Dora: A Headcase

Dora A Headcase Ida needs a shrink or so her philandering father thinks and he sends her to a Seattle psychiatrist Immediately wise to the head games of her new shrink whom she nicknames Siggy Ida begins a coming

Ida needs a shrink or so her philandering father thinks, and he sends her to a Seattle psychiatrist Immediately wise to the head games of her new shrink, whom she nicknames Siggy, Ida begins a coming of age journey At the beginning of her therapy, Ida, whose alter ego is Dora, and her small posse of pals engage in art attacks Ida s in love with her friend ObsidiIda needs a shrink or so her philandering father thinks, and he sends her to a Seattle psychiatrist Immediately wise to the head games of her new shrink, whom she nicknames Siggy, Ida begins a coming of age journey At the beginning of her therapy, Ida, whose alter ego is Dora, and her small posse of pals engage in art attacks Ida s in love with her friend Obsidian, but when she gets close to intimacy, she faints or loses her voice Ida and her friends hatch a plan to secretly film Siggy and make an experimental art film But something goes wrong at a crucial moment at a nearby hospital Ida finds her father suffering a heart attack While Ida loses her voice, a rough cut of her experimental film has gone viral, and unethical media agents are hunting her down A chase ensues in which everyone wants what Ida has.

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Dora: A Headcase

  1. Lidia Yuknavitch is the author of the National Bestselling novels The Book of Joan and The Small Backs of Children, winner of the 2016 Oregon Book Award s Ken Kesey Award for Fiction as well as the Reader s Choice Award, and the novel Dora A Headcase, Her widely acclaimed memoir The Chronology of Water was a finalist for a PEN Center USA award for creative nonfiction and winner of a PNBA Award and the Oregon Book Award Reader s Choice Her nonfiction book based on her TED Talk, The Misfit s Manifesto, is forthcoming from TED Books.She founded the workshop series Corporeal Writing in Portland Oregon, where she teaches both in person and online She received her doctorate in Literature from the University of Oregon She lives in Oregon with her husband Andy Mingo and their renaissance man son, Miles She is a very good swimmer.

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  1. so, if you like this character s voice, you will like this book.if it grates on you, you will find this book a drag me, i am halfway in between i didn t mind it sometimes, but there were moments where i was wicked annoyed by how forced and deliberate the cool and unique voice was I shove the last of the bacon in my mouth It s salty and rubbery yet crisp What is bacon but fat and gristle and thin strips of ass meat tastes like family.i spent some time eye rolling and imaginary character head pett [...]

  2. There are some things you should know about Lidia Yuknavitch She is in the top tier of people making sentences in 2012 She packs color into three lines of text than some people get into a photograph And her voice is loud, man Bold and unwavering, honest and fearless Distinctly of this place in time Like an alto opera singer performing an original pop song shredding Chris Brown If your internet travels lead you to her byline, by all means read her Yuknavitch s novel Dora a Headcase is a retellin [...]

  3. this is extraordinary and beautiful i can see how it may not be everyone s cup of tea kind of the same reason why, say, virginia woolf is not everyone s cup of tea there are writers who are utterly and unflinchingly original this is nothing if not unflinching it doesn t hold anything back it says what it has to say and it doesn t mince words i hope to be able to write a longer review soon my one suggestion, if you read it, is to read freud s Dora An Analysis of a Case of Hysteria your reading of [...]

  4. I found this in Powells, an autographed copy, and bought it without thinking too much I didn t know it was happening I didn t think that after being swept away by The Chronology of Water earlier this year that another new book would fall into my lap 6 months later I read this in one sitting Faithfully comparing my experience as reader to mine during Chronology Thinking yuknavitch s brave Thinking this is going to be received like The Marriage Plot after Middlesex people are such dicks about that [...]

  5. Such a disappointment Much like The Chronology of Water , Yuknavitch starts strong, and ends weakly Really weakly While for most part I was blown away by The Chronology of Water it was definitely well written, and absolutely captivating Dora on the other hand, comes across as any old YA novel out there And if you ve read The Chronology , you can very plainly see that Dora is simply a modernization of Yuknavitch s own adolescence Or at least many of the parts previously written about in The Chron [...]

  6. 38 pages in and I m totally over this book I m sure it s super Gotten great reviews Chuck Palahniuk wrote the forward and he s a god, right Never mind that I loved the movie Fight Club about 10,000,000 times than I did the book That never happens You re always supposed to love the book than the movie But I saw the movie first, read the book years later And it IS my favourite movie But let s never mind all that The first problem I had with this book is that it is written in the language of a co [...]

