Accidentally in Love with...a God?

Accidentally in Love with a God Twenty two year old Emma Keane has a secret friend He s powerful mysterious and devastatingly handsome In her dreams anyway In real life he s an enigma Maybe just a teensie jealous Definitely over

Twenty two year old Emma Keane has a secret friend He s powerful, mysterious, and devastatingly handsome In her dreams, anyway.In real life, he s an enigma Maybe just a teensie jealous Definitely overbearing He s also a voice only she can hear.So who or what is he He won t say But if she wants to be free, to be normal, Emma will have to trek to the jungles once ruleTwenty two year old Emma Keane has a secret friend He s powerful, mysterious, and devastatingly handsome In her dreams, anyway.In real life, he s an enigma Maybe just a teensie jealous Definitely overbearing He s also a voice only she can hear.So who or what is he He won t say But if she wants to be free, to be normal, Emma will have to trek to the jungles once ruled by the Mayans and find the forgotten ruin holding the answers.However, the ruthless deity she s about to unknowingly unleash on the modern world, might not be so easily extracted from her life Bottom line, he s got enemies, and now, so does she.

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Accidentally in Love with...a God?

  1. Because Mimi wants to focus on writing and her freakin awesome fans, she does NOT monitor this site PLEASE GO TO her Facebook FAN PAGE facebook groups MimiJor her website mimijean, and sign up for her newsletter if you want the latest FREEBIES and news S.F Native, MIMI JEAN PAMFILOFF is a USA Today and New York Times bestselling romance author Although she obtained her MBA and worked for than 15yrs in the corporate world, she believes that it s never too late to come out of the romance closet and follow your dreams Mimi lives with her hubby, two pirates in training their boys , and the rat terrier duo, Snowflake and Mini Me, in Arizona She hopes to make you laugh when you need it most and continues to pray daily that leather pants will make a big comeback for men.

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  1. This was a riveting paranormal romance story, full of fun, humor, and excitement that kept me up reading late into the night Initially, I didn t expect much from this book, but it turned out to be a pleasant surprise for me.Emma Keane had never experienced a normal life like other girls Ever since she could remember, she d heard the man s voice talking to her, and it d driven her crazy to the point that she couldn t stand it any The only way to get rid of him was to go into the Mexican jungle wh [...]

  2. I m being generous with my stars because this book made me laugh Anytime a book can accomplish this, I give an extra star for a tip.Got to remember to tip them extra for doing math So, we have Emma, who by all accounts seems to be schizophrenic She has a voice in her head that talks back to her Get this girl a giant dose of Thorazine See There s a bright side to everything But, alas, Emma is not crazy, she has just been talking to a god all of her life He s trapped in a jar I hate when that happ [...]

  3. If you re interested in getting a chance to win a signed paperback with the original cover Author is having a giveaway over at her fan page facebook groups MimiJEnds 06 22 2017 A great introduction to a new paranormal romance I really don t do these because I think I m terrible at them, so forgive me beforehand This is my very first book review.What I really noticed first about this book were the pre hispanic mythological deities on the cover Well doh I m at least 1 4 hispanic But I really loved [...]

  4. The main girl, Emma whine, whine, whine, be judgmental, whine, whine, be self absorbed The main guy, Guy I m being secretive for your own good I am sure it is the intention of the author to make Emma whine during her distressing circumstances as Emma was described as whiny in the words of the book What I am not sure is if I am supposed to react to all of this positively Was I supposed to find Emma whining as realistic because a person in her situation would complain about it Was I supposed to fi [...]

  5. Accidentally in Love with A God is the first book in Mimi Jean Pamfiloff s Accidentally Yours series It s a light read with a fun mix of fantasy and paranormal romance, infused with gods, goddesses, curses, plans for world domination and, most importantly, hot, sexy men Cover Twenty two year old Emma Keane has a secret friend He s powerful, mysterious, and devastatingly handsome In her dreams, anyway.In real life, he s an enigma Maybe just a teensie jealous Definitely overbearing He s also a voi [...]

