All My Love, Detrick

All My Love Detrick Set during the Holocaust All My Love Detrick is a family saga It follows the lives of two families one German and the other Jewish They are bound together by a forbidden love that could destroy the

Set during the Holocaust, All My Love, Detrick is a family saga It follows the lives of two families, one German and the other Jewish They are bound together by a forbidden love that could destroy them all.

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All My Love, Detrick

  1. I m an American writer of Jewish and Romany decent I write Historical Fiction and Historical Romance, most of which is set during the holocaust Although I never discount the horrors of the time period, the main focus of my work is on ordinary people who prove to be strong heroic characters in unfathomable circumstances.Facebook Author page facebook Rkagan4Facebook Book Club facebook groups 14942Also check out my interviews indieauthoranonymous 2012 drunkenspacepenguinsp

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  1. When I was a child my mother had a black suitcase in the basement She forbid me to look inside When I was alone one afternoon I rushed to open the valise Inside I found pictures and letters The letters were written in a foreign language Later I would learn that they were in German I would also come to learn that my mother s entire extended family had perished under the Nazi Regimen and that these few items were all she had left of them She had tried to shelter me, but it was not sheltering that [...]

  2. ETA I am absolutely fed up with having to justify my reviews about books like this to fans of the holocaust romance erotica genre Have the nicety and stay on your own review space Leave mine alone Further comments arguing with my negative take of such dreck will be deleted The author needs to book a 101 course in history and learn how to do research This is abusing the holocaust for a check in the bank.

  3. This book seemed suited for YA readers, however the history of German Jewry during the 1930 s wasn t well researched and there were numerous mistakes in depicting how they lived The editing was poor and so much of this story was over simplified Really not a good adult read.

  4. All My Love, Detrick,Could have been great What started out as a good engrossing read, became bogged down with endless name tags, passive sentences, character stories that didn t add to the work and a major chronological problem.Con sI don t know how many times we are told who s talking when it s only two people Detrick 700 times Leah 404 The majority of the sentences were supposed to be active, yet the insertion of had made them passive 800 uses I m confused on why we are told of the life Dorot [...]

  5. I finished this book in just a few hours and couldn t turn away I adore this writer s style, and this sad and horrific part of history has always been such an awful thing to learn about, to watch, to read about, it is to me, one of the worst things in all of time Roberta Kagan is a brilliant author, of what I consider a soon to be classic I would recommend this book to anybody and hope to read from Roberta Kagan in the near future She seems to have a part of the characters in herself, it amazes [...]

  6. I really wanted to give stars for the idea of the book and the parts that made me cry, but it was so disjointed Facts were placed that seemed awkward and disrupted the flow of the book Characters were also developed and dropped I was a bit disappointed for sure

  7. This was the first book by this author I have read over the last year I ve taken an interest in holocaust based fiction not really knowing what to expect This authors style of writing is strange, a little blunt but easily read The chapters are short making it easy to digest this book features over a hundred and twenty I enjoyed the storyline and the characters, I can appreciate where other reviewers have noted strong stereotypes but I enjoyed it nonetheless Parts of the book seem rushed, almost [...]

  8. This was a serious book It was free on my Kindle and of course I had to download it It is with a heavy heart that I tell you this is one of the best ooks that I have ever read I found myself cheering and crying at the same time in parts I loved it even though I hated the fact that it was written about a time that has changed the face of the World The horrors that were brought upon some of the kindest and gentlest people for no reason but the way they believed is unfathomable to me Could I have b [...]

  9. EXCELLENT EXAMPLE OF THE HOLOCAUSTVery well written book in which the author paints pictures with words The characters and events are so realistic that you feel as if you were right there as an observer, not merely as a reader Further, you relate to the emotions felt by the characters whether good or evil and see them as they were intended to be seen All My Love, Detrick will reach into your heart and make you cry, smile, laugh, experience joy, fear, hope, defeat, and sympathy It runs the gamut [...]

  10. Horrible Not well researched, written, or edited I couldn t even finish this book, it was so cheesy, almost to the point of being offensive to the subject matter.

  11. I finished this book in just a few hours and couldn t turn away I adore this writer s style, although this is a sad and horrific part of history that has always been such an awful thing to learn about, to watch, to read about It is to me, one of the worst things in all of time I found myself cheering and crying at the same time in parts I loved it even though I hated the fact that it was written about a time that has changed the face of the World The horrors that were brought upon some of the ki [...]

  12. I love to read books like these regarding the holocaust So much is written but mainly they are written by people that survived While I enjoy those too, I like to read the books that have fictious characters but are historically accurate and this is one of those books I am not going to spoil the ending but I cried like a baby and wondered why the author chose the ending to end that way Then my logical self explores and realizes that most stories based on the holocaust are ugly and heartbreaking s [...]

