Brie Learns to Obey

Brie Learns to Obey Brie s second day of submissive training tests her level of obedience and brings a sexy new Dom into her life but she risks it all to stand up for one of the other girls Fortunately the proper punis

Brie s second day of submissive training tests her level of obedience and brings a sexy new Dom into her life, but she risks it all to stand up for one of the other girls Fortunately, the proper punishment is handed out and her evening doesn t end after training is over Oh no Brie enjoys a private session with Sir who has a little surprise waiting for her in his office.Brie s second day of submissive training tests her level of obedience and brings a sexy new Dom into her life, but she risks it all to stand up for one of the other girls Fortunately, the proper punishment is handed out and her evening doesn t end after training is over Oh no Brie enjoys a private session with Sir who has a little surprise waiting for her in his office.This naughty novelette, sequel to Brie s First Day of Submissive Training, continues the adventures of Brie as she learns what it takes to be a true submissive.Extended Description Brie is anxious for her second day of training to begin Sir has promised to take her in the most intimate of ways As the night progresses, Brie becomes friends with the other girls in her class Unfortunately, one girl will betray the group, one will be punished, and another will leave the program for good Brie s dogged obedience grants her the privilege of Sir s coveted touch, but she finds there is one command she cannot obey.Adult Reading Material 18 This book is for mature audiences only and contains sexually explicit content.

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Brie Learns to Obey

  1. USA Today Bestselling AuthorRed Phoenix is an award winning romance author who gained popularity with her BDSM series, Brie s Submission.To join in the Brie experience begin with the 1st Boxed Set Books 1 3 and start your journey into a sensual world Join my Newsletter redphoenix69 newsletter signup Red s Books redphoenix69 reds books br Group group show Twitter twitter redphoenix69

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  1. Brie s journey of self discovery continuesA new room meant new adventures The thought made Brie giddy and overrode the pain of the shoes She felt as if she were walking on clouds as she made her way to Sir Day Two of Brie s Training.In this installment of the Brie Series we meet the featured Doms of the Submissive Training Center, Brie makes both friends enemies within the Center she opens herself to new experiences faces her fears And she s conquering those damn shoes BRIE BENNETT You can refus [...]

  2. The second day of Brie s Training was a lot better i must say, her partners this time were all attractive thank god but i still wished she had only one partner We see Sir be fond of Brie but not the same level as Brie is fond of him, but he might end up as Brie s Dom or at least that is what Brie is hoping I find myself cheering not for Sir but for Tono the Japanese Dominant who shows immediately his interest for Brie I m crossing my finger hoping to see of Tono in the next book.

  3. I think I might be done with Brie The first book had me curious enough to want to try , but unfortunately this one didn t do for me what the first one did The first book had it set up nicely for Brie to have her first real encounter with Sir, and I was let down by the measeley few pages they had together in the end I think I would have liked to see much of Brie and Sir and much less of Brie s classmates and their lessons Not to mentiond this is just an issue for me as a black woman reading thes [...]

  4. Brie Learns to Obey Brie 2 by Red PhoenixThis is a BDSM erotica short coming in around 45 pages.Day 2 ThursdayAgain, this was another hot read But Brie kind of annoyed me There s no fucking way that is going to be so submissive after 1 class I know this is supposed to be an intense class, and it is, but this is day 2 Seriously.Although, she pretty much fails obeying Where she should have gotten a healthy dose of punishment, she got warned, and warned, and warned.And now she has become the traine [...]

  5. ooohally this short series kept me wanting haha Brie continued her second day of training learning to be a submissive And the collar that Sir gave her represent alot of things.I love how Brie enjoys each day of training learning and exploring what she really wants.Each story describe just a day of training but it feels like it will never end

  6. My Sir LOL I really enjoyed this book most of the scenes are very hot I think Sir has the intention of making Brie her sub but I m not sure I would really love to see them together I fucking hate Ms.Clark agrrrr.

  7. I can t believe this was only Brie s 2nd day of class Considering this is supposed to be a 6 week course I can only imagine what else Phoenix has up their sleeve I am going to continue with Brie down her road of exploration as I feel like I m actually taking the road with her There are definitely things in this story that I wouldn t have thought I would ve enjoyed as much as I did D.R.I.P Don t Read In Public but that s definitely been a pleasant surprise.I am definitely enjoying how intense thi [...]

  8. Brie s second visit to submissive training school and again it had an amazing effect on me that suggests the warning to others to read alone not in public as there s a definite possibility to probability you will spontaneously combust.Again I considered this for 4 or 5 stars is close, borderline for me I love the fantasy of this, the different Doms that Brie and the other girls encounter Here Brie is learning to present herself as her Master wishes, allow him use of her body and share the pleasu [...]

