America Again: Re-becoming the Greatness We Never Weren't

America Again Re becoming the Greatness We Never Weren t Book nation in the history of mankind there has never been a greater country than America You could say we re the nation at being the best at greatness But as perfect as America is in every single

Book nation, in the history of mankind there has never been a greater country than America You could say we re the 1 nation at being the best at greatness.But as perfect as America is in every single way, America is broken And we can t exchange it because we re 236 years past the 30 day return window Look around we don t make anything any, we ve mortgaged our futuBook nation, in the history of mankind there has never been a greater country than America You could say we re the 1 nation at being the best at greatness.But as perfect as America is in every single way, America is broken And we can t exchange it because we re 236 years past the 30 day return window Look around we don t make anything any, we ve mortgaged our future to China, and the Apologist in Chief goes on world tours just to bow before foreign leaders Worse, the L.A Four Seasons Hotel doesn t even have a dedicated phone button for the Spa You have to dial an extension Where did we lose our way It s high time we restored America to the greatness it never lost Luckily, AMERICA AGAIN will singlebookedly pull this country back from the brink It features everything from chapters, to page numbers, to fonts Covering subject s ranging from healthcare I shudder to think where we d be without the wide variety of prescription drugs to treat our maladies, such as think shuddering to the economy Life is giving us lemons, and we re shipping them to the Chinese to make our lemon flavored leadonade to food Feel free to deep fry this book it s a rich source of fiber , Stephen gives America the dose of truth it needs to get back on track.

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America Again: Re-becoming the Greatness We Never Weren't

  1. Stephen Tyrone Colbert is an American comedian, satirist, actor, and writer known for his ironic style, particularly in his portrayal of uninformed opinion leaders and deadpan comedic delivery.Colbert originally studied to be an actor, but became interested in improvisational theater when he met famed Second City director Del Close while attending Northwestern University He first performed professionally as an understudy for Steve Carell at Second City Chicago among his troupe mates were comedians Paul Dinello and Amy Sedaris, with whom he developed the critically acclaimed sketch comedy series Exit 57.Colbert also wrote and performed on the short lived Dana Carvey Show before collaborating with Sedaris and Dinello again on the cult television series Strangers with Candy He gained considerable attention for his role on the latter as closeted, gay history teacher Chuck Noblet It was his work as a correspondent on Comedy Central s news parody series The Daily Show, however, that first introduced him to a wide audience.In 2005, he left The Daily Show to host a spin off series, The Colbert Report Following The Daily Show s news parody concept, The Colbert Report styles itself as a parody of personality driven political opinion shows such as Bill O Reilly s The O Reilly Factor Since its debut, the series has been successful, establishing itself as one of Comedy Central s highest rated series, earning Colbert three Emmy nominations and an invitation to perform as featured entertainer at the White House Correspondents Association Dinner in 2006 Colbert was named one of Time s 100 most influential people in 2006 His book, I Am America And So Can You was No 1 on The New York Times Bestseller List.

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  1. I listened to an entire audio book Twice I mean, sure, it was basically just because I spent 12 of my 48 hours of friends and family Christmas visiting blitz time alone in my car, and I didn t want to cause a fatal wreck by constantly readjusting the radio station on my cheap ipod plug in or blindly sifting through scratched CD s while navigating holiday traffic, but how s this for a silver lining Stephen Colbert reads his own book Score He could word for word recite Twilight to me like it s poe [...]

  2. Another one Ugh, what is it with me and duds lately America Again Re becoming the Greatness We Never Weren t feels half assed It doesn t help that Colbert draws attention to it by playing up that aspect of this very quick audiobook He hams it up by acting put upon by his publisher to push out another book on the success of the last The thing is, stripping that away, this feels rushed and light on content Ooooh the filler Sooooo much filler This has filler than an embalmed Phyllis Diller What s [...]

  3. I would love to write a review on this incredibly funny, and 100% Colbert esque book, but in the Terms and Conditions that I had to agree to in the first few pages, I had to agree to not share this book or even think about it during sex to delay orgasm And even to describe the book in an entertaining fashion was to be construed as a rebroadcast In fact anything I write or create for 24 months after reading the book becomes the sole property of Stephen Colbert because this book may linger with me [...]

  4. I love his show, however this is a let down Stephen Colbert America Again Re Becoming the Greatness We Never Weren t Talks at Google

  5. If you like Colbert, you ll like the book if you don t like Colbert, you won t like the book it s actually that simple Colbert didn t write the book on his own, but the humor is relatively the same as that of his show I highly recommend the audiobook for this reason because having Colbert actually read the book makes it massively entertaining than sitting down and reading through what is much like a script of a long episode of Colbert Report For fans, give it a chance, as I thought the book sta [...]

  6. This is short but fun romp with Stephen Colbert s faux Republican persona What I really liked about this book was that his humour was even intricate and surreal than in The Colbert Report it s not just a simple extension of the show If you do decide to pick up America Again, do so for the fantastic one liners, Colbert s rich narrative abilities and his unique brand of social commentary But most importantly, my fellow book lovers, do it for America.

  7. Writing his books America Again is a follow up to his previous I Am America and So Can You clearly allows Stephen Colbert to indulge in slightly surrealistic tangents than he can on his show I recommend listening to this one in audiobook, because I think Colbert s voice and his bone dry delivery really helps to sell some of those moments, which I think might otherwise read a little flat on the page Some of the humour can be a little juvenile, but there are layers upon layers of quite satisfying [...]

