From Fame to Shame

From Fame to Shame When good girl Maddie switches places with her famous bad girl twin Jackie she has some pretty high stilettos to fill Despite the danger of tabloid drama if their identity swap is discovered Maddie

When good girl Maddie switches places with her famous bad girl twin Jackie, she has some pretty high stilettos to fill.Despite the danger of tabloid drama if their identity swap is discovered, Maddie has to save her sister s butt When Jackie s ex boyfriend shows up with a rekindled spark for Jackie, his deep gray eyes and sweet kisses make Maddie s heart thumpety thump.When good girl Maddie switches places with her famous bad girl twin Jackie, she has some pretty high stilettos to fill.Despite the danger of tabloid drama if their identity swap is discovered, Maddie has to save her sister s butt When Jackie s ex boyfriend shows up with a rekindled spark for Jackie, his deep gray eyes and sweet kisses make Maddie s heart thumpety thump But dating the guy who dumped her sister is a no no Too bad Dallas isn t used to girls saying no What will happen when he discovers Maddie s deception

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From Fame to Shame

  1. Brain candy Cleansing your reading palate one book at a time Veronica Blade lives in Southern California with her husband and children By day she runs the family business, but each night she slips away to spin her tales She writes stories about young adults to relive her own childhood and to live vicariously through her characters Except her heroes and heroines lead far interesting lives and they are always way hotter.

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  1. What can I say I fell in love with Veronica Blade writing after reading A Bite s Tale and Blind Date, Checkmate Blade has the ability to put her imagination to paper in a way that completely draws the reader in and From Fame to Shame is no different From Fame to Shame happens to be Veronica Blade s first attempt at writing at weaving a story together It comes even before her other successful books such as the before mentions titles and her first published full length novel Something Witchy This [...]

  2. I have a huge issue with this book It is far too addictive I stayed up until 3 in the morning just to finish it because it had some kind of addictive quality that compelled me to continue reading until the very end Agh Other than that I have no complaints about the book whatsoever It s not the kind of book that you can go into expecting it to be this amazing piece of literary genius it s the kind of book you pick up for some light hearted fun and good times.From Fame to Shame is really sweet and [...]

  3. This lighthearted and fun novella tells the story of Maddie s adventures in Hollywood, where she s standing in as her teen starlet sister, Jackie It seems like a fairly easy task a couple red carpet events, a few photographs, no big deal, right What no one reckoned on was Jackie s sexy ex and next door neighbor, Dallas Would Maddie be able to keep up the pretense of being her sister, even as she falls for the hot and totally swoon worthy Dallas or would she slip up and reveal the truth Veronica [...]

  4. mmm La verdad que el comienzo me gusto, el final me gusto Pero la hermana famosa no me gusto Es una historia para pasar el rato, pero se podia obtener mas fruto de ella

  5. E Book From Fame To Shame by Veronica BladePages 153Genre Young Adult, Contemporary Source Sent from Crush Publishing Short Synopsis Maddie is reluctant to switch places with her movie star twin, Jackie But when Jackie convinces Maddie it s what she needs, there s no turning back once Maddie makes it to Hollywood.My Thoughts I loved this cute, entertaining read So much fun packed into one awesome book Maddie is a small town goodie two shoes, whose happy with her life But her life is suddenly tur [...]

  6. There is nothing shameful about Veronica Blade s FROM FAME TO SHAME This feel good romance had me rooting for the heroine all the way to the very end When Maddie s starlet twin sister Jackie calls her up on the edge of a nervous breakdown and begs her to save her from insanity, Maddie drops everything to rescue her When Maddie shows up to whisk her sister away, she learns that Jackie intends for them to switch places for a while so she can get her head straight, but Maddie is a self proclaimed c [...]

  7. bookbreather4lyfe From Fame to Shame by Veronica Blade was a quick read with a fun premise and an adorable romance I flew through it at lightning speed It was a good read to just take my mind off of things.Maddie and her twin sister do the ol switcheroo and suddenly she s living this life of fame and glory It has been done before, but it was still cute I would have loved to see fame drama Sure, Maddie has to deal with some gross tabloids, and she has to walk the red carpet, but there s no major [...]

  8. Veronica Blade is, hands down, one of the Queens of Sensually Sweet YA Romance What does that mean Ms Blade has an enormous talent for weaving tales of innocent romance that is clean, sweet and not at all offensive in any way, shape or form On the flip side, the way she creates the scenes and chemistry between her characters never fails to raise goosebumps of yearning upon my skin and make my heart ache at the beauty of great love.From Fame to Shame is the delightful story of twin sisters One, J [...]

  9. More 4.5 starseak ya tastic 20This novel is a one shot really fast to read and fresh Once again, Veronica Blade wins me over with her writing style so fluid and alive and her characters so easy to picture.I have to thank the author who gave me a free e copy of this novel.One thing that I ve got usually a hard time with is insta love Curiously, the chemistry between Maddie and Dallas works perfectly here It s like it s believable between these two in this Hollywood atmosphere as crazy as we can i [...]

  10. Maddie is the complete opposite of her twin sister, Jackie Bloom Maddie rather would stay home and read while her, famous, actress sister would rather go out and party When Maddie s sister begs her to come out to visit her, Maddie is somewhat suspicious Jackie has always been fiercely independent and even became emancipated at sixteen She only asks her parents for something if she desperately needs it.Jackie confides in Maddie that she wants to get out of the spotlight Dallas, her ex boyfriend, [...]

