Swift Ivy sensed the stone hurtling towards her and rolled too late Heat scored across her back in a blaze of dazzling pain The ground spiralled to meet her and she knew it would only be seconds before she

Ivy sensed the stone hurtling towards her and rolled too late Heat scored across her back in a blaze of dazzling pain The ground spiralled to meet her, and she knew it would only be seconds before she hitIvy is a determined young faery, living in an abandoned tin mine with her clan In a cruel twist of fate she was born without wings, and she longs to fly like the oIvy sensed the stone hurtling towards her and rolled too late Heat scored across her back in a blaze of dazzling pain The ground spiralled to meet her, and she knew it would only be seconds before she hitIvy is a determined young faery, living in an abandoned tin mine with her clan In a cruel twist of fate she was born without wings, and she longs to fly like the others When she meets an enigmatic stranger, he seems to offer an answer But there is to him than meets the eyeA compelling new novel from the bestselling author of Knife, Rebel and Arrow.

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  • Unlimited Swift - by R.J. Anderson
    169 R.J. Anderson

  1. R.J Rebecca Anderson was born in Uganda, raised in Ontario, went to school in New Jersey, and has spent much of her life dreaming and writing of other worlds entirely ABOUT MY BOOK RATINGS 5 stars I loved this book so much that I expect to read it again and again I reserve this for beloved classics and others that knocked my socks off.4 stars I really enjoyed the book and or thought it was excellently done there is a good possibility that I ll re read it some time.3 stars I enjoyed the book and thought it was well done Should not be taken as a slur on the book or its author it really does mean I liked it.2 stars I didn t connect to this book as much as I d hoped This category includes books by authors whose other works I truly love, so please don t take this as a slur on the book or author either.

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  1. This book has saffron cake and Cornish pasties, and underground tunnels full of mysterious beauties and hidden dangers, and dancing and quoting Shakespeare, and issues of disability and prejudice and the clash of cultures, and a lot of other things I find fascinating and worth talking about It s also a tribute to my Cornish maternal grandmother, and all the sayings and traditions she passed on to our family even though she died before I was born.

  2. The I read of R J Anderson s faery books, the impressed I am by how effortlessly she blends genres urban fantasy, English garden fantasy, folklore, mythology both real and imagined, even bits of theology They all come together to form a coherent world that doesn t feel at all piecemeal The books are cross age too they ve been marketed as both middle grade and YA, and are quite capable of appealing to adults like myself and my mother I think a big part of it aside from how they re just awesome [...]

  3. Could this have been better I don t think so With Swift, fourth book of the Fairie Rebels or the first one in the Swift series , we get a new heroine, and another dangerous quest.But one thing doesn t change PEOPLE, THIS IS HOW YA BOOKS SHOULD BE WRITTEN A strong plot, cleverly built, and strong enough to keep going through of whole book, without having to resort to the same old tricks , like insta love, love trianglesor other soap operish dramatics, just so pages can be filled Strong believable [...]

  4. Originally posted here.R.J Anderson s Swift was one of my most anticipated reads of 2012 Anderson is an auto buy author for me, so much so that if her books like this one aren t going to be foreseeably available in the US I order them from the UK Swift did not disappoint, it exceeded my expectations for it Anderson brought the story that began in to a brilliant conclusion with Arrow Swift takes place in Cornwall and deals with an entirely different group of magical beings, Piskies While there is [...]

  5. Can R.J Anderson write a bad book It seems not.Swift was as charming as the Faery Rebels books, and I am so glad, because it s such a wonderful world, I would hate to have to leave it There were some very interesting issues in this book, about the role of women in society and the relationships between parents and children but, as always in R.J Anderson s books, none of it was ever preachy and, importantly, it flowed seamlessly into the plot.Honestly, these books are so lovely, I m really excite [...]

  6. Up until this book i had no idea there was something known as pisky pixie pisky in British p sk noun plural kies folklorea Cornish fairy This book was really good for someone like me who s new to all the paranormal stuff Good build up of story, excellent writing style, good twist and ending was framed in a way that i would love to pick up the next book in the series.