  9. This is day two of submissive training for Brie It s not too different from the first day, except the lessons became a bit serious and difficult to endure Learning humility is not that easy, but Brie is doing well Her infatuation with Sir is growing and she does everything with the main purpose of pleasing him Makes me wonder what will happen between them.The story is again hot, as long as you suspend your practical and rational part of your brain If I hadn t done that, I would have had some i [...]

  10. Well, I started this book this morning and devoured it in an hour or less What a great short sexy story I find that I am right along with Brie and her emotions, whether it be her insecurities within herself, her doubts, excitement and her extreme willingness to please the doms Her attraction to Sir has me glued to the book wondering what will happen with there relationship if they end up even having one For a short story to have me that ivested in it and what will happen I think that makes this [...]

  11. I also loved Brie s journey, I love the fact that you started it from no experience at all for her, the idea of the training school and other beginners was a wonderful journey to go on throughout the series, I love all the characters and their paths as well, each one is a vital part to the series and for Brie on her journey The journey was intended for Brie but I found myself falling in love with Sir and his own personal journey to realizing what he wants and needs I have read and re read this s [...]

  12. So after reading the second installment I have come to the following conclusions 1 I don t like Mistress Clark2 I don t like the elusive My Sir as Brie refers to him 3 I am totally off the rant page with Brie GIRL SHOES Seriously 4 Did I miss the testing for sex related disease and the Use this kind of birth control or do things like Herpes the gift that keeps on giving and unplanned pregnancies not exist in this school Okay I m off to read books 3 want to know if this dick called Sir actually r [...]

  13. Red Phoenix has a rare gift in that she can tell a story rife with explicit, graphic, hardcore, erotic sequences and somehow make it read like a sweet tale of sexual discovery This is only possible as it is told from the point of view of a kind hearted young girl who finds herself an innocent among her peers in the world of BDSMThe brilliance in this is that the reader may not even realize how far from vanilla they have strayed until they are fully immersed in the story By then it s too late The [...]

  14. Read of my reviews and ramblings at Ana s Attic Sexy TalesI downloaded this immediately after finishing Brie 1 I liked Brie a lot and wanted to know what happens to her This installment was just as hot as the first Brie is making friends and enemies there is always a bitch, isn t there , and getting closer to Sir I m devouring this series pretty quickly, and this can get really expensive if there is a book for each day of a 6 week course

  15. Red Phoenix has a great series started The second day was better than the first for Brie, as Brie Learns to Obey She is learning to face challenges, control her feelings and making friendships in the process of learning to be a proper submissive The expression of character feeling, their interactions and how the story develops keep the kindle pages clicking by What will happen to Brie the third day

  16. Day 2 of training and Brie is excited for her promised session with Sir Her lessons prior to this are based on obedience, which she discovers isn t always an easy task.This is a quick and satisfying read You re getting to know all the subs, doms and trainers and for me personally, have formed love and hate towards some Red sure knows how to keep your full attention and bring a rose hue to your cheeks Very HOT Very addictive

  17. Freakin hell Brie sure does learn to obey I m officially devouring this series today Well at least all that has been published Brie gets a little alone time with Sir, which I m not sure right now if that s a good thing or not She s young and just getting to know herself There are so many out there that she can experience her kinky fuckery with It s only the second day Brie, so keep your wet panties loosem and not in a wad for Sir.

  18. This review is for all of Brie s Sub Training Fabulously wild and crazy sex scenes Lots of variety too Not exactly what I consider good writing technique, kind of abrupt sentences weird repetition Odd for me to notice in this genre, I guess I mean I know the whole shades, eh Whatevs, it s a quickie read The ending is worth it.

  19. This is the 2nd book in the seriesBrie learns to obey but struggles a lot with this oneat is how she reads people is by looking them in the eye This book will teach a lot of stuff some might embrace this and some might run scared All Brie wants is to learn and please her Sir, she has been faced with all her fears and embraced in her likes.

  20. I am so enthralled with this story that I am reading it slowly just to enjoy it Sir is so mesmarizing and powerful that I wish that is was him to be my Dom But finally here in this story its not only Brie that feels the attraction and pull for Sir but he too vice versa and its so hot.

  21. FSOG has nothing on Red Phoenix ohh laa laa HOT, intense a little annoyed it was so short I felt like I was paying for a chapter instead of a book but of course it was addictive so yes I have now paid for all of them and awaiting the next release.

  22. I am surprised at all that seemed to happen in this story, yet it only took me minutes to read I don t think I could last 6 weeks of training, if we are only on day two Intense, intense, intense Brie what a girl, a lucky girl On to the next part

  23. Another novella that swept me off my feet Brie is on her second day of training as a submissive Sir takes her backdoor virginity at the end of this story Don t read This if you don t like sex it is loaded with sex in a very short story Loved the book I can t wait to read the next story.

  24. Although I liked this book, Round 2 in this series isn t as good as the first for me But it definitely was good none the less I wish the scenes were just a little developed I am loving the series and it doesn t disappoint

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