The Three Incestuous Sisters

The Three Incestuous Sisters The Three Incestuous Sisters is an evocative illustrated book by the best selling author of The Time Traveler s Wife Audrey Niffenegger Reminiscent of the gothic style of Edward Gorey Niffenegger s

The Three Incestuous Sisters is an evocative, illustrated book by the best selling author of The Time Traveler s Wife, Audrey Niffenegger Reminiscent of the gothic style of Edward Gorey, Niffenegger s visually stunning narrative affirms her genius as a storyteller These rich pages present the tale of three very different sisters one who is beautiful, one who is smart, aThe Three Incestuous Sisters is an evocative, illustrated book by the best selling author of The Time Traveler s Wife, Audrey Niffenegger Reminiscent of the gothic style of Edward Gorey, Niffenegger s visually stunning narrative affirms her genius as a storyteller These rich pages present the tale of three very different sisters one who is beautiful, one who is smart, and one who is talented A melodrama of sibling rivalry unfurls as one sister is driven mad with jealousy due to the passionate love affair of another Escalating to a dizzying climax, the romance of the two lovers ends in sabotage, shame, and despair Haunting illustrations and lyrical prose depict a timeless tale of love, revenge, and ultimately, transcendence The Three Incestuous Sisters is a unique and lavish tour de force, which showcases Audrey Niffenegger s incredible talent as an artist and a writer.

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The Three Incestuous Sisters

  1. Audrey Niffenegger born June 13, 1963 in South Haven, Michigan is a writer and artist She is also a professor in the MFA Creative Writing Program at Columbia College Chicago Niffenegger s debut novel, The Time Traveler s Wife 2003 , was a national bestseller The Time Traveler s Wife is an unconventional love story that centers on a man with a strange genetic disorder that causes him to unpredictably time travel and his wife, an artist, who has to cope with his constant absence Her Fearful Symmetry 2009 , Niffenegger s second novel, is set in London s Highgate Cemetery where, during research for the book, Niffenegger acted as a tour guide.Niffenegger has also published graphic and illustrated novels including The Adventuress 2006 , The Three Incestuous Sisters 2005 , The Night Bookmobile 2009 , and Raven Girl 2013 Raven Girl was adapted into a ballet by Resident Choreographer Wayne McGregor and the Royal Opera House Ballet London in 2013 A mid career retrospective entitled Awake in the Dream World The Art of Audrey Niffenegger, was presented by the National Museum of Women in the Arts Washington D.C in 2013 An accompanying exhibition catalogue examines several themes in Niffenegger s visual art including her explorations of life, mortality, and magic.

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  1. So, today is my birthday and my fans, Tracy and Amy have requested that I write a review of this demented book I find it amusing that the directions for posting a review includes the phrase What I learned from this book as if we re kindergarteners just back from summer vacation but in this case it s actually helpfulOne year ago at Christmas time I was shopping with my latest charming, psychotic, former crack dealer boyfriend and suddenly the cover of this book loomed up at me from the gift book [...]

  2. Loved this Reads like an eerie, warped, Shakespearean tragedy, accompanied perfectly by hauntingly stunning art Just my cup of tea Need all of the art by Audrey Niffenegger immediately.

  3. Seems unduly influenced by Edward Gorey This story is obviously a labor of love, but it didn t work for me at all Creepy, pointless, and boring.

  4. This book was so so for me I liked the illustrations and I liked how it was creepy and weird but it wasn t creepy enough to be brilliant It s obvious that Audrey Niffenegger thought about this book a lot she even mentioned at the back that she spent years and years on it but it didn t wow me I think if you re going to call a book The Incestuous Sisters you really have to go for it because otherwise it s kind of a letdown for the readers This book has very few words Audrey Niffenegger let s the p [...]

  5. The Three Incestuous Sisters is undoubtedly strange, but it is also wonderfully Gothic The illustrations are dark, and hold almost a sense of enchantment A lovely and rather surprising visual novel.

  6. SoThis book was on something MaybeOr something I don t know.Things happened in this book Don t know really what to say I mean it exists and I read it soI didn t hate the book It had characters and a story somewhat It could have been clearer at times,there were just moments of but overall I guess it was okay I liked it well enough I could see the potential If only some things were expanded on That s really all I have to say I ll give it a reread sometime in the future and then we ll see.

