Christmas at Cold Comfort Farm

Christmas at Cold Comfort Farm What better place to spend the holidays than Cold Comfort Farm Available for the first time since its original publication than fifty years ago Christmas at Cold Comfort Farm is a charming collection

What better place to spend the holidays than Cold Comfort Farm Available for the first time since its original publication than fifty years ago, Christmas at Cold Comfort Farm is a charming collection whose hilarious title story features Christmas dinner with the Starkadders before Flora s arrival With Adam playing Santa while draped in Mrs Starkadders s shawls, What better place to spend the holidays than Cold Comfort Farm Available for the first time since its original publication than fifty years ago, Christmas at Cold Comfort Farm is a charming collection whose hilarious title story features Christmas dinner with the Starkadders before Flora s arrival With Adam playing Santa while draped in Mrs Starkadders s shawls, the family shares their traditional Christmas pudding a m lange containing random objects of doom foretelling the coming year a coffin nail for death, a bad sixpence for financial ruin, and a menthol cone to indicate that the lucky recipient will go blind wi headache These lively tales will delight anyone who loves Stella Gibbons and her signature wit.

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Christmas at Cold Comfort Farm

  1. Stella Dorothea Gibbons was an English novelist, journalist, poet and short story writer.Her first novel, Cold Comfort Farm, won the Femina Vie Heureuse Prize for 1933 A satire and parody of the pessimistic ruralism of Thomas Hardy, his followers and especially Precious Bain by Mary Webb the loam and lovechild genre, as some called it, Cold Comfort Farm introduces a self confident young woman, quite self consciously modern, pragmatic and optimistic, into the grim, fate bound and dark rural scene those novelists tended to portray.

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  1. The one thing everyone seems to know of Stella Gibbons is that she wrote one book Cold Comfort Farm and then she was destined to have it hang around her neck like the famous albatross for the rest of her less than stellar career This may or may not be true, though I remember reading Here be dragons and quite enjoying it, but it cannot be denied that for myself CCF is probably the only book of hers that i would return to That was until I picked this up whilst Christmas shopping in Exeter Ironical [...]

  2. Gibbons is like an edgier L M Montgomery Her characters are terribly concerned with manners and propriety and what the neighbors think.Some of these stories were quite sweet and amusing, but there s nothing here that s going to stick in my memory a month after closing the book.

  3. This book was such a surprise I expected some short stories about England in the 1930 s that were related to Christmas What I discovered were stories that explored the intricacies of life in England as it moved from the Edwardian Age into the Modern Era Gibbons explores deep themes the meaning of life, the role of women, relationships versus isolation in her stories It is a clich to describe stories in a collection such as this as gems, but each of these stories truly is I liked every single one [...]

  4. 4,5 estrellasNavidades en Cold Comfort Farm es solo uno de tantos relatos diecis is que nos entrega esta edici n de Impedimenta Los disfrute mucho aunque solo los dos primeros son relatos de Navidad El mencionado y El Arbolito de Navidad Todos son excelentes, aunque destaco La Marca del Crimen, Hermanas y Vanidad dorada Siempre es un agrado leer a Stella Gibbons.

  5. Rating clarification 3.5 stars.This is a lovely volume of short stories by the author of the classic comic novel Cold Comfort Farm But be warned, they differ in style to that popular novel, all excepting the titular story, Christmas at Cold Comfort Farm, of course Also the title of the collection as a whole is somewhat misleading, as only the fist two stories are Christmas themed.These short stories won t be to everyone s taste as they are period pieces about the upper classes in England during [...]

  6. I m afraid that this book of short stories, rather than being as quirky and arch as the title story and the previous book it was based on, is actually rather painful and haunting I find myself dreading my spinsterhood as example after example of Smart Set who settle are paraded after me I don t know whether I should rejoice that they ve successfully evaded the smug, cruel and immoral Smart Set or mourn that they ve married into the slow, uninteresting or deeply flawed world of convention Let me [...]

