Ember Young Adult original version What if you knew when someone was going to die For seventeen year old Ember life is death With a simple touch she knows when someone will die It s her curse and the reas

Young Adult original version What if you knew when someone was going to die For seventeen year old Ember, life is death With a simple touch, she knows when someone will die It s her curse and the reason she secludes herself from the world The only person who knows her secret is her best friend Raven Then she meets Asher Morgan He s gorgeous, mysterious, and is the o Young Adult original version What if you knew when someone was going to die For seventeen year old Ember, life is death With a simple touch, she knows when someone will die It s her curse and the reason she secludes herself from the world The only person who knows her secret is her best friend Raven Then she meets Asher Morgan He s gorgeous, mysterious, and is the only person Ember can t sense death from So when he pushes into her life, she doesn t mind But when unexplained deaths start to haunt her town, Ember starts questioning why she can t sense Asher s death and what he may be hiding.

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  1. Jessica Sorensen is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author from the snowy mountains of Wyoming When she s not writing, she spends her time reading and hanging out with her familyssicasorensenfacebook pages Jessica

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  1. wow This book is Terrible.Hate the main character Are all teens ADD now Her life is too messed up to believe, she sees people s deaths, and yet she is mainly concerned with whether or not she should go on a date with either of the two new boys in her class Oh, not to mention her car gets run off the road into a lake and she doesn t even seem to mind Plus her best friend seems to be losing her mind recently, but yeah sure let s go to another party or wait, let me write terrible poetry on my wall [...]

  2. This review is also at my blog, with added pictures too Michelle s Paranormal Vault of BooksWOW, this book was amazing Jessica has done it again, created a great story, which puts you on the edge of your seat I stayed up half the night to finish this, I could not stop I had to know what happened next This book has a broken family, betrayal, impossible love triangle, but not really in the way you think and trying to guess who or what anyone is, is hard, you will be wrong In this book, Ember is fa [...]

  3. I found this on for free and said Hey Another book by Jessica So I got it I really don t know what to say because I am just soooo mind blown I really liked Ember Although there were a few times where I thought she could give Raven a piece of her mind She s quiet, and sometimes her quietness got a little annoying At certain parts of the book I was screaming at her to say something She s way too nice for her own good, something I can relate to Raven was a little on the wild side She reminded me a [...]

  4. I see a lot of 3 5 star reviews for this bookd I m confused Did we all read the same book, here This was awful Shockingly bad I hate to abandon any book so I forced myself to finish it I m surprised my eyes didn t bleed out of my skull Everything felt ridiculously contrived and a lot of the supposed angst was just laughable I love a depressing or angsty read, but the image of a teenage girl wandering around a graveyard and spouting really bad poetry made me chuckle And not in a good way The auth [...]

  5. Actual rating 2.5 stars.Blegh Meh.This was really, really average Like, precisely average.I remember liking Sorensen s earlier work, The Fallen Star I thought it was entertaining albeit the writing sounded like a paranormal chick lit So, of course, a year later, I expected from Sorensen Much She wrote a bunch of other books in between The Fallen Star and Ember sigh Very well, it came to this anyway I don t think I ll ever finish The Fallen Star series.Ember At first glance, it has a complete p [...]

  6. 2.5 starsI think I m in the minority when I say I didn t really like this book It was okay, but it certainly didn t blow me out of the water One big red flag is that I had to push myself to finish each chapter I really wanted to stop reading after the first 10% but I hate DNF books, and I wanted to give it an honest shot And it honestly underwhelmed me.I thought the concept was so fresh and interesting but I didn t love the execution It felt garbled and very YA y in a bad way It picked up a bit [...]

  7. When I picked this book up on a recommendation I was not sure I will like it, because it involves elements I am not drawn to in a book it is YA, which means it is light on the romance and it is about a girl who is in high school Those 2 things usually are a no for me, because since I left high school I do not think I want to revisit all the messed up adolescent drama.Another drawback was the cover it looks very amateurish and it looks like a porcelain doll some high school students drew with bla [...]

  8. I wanted to really like this book because I loved the premise of it.Right off the bat, I had trouble connecting with Ember s character Maybe it was the POV the book was written in I m not a fan of the tense this was written in.Quote The window is open and a black feather is ruffled on my bed I pick it up and my gaze lands on the wall, where the ink of a fresh poem is drying.What I liked I liked Asher and honestly kept reading because I wanted to know for sure who or what he really was I truly en [...]