  7. The Three Incestuous Sisters is the second visual novel by American author and artist, Audrey Niffenegger The original books were hand printed a limited edition of ten copies The drawings are aquatints, featuring three sisters, Clothilde, Ophile and Bettine, who live by the sea They all look quite similar but conveniently have different coloured hair Two of them fall in love with the same man and jealousy leads to nasty consequences The story is a little bizarre, but Niffenegger explains it need [...]

  8. I adored Niffenegger s first book The Time Traveler s Wife and I gave it an A I only wish I could have enjoyed this one even half as much But I didn t.It was strange, creepy, weird Three sisters live alone and two fall in love with the same man but he only loves one of them and they conceive a child There is tragedy and then an ending a happy ending well you will have to judge that for yourself I just think it is weird a sort of grown up wanna be Grimm brothers sort of story without the magic I [...]

  9. I really liked this I though the illustrations were beautiful I loved the structure of the story, even though some parts were really jarring and unsettling I d consider buying my own copy, just to be able to reread it sometime and see what I missed before.

  10. I sort of feel bad for rating this a two, because I know it took an INSANE amount of work to create this book 14 years worth by Niffenegger s reckoning , but honestly, it really was just okay.Told mostly through pictures painstakingly created but still only ehh most of the time , the text in this book is really just a series of captions for the pictures The story is loosely held together through that, and even though it is there and a rather disturbing story it is, too it never feels like than [...]

  11. Because I was enthralled by Niffenegger s The Time Traveler s Wife , this book immediately caught my eye whilst browsing at Page One, this funky suite of a bookshop at Vivocity Singapore I am not in the habit of paying a 50 or for illustrated books although I don t mind buying them the pittance that I collect every month for slaving at my job affords me but one paperback every month So I got one of the staff to rip away the plastic and I read it there and then Themes of loneliness, longing and [...]

  12. I ve read Time Travelers Wife and completely fell in love with it It s one of my all time favorite books So after reading it a couple times, I thought I would look into the other works by Audrey Niffenegger I bought The Three Incestuous Sisters over the internet, so I wasn t able to have a glimpse at it before purchasing it I don t think there was even a cover picture of the book But when I received my package and opened it up, first thing I noticed was the size and the cover art It s a pretty l [...]

  13. I ve never read any sort of graphic novel before and was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this It was only a few weeks ago I discovered AN is an artist as well as an author and when I saw this on the library shelf today I was immediately intrigued The story is dark, another reviewer described it as an anti fairytale which fits well, and wonderfully lyrical What little words there are read like poetry Drowning, drowning in sadness, and the sea The pared down prose seem the perfect accom [...]

  14. I m impressed with Niffenegger s flexibility creating a picture book like this what she refers to as a visual novel and then writing a novel like The Time Traveler s Wife The illustrations remind me of Henry Darger s work akimboz UserFiles Image, for example with the thin, fine lines that Niffenegger uses to outline the characters bodies I enjoyed the detail she incorporated to reveal the texture of things the yarn looking fur of a black cat and the gravelly background on the first page Niffeneg [...]

  15. Nice to be a first born.Classic tale of sibling rivalry set in grotesque art Funny at times and mundane sometimes The story hits me since I have 2 sisters and definitely Adler would have a field day interpreting our personalities Though, unlike the book , I think the dynamics of our sibling relationship is way, way much better than those in the book and my sisters agree with me, after all, all of us read this.A quick read, better admired for it s graphic art than its storyline, The Three Incestu [...]

  16. So, so good When you are done make sure to read the AFTERWORD because in this she explains that she created aquatints for the images If you don t know anything about this printing process, you should know that it is incredibly involved and really interesting to watch someone create images in this way If you have ever seen the movie Goya s Ghosts it shows Goya going through the process Also you can probably youtube it That fact alone makes this visual novel that much interesting.

  17. Much better story than The Adventuress I thought the illustrations were interesting, as well I really enjoyed this, actually It was a bit morbid in parts but props to the author for managing to make a human fetus drawing look cute rather than creepy Also I appreciate that it took her 14 years to make this but it seems kind of weird, since it only takes like 10 minutes to read look at the pictures It seems like her style of art aquatone or something like that is a bit trouble than its worth But [...]