  7. This book is a satire, and must be read as one this way the author can be allowed the poetic license crucial in telling this story and taking this revenge on Freud Yuknavitch has proved herself as a fiction writer She has captured the voice of a strong but wounded teenage girl As usual, her prose is exquisite although I will admit there are times where I think a little editing would make it sing even I wish the publishers didn t rely so heavily on using her ties to Chuck Palahniuk as a way to s [...]

  8. I am so sorry Lidia but this one does not hold a candle to The Chronology of Water Headcase was like a Fantasy B Movie, along the lines of a slasher movie without the slash I can see that you worked out your anger at psychotherapists and anyone in authority And I can see that you may attract other teen girls who need a voice for their anger But the characters were out of a ridiculous B movie, and I mean ridiculous Not edgy, but ridiculous I really had to skim the last half And the final blow was [...]

  9. B h h , degil mi Hayat adil de il Ama hayat n aile diye bir arabada k s l p kald g n z ve her d neme te seksomanyak sap k yetiskinlerin st n ze atlad g , Disney in kot versiyonu bir korku tuneli de olmas gerekmiyor, degil mi ocuklariniz icin nas l bir d nya t neli yaratt in za bak n Uyu turucular n z istememize a mamal En az ndan bunu bor lusunuz Ergenken bile ergenleri ve ergenli i sevmeyen biri olarak, ergen hem de emo k vam nda ergen bir karakterin bak a s yla kitab okumak ok s kt beni Kitapt [...]

  10. I thought maybe Palahniuk was exaggerating when he said Dora was a girls Fight Club I was wrong.I thought maybe Ida wouldn t have much to say to me I had my trouble when I was a young adult Lots of it, but not like Ida s.I was wrong Sometimes your whole life happens in those years, and the rest of your life it s just the same story playing out with different characters I could die tomorrow and have lived the main ups and downs of life Pain Loss Love And what you all so fondly refer to as wisdom [...]

  11. Dora, tam bir anti kahraman tici, rahats zl k verici, huzursuzlu u ve mutsuzlu u okurken size de ge en cinsten Hikaye ilgin , yaz m dili berrak olsa da bizim y ld zlar m z pek bar mad

  12. Dili i ten, samimi ve ak c yd Biraz g ld m biraz z ld m Daha yava akan, s k c bir ey bulmay bekliyordum yle olmad Biraz kurcalad m orijinal vakay , ana hatlar oldu u gibi ancak ayr nt lar ne kadar ger e e sad k kalm bilemiyorum hikayenin o kadar detayl bakamad m hen z O sebeple detaylar n kurgu oldu unu varsay yorum G n m zde ya da birka y l ncesinde g n m zden ge iyor kitap, bunu da beklemiyordum, Mac ve iPhone falan g r nce a oldum bir an G zeldi, okumas keyifliydi ve bunun yan nda insanda ger [...]

  13. I love fast paced stories with strong female voice, dark pathos, resilience, bold sexuality, and wicked humor Dora a Headcase has it all Like Lidia s earlier work The Chronology of Water , this book provoked a lot of thinking about mental illness Whereas it would be easy to see Ida Dora through the lens of mental illness, I found myself really admiring her strength, creativity, intelligence and dogged determination as she experienced a painful adolescence undercut by family dysfunction Her choic [...]

  14. Disturbing, but smart, entertaining, and gratifying as an illustration of people growing up despite their upbringing I was shocked at the presentation as normal of prescription drug abuse among the teens in the book as well as their massive alcohol intake I don t think that young teens can consent to sex and sexual acts with adults where there is not a balance of power the teens in the book seemed to shrug off what I viewed as rape and forced sexual behavior imposed by adults There was also an i [...]

  15. Yuknavitch is an amazing writer Every sentence is perfection And she nails the voice of an angry teenage girl, Dora Ida, who has been failed or used by almost every significant adult in her life Ida s rage fuels a series of cathartic acts of revenge, some of which had me laughing out loud But the ending disappointingly implies channeling Woolf s A Room of One s Own perhaps that what a woman really needs in the long run is financial independence Ida manages to untether herself from her past, but [...]

  16. So if I you didn t like Chronology of Water I m not recommending this to you It s unflinching and unapologetic and a farce and a lovely place to go with the Mixed Feelings one has about Freud, its feminism s own Monkeywrench Gang, and maybe best, the story has a creo though it s not painful hit you over the head credo We got to bust ass to be good mirrors for her But also for us We gotta keep reflecting back to each other else get caught in this pop money death culture s gaze We gotta make our o [...]