  8. As usual Colbert is on point with his topics, his allegories, and metaphors to make us realize the ridiculously ramshackle and insane our country and government functions around us Really, it kind of isn t funny, except it is when he says it.

  9. If there s a better book than this, I haven t written it Stephen Colbert, quoted on the back of American Again Re Becoming the Greatness We Never Weren tI think the first book review of the year should set the tone for the rest of the year And what better way to start the year 2013 than reading and reviewing the book that has everything In fact, it has so much of everything that I used every single one of my shelves to label it I m pretty sure that I m still short a couple subjects Sure, I could [...]

  10. That was amusing, though the fake drunk chapter at the end fell flat for me I can t imagine reading this rather than listening to the audiobook, as Colbert s delivery is half the joke.

  11. I don t know how to feel about this book I finished it a few days ago and I felt like it was of a relief to finish it than any other emotion Let me tell you my 5 month history with this book.I ordered it in mid December because it was on sale and my friend said it was a good book to read I had been exposed to Stephen Colbert s show a few weeks before so I took a chance All of my books got delivered except this one and I didn t notice until a month later I called Barnes and Noble and they sent m [...]

  12. I absolutely LOVE Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart Jon Stewart cuts through all the flak and crap and actually TELLS ME what s happening in the political arena, while Stephen Colbert basically tells me what s NOT happening see, whatever he says, you basically think he means the opposite simple That being said, I was soooo ready to dive into this book.I ve read I Am America And So Can You by him, so I was ready for something similar.What I got was a meaner and raunchier sequel I haven t seen every [...]

  13. Armed with 3D glasses, America can reclaim its greatness through the wisdom of Rev Sir Dr Stephen T Mos Def Colbert, D.F.A The comedian discusses American Exceptionalism, the inherent greatness of the American way of life Regardless of their consequences, Colbert reaffirms the established American traditions of jobs, healthcare, Wall Street, energy, elections, justice, and food His arguments are embellished with hilarious images, graphs, testimonials and questionnaires.Colbert uses his conservat [...]

  14. While this book had me giggling and obnoxiously telling family at Christmas what I was laughing at, I lost interest about halfway through The writing style, while amusing, critiques American society to some extent but then leaves you mostly unfulfilled as it never quite drives the point home I know, I know, it s satire it s only meant to make you think I simply felt that much of this book pointed out obvious flaws in American or other contemporary societies rhetoric immigrants bad guns good whil [...]

  15. Some days I think Stephen Colbert is the funniest man in America But not today.This book did have some truly laugh out loud moments, but fewer farther between than I was hoping for.

  16. I listened to the audio book when I got tired of elijah wood saying the n word on another audiobook This was a great listen Very poignant and I will definetly listen again Fun and really quick

  17. All I have to say is the Mrs Haversham shit brownies at the bake sale, analogy was one of the most cogent, true and hilarious analysis of the housing bubble burst I ve seen in print to date.

  18. I do so adore Stephen Colbert Jon Stewart is good, too, but Colbert s satire has a sharper edge to it, cutting deeply and swiftly to the core of an issue, whereas Stewart is of a blunt instrument, hammering away at his ideological opponents Anyway, my point is that Stephen Colbert is quite possibly the most brilliant satirist of our time So of course I enjoyed this book thoroughly He addresses current political hot potatoes very effectively, all while snarking in the background about American e [...]

  19. This was like it Colbert s first book was from the closing days of the Bush administration It was funny, but ultimately wore out it s welcome before it finished This book was from the middle of the Obama years and effectively captured the madness that has taken hold of the collective conservative brain during that time The paradox of this is the greatest country on Earth vs this country has gone straight to hell We re all gonna die I probably enjoyed this because this insanity is what we re st [...]

  20. What a disappointment And I didn t come in with high expectations, so it s really saying something for me to have been disappointed.This book isn t funny The moments that made me laugh were few and far between, significantly fewer than those in I Am America And So Can You The writing is over the top It s so excessive that it s totally unrealistic and unbelievable, and comes across as just plain dumb Colbert is a smart, funny man, and can be a great satirist, but after awhile, it falls flat.The o [...]

  21. First off, the audio book version of this is totally worth it Colbert reads it all himself, and even puts on some some crazy accents for the My Turn sections allegedly written by real people.But is it funny Well, do you think Stephen Colbert is funny You do Then yes Yes it is The best part for me is how current the topics are You get chapters on jobs, healthcare, elections and Wall Street everything that Obama and Romney love to fight over

  22. I like Colbert s snarky satire, but, possibly because it the the height of the campaign season, I had difficulty doing anything than skimming this book It is everything you would expect from one of his books, and is an excellent follow up to I Am America , but I think I will have to wait a year before I can appreciate this book.

  23. This was a funny book very much in a style of I am America And So Can You I laughed out loud several times It ranges across a wide variety of American greatness from food to voting Funny and fun, but I felt the material was a little tired and not as original as the earlier book.Almost the entire book is performed by Colbert included the short sections where other characters give their perspective on things from stoners to frustrated day trader and on to oil covered pelicans Tim Meadows appears t [...]

  24. Book club selection for January 2013Listened to this audio book because I love Stephen so much and thought it might be a hoot with him reading it And it was very funny BUT I think I may check it out from the library to compare And his reading speed was quite fast and sometimes I wanted to just slow it down slightly But I enjoyed it I could do without so much bad language, but imagining a Texas gun totin conservative, it s not hard to imagine that language.His rant on the most popular drugs in Am [...]

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