  7. My mum in law passed a copy this way and I am sooooo glad she did I was a bit doubtful to begin with but I read this very quickly and thoroughly enjoyed it.The book first introduces us to Ivy, a young Piskey born without wings who is about to participate in her first, annual Lighting celebration It will be the first time when she will leave the Delve, her home deep in an abandoned mine but things don t end well when their mother vanishes It is beleived that she has been taken by thin, wispy crea [...]

  8. I have to say that while I enjoyed this book I did not find it gripping which is why it took me so long to read The pacing made this book an easy read but the long and slightly confusing storyline made it easy for me to dip in and out of.The main character was Ivy, a young fairy living in a society where she does not properly fit in, where her mother went missing from a while ago and where they tell frightening tales that scare the children into doing what they want When Ivy is attacked by someo [...]

  9. I am really enjoying the world of faeries and their ilk that R.J Anderson has created And Swift is no exception Leaving the fairies behind, for now, we delve into the world of the Piskies, a race with many similarities to their fairy kin, but many differences too Ivy is a teenage pisky, born without wings, who has adapted to life in a world where males cannot fly, but all the other female can Despite her physical limitations, and perceived weakness, Ivy is a strong character who is perhaps a lit [...]

  10. It took me some time to actually get into this book due to new characters but once I did I couldnt put it down, its a gripping book with twist and turns at every oppotunity.I love this story proving that even if you are born with a disability it doesnt determine who you are and what you are cable of infact Ivy Swift is one of the toughest of her kind and manages to do something none of her people have even done to allow her to fly and be free at last I love the way that R J Anderson draws you ri [...]

  11. A wonderful plot that lies at the heart of the book, so that story pulls you along than the characters Everything is beautifully described and vivid The characters are charming and full of enough whimsy to be mysterious as well as magical I especially loved Ivy, who though very brave had her fair share of vulnerability too I love underdog stories too, especially when victory comes with consequences I sped through this book quickly because Ivy s fight against adversity was so beautiful and heart [...]

  12. I listened to this book as an audio and really enjoyed it It is a lovely charming book, aimed at middle grade aged, but I enjoyed it too, because the characters were very believable and had interesting struggles and backstories I wanted to find out about And plot twists, you think one thing then realize you were wrong, and then realize you were wrong again Clean sweet fairy story that I would highly recommend.

  13. One day in junior high school, right out of the blue, a good friend of mine gave me a fairy poster by the talented Amy Brown She had this love for fairies and pixies and all that shimmers and flies, and it was from her my own fascination of these little creatures grew.When I first saw Swift, the cover art took me right back to those wonderful high school years yes, I enjoyed those years , and reminded me so strongly of my old friend, who I unfortunately lost touch of, that I just had to read it. [...]

  14. I so so liked this book but it is an enormously difficult one to assess objectively How well it stands up as an independent story, I really can t tell From the start, it s a transparent secret at least to anyone acquainted with the rest of the series Knife, Rebel and especially Arrow that the prisoner of the piskeys is the fugitive faery Martin He is on the run after the events of Arrow However, his identity is not revealed until the last page.He s been captured by the piskeys who believe him to [...]

  15. I loved it, but no 5 star because it was so open ended And so very delighted to know that their story will be continuing in Nomad So, it would appear that Peri and Paul s story, as well as that of the Empress s reign, has ended And while I would still like to see a cameo of them still want to know if they were ever able to have kids for one , I am quite glad to see what new friends this set of stories brings.So, this one is all about a piskey, Ivy, born without wings and terribly sickly These ne [...]

  16. I read this book pretty much in one sitting, lounging in a patch of early Spring sunlight It was a very easy book to read and to get lost in I find that about everything R J Anderson writes it s just like a familiar cosy blanket that you can pick up and snuggle into, knowing that you ll feel happy and content for a while I feel I ve demonstrated this in my previous review of Anderson s work, Arrow I think it s the author s skill at world building that creates this effect You can tell that she do [...]

  17. There were only a couple of times a year when the piskeys ventures out of the Delve and into the world above, only a couple of times of year when it was made safe for piskeys to leave their underground home With all the spells and wards in place no one expected danger to find them, but when Ivy s mother disappears there can be only one explanation, the spriggans have caught her.Five years later and the impossible happens, the spriggans have returned But as only Ivy alone has seen the creature no [...]

