James Potter and the Morrigan Web

James Potter and the Morrigan Web As James Potter returns to Hogwarts in the wake of the Night of the Unveiling he discovers that even in the protected center of the magical world nothing is quite the same Despite the Ministry s ef

As James Potter returns to Hogwarts in the wake of the Night of the Unveiling , he discovers that even in the protected center of the magical world, nothing is quite the same.Despite the Ministry s efforts, the Vow of Secrecy is crumbling the world over, eroding age old safeguards and threatening magical and Muggle governments with dark magic conspiracies.Amidst the turmoAs James Potter returns to Hogwarts in the wake of the Night of the Unveiling , he discovers that even in the protected center of the magical world, nothing is quite the same.Despite the Ministry s efforts, the Vow of Secrecy is crumbling the world over, eroding age old safeguards and threatening magical and Muggle governments with dark magic conspiracies.Amidst the turmoil, a gravely suspicious new headmaster, Rechtor Grudje, institutes Draconian security measures hinting at dictatorial control than safety.At the same time, an international exchange program allows students from Hogwarts, Alma Aleron, Durmstrang, Beauxbatons and a mysterious fifth school to attend each others classes, introducing an entirely new social dynamic and potential for exploration Along with Alma Aleron s Zane Walker, this brings a new face to Hogwarts, the infuriating yet intriguing Natasia Hendrix, who harbors her own complicated and far reaching secrets.As the school year progresses, James works is gradually overshadowed by a growing danger known as the Morrigan Web, a mythical, magical doomsday weapon which threatens to tumble the entire world, Muggle and magical alike, into the hands of the vicious Lady of the Lake.In the center of it all, Petra Morganstern and her sister Izzy the Sister Fates of the Lady of the Lake move quietly in the shadows, out of sight, weaving their own mysterious master plan.

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James Potter and the Morrigan Web

  1. G. Norman Lippert Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the James Potter and the Morrigan Web book, this is one of the most wanted G. Norman Lippert author readers around the world.

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  1. In an update to my review, the book continues At present mid July 2013 Mr Lippert is releasing this book one chapter at a time via JamesPotterSeries This is expected tho last for about a month, after which it will be released in full The book is given away for free, but readers may buy a coffee for Mr Lippert via PayPal donation on the site I have loved all the books, and found it well worth donating some to help this author continue writing the books we love Let s all keep the books coming Prev [...]

  2. There are only 47 pages available to read so far, but they are intense, descriptive and captivating I do hope the balance of the novel is finished soon, as I am most anxious to see how all the story lines mesh and resolve each issue Read three short stories by the author here harrysfirstchristmas and scroll to the bottom to the forum to find the link to the 47 page PDF file that is the book so far jamespotterseries chapters JPMW_iDirect link

  3. This is a fabulous serieshave shared it with everyone at work For those who haven t been able to download the 47 pages, you need to go to Norman Lippert s website On the page that has his short stories available for download which you can download to your bookshelf in iBook also , scroll to the bottom of the page and go on the Grotto Forum the forum, you will be able to go on a link to download the first 47 pages I am so excited by finding a new author, that I have purchased 2 of his books that [...]

  4. Whew Thanks Men In Black and Bewitched for being the jump off point for J.K Rowling s Harry Potter If it weren t for you, G Norman Lippert would not have been able to take James Potter and made his fourth book, well at least the first 47 pages of it, the best in the magical world These 47 pages have me so psyched out I am absolutely mad about this book I ve read the it three times already, imagining where it s going to go I will never read another book until I read this finished book So it s up [...]

  5. This was a great read so far Very disappointing that the author Isn t being taken seriously because it is considered fan literature He s taken the concept and made it completely his own I would buy all his novels and put them on the shelf alongside the original series Can t help but think that JK Rowling would appreciate these herself Here is the link to read the beginning of the 4th, and final for now book There are only 47 pages available to read so farRead three short stories by the author he [...]

  6. After the poor performance in the third book, I approached this one with lessened expectations and actually found it a return to form in many ways Characters were developed better and the annoying trend of fully capable eleven year olds came to a halt with Lily Potter though I find the idea that James is intimidated by an eleven year old enough to give up the invisibility cloak something that no fourteen year old boy would be in actual life especially if it s his baby sister But that was the onl [...]

  7. This book was.icated There was alot going on all at one time The ending subsided pretty good, but some things I just wasn t satisfied with First off, it was a little silly for Dumbledore to come back Not even just impractical, it was cheesy I could have done without that Also, I didn t like Nastasia s fate just left hanging Does she die or does she end up fine Whatever happened to Timothy What was his punishment, and what was the conclusion of all of the world leaders that had evacuated the Grea [...]

  8. WOWZERS Loved it Anxiously awaiting Mr Lippert to resume writing it I added this book to myself and created the cover from some graphics on the web and using Gimp Also I read it on my Kindle I used Calibre Sigil and created both an EPUB and a MOBI.The completed book certainly lived up to my expectations It is a fantastically well crafted story with a whole lot of surprises and also a lot of pathos and some nostalgia thrown in at the end.I d sure like to see the Potter cinema franchise add this s [...]

  9. James Potter and the Morrigan Web is the 4th book in the series It is in a genre called fan fiction, which means that is is based on the ever popular Harry Potter series, but not written by the same author This being the case, Norman Lippert does a wonderful job staying true to the charcters and the places of the original book Now, for my little soapbox speech, since this is fan fiction, you can not buy these books They are only available for free on his website Yep, he doesn t get a dime for wr [...]