  18. Me sabe mal darle s lo dos estrellas 2,5 estrellas sabiendo que la autora se ha pasado 14 a os creando este libro pero es que no puedo ponerle m s No es horrible pero tampoco no es para echar cohetes Se lee muy r pidamente ya que no tiene mucho texto y las ilustraciones no dan como para estar observ ndolas por mucho tipo, son bastante sencillas Me han gustado, en especial, las ilustraciones de The conception , Clothilde, horrified y Haunted La historia es rara pero no lo sufiencente para ser bri [...]

  19. Diese Graphic Novel ist nicht ganz leicht zu bewerten Das Werk kommt eher wie einKunstband mit Bildunterschriften bzw hier Nebenschriften daher, was aber an sich keine Kritik sein soll, man muss sich blo darauf einlassen Die Bilder lassen viel Raum f r Deutungen und sind teils mythologisch aufgeladen.Audrey Niffenegger verwendet f r ihre Bilder das Aquatinta Verfahren, welches so steht es im Nachwort der Autorin Illustratorin recht aufw ndig ist, weshalb man nur erahnen kann, welch Aufwand die P [...]

  20. Oh, Audrey Niffinegger, I appreciate you branching out and trying different techniques and different genres of books, but can we try and stick to the same realm, please When I checked out Niffinegger s labour of love from the library, I received a weird look from the librarian Luckily, I was also buying The Time Traveler s Wife, a well loved book by Niffenegger, which I pointed out was also by the author, hoping that that explained my reading choice The librarian only had one thing to say, I hop [...]

  21. Audrey Niffenegger, The Three Incestuous Sisters Abrams, 2005 Niffenegger s afterword for this visual novel as she calls it, to make it distinct from a graphic novel I fail to see the difference says that she originally started with a full story and illustrations, and pared away bits of story until she got to where it is now essentially illustrations and captions very little of the text that accompanies the illustrations runs than one sentence Which begs the question why stop there When you ve [...]

  22. Three sisters who live alone in an isolated house on the edge of town have their lives disrupted when a handsome young man falls in love with one of the sisters The pair escape to town when one sister becomes jealous of the couple to the point where she plots to break up the union and take the man for herself Things go badly, deaths occur, and out of the mess emerges a winged green boy The book feels like a dream or a fairy tale There s minimal text to accompany the large and beautiful drawings, [...]

  23. To say that I m fascinated by the book is to put it mildly I don t know why, since it has a very simple story line and the illustrations remind me of a first grader s doodling I just am An analogy Years ago we went to the Louvre and the Mona Lisa was on display at the time There was a big crowd and when we were able to get close enough, there was a old gentleman in front He stood out because he was neatly dressed in a suit and tie, while the others are typical tourists mostly in jeans and wrinkl [...]

  24. Think of this book as a picture book for adults Once upon a time there were three sisters one beautiful, one smart, and one talented And as with all fairy tales, they live happily together until a boy arrives Then all hell breaks loose, and there is a whirlwind of love, jealousy, sabotage, revenge, and despair Will women never learn Sigh.The text is very simple, but the art is quite wonderful and evocative You could spend quite a long time simply looking at the art in this book and making up sto [...]

  25. This literally took me 10 minutes to read The entire story is mostly told by pictures with so little text I think it would have been better if there were words The artwork and story was a bit disturbing Glad I was able to read this book via the library.

  26. The three sisters Clothilde, Ophile, and Bettine live together in peace until Bettine falls in love and conceives a child Ophile s jealousy sparks tragedy, and Clothilde communes with the unborn baby, beginning a strange sort of family drama Told in minimal prose with large, sparse line drawings, The Three Incestuous Sisters is an interesting concept with haunting execution, but it remains insubstantial With so little prose, the story begs better or complex drawings to bring the it to life as i [...]

  27. I had been eyeing this book since Niffenegger became a household name among hipsters for her breakthrough novel First thing that caught my attention were the weird drawings Interesting, but the steep price turned me offMaybe some other timeSeveral years and half of The Time Traveller s wife later, I stumble upon this book again, this time on the sale bin The gods must be smiling, methinksI do not understand Audrey Niffenegger, which is code for I don t understand her work The potential is there [...]

  28. I read this in a few minutes at Hastings last night.I let myself be dragged along while my girlfriend picked out a few movies to watch although we have dozens of unwatched DVDs at home somehow this trip was still needed Anyway, after a bit of digging through the movies, then trying without any luck to find a game to rent I wandered to the books gotta LOVE Hastings and decided the 4 5 THOUSAND unread books I had at the house were enough for now.I plopped in one of the end cap chairs and saw this [...]

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