The Rosary: The Prayer That Saved My Life

The Rosary The Prayer That Saved My Life Immacul e Ilibagiza believes that praying the rosary spared her from being slaughtered during the horrific Rwanda genocide in which her family and than a million other innocent men women and c

Immacul e Ilibagiza believes that praying the rosary spared her from being slaughtered during the horrific 1994 Rwanda genocide, in which her family and than a million other innocent men, women, and children were brutally murdered Nearly two decades later, Immacul e continues to pray the rosary every day and marvels at how she is constantly renewed and richly rewardeImmacul e Ilibagiza believes that praying the rosary spared her from being slaughtered during the horrific 1994 Rwanda genocide, in which her family and than a million other innocent men, women, and children were brutally murdered Nearly two decades later, Immacul e continues to pray the rosary every day and marvels at how she is constantly renewed and richly rewarded by rejoicing in this glorious prayer It has helped her in every aspect of her life, from literally saving her life to strengthening her faith, easing sorrows, changing heartache into happiness, healing illnesses in herself and others, solving family problems, landing a dream job, finding long lost friends, and even locating lost keys She received so many blessings from the rosary, in fact, that she decided to study its history and origins She soon discovered that it was not just meant for Catholics, but that the Virgin Mary promised a life filled with blessings to everyone from any religion who faithfully recited the rosary daily and this was such wonderful news that she vowed to share it with as many people as she could In The Rosary The Prayer That Saved My Life, Immacul e reveals how the rosary s many blessings can be reaped by each and every one of us In this moving and uplifting book, the New York Times bestselling author recounts her personal experience of discovering the power and the beauty of the ancient beads and shows all of us how t

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The Rosary: The Prayer That Saved My Life

  1. Today Immacul e is regarded as one of world s leading speakers on peace, faith, and forgiveness She has shared her universal message with world dignitaries, school children, multinational corporations, churches, and at many conferences Immacul e works hard to spread her message and to raise money for her Left to Tell Charitable Fund which directly benefits the children orphaned by the genocide.Immacul e Ilibagiza is a living example of faith put into action Immacul e s life was transformed dramatically during the 1994 Rwandan genocide where she and seven other women spent 91 days huddled silently together in the cramped bathroom of a local pastor s house Immacul e entered the bathroom a vibrant, 115 pound university student with a loving family she emerged weighing just 65 pounds to find her entire family had been brutally murdered with the exception of one brother who had been studying out of the country.

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  1. What a powerful and inspirational book.Being a Catholic myself, I found it easy to identify with the author s love of her faith and religion I have always had a special interest and love for Mary, but never could quite get into praying the Rosary, no matter how many times I tried But after reading just the first few pages of this book, I decided to pick up my Rosary beads and give it another try Why Because the author inspired me She inspired me with her story of praying the Rosary each day as s [...]

  2. This book is a companion piece to the two books Ilibagiza has written about her survival during 1994 Rwanda genocide when Hutus went after Tutsis her family among the latter , and she survived only because she was hidden for months in a small bathroom of a priest along with a couple of other women This book focuses on how the rosary helped her, and was also part of her life before and after this gruesome time It saved her life and soul, kept from suicidal thoughts, fear, despair and anger and ga [...]

  3. I have read other books by Immaculee Left to Tell and Our Lady of Kibeho , and stand in awe of her strength in both surviving the Rwandan holocaust and forgiving those who murdered her family and subjected her to such suffering I expected this book to be excellent, but even so I was unprepared for the power and beauty of her reflections on the rosary She takes an Ignatian approach in putting herself and the reader in the moment of each mystery, and her reflections and prayers for each mystery ar [...]

  4. As a practicing Catholic who prays the rosary this book has opened my eyes and heart to a new found love I am now inspired to pray my rosary daily and have a better understanding of the powers of the rosary and the love of the blessed mother towards us I would recommend this book 100% to anyone who wants to get closer to the blessed mother and have a deeper understanding of the mysteries.

  5. Great read, a great and down to earth walk through of how to pray the rosary and with a good and well structured walk through of the many mysteries It s actually a manual and guide for praying the rosary and understand the mysteries for meditation purposes Highly recommended read.

  6. This book about the rosary is beautifully written, inspiring, and filled with faith I am so impressed with this author and her life story She is a wonderful example to all Catholics.

  7. It took me a while to get through this book because I was super busy, but I really liked it and I feel like it changed the way I think about the rosary and made me think about it in a much deeper way.

  8. Amazing author with an incredible story This book have me a depth of understanding and a willingness to try the rosary that I hadn t four until now.