  13. I enjoyed this book and I think that the setting and the characters were realistic and the storyline developed nicely I definitely cared about the characters and remained interested in their stories until the end I m not typically a big fan of romance y stories but the romance, although central to the story, did not overtake the story about the world events going on at the time, which is key for me When I read the story, I was concerned about the number of editing errors, and was actually able t [...]

  14. This was a freebie on and I d been putting off reading it as I haven t really enjoyed any freebies but this one is excellent well edited and a gripping storyline I loved the way the author wrote about an array of characters so you could see how the nazi regime affected people so differently I will admit to crying at the end Would definitely recommend this book.

  15. This is a moving story that follows two families intertwined paths through the rise of Nazi Germany Though the history will be familiar to most, Kagan puts a human face to the tragedy and, with an ensemble cast, brings a wide lens view to the history She weaves suspense, romance and history into one engaging and touching novel.

  16. The story is compelling and I am glad I read it, but the craft needs work The chapters are really short, and some of the sub plots could have been great books Dorothy s and Karl s come to mind I wish this book had ended differently The characters are fictional and could have gotten a happy ending Of course, I usually read romance, not tragedies Happy reading

  17. All My Love, Detrick was a frustrating read I kept hoping for the book to get better but to no avail It bounces around from character to character and leaves some characters without an ending Overall, I didn t enjoy the read.

  18. Disappointed I was looking so forward to reading this but i found it lacking Lacking enough not to finish The story could be a great one but the writing lacks richness and depth that i would normally expect from a novel intended for an adult audience Shelved after 6 very short choppy chapters.

  19. A Historical novel of Love and Survival during The HolocaustBook 1, in the All My Love Detrick Series All My Love Detrick tells the story of a Jewish girl and a German boy who fall in love just as Hitler is appointed Chancellor of Germany This is a very human and a most touching fiction of forbidden love and friendship I read in a long time The story begins in 1923 when Detrick Haswell was seven years old, the timeline and narrative travels through the 30 s, WW11 and some years later.This is a s [...]

  20. Meh Not horrible, but I ve certainly read better I got the first three books of this series for free, so will probably go on to read the next This one reads like young adult fiction I m still trying to decide if I am offended by the light tone taken with such a dark periods, kind of Then again, I didn t live the history, so I m not familiar with the coping mechanisms necessary to survive that period We all like to think we d be better.

  21. This is a love story set in Nazi Germany.Detrick is an Aryan, living in Berlin, who, for years, has worked in the bicycle repair shop of Jacob Abdenstern Accompanying Jacob home one night, Detrick meets Leah, his daughter There is an instant attraction between them They have to keep their romance very quiet, because, in Nazi Germany, any public affection between an Aryan and a Jew is very illegal Detrick is extremely uninterested in anything to do with the Nazi Party.Karl, Leah s brother, is one [...]

  22. The idea for the novel was good, but the writing was so bad I was already struggling to finish the book, but when the author compared love to magical butter, I knew it was a lost cause I had to force myself to finish the book I can t believe there are

  23. First of all, please keep in mind that I am a crotchety old man fast approaching 73 My usual authors are writers like Follett, Jack Higgins, Robert Parker, Baldacci, Thor and Connelly In other words, Manly Men type writers I enjoy hard boiled detective novels, WW2 novels that pull no punches and hard hitting action I have never, to my knowledge, read a Romance novel in my life Nowwith all that said, Let me tell you that All My Love, Detrick is a book I could NOT put down I guess they call this a [...]

  24. It is hard to say I ever enjoy stories of the Holocaust and the tribulations of the Jewish people, but I do often find them compelling There might not be any other period of time that offers so much of true tragedy for an author to tap I am sorry to say, this effort fell flat for me I never felt involved with the characters, so I felt of the general feeling of sorrow that these events represent than any real empathy with the situations of these specific people Perhaps it was Kagan s attempt to [...]

  25. Given To Me For An Honest ReviewAll My Love, Detrick A Holocaust Novel by Roberta Kagan is a must read by all It shows the beginning of the Holocaust from the eyes of the people involved This book will grab you and hold you down You will watch the pages turn and turn and turn some until you reach the end It is that good There are many twists and turns It is a love story between Detrick, a German and Leah a Jewish woman There love and relationship was illegal and they both could have been killed [...]

  26. I searched for best books about the Holocaust and this book was on the list It got good reviews so I tried it The synopsis was very short and I wasn t sure what to expect and I didn t exactly expect this book to be what it was but I was very pleasantly surprised I thought this book was fantastic and am anxious to read the next book in the series This book wasn t full of doom and gloom as I thought it would be, it simply told an excellent story I did read some negative reviews in which people sai [...]

  27. This is a love story set in Nazi Germany and is the tale of Detrick a German and Leah a Jew he loves It is a rather light read and skips much if the pure horror of that time and place Several interesting characters flesh out the story each with their own subplot Not a heavy read but a decent story anyway.

  28. The struggle of a young German man during the Hitler years when he becomes involved with a Jewish family The love this man shows is immense as well as his tenacity in showing his love I would recommend this to anyone who likes to read historical fiction.

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