um, I m not even sure what to say I was attracted by the cover And that was pretty much it.Deeply religious stuff Not my kind of thing And kind of weak plotting It was a little interesting but not enough to save it for me unfortunately this actually just rectified and clarified my desire not to read this series even strongerHowever if the rest of the Struck series is like this, I m going to pass.Just not for me.

  9. Not awful but thirty two pages is far too short There wasn t space for any real kind of world building or character development I didn t ever feel any connection to the characters how can you feel connected to someone you only met a few paragraphs ago so I couldn t bring myself to care about anything that happened This is the downfall of many a too short story.We get no sense of whether this series is intending to condemn extremism or whether actually the author is down with the fundies Here s h [...]

  10. I have not read the book that this is the prequel for, but after reading this short story I m not sure that I will either.The story felt very one dimensional.You could tell that there was some kind of emotion that was to come across but it never made it therefore it left me feeling flat Perhaps it needs to be a little longer for character development and connection, I understand that this is supposed to be an insight to one of the main characters of the book but perhaps it should have been trea [...]

  11. FazitProphet ist eine recht kurze, aber sehr interessante Kurzgeschichte, durch die man etwas mehr ber das Wesen und die Vergangenheit des Antagonisten Rance Ridley Prophet erf hrt Da in der Geschichte nur ein kleines Detail des Romans verraten wird, kann man sie sowohl davor als auch danach gut lesen.Die vollst ndige Rezension findet ihr auf meinem Blog nobody knows review prophet

  12. It was okay, but I m hoping Struck will be told in first person as I felt a perpetual distance from the characters, setting and plot of this short story.Reading this makes me wary of picking up Struck though, because as much as I love reading books where religion and false prophets are challenged, I m not sure I m thrilled at all that this religion, set in a sort of post apocolyptic sci fi magical realism world, appears to be based in modern Christianity.

  13. So apparently this is the back story of the villain in the Struck series by Jennifer Bosworth creepy cult leader back story that ends with son taking over for dear old dad fanatical religious overtones and abusive behaviors ok yeah, but what do you think a back story on crazy cult leader would be without those elements yep, exactly I m intrigued enough to give the series a go knowing this is the villains story and there is a lot to come.

  14. What the heck did I just read This ber short ebook prequel came with Struck also a mind numbingly awful book Im not entirely sure who IN THEIR RIGHT MIND would allow this book to be published Literally so peeved at so many things, so insyead of ranting ill just say i will never read anything from this author or publisher again Grrr.

  15. F ha, no zvl tne Ve mi kr tke akala som, e sa pr beh pr ve rozbieha a zrazu koniec Hlavn hrdina je syn ve tca v nejakom sfanatizovanom meste a v trin stich rokoch sa dopust hriechu pobozk diev a Nie ve mi origin lne, podobn n met som tala u nieko kokr t V bec ned va tu i , v akej s vislosti to bude k al iemu pr behu, ale je to slu ne nap san 8 10

  16. So its a quick readd its shorter than what it seems.I know this is a prequel.d I would probably would enjoy this short story if I had actually already read the bookwhich I m looking forward to doing after seing how this ended the moment it was about to start the plot.d accionbut nice backstory I supposed.

  17. Rance Ridley, the true Prophet was born out of the death of his best friend and love, Olivia Although short, this story was very powerful and striking I m guessing Rance will be a force to be reckoned with I mean, he was struck by lightning but I fear it s not god that made him into a prophet and he s of a monster than a savior

  18. I d glanced at this story when it first got posted on Tor Sets up an interesting background story for a character that I didn t have any associations with, but after reading the first chapter of Struck, adds a bit of depth to the mysterious Prophet A good companion to the main series, as far as I can tell, but not an outstanding short piece on its own.

  19. An interesting short prequel to the novel Struck that will becoming out this year in May Thinking about takin a peek later on I am curious to learn about this Rance Ridley and this cult now that we have seen into his past.

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