Gabriel Who can stop a master vampire from expanding his territory Only one woman born with a rare invisible power and hate for his kind deep in her blood Now she has to face the master who has become a le

Who can stop a master vampire from expanding his territory Only one woman, born with a rare, invisible power, and hate for his kind deep in her blood Now she has to face the master who has become a legend His name is Gabriel.

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  1. Welcome to Chris Lange s fantasy world where she lives most of the time She loves alpha males, badass bikers, sensitive men, hot vampires, angels, demons, cowboys, cops, ghosts, knights, kings and the Winchester brothers When not writing, reading or listening to classic rock, she can be found watching Supernatural.Chris Lange is a dreamer and a storyteller She writes about love, love, love, and sometimes she leaves her characters bedroom door open Website chrislangeauthor.wordpress Facebook facebook ChrisLangeFan author chrislangeSmashwords smashwords profile viTwitter chrislange3

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  1. Master Vampire GABRIELDaredevil CalistaGabriel is a dangerous man and he has a secretYet she tasted the forbidden fruitand invited him inNow they belong together6 DELICIOUS, EMOTIONAL, EXCITING, SINFUL

  2. It is not like I have read many PNR s but I read one review of Gabriel, decided to add it to my TBR then was kindly given a copy of it by the author in return for an honest review This is what I would call a little Gem in my world of Paranormal Normal Even though this book is only just over 60 pages long it had it all It was captivating It was sexy It had me wanting for And the chemistry between Calista and Gabriel was HOT Calista possess a sacred gift Her power is one of gelding which deprives [...]

  3. 4 spellbinding starsHe was the first one and, deep down, she believed he was the only one.Calista is one of the chosen to possess a gift so unique her prey is left lacking, caught unexpected and unaware When darkness falls, she does what she is born to do and one by one she takes them down until she is found wanted by a Master Vampire, Gabriel Gabriel s ruthlessness and ferocity fascinated her His raw power and carnality were spellbinding As tender as he could be, she also understood the animal [...]

  4. 4 STARS Before Him, the prequel to Gabriel, must be read before this.This was a fantastic pnr The vampire world here is intriguing and different from the usual fare Calista has finally met her match in the master vampire, Gabriel Through a fateful turn of events, she s summoned by him and made to strike a deal benefitting them both But something about Gabriel is different, not only is he sexy, bigger than life and oddly emotional, he also stirs things in Calista she never thought possible, and b [...]

  5. 3.5 out of 5 Meet Calista, a gelder who preys on vampires She lures them into thinking she s a scared, helpless woman and when the poor suckers no pun intended fall for the trick, they find themselves defanged In a very effective and pleasurable way if I may say so, you see Calista s gelder gift only works when she has sex When a recent defanged victim comes with a proposition to trap the master vampire, Gabriel, she accepts Thinking to trap and use her powers on him gets her all excited, but th [...]

  6. This is one of those books that I wish would ve been longer I could ve easily and gladly read 200 pages about Gabriel and Calista This novella though is only 60 pages long.Calista is a gifted human, she possesses a special power that can destroy a vampire To employ this power, she needs to have sex with her vampire victim, which is not a problem for her since she is solely attracted to vampires and not human males Although Calista is content with her life purpose to annihilate vampire bloodlust [...]

  7. Written for redhiddenalcoveCalista is a gelder Instictively drawn to vampires, she always does what she is born to do She gelds No feelings, no emotions, only deeds At first, I was a little fearful, what did she geld with, a blunt knife But no, she gelds the vampires by having sex with them This is what she is, she can t escape it She tried having sex with normal men, then with rougher men, but only vampires do it for her.The novella short story made me think of Buffy the vampire she finds first [...]

  8. I only gave this 4 stars though my Kindle review states that I would actually give 4.5 4.75 now and would give 5 if it was longer on because I usually read much longer stories on there However, because I generally read shorter stories on here, I definitely think it deserves 5 stars I was given a copy of this in exchange for an honest review I would absolutely recommend this to anybody who likes erotic paranormal romance stories Considering how short this book is, I was amazed that it was able to [...]

  9. WHAT A FANTASTIC BOOK I LOVED every second of this book and I especially LOVED Gabriel swoon The author was kind enough to gift me a copy in exchange of an honest review and let me tell you this is one author that I m going back over and over to read her books so if you re looking for a great Vampire story with a nice twist then you re going to love this

  10. This book was given by the author in exchange for an honest reviewFirst ImpressionWas this book hot or what What do I think I so did not expect this book to be this good nor really hot This is a paranormal vampire story which I m not really a great fan of but this book had me captivated from the first page Calista has a special talent that every vampire should be worried about or every vampire should be happy about Depends on which vampire you ask Enter Gabriel, a very old, scary and powerful va [...]

  11. HOT HOT HOT Whooee, Gabriel is HOT, SEXY, DARK DANGEROUS There are no other words for this master vamp I loved him This book is Sex on Fire, seriously Though it is a short read, it is well worth it Once you get going, you won t be able to put it down One of my favorite things about this book is that the World of Vamps is completely different then what we ve come to expect from PNR books This was a definite refreshing look at something I love.I m not ashamed to say that I reread this book, twice, [...]

  12. Let me begin by saying I loved the premise of Ms Lange s paranormal erotic world The heroin, Calista, has a gift and it s not exactly a vampire s best friend I like Calista s character and her joy in sexual liaisons with the undead even when she plans to destroy them.Gabriel is wonderful and it s hard not to like him from the beginning It doesn t hurt that I have a thing for the name Gabriel I very much enjoyed the story, characters, and the author s European vernacular Certain words caused me t [...]