  17. AMAZING fun story Can be read in an afternoon as if it were a novella I read it again a second time just for funJust finished reading Dora A Headcase for the fifth time be continuedThis ranks in with my top 5 books of all time It s now become my goto read when feeling even a tad depressed due to my ability to relate embarrassingly to the MC, as i can reflect back on 20 something me i can laugh at myself now everytime i revisit this book Yuknavitch writes with such frank honesty through her cgara [...]

  18. I got half way through this book and I just couldn t finish it I didn t like the main character, I found her unbelievable I found her friends annoying Maybe because I grew up and hung out with the outcast kids I just found the kids in this book ridiculous I m bummed out I didn t like this book, I was looking forward to reading it Boo.

  19. It s been some days since I finished this, but I just keep thinking about it and how I want to read it again right now and I want to read everything Lidia has ever written.

  20. This is a dirty little whore of a book Fun, fast paced and freaky Not the beautiful prose of THe Chronology of Water but revelatory of angsty and angry teen girl spirit and strength.

  21. This book could be anywhere between a 3.5 and a 4.5 for me I didn t love it but it was interesting and fast paced enough that I didn t want to put it down Unfortunately there were enough irksome things to almost put me off it I m not interested in reading about teen dramatics even if it is a somewhat clever fictionalised rewrite of a case study of Freud s I don t blame the author for that, so moving on Other irksome things besides how hyper dramatic it was It sometimes verged into unfeasible ter [...]

  22. It comes as no surprise that Chuck Palahniuk wrote the introduction to Lidia Yuknavitch s debut novel, Dora a Headcase Dora after all has been dubbed the girl version of Fight Club Based on Sigmund Freud s most famous case study, Dora is a coming of age story told in a feisty, brutally in your face voice that manages to be beautifully offensive and even endearing Set in contemporary Seattle, Washington, where Ida nicknamed Dora and her group of misfit friends plunder the city with art attacks th [...]

  23. I knew this was going to be Palahniuk inspired I liked most of what I ve read of Chucky P but his newest additions weren t as good as the classics Invisible Monsters, Survivor, Lullaby So this book is about a craaaaazy, Too Hot For TV teenager She pulls crazy art stunts and indulges her every reckless whim She has a tight knit group of friends Her parents are fucked up and negligent.This book is about an ignored teen screaming for attention I loved and identified, big time with the dialogue, but [...]

  24. I wasn t sure I even wanted to read this book A retelling of Freud s quintessential case study but from the perspective of the case study herself Freud in present day Really No one even offers Freudian psychotherapy any and for good reason But after reading the first few pages, I was hooked.Yuknavitch s Dora is a sharp edged hilariously profane Seattle punk being raised by distant dysfunctional wealthy parents She may be a bit savvy than most seventeen year olds and far wittier than any sevente [...]

  25. What do you say about a book that you can t put down, about a strange kid you might really like to know, about an author who gives us her interpretation of Freud s Dora, An Analysis of a Case of Hysteria It s just so shockingly real and surreal that it s hard to believe that someone made it up There s not much point in explaining the plot because what matters is the ride you take with Ida Dora, the teen head case of the title Does she see vaginas vags and penises everywhere Oh yes Does she look [...]

  26. I picked this book out to read because it was described as a female Fight Club and as a contemporary take on Freud s famous Dora case How intriguing is that as a concept I loved Ida Dora Ida Dora replaced her distant, highly successful, self obsessed parents with a supportive, untraditional family While her mother numbed herself, Dora rampaged Her mother gave up on her art because of her pain Dora focused her art around her pain Lost and stubbling, she refused to submit to therapist whose sexis [...]

  27. Lidia Yuknavitch s Dora A Headcase mirrors themes and takes dialogue verbatim from Dora An Analysis of a Case of Hysteria by Sigmeund Freud I haven t read the latter, so my commentary on the intertextuality will be mostly nonexistent,mexcept to say the Freud is a character in the book as well as Jung and psychoanalysis is a major theme of the novel This book is punk as fuck It is tied up in the loose rhythmns of a teenage girl s disastrous life, and the emotional fallout of her family s wreckage [...]

  28. I happened upon this book when trolling the New Fiction bookshelves at the Worcester Public Library a couple of days ago Once I opened to the first page, I couldn t put it down Okay, I m not sure I should admit it, but I LOVED this uber edgy, off beat coming of age novel It s a re telling of the tale of Freud and his adolescent patient Dora , set in 21st century Seattle Seventeen year old Ida Dora is struggling to find her way through her tumultous teenhood, and to make sense of what it means to [...]

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