  6. Emma Keane is 22 years old and just wants to be a normal, single woman She wants to go out on normal dates, flirt, have fun But that s a little hard to do when you have had a voice in your head your entire life, a very sexy voice at that But he s always there, intruding, bossing her around, being protective of her She wonders if she is crazy Especially when the voice whom she has named Guy, convinces her that she must travel to Mexico deep into the jungle to free him from captivity where he has [...]

  7. The world of this novel is fascinating It kept me going through almost two thirds of the book with poor characterization and a flat story.I kind of wanted to like Emma She s sweet, but with a hard edge that makes her unafraid to push back on some awful behavior by Guy or anybody else, for that matter Unfortunately, she s also either prone to wild mood swings or subject to an author s taste for needless drama I lean towards the latter that has her continually signing up for abuse.And Guy is just [...]

  8. I m sorry but I can t stand either of the main characters and I don t really care what happens to them I gave up at 42%Emma has done nothing but moan and complain about everything since the very first page Admittedly Guy would irritate the heck out of anyone but that doesn t mean I want to listen to her whining on for page after page Guy talks to Emma like crap even though she is going out of her way to rescue him He constantly belittles her and keeps secrets that put her in danger for no appare [...]

  9. 3.5 starsThis man, or whatever he was, radiated hazard He should come equipped with a set of blinking lights or flares He was bad Very, very, bad.I m a sucker for a good PNR Add in a feisty heroine and a sexy hero, and I m one happy girl So why didn t I love this book It had all the right ingredients for a 5 star read for me Humor, great writing, rich world building, action, it had it all Maybe it s a case of me being too picky, maybe not But for whatever reason, this came out to be just an OK r [...]

  10. Although I feel I m being a little generous with the rating for a couple of reasons I will mention later I ll still say that this book is awesome if only for the fact I was cracking up like a schoolgirl while reading it.The heroine of this book is extremely likable She s feisty and snarky and at times, absolutely mad She s been hearing a man in her head ever since she could remember so she named him Guy and just learned to live with it I liked her spirit, completely unbreakable.Step away, Edward [...]

  11. Right away I was struck with out much I liked Emma when the story started She is the queen of one liner s and she has a pocket where she stores problems she can t deal with Well in this story she must have over filled that pocket over and over One thing that did get me about her was there seemed to be a love triangle that really didn t make me happy Most of the time I was kind of in a jumble of how she felt because she flipped back and forth a lot.Voltan, Guy or whatever you want to call him man [...]

  12. copy provided by publisher through NetGalley She s been hearing his voice in her head for her entire life But recently he s become a real pain, preventing her from getting a life read love life She really needs to get this guy out of her head.And he has a solution travel to Mexico and free him.Mexico, Mayan ruins, ancient gods, ancient god feuds, an ancient god with a hunky voice and later on a hunky body Seems like my sort of book, right Unfortunately, wrong.I just couldn t get into the story, [...]

  13. Accidentally in love with a god is the first book in Mimi Jean Pamfiloff Accidentally yours series I read her first book in the spin off of this series called Immortal matchmaker, inc and liked it so much I decided to try this book Well this book is not as good as the Immortal matchmaker book but i still liked it.I really didn t care for the heroine Emma really at all I will say towards the middle of the book she seemed ok but you could tell she was a young girl I would of guessed maybe 16 or 1 [...]

  14. From Netgalley in exchange for an honest review I m really torn about reviewing and rating this book I loved the writing ,the alternate POV , heroine s was first POV and the hero s was third POV which suited the story really well The storytelling was great ,there was enough humor ,drama and action to make this a very exciting book.Unfortunately the romance didn t work for me or I better say it was non existence The hero was somehow bonded to the heroine for her whole life and she could hear him [...]

  15. ACCIDENTALLY IN LOVE WITHA GOD a Paranormal Romance Accidentally Yours Kindle Edition Mimi Jean Pamfiloff is hysterical This is the first in her Accidentally Yours series Can t wait for .You will love Emma and the arrogant god she can t see She does not dare let people find out she has a relationship with someone she only knows through dialogue in her thoughts Her friends and family will think she is bonkers.But when he calls her into the heart of the Mayan jungle to free him from some ancient r [...]

