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Legacy Lost He is a mer prince she is the mermaid princess that his family orders him to marry so that their kingdoms unite Grom dreads this arrangement until he meets Nalia both beautiful and smart she s ever

He is a mer prince, she is the mermaid princess that his family orders him to marry so that their kingdoms unite Grom dreads this arrangement, until he meets Nalia both beautiful and smart, she s everything he ever wanted But just when their connection grows deeper, tragedy strikes.Legacy Lost is a prequel story to Anna Banks debut novel, OF POSEIDON.

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Legacy Lost

  1. New York Times Bestselling author of The Syrena Legacy series Grew up in a town called Niceville No, seriously And yes, everyone from Niceville is generally nice Let s see, things about me.My writer s cat is a mini wiener dog named Puckdoo I can t walk in high heels, but I m amazing at standing still in them I m the only person in Florida without a tan I stole a car when I was 12 years old and drove across three state lines with it Yeah That s about it.My books Of PoseidonOf TritonOf NeptuneJoyrideHow To Lose A BachelorDegrees of Wrong Pen name Anna Scarlett Nemesis Coming soon

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  1. MY FREAKING HEART GUYS.It s broken.Shattered.Dead.I did not expect that kind of ending at all I thought Legacy Lost was going to be an okay but cute kind of novella that would lead up to this mind blowing ly amazing ending that would make me want to dive into the next book as soon as possible Well, it did blow my mind IN A SAD FREAKING WAY.Legacy Lost was about Nalia and Grom Now they have an arranged marriage, which most children of royalty have It starts off with neither of them wanted to marr [...]

  2. 2 StarsI ll admit, Grom and Nalia s story was intricate it had tension filled moments but also incredibly cute ones as well However, my main problem with this story is how rushed it felt Granted, it is a novella but that just means unnecessary details need to be cut and the climax needs to have an obvious, but not choppy, path In Legacy Lost, the characters especially Grom change too much and too quickly for it to seem realistic From hating Nalia in the beginning of the book, Grom does a 180 jus [...]

  3. This novella was an amazing extra When meeting Grom in of Poseidon I was intrigued and wanted to know about him and Nalia s story and even though it s just a short novella, it s so well developed The author gives this short story so much dept and feelings and it makes my read of Of Triton which I m currently reading so much intense and emotional So I can really recommend reading this novelle at least before you start reading of Triton so you get the full reading experience 3

  4. This can be read for free here.This prequel covers the story of Grom and Nalia, third generation, first borns of their respected kingdoms They are to be mated to keep the gifts of the generals available to their race They start out disliking each other, but it quickly changes to love I know this was a prequel and meant to be short before of it, but it almost seemed a little too short Their interactions were small and shallow I really wasnt fond of either one of them Grom is pigheaded and shallow [...]

  5. Tor is one of my most favorite websites They have a bunch of really cool writers and, hurrah hurrah, they also post free fiction from time to time Legacy Lost is one of them check my tor shelf for .Why I was so interested in reading Legacy Lost is the fact that I really was considering buying Of Poseidon Legacy Lost is the prequel of the latter, so it gave me a general view of what this book is about I m sure many things will change because I ve read the summary blurb on and it seems like your a [...]

  6. Read for free here tor stories 2012 05 leI didn t like this story at first, but as it got going it got really good Grom and Nalia were actually pretty sweet together, even though they didn t like each other to start with, and I really wanted them to be happy That was never going to be the case though, and the way their story ended was really sad Poor Grom and Nalia 7.5 out of 10

  7. This little novella was OK, considering I didn t expect too much from it It managed to entertain me even though it had all of the from hate to insta love in secs bc she turned boootiful over the years, the MC annoyed me quite a bit I just wanted to hit his stupid little mouth so many times , it was incredibly cheesy and the ending was melodramatic, la a certain other tragic love story view spoiler talking about Romeo and Juliet here hide spoiler.This and all the other short stories I read from t [...]

  8. This story is funny, and romantic, and has just a taste of political intrigue It adds a few new ideas about what merpeople and their society might be like, but it is mainly a story of two mer people and how they struggle with freedom versus responsibility However, having seen reviews of the main novel, Of Poseidon, I see that the character development does not get any better in a longer story, and the little twinges of sexism in this story only get worse in the subsequent book, which is a shame [...]

