The Red Circle: My Life in the Navy SEAL Sniper Corps and How I Trained America's Deadliest Marksmen

The Red Circle My Life in the Navy SEAL Sniper Corps and How I Trained America s Deadliest Marksmen The Red Circle My Life in the Navy SEAL Sniper Corps and How I Trained America s Deadliest Marksmen

The Red Circle My Life in the Navy SEAL Sniper Corps and How I Trained America s Deadliest Marksmen

  • ☆ The Red Circle: My Life in the Navy SEAL Sniper Corps and How I Trained America's Deadliest Marksmen á Brandon Webb John David Mann Marcus Luttrell
    356 Brandon Webb John David Mann Marcus Luttrell
The Red Circle: My Life in the Navy SEAL Sniper Corps and How I Trained America's Deadliest Marksmen

  1. Brandon Webb John David Mann Marcus Luttrell Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Red Circle: My Life in the Navy SEAL Sniper Corps and How I Trained America's Deadliest Marksmen book, this is one of the most wanted Brandon Webb John David Mann Marcus Luttrell author readers around the world.

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  1. I picked up this book just for pages 9 167 These pages give a decent account of Webb s upbringing and SEAL training through his ORE Operational Readiness Exam which concluded his 18 month workup which is a series of training blocks after he earned his Trident Honestly, I wasn t really interested in the second half of the book which detailed his time at sniper school and his deployments full disclosure, I skimmed the pages after 167.I was interested in a character study of Webb I ve added his bi [...]

  2. Excellence matters.Brandon Webb s experiences as a SEAL are masterfully recounted in his memoir, THE RED CIRCLE From page one, he grips you with a tale of stumbling upon enemy contact during the opening days of Operation Enduring Freedom and it becomes nigh impossible to put down from there.I personally cannot find a flaw with the book It begins with background on his childhood which is important it provides an idea of what shapes the kind of men who become SEALs , goes into his days in search a [...]

  3. Originally posted on Sarahsbookshelf I am a big time fan of Navy SEAL books, although if you met me you d probably wonder why I m definitely not the stereotypical reader of the genre That being said, it s books like this one by Brandon Webb that really cement why I enjoy these books so much Webb s message is simple Excellence Matters And his words are than just military speak.As with most SEAL memoirs, Webb walks the reader through his time at BUD S, as well as a few deployments, but what struc [...]

  4. I belive that there is a book for every kind of problem, whether that problem be specific or broad Reading a book is always a good idea In this case, my problem began with me wanting to join Seal Team Six or just a normal Seal team to begin with Now, I know hollywood can lie, but death, PTSD, and other fears are terrifyingly real in the military To help put these fears to ease, I did the best research read non fiction novels by people who have shared my fears Since then, I ve rad about 5 Seal no [...]

  5. I rarely read non fiction, but after seeing Brandon Webb on FOX News discussing the theater massacre in Colorado, and the mention of his book, I thought I d check it out The reviews were mostly 5 stars, and I ve always been curious about the Navy SEALs, so I downloaded the free sample.Many of the reviewers on mentioned that once they started the book, they couldn t put it down, and I found that to be very true for me too I read the sample and immediately purchased the book I just finished it bef [...]

  6. Wow, I just finished this book after reading nothing else for the past two days Brandon Webb gives a rare look into the depth of training our Navy SEALs go through and the early days of Afghanistan His life experiences are simply astounding, from being left on an island in the Pacific, to a four day patrol in Afghanistan.This is a fast read and well paced The writing is good and clear, easily giving you the facts and setting the scenes He also never comes across as look at how freaking awesome I [...]

  7. This is not a book about what life in the Navy SEALs is like This is not a flash bang book about killing the enemy or the life of dangerous heroics.This book is simply about Leadership and Excellence Two qualities that the Military excels in teaching, but not everyone excels in learning Chief Webb has done a remarkable job in detailing the qualities of Leadership, good and bad In short, he has achieved excellence in this book, which was his only mission.That said, his writing style is similar to [...]

  8. I ll keep this review short and sweet I really liked this book, but not necessarily for the usual reasons.Aside from the stories of Webb s experiences in training and in life, which I found to be enjoyable, what I appreciated most was the distinction of what makes for good leadership The book s main theme of striving for excellence rang throughout, and it was a great message to carry along.

  9. While it ends abruptly and is lacking in certain areas description wise, this book is a great read and is full of interesting ballistic facts.

  10. The Red Circle is an interesting account of the SEAL and SEAL Sniper training programs and, especially, of Webb s missions overseas However, my enjoyment of the book was marred by the author s constant bragging and know it all attitude I also hated his regular plugging of books written by other SEALs I truly do not appreciate advertisements in the middle of my books.

  11. Honestly, this book came as a refreshing breath of air after reading American Sniper I enjoyed A.S by Chris Kyle but reading Webb s account of his Navy SEAL training, time in the war and subsequent life I realized that I just liked Webb better Shallow as that sounds I ll explain Brandon Webb was a Navy SEAL and a head instructor in the sniper corps before heading to the private sector He has many accomplishments including helping revamp the SEAL sniper training course and thus helping hundreds o [...]