  16. Hillarious I loved the mental banter between Guy and Emma, really well written me up late at night with my husband saying Seriously, are you still reading Mimi, you are one of my new favorite authors Keep it up

  17. Probably of a 2.5 star but I rounded up And those stars a purely for the story its self because I did find that interesting But omg the main characters pretty much annoyed the shit out of me the whole book SO MUCH ANGST.

  18. I think I have found a new author to followI m assuming if you ve gotten to the reviews that you ve read the synopsis No need for me to retell the story here If you like a spunky humurous leading lady then this is the book for you.I loved the Emma s spunky attitude, she was no wilting violet I also loved that she had a shock threshold She dealt with most things in as best she could and some things she didn t handle so well She wasn t perfect, but I appreciated that as well Of course, I loved Guy [...]

  19. I don t think I can even give it 2.5 stars This did bring the funny, but the 2 MC s were just too much to even make me appreciate the funny I put the audiobook at 1.5 speed with the hope that I didn t waste my money yesterday on the Kindle Daily Deals for books 2 3 Good narrator I m continuing because the author is humorous, and Jilly said they get better I ll try book 2 after I finish up The Emperor s Railroad So, likely tomorrow So, I just basically wrote a review via comment to Jilly s review [...]

  20. 5 full starsWhy Because I have never laughed so much while reading a novel Yeah, you don t want to read this in public.I could not put it down or turn Kindle off It was funny, witty, refreshing and sexy as hell.EmmaEmma doesn t date much or at all and lives a pretty common life Well, not so common, cause there s this sexy voice that only she can hear Votanis the very very cruel and immortal god of war Votan, wait no Guy cause after seventy thousand years he s decided that Votan got old and he li [...]

  21. SoI came across this book by accident on and thought with a great price like this, why not I love paranormal stories with gods goddesses And I like reading new authors because you never know who might be your next new favorite I was not disappointed I like Pamfiloff s tone through out the entire book She is funny It was kind of Kresley Cole esque but with a lighter tone There s a Nucking Futs Nix like character goddess named Cimil Me likey a lot I wanted to smack Emma a couple of timese is foolh [...]

  22. Mostly loved itI love the world that this story creates The gods, Maaskabs, and Uchbans are very interesting and a bit mysterious I thought Emma and Guy were a mess I can understand that they have been living intimately in Emma s head her whole life, but it is hard to see them hurt each other throughout the story The constant back and forth was a bit tedious after a while and Emma was a bit dramatic This is a great example of love making people nuts.

  23. Loved it Loved it Loved it this book is funny, cute, lovable, jajajaja fairy tale predictable but I loved it

  24. Reviewed for THC ReviewsI m beginning to wonder what s going on with the seemingly recent trend in which novels that are marketed as romance contain very little actual romance to speak of I ve read three books in the last month that were like this with Accidentally in Love with a God being the latest I find this very frustrating, since I read romance for the romance not the action, adventure, fantasy, sci fi, humor or other elements that seem to jam pack these books of late In my opinion, if it [...]

  25. I needed a break from all of these HP books I ve been reading for the past four months and Accidentally in Love witha God was exactly what I need It s the first book in the Accidentally Yours by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff I actually had this book on my reader for a while and I don t know why I ve been putting this one off because this one turned out fine for me Better than fine, actually It made me laugh, it made me smile, it gave me butterflies, and it s deliciously sexy From the start, the characters [...]

  26. This is part of the Accidentally Yours series and is yet another fabulously funny and sexy read This is the first of that series and I m so pleased that it s in print and no longer just an ebook.Votan is a god He has been held captive in a magical portal for than seventy years Trapped and alone he has been forced to wait for someone to rescue him Seeking only his freedom so that he might find vengeance he lies forced to wait whilst seething and hoping his fellow gods will be able to find him.Em [...]

  27. I really enjoyed the book Emma kind of drove me up the wall with her nagging and questions but that was overthrown by Guy aka Votan I have a thing for tall alphas I enjoyed the King Series so I knew I d enjoy this book Happy reading

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