  9. This novella is the story of how Grom and Nalia fell in love, despite being forced to mate because of their position as third generation firstborn Royals of their respective houses, the tragic accident and the ruse between the kingdoms, I liked it, despite being in Grom s POV I m not sure I like Grom very much Nalia s is a fun, smart and free spirited character and she doesn t appreciate the restrictions she ll be under after her marriage, and that s one of the things that furthers the tragedy t [...]

  10. Legacy Lost is book 0.5 in the Of Poseidon series It s basically the background between Grom and Nalia and everything that happened before Of Poseidon I kinda wonder though, was Galen and Rayna around during this time They weren t mentioned at all though, so maybe not I don t know what I was expecting from Legacy Lost, I just know I had to have of the Of Poseidon world In Of Poseidon, we don t really spend too much time in the kingdoms or underwater much and in Legacy Lost we re never on land L [...]

  11. Personal responseI though at the start of this book Grom was not a nice Syena He was full of himself, and did not give Naila a fair chance He did learn his lesson, but he learned it to late I though this was a good book, and I want to read the rest of her books.PlotGrom is talking about his life and how he doesn t want things to go a certain way, but he knows that it will have to be The Poseidon princess is Nalia Grom can t even see it being possible for him to love the ugly princess He knows th [...]

  12. Even so, Grom can t help but think the Syrena lost than both of them But also a hope, one passed down from generation to generation A hope for a prosperous future A hope for protection from the humans once they inevitably invade every part of the ocean.3.5 Stars at least.I had been debating on reading the series, The Syrena Legacy, until I read this prequel Although it s short, like really short, which kind of downplays the interactions between Grom and Nalia severely, it does possess potential [...]

  13. As a prequel, Legacy Lost did good in opening the way for the main story Or, as in my case, creating a deeper understanding of events from the main book.While reading Of Poseidon, I had wondered about Grom and Nalia What had happened Legacy Lost answers that question I found Grom to be a bit shallow, due to his sudden change of heart towards Nalia Oh wow, she is beautiful now I want her as a mate So, as you can imagine, I was surprised when I found myself quite endeared to him by the end The way [...]

  14. The story of Grom Nalia.I felt like Grom s feelings towards Nalia flipped pretty drastically from hate to love I wasn t fully convinced on their love story at first.I found Grom a bit annoying but liked Nalia I also liked her friend Freya and how she had to answer every one of Grom s questions because he s a royal Eventually they fell in love and this was my favorite quote I don t believe in the pull besides that I think the pull would pale in comparison to the way I feel about you.I definitely [...]

  15. Score 2.5 starI want to give it that final.5 and round it up to three, but the truth is that I really didn t like this story Grom is a shallow jackass, Nalia a silly girl and there was no believable emotional connection between the two, and, since the whole weight of the story rests on that connection, that s why it failed for me I ve had an Arc of Of Poseidon for months and, to be honest, I wasn t that interested in reading it Strangely enough, I want to read it now because I have a theory abou [...]

  16. This was a very good novella I learned a lot about Nalia aka Emma s mom I can t believe she faked her death It s so crazy The fact that she felt the pull to Grom means she knew she was destined to be with him, but she avoided it not caring about how it would affect others I wonder how this will play out in Of Triton now.Will Emma have to pay for her mother s mistakes Will her mother end up being with Grom after all Will the Syrena s be accepting of Nalia or even Emma Definitely a great novella.

  17. I started reading this novella, because I intend to read the series and I like to read my books in chronological order I was very sad and heartbroken at the ending, but still intrigued at what the full length books in the series will be about I love mermaids though, so I m hoping I love the series as well.

  18. Cute little story Sad ending Still kinda mad that Grom only started liking her because of her looks I don t know that just made me mad and upset But since I read the first book I think it s then that

  19. Quick read It s a prequel novella, so a back story read and wish I had read the first book or series first That being said the series has decent reviews will give it a whirl and review when I get the actual series.

  20. This lovely short read tells the story of Grom and Nalia It was interesting to read into Grom s perspective, and his reactions to Nalia wanting to get closer to the humans.

  21. this was a nice story to learn about the background of nalia and grom and it was good to bridge the gap while im waiting for of triton which is hopefully, hopefully going to arrive today

  22. I ll be honest I didn t love this Grom is a spoiled ass If I understood the ages correctly he s supposed to be somewhere in his 20s, but he sounds like he s still 13 He s harboring a grudge against Nalia because she was mean to him at her mother s funeral She was NINE and her mother just died Get over it, dude Nalia was likable but she seemed ridiculously flighty and irresponsible I was looking forward to an intro to a fully fleshed mermaid story, but this was far too rushed, even for a novell [...]

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