  18. I read this book whenever I had the time, as soon as I was finished doing everything I needed to do my head stuck in it, breathing R J Anderson magical tale about faeries and piskies.So, what are piskies, you may ask Well, they re very much like faeries, only they have very different types of magic and the group we re introduced to lives underground.The main character, Ivy, is a wingless piskie who has a big brother and a little sister I do too, so I found it easy to relate apart from the fact t [...]

  19. I ve loved R J Anderson s previous three faery books Knife, Arrow and Rebel as well as her sci fi story Ultraviolet, and I m pleased to report that this new novel it s actually been out a couple of years, but I ve only just now managed to find the time to read it doesn t disappoint Ms Anderson knows how to tell an exciting and interesting story with good, well drawn characters and vividly depicted settings I suspect that, as a 44 year old man, I m slightly outside the target demographic for her [...]

  20. I found this a little slower to start with than the three previous books, and it was also like I was suddenly being hit with a lot of new lore all at once which isn t usually a thing I m a fan of However, the book massively picked up about halfway through and from there on out I couldn t put it down DIt s been ages since I read Knife, Rebel and Arrow, so there were some things that were vaguely familiar but I wasn t sure why or how they might have fitted in, or if it was just a general feel I ha [...]

  21. I had just finished the Faery rebels series when I started this book andI was impressed I think I would prefer the Faery Rebels than Swift but I did enjoy this At the end of the faery rebels it felt like martins story wasn t finished, now I kinda think Anderson did that on purpose for Swift.Swift tells the story of Ivy, a piskey girl who loves her family Shes definately the woman of the house because she cooks and cleans everything, while also taking care for her father, brother and little sist [...]

  22. Not quite as good as the previous three, probably because it was slow in introducing the new concept of piskeys and spriggans But once the character Richard appears on the scene, things start to get a lot interesting I love some of the twists Anderson introduces into her work, in particular spoiler alert that Richard is actually Martin from the previous books I found the character of Ivy to be quite annoying sometimes But overall, it was a very enjoyable read in an excellent series by a talente [...]

  23. I love delving into the world R.J Anderson creates with her fairy books While Swift and Nomad are set in the same world as Knife, Rebel, and Arrow and contain some references, characters, and spoilers to those other books , they are about a different magical creature race called piskeys Once again, this was a fun read It doesn t have much in the way of Christian allegory, and certainly less than Knife or Rebel, but that doesn t detract from the book since this isn t trying to be an allegory It s [...]

  24. So good Thats all I can say O that it was good But I loved how it was a bit creepy without the story intending to make it a bit creepy The creepy part was the clay scene I bet if it was put into a movie people would be hiding behind the sofa Imagine it some crazy fairy causing people to freeze into gnome statues to be put in shops Its really quite twisted in a cool way.The writing style was nice and simple and I really enjoyed it I can t wait till the next book Oh, and the cover art drew me in t [...]

  25. Born with no wings, her mother gone, and her father left wandering aimlessly, Ivy leads a difficult life as a piskey When a faery is captured by her people, it offers her a bargain that is very tempting for Ivy Will Ivy take this bargain What ll be the consequences if she does Each book of the Faery Rebels series still lures me into its breathtaking world Full of magic, love and adventure The Faery Rebels will set your heart pummping

  26. The most amazing fairy tale, well if you can call it thatWith Ivy s mother missing she is set on finding her, the piskeys Ivy s Race have always despised Faeries but when it comes to finding her mother, the only person ivy can turn to is a Faery that goes by the name of Richard Ivy s wingless form is not the best way of finding her mother but she must fly This is a thrilling adventure from start to finish

  27. i was craving a fantasy story and this book was really enjoyable to read the author has a nice writing style and i loved the twists in the story that prevented it from being predictable however there are some loopholes in the story like the bit about ivy saying that only molly could help them at the end when they needed the blood of a fairy, despite the fact that it was revealed that nettle was a fairy too still, it s a good book

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