  11. When Maddie gets a surprise phone call from her twin sister, Jackie a teen star in Hollywood , her quiet life suddenly explodes Turns out Jackie is having an emotional crisis and needs a break from tinseltown Problem is, Jackie s under contract to do specific promotions for her latest movie and she can t get out of them or her career is ruined Solution A switcheroo with her identical twin, Maddie something they haven t done since they were kids I mean, a few appearances, a movie premiere, how ha [...]

  12. My review of Fame to Shame byVeronica BladeRating 5 This novel was provided by the author free in exchange of honest literary review.Jackie and Maddie are identical twins with bipolar opposite lives Jackie lives in the world of Hollywood, under the scrutiny of the tabloids and news headlines As one of the country s hottest starlets she lives a live little girls only dream of Maddie on the other hand still lives at home with her parents She prefers books to television, and enjoys her job as bookk [...]

  13. I was given this book from the author in exchange for a honest review.I loved this book was such a sweet and cute short read I loved the plot of how twins switch places and one gets to experience what its like to be famous, and really gets to feel what it means to be in another persons shoes Also you as the reader get to experience the big change it is from that of an average person experiencing the fame In Maddie case its a big change because she is the totally opposite of her twin Jackie, who [...]

  14. This is my first read from Veronica Blade and will not be my last I always like the idea of twins switching places and Ms Blade did an exceptional job with this story I was hooked within the first chapter and refused to put this down till it was completed I like Maddie right off the bat She goes around al natural and in tennis shoes Maddie is fun, sweet, kind and is trying not to like her sister s ex boyfriend Dallas It is fun to watch her help Jackie Jackie is Maddie s complete opposite Complet [...]

  15. Can we say great book I do think so Veronica Blade has again made me fall in love with a book, she never ceseases to amaze me when it comes to her writing and stories This was not a paranormal book, which is my normal reading, but i fell in love with it just the same An amazing story of the bonds of sisters and what lengths we will go to, to help them The characters in this story, and please note it is a novella short story length book, are very likable, the story very addicting, and it kept me [...]

  16. I always love when I stumble upon a good romance and this one totally did it for me After being begged by her twin sister, Maddie reluctantly fills in her sister s shoes as a famous star so Jackie can relax and get away from being in the lime light.Of course, delicious Dallas, Jackie s ex and Maddie s crush, lives across the hall and he has taken a new liking to Jackie Maddie really struggles to keep her place as Jackie and in doing so, realizes just how hard it is to be famous I totally wouldn [...]

  17. Two eighteen year old twins, one who is a homebody and one who is an actress When Jackie needs a break from the limelight for a little while, she asks her sister Maddie to step in Maddie isn t used to being in the spotlight, but she does it for her sister What she doesn t plan on, is living across from the boy she s had a mega crush on for years, Jacki s ex boyfriend, Dallas He wants to re kindle the flame he had with Jacki and Maddie s connecting on a level with him that her sister never did Bu [...]

  18. This was a fun, lighthearted, love and Hollywood adventure story It surprised me how quickly I finished it, but reading on the kindle makes it hard to judge how long a book is when you first start it I enjoyed how smoothly it was written and the fun situation of the twins changing places in a Cinderella type story, without the sister being wicked There was nothing particularly new or surprising in the story, but when you are reading Cinderella love stories, new isn t what you are looking for any [...]

  19. Please see my full review on my blog injuliesopinion 2I absolutely loved this book I was already a huge fan of Veronica s books to begin with, but this book topped them all The pacing was perfect, the characters were likable and relatable, and the story was fun and romantic It s a novella, so it s not really long, and I read it in one sitting because I couldn t put it down I don t read a lot of contemporary romance, so that s saying a lot In summary, in case you couldn t tell, I loved this book [...]

  20. What a wonderful light romantic read It has been years, and I mean years since the last time I ve read a pure romance book It is not my new favourite genre but I really enjoyed this book Partly because it is like an old friend and partly because it has been such a long time since I last read a romance What can I tell you about the story It is well written, fun and predictable, in short the perfect romance book.Thus the 5 review rating.

  21. I loved the sarcasm and the romance It really heated up with Maddie disguised as Jackie and Dallas The most steamy story yet Reminded me a lot of The Lying Game, but in a good way I liked the whole switching it up twin thing Not to mention the happy ending that followed I m glad Jackie didn t live up to the selfish person I thought her to be That would have rained on Maddie s parade Yay for happy endings

  22. While I was skeptical because this story sounded like one of those stories that are overdone, I was happy suprised with it This story is fresh and fun While it is very short, it leaves you wanting The characters are awesome and with only 116 pages, there is a relaistic love formed Great read

  23. i looooooove this book i really don t want to give any spoilers away with this one but i would say this one this is a must read i couldn t put it down i read it really fast and loved the story and characters and i can not wait to read blind date checkmate and veronica blade my wolf s bane which hopefully comes out soon lol im so excited about it

  24. Me enganch al primer libro, estuvo genial lo de Maddie y Dallas, pero necesito m s Habr un segundo libro de este And a present to you Veronica

  25. Such a cute novella I breezed through it the romance in this book was adorable and the characters very enjoyable D

  26. I really enjoyed this book I did the free download and was completely impressed by it I will definitely consider reading another book by Veronica Blade

  27. Agak agak basi ga sih buku dengan tema saudara yg bertukar tempat Buku buku dengan tema serupa yg pernah saya baca di antaranya The Switch Sandra Brown, The Boss s Christmas Baby Trish Morey, The Wild Child Mary Jo Putney, kok cuma tiga ya Maddie dan Jackie adalah dua orang gadis kembar berusia 18 tahun Maddie tinggal bersama kedua orang tuanya di sebuah kota kecil Kesehariannya adalah bekerja di toko perhiasan milik orang tuanya dan menghabiskan malam malamnya dengan membaca buku kesukaannya Ma [...]

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