  7. It is a smart and enjoyable collection of a short stories Witty, wise, lovely Most of them I really like 1 for The little Christmas Tree I love this atmosphere and characters I would like to read a novel in which this short story is a first chapter I one word lovely.2 for Christmas at Cold Comfort Farm I don t feel it Maybe I didn t understand it.3 To Love and To Cherish It so true and smart Just brilliant insight in one kind of marriages It speaks so much in so little words 4 for The Murder Mar [...]

  8. A collection of short stories written and set pre WWII They are, perforce, very class conscious, with characters who behave as though they re in straitjackets made of conventionality Some, like The Little Christmas Tree or The Hoofer and the Lady, are quite sweet people try to do the right thing and are gently, unobtrusively rewarded for it by making connections with other people who understand and appreciate them Others are terrifyingly sad, like Sisters, in which an older woman tries to help a [...]

  9. Reading Stella Gibbons is like taking a lovely warm bath an inherently comforting experience Obviously the plum in the pudding is her revisiting of the eponymous Cold Comfort Farm on Christmas Day a little before Flora Post makes their aquaintance Here the Christmas gifts are to be given out although with the gothic twist expected of the Stark household Pity the recipient of the coffin nail in the pudding Ada Doom, the matriarch of the clan, commands her descendants to Be Gay, Spawn a line which [...]

  10. I rather LIKE dated, period stories.After a reading a couple of these, however, one has pretty much met the characters or character types that will appear in the next story one reads, and the next These people are engaging enough, and the atmosphere is pleasant The trick would be to read them with a nice long time for forgetting in between Ah, perhaps the title is a reader s clue slip into a dressing gown, obtain a cup or tea or a gin fizz and read one of these tales every Christmas.

  11. As a departure from tradition, this year I have picked Christmas at Cold Comfort Farm as my December read rather than A Christmas Carol I love Stella Gibbons and not just for the Starkadder related shenanigans, I read Starlight last year over Hallowe en and it alternately unnerved and enthralled me Although only one of the stories relates to Cold Comfort Farm, the collection still has a cosy and familiar feel, perfect fare for nippy December mornings on the bus or indeed chilly evenings snuggled [...]

  12. I have been looking forward so much to reading these stories, although I approached it nervously as I had read some fairly luke warm reviews If anything I was disappointed in the title story it was too short I wanted , the only other Christmassy story was charming though Overall I so enjoyed these old fashioned stories, and it has made me want to read Stella Gibbons I of course read Cold Comfort farm years and years ago, and it is now time for a re read I think I also have Westwood and Starligh [...]

  13. Both the cover and the title of this short story collection are misleading If you are looking for Christmas mood and cheer, I cannot recommend it Out of 17 stories, only two of them have anything to do with Christmas one of them being the titular story of the Starkadder family of Cold Comfort Farm It s a prequel, of sorts, of the well known comic novel And if you enjoy a bit of black humour, and have had a surfeit of sentimentality and picture perfect Christmas tableaux, then you will enjoy this [...]

  14. Take a look at the shelves of a second hand bookshop or, even mournful, the library of a country hotel with pretensions It s where books go to die, standing unread and unremarked upon bookshelves, their authors names slowly fading It s an achievement in itself to get a book published but then what A career, if you re lucky, writing, but those melancholy shelves tell the likely truth most writers are forgotten as completely as most books.So, in that respect, Stella Gibbons is luckier than most o [...]

  15. This is light and enjoyable, but a little samey I m pretty sure that these stories were not written with the intention of forming a coherent book, but were just collected together after they had appeared individually in other books This means that there s not a huge amount of variation in theme, which is generally either about repressed, unhappy marriages, or repressed, unhappy nearly spinsters They are beautifully written, and Gibbons turn of phrase was beautiful and unusual in places She draws [...]

  16. A series of sophisicated and deliciously sly attacks on modernity Although these are short stories, you become as involved with thecharacters as in a novel The story I enoyed most More than kind but my favourtiote quotes comes from The friend of man She felt that if she had to spend another year of interesting, congenial work during the days, and sensitive, cultured, intelligent talk in the evenings, she would go mad or die p 211 Like too many views, this one over Buckinghamshire consisted chief [...]