  9. Customer Review4.0 out of 5 stars Powerful and inspirational, show how prayer really works December 18, 2013By Andrea B Andy This review is from The Rosary The Prayer That Saved My Life Hardcover Nothing adequate than a wonderful book exalting the power of prayer during this special time of year And that s what this is, a powerful, compelling testimony of a strong human being, one that has lived through unimaginable suffering and horrors during the Rwandan genocide I became aware of Immaculle I [...]

  10. This is a strange book It is the story of a young woman who survives the Rwandan genocide She attributes her survival to her deep Catholic faith and, specifically, to her devotion to the rosary I ve read books in which religion enables someone to triumph over difficulties Laurel Lee, Joni Tada, and Corrie Ten Boom are a few examples and I expected to like this one.The author spent three months hiding inside a bathroom while machete wielding terrorists raged outside Trapped in a small room with s [...]

  11. Immaculee huddled in a tiny bathroom with several other women listening to the screams of the victims of the Rwandan genocide outside Terrified, she prayed the Rosary and read the Bible Her fear enabled her to pray with a new depth, and she also thought about the Mysteries and actually imagined herself walking in Mary s footsteps as she cared for her son Immaculee credits the Rosary with saving her life, and even giving her the spiritual strength to forgive the murderers, even though almost ever [...]

  12. I bought this book after attending a talk given by the author at the Catholic University of America Immacul e Ilibagiza is one of those rare, extraordinary people who leaves a lasting impression long after meeting her Her talk on the Rwandan genocide is perhaps one of the best talks I have ever experienced Her genuine love and tenderness born of the intense prayer life she led while hiding away in the cauldron of death that was Rwanda during 1994 spills over into her writing, and due credit must [...]

  13. This book is another piece of the story of Immaculee s life as told in LEFT TO TELL the account of how she survived the Rawandan massacre by hiding in a small bathroom for 3 months When I think of the beatitude Blessed are the pure of heart I now have a face to give it Her meditations of the rosary mysteries while in that hiding place are truly inspirational and her belief is that praying the rosary and meditating on the mysteries saved her life and sanity during her time of captivity and throug [...]

  14. The author of this book, Immacul e Ilibagiza was a child in Rwanda during the genocide She survived because a Protestant pastor hid her and some others in his bathroom She remained there for months and during that time her prayers included the Rosary She takes us through each mystery and tells us about the images she saw as she prayed those mysteries while hiding and about how she related what she imagined to her current situation.rannthisthat 2013

  15. What an incredibly powerful book I highly recommend this book not only to any fellow Catholics but anyone who is looking to heighten their prayer life I pray the rosary multiple times each week and this book has helped me immensely to better understand the mysteries of the rosary I now have a better grasp of my meditations of the mysteries rather than just saying the prayers The way Immacule explains her own meditations is so comforting that I feel at peace even reading it I will continue to use [...]

  16. This is the story of how saying the rosary while in hiding, helped Immacule Ilibagiza keep her sanity and save her life during the Rwandan genocide Left to Tell, her first book tells the story in greater detail, and sometimes the references she made to her other books was annoying So much so, in fact that I put this book down so that I could read Left to Tell and learn what was being left out Despite that, and whether or not you believe everything Immacule says, it is a powerful example of how t [...]

  17. Really enjoyed this I m not catholic but it has inspired me to learn to pray the Rosary Very in awe of the depth of her faith her ability to forgive the horrible atrocities committed by people she knew The only thing that bothered me were the multiple times she mentioned that she wouldn t go further into a subject because it was covered in another book of hers Of course, now I ll get the other books But it felt jarring every time she added that teaser.

  18. The Rosary was such an eye opening book It brought a new meaning to my life Immaculee s story touched my heart and will touch everyone else who reads it Throughout the book Immaculee teaches us and describes how she overcame all the struggles in life with the power of the rosary She describes the mystery s of the rosary and their meaning.If this book interested you then 33 Days to Morning Glory by Micheal Gaitley who suit you well

  19. Extremely powerful and enlightening read I would highly recommend this to anyone curious about Catholic faith, namely the power of the rosary, or to Catholics like myself seeking a phenomenal read.

  20. I think she does a wonderful job at showing how the point of it is to meditate on the life of Christ It isn t just rote prayer as some people seem to think That being said, this is probably my least favorite of her books.

  21. Of the 3 books that I have read by this author, I thought this was the best Scripturally and spiritually it was amazing to hear her story of how praying the rosary and visualizing the biblical stories with each decade helped her during a very difficult time in her life.

  22. As a child, living in Quebec, I went to french Catholic schoold practicing the Catholic religion faithfully This has reminded me that faith is important, I picked up my rosary today

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