  9. I received an ARC ecopy of this book for participating in the blog tour this month I will give an honest review which is in now way influenced by receiving a free copy of this book I want to than Jessica and SupaGurl Tours for providing me with a copy.I will be honest and say that I actually read the blurb for this one when I first added it to my TBR which was way before I was asked to participate in the blog tour I rarely read the blurb, but the cover just looked to good to pass up and I needed [...]


  11. With enough raven s wing feathers to keep even Edgar Allen Poe content, Ember will have you seeing death like never before.

  12. Holy Biscuits and gravy This book was fantastic I certainly would give it the maximin stars I will not go into the story, because truly I feel as though, I would not be able to explain the full depth of it Plus, you need to read it I am certain you would love this book I personally Loved IT Have you ever had your toes press to the ground making your knee jump up and down But not realizing it, until you happen to look down and see it Well that is what was happening to me, through out most of this [...]

  13. WARNING an annoying amount of use of the word ridiculous.Great concept, awful execution The result ridiculous characters, ridiculous plot with plot holes and all , ridiculous execution of a great concept, ridiculous romance, ridiculous EVERYTHING.This book didn t make me angry and hate it with a fiery passion but it annoyed me I do have to say that it entertained me with its ridiculousness for a while but there s only so much of it you can laugh about until it annoys you.Ridiculous The only thin [...]

  14. I was captivated by the dark undercurrent of the book It literally had me hanging off the edge of my seat and possibly a little talkingmI mean screaming at my Kindle I m a HUGE fan of Jessica s other series Fallen Star, Fallen Souls, Darkness Falls Let s face it I m a JESSICA JUNKIE however, this series takes the cake and the ice cream yeah, it s THAT GOOD Ember had me so twisted, I couldn t decide who to trust or who the bad or good guy was because well, Asher and Cameron both were amazing char [...]

  15. i didn t expect this to be short.but yeah I LOVE iTi am So looking forward to the next one.i love this poem in the book The ember dies slowly in a mound of ash.darkness and mourning, it longs to burn fire but the smoke and sorrow let it die e need for a spark asserts fiercely buta spark won t surrender So the ember continuesto smother Into ash,into dust, into nothing.And that s how it will stay forever for me it sounds like a prophecydirecting to ember herself

  16. EmberIt s finally happened prepare yourself for the end of the world I m Team Asher Can you believe it Because I can t Typically I am totally the bad boy type, but for some reason despite Cameron s allure I m madly infatuated with Asher As per usual I have to open my review whilst declaring my love for my favorite male in the book It s just how I do things Ember, by Jessica Sorensen is amazing The story revolves around 17 year old Ember who with a simple touch knows when someone will die, which [...]

  17. Finished reading Ember by Jessica Sorensen Being confused is an understatementI do not dare to rate this one.I will just say I read it Synopsis from not sure if I have the right synopsis version New adult paranormal version of my young adult book, Ember Death Collectors, 1 It contains violence and sexual content Mature Content Advisory Recommended for readers 17 due to sexual situations and language.For nineteen year old Ember, life has always been about death With a simple touch, she can see [...]

  18. 3.5 starsThis books gets extra points just for making me doubt myself than once I thought I had everyone figured out pretty soon, but I was always reserved, afraid that someone might surprise me Especially when it came to Cameron I hadn t made up my mind completely until the very end Honestly this wasn t the best book I read this year, or the most original one, but it flowed easily and with a little work it could go somewhere As far as main characters go Ember wasn t half bad She was sad and s [...]

  19. This is the first book I have read by Sorensen even though I own a lot of her work, which, I bought based on all the glowing reviews, I can promise you that this most definitely won t be the last one.And while I haven t read her other books so therefore I can t validate the reviews, I can say this, from reading this one, I can totally see why all the others have had pretty amazing reviews.This book rocked Seriously, it did I loved everything about it The dark slight, goth feel to it, the creepin [...]

  20. Well, let me start off by saying that Jessica Sorensen has grown as an author, this being the prime novel that shows how far she has come.Some Friendly Pros The thing that really kept me interested was that I didn t know how things would turn out, as is not the case in most books containing angels Insta love, the bane of my glorious existence was pleasingly absent The boys weren t all like I love you but i m going to leave you and then they come back later being all I m sorry I left I change my [...]