  13. This books was given to me by the author in exchange for an honest review Thank you This is a 5 star Novella Just what I needed after a long tedious novel, but that is litterally another story.I love the name Calista, she fits the name well Sassy and independant with a unique power that any master vampire would love to have under his control Well, having her under his control as well is just the icing on the cake.I was a little frustrated with the insta love Yes, it is inevitable in a novella Ho [...]

  14. This was one amazing vampiry short read I usually don t read vampire stuff,since like to watch it , but this one by Chris Lange is WOW The relationship between Calista Gabriel reminded me of Buffy Angel of Buffy the vampire slayers ,This was my first but definitely not the last read by this author narrative style Highly recommend it to all friends

  15. I loved this book It s was so enjoying, very romantic I loved Gabriel He was such a cool vampire A total must read this book is.

  16. I got this as a birthday present from my mother in law I know Shocker and OH what a great present it is It seems Chris Lange knows no boundaries with what she can write and has yet to disappoint Now that s skill Calista is HOT for vampires They are all that can get her blood moving to all the right places But little do all of those vampires know that she is a gelder Her skill is to suck the vamp out of vampire.Gabriel is a Master vampire that holds many secrets and desires He is in awe when one [...]

  17. I was offered a review copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review Thank you 3.75 stars Surprisingly, this was actually a really good read I read it in one sitting and found it very intriguing and utterly sensual and romantic Such a different twist in PNR romance.Chris Lange really does a great job of creating a FULL, well developed, story for a short novella that s under 100 pages Normally, I find this lacking in many novellas but Lange manages to pull it off with flair Gre [...]

  18. Wow this way too short and extremely sexy Master Gabriel is sexy and dominant I found this to be a very good story and somewhat unique take on vampires I felt the dialog was a little disjointed at times making it hard to know who said what Im hoping that this novella will tirn into a series.

  19. 3.5 Fang tastic starsA searingly hot erotic romance enveloped around a very original vampire premise Calista, the heroine with a great name in this short story, has a very unique way of defanging vampires accessible only through intercourse That s correct, she needs to have sex with the vampire she intends to geld She despises her natural born enemies, but enjoys unmanning them She f cked bloodsuckers for her own pleasure and she incapacitated them for the job Gabriel lives in a vampire eat vamp [...]

  20. What do you get when you bring a Master Vampire together with a Gelder I will tell you, one hot paranormal romantic read Calista , a Gelder her job is to lure the vampires in , have them believe she is helpless and then use their own sexual desire against them leaving them unable to approach and touch any human with malicious intent soif they can not feed then well, you get the idea Unfortunately for her the last vampire she gelds runs to master Gabriel and tells him and now Gabriel wants to see [...]

  21. Calista is a gelder who s main purpose is to put every vampire out of commission Gabriel is a Master Vampire who is hot and makes Calista not want to do her job From the moment that these two met, there has been a fire growing between them Gabriel convinces Calista to help him defeat another Master vampire for control of the city Chris Lange has written a very hot and sexy story Calista is a spunky and hot lady who knows how to work her assets Gabriel is sexy, bold, handsome, and is very attract [...]

  22. I really enjoyed this short story about Calista and Gabriel I totally got a kick outta Calista, she s pretty independent and headstrong Finding out what a gelder is and how it fits into the world was really fascinating It s definitely a new concept, specially how it works, and it s not just a female gift I thought Gabriel was awesome, he really is a alpha with a big heart Learning about his background and how he became a vampire broke my heart I cheered this couple on the entire story, they most [...]

  23. I really enjoyed this book I have had it for while now and I don t know why I started reading it but I am glad I did the book is relatively small in length but this doesn t mean I didn t feel the chemistry between Calista and Gabriel how adequate the use of this name Gabriel However I felt I needed depth in the character of Calista since I know nothing of her that she is a gelder and 10 years ago when she was 15 she got the scroll I felt I needed depth in the world of gelders Anyways the book w [...]

  24. I had the pleasure of reading a copy of Gabriel that was sent to me by Ms Lange The story started of honking me in right away Calista is a Gelder that puts vampires down She has a great personality and is kick ass Gabriel is loveable and is a great match for Calista Those two are doomed but in the end it all works out The characters were believable and entertaining The plot line was engaging as we ll as believable This was my first book read by this author and can t wait to read

  25. This book was a wonderful read I really enjoyed the character of Calista, the heroine She was a strong character who showed a lot of depth I also enjoyed Gabriel He is the epitome of the strong, silent Vampire, but with a hint of a softer side The dichotomy makes for a very captivating book.I enjoyed the length of this book, very quick read that I enjoyed on a rainy afternoon The pace seems a little rushed in a few places, but it is a short All in All, wonderful work Ms Lange I m looking forward [...]

  26. A great story I loved the new vampire world the author introduced here I hope there is to come and we find out about the gelders and vampires I loved the way the heroine and hero fell for each other but was leery of each other The fact that they didn t trust each other immediately made the story that much believable These two, who should be natural enemies fall in love, like a modern day Romeo and Juliet I loved it

  27. Rating 3.5It s not often that a novella of around eighteen thousand words can fit in everything from character introduction, plot, resolution and leave the reader with a sense of satisfaction Gabriel did, or at least it was pretty damn close Since I have never read a plot with character traits like this, this story felt fresh, and I enjoyed every second As mentioned in the blurb, Calista is a gelderld verb geld to remove the testicles of a male animal and especially a horse or bull ansitive verb [...]

  28. Short with a whole lotta naughty my kind of book Gabriel let s just say that boy should come visit me one night, you smell delicious, he announced for the company to hear His mouth brushed against her neck, softly going up to whisper in her ear, And horny Right off I loved the attitude but I guess the best word to describe what Calista have would be chemistry I need to go home Damn, this vampire business can prove exhausting You know, sometimes I wonder what s in it for me He was right behind he [...]

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