The Lipstick Clique

The Lipstick Clique Treasure was betrayed and tricked by the person she loved so she got revenge by escaping prison and enacting a blood campaign However the person she rolled with while getting her revenge was ALSO tr

Treasure was betrayed and tricked by the person she loved, so she got revenge by escaping prison and enacting a blood campaign However, the person she rolled with while getting her revenge was ALSO trying to betray her Treasure has caught a lot of bad breaks in life, but the one thing that keeps her level headed is her crime family, The Lipstick Clique.

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The Lipstick Clique

  1. David Weaver Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Lipstick Clique book, this is one of the most wanted David Weaver author readers around the world.

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  1. This fast paced, exciting book reminded me vaguely of Quentin Tarantino s film True Romance The story is creative and engaging and definitely one worth reading.

  2. This is the third book from the Urban Fiction Book Club reading list to read I would say that this is my least favorite out of the three that I have read so far It was badly written Whoever was in charge of editing this book for David Weaver the author , did an awful job There were words missing or the wrong tense for certain words was misused as well as the transitioning between one part of a character s story to another was confusing In one paragraph, the author is detailing how one character [...]

  3. GREAT READStreet lit at its best took you back to the STREETS Tarra life was hard abuse and rape but the abandonment of her mother is what I felt most as she formed a partnership with TREASURE AND LENA E STORYLINE TOOK ROOT AND THE LIPSTICK CLIQUE WAS FORMED OUT FREAKING STANDING

  4. The Drama ContinuesThis series is so intense You think that a certain incident is going to happen but it ends up being another way I m somewhat pulling f or Treasure She s had a hard hard life On to the next book.

  5. Treasure is the head of the Lipstick Clique and in this book, the crew find themselves separated from one another and doing their own thing Milan is becoming of a hot head, while Skye loves Treasure but can t leave her sister behind They hit the scene in Georgia and from there everything goes down hill This was an okay read Didn t really enjoy Lena or Tarra s characters but they served their purposes The Dirt Mob was an interesting crew, especially 5 I expected way from 5 than what was shown i [...]

  6. This book is one of the ones that will have you re reading it so that you can make sure that you didn t miss anything You will want to go back and read all of the others again or at least I did and it will still have you shaking your head at the pure genius that this man has been walking around with for years and just decided to share it with the world If you have never read a David Weaver book, you will be thrown into a world that has been developing for a few books, but David will never leave [...]

  7. This Bitch Treasureter reading the bank roll squad, I was anxious for this read and let me tell you it did not disappoint it was very gooda little jumpy like a low budget movie but still VERY, VERY good I love how suspenseful it is when you think one thing is happening, it ends up being something way different, but so much better as far as the story goes I m so ready for 2

  8. Never throw stones at a glass house I was thinking Treasure could never catch a break, but she quickly turned things around David did a wonderful job giving a little bit of modern day set it off, sprinkled w reality His imagination is endless Well written David, it s not a gang, it s a lifestyle TeamBRS

  9. it was good David Weaver is a good author for his vivid imagery and use of language His characters are well developed and stand out I loved this book and I loved Treasure I wanted to know about her such as why or how she was a fugitive and How she met Malcolm and this book didnt provide that but My next read by David Weaver did and I loved it.

  10. Once again Mr Weaver didn t disappoint me Great follow up Treasure was screwed over once again but she s a smart chic The young chicks were working my nerves Goes to show how easy it is to influence our youth in a negative way They are like sponges I m looking fwd to the next read.

  11. I like this book treasure was always on point and she finally thought she found a guy of her caliber 5 but when you on the run is no time for love,and thinking you can put your trust in someone is rare when you have done so much is asking for trouble.

  12. This was another amazing read by David Weaver David Weaver is a fantastic author I loved reading Treasure s story.

  13. OmgThese chicks are ruthless, they don t care about anything or anybody, it is a thrill to rob and kill,they don t even need the money they do it for the thrill

  14. GreatnessWow This book was so filled with action and adventure I loved the story of Treasure and her undying devotion to herself She was so smart in the end.

  15. I didn t see the point to this backstory of Treasure The plot was really not necessary unless the characters are going to be introduced in BR4 Yet it was entertaining and worth the.099

  16. CAN I SAY OMG Took a little while to kick off but when it did IT DID I would recommend you read bankroll squad before reading this

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