  10. WOW is all I can manage Action packed, this installment will have your gears turning from start to finish And I guarantee your mind will be blown with the conclusion I haven t flown through a book this quickly in ages I can t wait to find out what happens next

  11. This book was my favourite of all the books Mr Lippert has written in the JP series.Like many other readers, I found it difficult at times to align the actual age of the characters and their behaviours, responses to certain events as well as how they were treated James was portrayed as far older than he actually was, and treated by Harry Potter as such Of course I understand the concept of how Harry would not want to be as unhelpful as he had found many adults when he was younger, but the gap wa [...]

  12. Confession I read this book even before finishing the 3rd book I know, I know But here s the thing As what the author mentioned, it does not give anything away and he is open to any speculations as to how things turn out for young James and his band of misfits He gave a hint though about Lucy and Merlins demise.I have loved the book ever since one of my friends told me about it I have shared it with several other librocubicularists and everyone is doing the same If there is an online petition or [...]

  13. There aren t enough words to describe how much I love this series of books I have honestly felt like a child again, these stories have given me the same warm tingly feeling that Harry Potter always had If anyone hasn t read these so far I suggest that you do, no actually, I don t suggest you do, I demand that you do Honestly you will thank me later It is the perfect mix of fantasy, sci fi and mythology for me and I hope to the highest mights of the universe that G Norman Lippert is able to finis [...]

  14. I feel like a dweeb reading these, but they don t even seem like fan fiction I really enjoy them and I m hoping for in the future

  15. Update wonderful book The James Potter Series completely satisfied my craving for of the world of Harry Potter.

  16. 4.5 stars This book was written with the same charm that sucked me into the first of the James Potter books While there were definitely some parts of the story I could have dealt without, I truly enjoyed this installment of the series It kept me enthralled for most of the entire story, and I loved the end scene with the mirror It brought a tear to my eye While I am a Harry Potter purist, Lippert makes it his own, and makes it something enjoyable There are parts when I have to remind myself that [...]

  17. Just when is the cutoff for Autumn I m hoping in your mind that means October And not November Can t take the suspense

  18. I m sure this could be a very entertaining sequel, but there is no way to download or purchase What s up with that

  19. I really really want Lippert to finish this book and keep writing this series I m sad that there is nothing to read and hope to read of this story Please keep writing it

  20. The latest installment in the James Potter series deals with the aftermath of the unveiling of the wizard world to the Muggles Petra is public enemy 1, no one but James seems to believe that Judith exists, Harry is being shut out of Ministry affairs, Hogwarts has another oppressive headmaster, an evil twin of Albus Dumbledore seems to be on the loose, and a powerful weapon called the Morrigan Web may be in development Oh, and evil wizards are also trying to take over the Muggle world under the g [...]

  21. I love the continuation of the Potter universe Mr Lippert you do it really well Sometimes your writing style can be a little slow to get in to but I do find that on the whole it is similar to what the originals were like I didn t like the American setting in the last book but I loved the different cultures you portrayed in this book mainly because it was set back in Hogwarts A couple of things I will say 1 There is not much use of spells in the book and James seems pretty much useless Another th [...]

  22. I am not too familiar about fan fiction etiquette and rulesbut if I were J K Rowling, I would have used everything in my sphere of influence to publish the James Potter books Given that everything started with Ms Rowling s works, this fan fiction series, on its own, is just super awesome Similar to the Harry Potter s books, each installment in the series tops the previous one the characters grow, the story intensifies Not only once or twice, while reading the Morrigan Web, did I think that the c [...]

  23. What an emotional roller coaster A must read for any true Harry Potter fan As life continues on for James his family and friends since the unveiling of New Amsterdam, things seem to be getting worse and worse A new Headmaster is appointed by the Ministry of Magic to replace the late Merlinus, which can only mean trouble and proves to be so New rules are implemented, all in the name of safety for the school and its students A new foreign exchange program, so to say, is being forced on the student [...]

  24. Another brilliant piece in the series by Lippert I m so glad I discovered James Potter Unlike Rowling s series where there was a concrete, palpable enemy linking the seven books, James story is of a struggle against an abstract enemy taking the form of the Progressive Element or WULF, and eventually FATE in the form of Lady of the Lake Many of the key characters are grey than black and white Merlin, Petra and the story had a wider global scope than Rowling s Hogwarts world I absolutely love Zan [...]

  25. This was an excellent installment in the James Potter series and the best written one yet Mr Lippert s chops as a writer are definitely honed and delivering excellent plots and and story More than any other of his stories so far, I felt I was fully involved in the world of Harry Potter and Hogwarts in particular His full opus is evolving nicely, and this story was quite the ride The surprises he brought along kept my mind amused and my need to expolore the Harry James Potter universe well entert [...]

  26. The fourth and longest to date and most comfortably familiar, as we now know the JP world, and the arc returns to Hogwarts I continue to be impressed by his ability to remain faithful without imitating these are very much his own work, complexly plotted and, well, not quite as smooth not a bad thing, per se, just a different feel This installment really showcases the biggest difference it s a labor of love for himself, his family, other fans and as such he draws in just about anything any fan w [...]

  27. Wow While there were certainly the same cliche issues as I found in the other books, especially this last one, I found this book to be EXTREMELY poignant I almost cried at the end with the mirror scene I love how Lippert brings the original Harry Potter books to mind by creating J.K Rowling into a character, and bringing in Muggles who know about the stories I found the growth of the characters immense and well done, and the dialogue was much much better Although it still seemed a little contriv [...]

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