  12. I don t usually read non fiction military books, so this is the first for me I read it with the intent to understand how the minds of highly trained soldiers work, than I wanted to know about SEAL training I was really impressed on how well written this book is Its informative, well organized and was narrated in a riveting way I found myself enjoying it and not just once remarking to myself how it was exciting than most fiction I ve read I am a big fan of heroic fantasy Remembering that the th [...]

  13. This book took me SO incredibly long to readWhich is really strange for me, if I had to be honest Because I really enjoyed every piece of the book It was generally interesting for me to read this book and Webb s experiences, particularly because my father used to be a member of the U.S Air Force So in that case, it made it easy to create a lot of connections Even if this focuses on the Navy SEALS , which helped the book get my attention even In general, I don t think there is anything cynical o [...]

  14. An interesting, well written memoir It s about, as the title says, the author s life as a Navy SEAL sniper and sniper instructor It s a vivid picture of the life and challenges faced by that very small community of strong, smart, driven people.I gave this three stars instead of five because of one thing, a homophobic joke that really left a bad taste in my mouth It was ironic that around the time I read this, I saw a news story about the coming out of a transgender woman who, as a man, had retir [...]

  15. Excellence matters That s the message of Brandon Webb s book and life as a U.S Navy SEAL No matter what your occupation is, no matter what your hobby is, excellence matters This belief can propel individuals or groups to accomplish outstanding things Accomplishing outstanding things gives purpose to the limited time we have Webb s accomplishments in the military are fascinating and impressive to me.Webb grew up in Canada and California He was always athletic and played sports constantly Living i [...]

  16. One of the best Special Ops Forces books I have read, something I was surprised to realise, given that the deployment part comprises a relatively short part of the book, the vast majority being dedicated to training which led to Mr Webb becoming a SEAL sniper, and Mr Webb s subsequent work at the sniper school and in the private sector after leaving the Navy Where this book is rather different from others is the depth in which it deals with the training part I was aware of the in famous BUD S co [...]

  17. Brandon Webb s has definitely led a most unusual and interesting life How many teens take a year off school to sail the Pacific in a sailboat only to get kicked off the boat by their pissed off father and have to find their own way back to the States I will say that I enjoyed both , American Sniper, and, Lone Survivor, than this book they were both compelling although they both got politically preachy at times That said, I m glad I read it The training program for snipers was very interesting [...]

  18. Brandon Webb has written one of the best books that I have ever read about the Navy Seals The Red Circle should be on everyone s reading list and on the best seller list Brandon has a style that is easy to read and thralling making it almost impossible to put down once you start reading It made me feel as if I was right there with him going through the training and with him on every combat mission I felt as if I was experiencing all those things right along with him The Red Circole s on a par wi [...]

  19. Webb served as a Navy SEAL sniper before training others to do the same.Why I started this book I love SEAL autobiographies and biographies because they start with the premise that anyone can be tough and then spend the rest of the book talking about how many men were cut or washed out of their training programs, and then end with the belief that you can be just as tough as themWhy I finished it Webb had the humble brag down but I had to laugh at the my good friend, so and so, who just wrote a b [...]

  20. A wonderful blend of adventure and insight into being a SEAL sniper and trainer Politics aside, Brandon imparts powerful life lessons It is not hard to fall in love with him, being an alpha male who love his wife and kids The final story, sadly, is a unwitting relevation of the moral decline of a super power.

  21. My Second 5 Star read by Webb Intend to read all One great story teller One great subject matter education No pretense, just here it is the way it was and is I just enjoyed the heck out of this book Thanks.

  22. Interesting look at the life of Brandon Webb and his movements through the Navy Seals and his long journey to actually get there Really enjoyed reading about the craziness of some of the things that Webb went through and how he left his mark on the force later.

  23. An interesting insight into the world of the Seal Sniper community The narrative was largely engaging although the writing itself is not excellent I m glad I read it.

  24. I picked up the book with some reservations I expected a lot of bravado and testosterone, but quickly realized that the story went a lot deeper My bias the majority of SEAL books hammer home the physical capabilities of these men, and how they dance on the edge of a card on and off the battlefield , and it gets tedious quick because how does the mouse relate to the cool cat with nine lives SEALs would have you believe that any person with the right mental perspective can do what they do, if they [...]

  25. Excellent autobiography about a mans transition from a troubled child into one of the worlds most elite worriers Brandon webb is a now retired navy seal sniper who trained chris kyle, a famous sniper overall awesome book has an awesome storyline with exciting stories from his deployment.

  26. This is a book whose theme is the theme of Brandon Webb s life Excellence Matters.But Webb shows us that the path to excellence is affected mostly by stubborn determination, a refusal to quit, but even , a refusal to be sidetracked or distracted by adverse circumstances, whether physical, emotional or financial.Webb is a man who simply did not fail at anything that he tried He is also a man who, although he respected authority and the chain of command, which is important in the military, disobey [...]

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