  21. Just have to put it frankly, JS has done the impossible again, I was so excited to read this and man did it pay off I loved this story than all her books so far I loved the storyline it was magnificent Jessica has taken her books to a whole other level To start off I loved Ember she was the kind of character I look forward to reading about She was strong and she kept her sanity, I loved that she was strong no matter what had happened in her life Raven was just amazing She was built to be the ex [...]

  22. WowThe concept of this storyline was amazing Having the main character being able to see when death will happen, I have to say Jessica, awesome idea Jessica s series are always a breath of fresh air from the familiarity of other authors She has a great presence in her writing and it makes you feel like you are really there with the characters I loved her Fallen Stars Series and this series just goes to show what a versatile and imaginative writer that Jessica is Another amazing book, JessicaI ca [...]

  23. WARNING This may be my longest review I ve ever written because I m just so lost on what to say that I ll probably say too much, so be prepared.I don t think I ve ever done this with a book I ve finished, but I m not going to rate Ember t yet, anyway And the reason being is that I m just stumped I don t know how I feel about this one At times I was so annoyed that I just wanted stop and read something else, but on the other hand, I wanted to know what happened next, so I kept reading First off, [...]

  24. Haunted by death with just the slightest touch, it s no wonder poor Ember s become quite the recluse Haunted with the ability to see one s death by simply touching their skin, Ember s learned to minimize contact through the years, but Lord help her when she finds herself in a crowd and unable to do so Seeing flashes of her friend s and family s demise still makes her cringe, let alone anyone else that accidentally bumps into her And it doesn t help that the Grim Reaper that used to be her imagin [...]

  25. 6 11 13 Free download from smashwords.Initial Thoughts I m not too sure about this New Adult Genre It seems to me that there is a checklist authors seem to follow which may or may not be a good thing, depending on what you are looking for For example The hero is dangerous, tattooed, and pierced The heroine is either has limited sexual experience, or is a virgin The heroine always seems to have a slutty friend or two Both the hero and heroine suffer from some kind of angst This age group is eithe [...]

  26. En alg n lugar entre el 2 y el 3.Esta historia me ha recordado en un mont n de cosas a Demonios Personales y, a la vez, a Existence Es una historia rara, que a m no me ha enganchado, pero a n as es entretenida Hablan demasiado de muerte para mi gusto cap tulo tras cap tulo Bueno He de mencionar la gran iron a de este libro 1 Al final no hay tri ngulo amoroso y 2 cre a que Cameron era el ngel bueno por su pelo rubio, sus ojos claros etcetc y Asher era el malo pelo negro, piercings, ropa negra etc [...]

  27. Read reviews Find Me on Facebook I have not read a good paranormal ADULT romance novel in awhile and was excited to read another book from Jessica Sorensen she always has amazing characters that are unique and different Ember, book one in the Death Collectors series is a paranormal Adult novel that does NOT involve Vampires Yay It seems EVERY paranormal book is about Vampires so I was excited it is different Ember is about 19 year old social outcast Ember, who grew up in a broken home with a fa [...]

  28. This may be the beginning of Jessica s best series yet and that is saying something AMAZING I just absolutely was entranced by this book I could not put it down and I will probably read it again in the very near future Yes, I liked it that much The story was so fresh and had a darkness I love while at the same time having a steamy romance I know, this is YA and it was definitely YA appropriate, but it kicks it up a notch from The Fallen Star world and Darkness Falls series I can not pinpoint wha [...]

  29. LITTLE BOOK STAR I m going to be straightforward in this review It was an OKAY so so read for me It really could ve been better, and I m a bit disappointed Yes, the cover is wonderful, but the whole story ehh The first half of the book was entertaining though I enjoyed reading it, and was curious about the whole reapers, angel of death, and grim angels But as the story progressed, I DID NOT UNDERSTAND what they were There were a lot of times where the author tried to explain what they were, but [...]

  30. I need to point out that I actually read EMBER X You know the steamy one with some definte steam But I couldn t find it on here, just this one ANYHOOOf course I have read Jessica Sorenson s other books and it s fair to say that this is nothing like them It was strangely confusing but yet intensely engaging and I couldn t put it down Ember is a loner and an outcast because she s different she only has one real friend, her next door neighbour Raven and her Ember s family has a history of a mental [...]

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