  17. This was my Christmas read for 2013 Despite a little initial disappointment that the book contains only two Christmas themed stories, that feeling was ameliorated by the quality of the writing.Mainly concerned with the doings of middle to upper class folks of the inter war years, if there is a connecting motif between the stories it would seem to be that of redemption, perhaps making an Easter marketing appropriate though probably less lucrative.These are quiet stories about people trying to fi [...]

  18. The Christmas pudding at Cold Comfort Farm will foretell the doom that is to happen in the coming year Just pray you don t get the coffin nail In sixteen stories staring everyone from the Starkadders to a young rich girl obsessed with a dancer, to a librarian who thinks she s in love with a writer who happens to be not what she thinks, to people with double standards who ruin the lives of others, Stella Gibbons s short stories are sweet but insightful and thankfully back in print Fans of Cold Co [...]

  19. Publicado en lecturaylocura navidades eLa publicaci n hace algunos a os de La hija de Robert Poste fue un bombazo para la editorial Impedimenta, fue una de esas sorpresas que la gente recomendaba naturalmente, el boca a boca o boca a oreja sirvi para auparla y convertirla en un cl sico de obligada visita, una diversi n muy loca y metaficcional con las andanzas de un grupo de brutos ingleses que son visitados por la refinada Flora Poste y hace que cambien sus vidas no en vano llevan ya 19 edicion [...]

  20. I got a copy of this short story anthology just to read it s title selection Christmas At Cold Comfort Farm set pre Flora Poste at Cold Comfort It was hilarious full of Gibbons signature wit This anthology is well worth seeking out just for this story.Held separately, the other stories in this anthology are quite dated in their outlook, and problematic for the modern reader Although there are glimpses of Saki like humor scattered here and there, the problem comes in that every story implies that [...]

  21. I received a copy of the 1943 edition of this book for Christmas from a very good friend, and I think it s fair to say that it isn t something I would have bought for myself It s an anthology of short stories, only one of which takes place at Cold Comfort Farm, and to be perfectly frank the quality of them varies tremendously Also, rather too many of them focus on the notion that a woman s only true calling in life is to be married and have children a point of view which was surely out of date a [...]

  22. The blurb on the edition I read reads as follows You re reading Christmas with your in laws You ve got a cold coming on You re worried you ve forgotten to buy a gift for somebody Apply this book to the affected area You should soon feel like your old cheerful self again Christmas as Cold Comfort Farm will remind you that Christmasisa magical time of year and that romance can blossom in the least likely of places This is deceptive marketing Firstly, there is nothing to suggest in either title or [...]

  23. Stella Gibbon s Cold Comfort Farm CCF is among my favorite books, so I had high hopes for this collection of short stories, finally available in the US and bonus with an introduction by Alexander McCall Smith My first disappointment was that only one of the short stories in the collection was about CCF and, although it had a few funny lines, it wasn t anything special overall and didn t add anything new And, it didn t answer the burning questions WHAT was nasty in the woodshed and WHAT debt did [...]

  24. I thoroughly enjoyed Christmas at Cold Comfort Farm by Stella Gibbons I love her book Cold Comfort Farm and the movie based on it so I had to check this out when I saw it on the library shelf One minor caution there is only one story about the family from the Cold Comfort Farm, and it s one of the least impressive in the collection Still, I forgive whoever named the book after that story because I would probably not have noticed the book otherwise The collection was first published in 1940, and [...]

  25. I bought this book to see if it would make a good Christmas gift for my mum and mum in law previous books I ve bought them have been described as a bit racy I m not sure if this was a criticism or a request for of the same I decided this isn t a good Christmas book because most of the stories aren t Christmas themed They are still well written and entertaining though Because these stories were written around eighty five years ago, and because they appeared in publications like The Lady, Good Ho [...]

  26. The title of this collection of short stories is a little misleading It would be easy to suppose that these are stories entirely related to Gibbons most famous creation, Cold Comfort Farm However, only one story in the collection ticks this box, and only two of the stories have a Christmas setting The other stories are generally themed around unassuming women who find true love and conventional happiness at the conclusion One of the stories, Cake, makes for uncomfortable reading to a modern sens [...]

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