Dance of the Red Death

Dance of the Red Death Bethany Griffin continues the journey of Araby Worth in Dance of the Red Death the sequel to her teen novel Masque of the Red Death In Dance of the Red Death Araby s world is in shambles betrayal de

Bethany Griffin continues the journey of Araby Worth in Dance of the Red Death the sequel to her teen novel Masque of the Red Death.In Dance of the Red Death, Araby s world is in shambles betrayal, death, disease, and evil forces surround her She has no one to trust But she finds herself and discovers that she will fight for the people she loves, and for her city.Her revBethany Griffin continues the journey of Araby Worth in Dance of the Red Death the sequel to her teen novel Masque of the Red Death.In Dance of the Red Death, Araby s world is in shambles betrayal, death, disease, and evil forces surround her She has no one to trust But she finds herself and discovers that she will fight for the people she loves, and for her city.Her revenge will take place at the menacing masked ball, though it could destroy her and everyone she loves or it could turn her into a hero.With a nod to Edgar Allan Poe, Bethany Griffin concludes her tragic and mysterious Red Death series with a heroine that young adult readers will never forget.

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Dance of the Red Death

  1. Bethany Griffin teaches high school English and creative writing.

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  1. Biggest disappointment I ve had in a long time, so much so that I scanned than read the last 20% Absolutely worse than book one and the destroyer of my hopes Review to come Ohmygod, I m going all fangirl, but I just love that title It has the word dance in it, after all, and it sounds so hopelessly intriguing I am Team Elliott all the way, and can t wait to see of him and his gorgeousness in this book

  2. Isn t it wonderful, being in love No It feels like the rope is back around my throat, cutting off my air supply.I have at least one thing in common with Araby her love story was choking me also.What the heck happened with book 2 It was as if everything I found exciting and infectious pun intended about Masque of the Red Death was distorted and lacking this time around.The love triangle didn t bother me before In fact, I rather enjoyed it because the story itself was not suffocated out by the lov [...]

  3. Really, another year I have like fifty books I m waiting for This is one of the ones I want the most Come on AHHHH I NEED IT.Wait, does that say CONCLUSION This is the last book WHAT UPDATE ERMAGERD LOOK AT THAT COVER GORGEOUS JUST GORGEOUS.Oh, and I seriously can t pick which guy she should choose I mean I was totally team Will, but then he had to go and betray her Even though it was for a good reason As morbid as this seems, I kind of want one of them to die so she will have an easier decision [...]

  4. DNF 57%I read the first book and really enjoyed it despite not having a clue as to what was really happening, so I assumed I d enjoy this But tbh, I m just sitting here in class saying what the fuck is actually happening, why does this this gross romance and love triangle exist, why are the characters fucking RETARTED AND DULL AS FUCK honestly, this is just plain Bad

  5. WARNING MAY CONTAIN ONE TINSY WINSY LITTLE SPOILERDEARGAWD this book cover sure got on my nerves Dont get me wrong, i absolutely LOVED the first book I m a total Team Elliot, even though he was a little creepy in the beginning _ dont judge Still, he wouldnt sacrafice the girl he loves to a mad man who wanted to kill her cough cough WILL cough ok, back to my first point.rry Elliot stage whispers I ll see you in my dreams THE COVER PROS AND CONS PRO you can t see the girls face, which I like It gi [...]

  6. Such a disappointment When I first read Masque of the Red Death last year I really liked it It was incredibly atmospheric and the plague ridden world was depressing and I was very much immersed in the story It was everything this book was not, except for depressing I don t know what happened but after 100 pages, barely anything was happening and the I felt that the characters were just going around in circles Araby was so wishy washy throughout the book and along with the rest of the cast, their [...]

  7. Actual rating is 3.5 stars This review is SPOILER FREE for Masque of the Red Death.In retrospect, reading Dance of the Red Death while I was sick may not have been my smartest idea The wonderfully grotesque and dark atmosphere of the plague ridden world in Masque of the Red Death was enough to send me a fit of countless chills, and I read Masque in a healthy state that was rather polarizing to the state in which I read Dance of the Red Death Needless to say, I imagine, the atmosphere developed e [...]

  8. This book was pretty slow and hard to get into And as I noted in my review for Masque of the Red Death, the narration was too impersonal But I just really wanted to know how it ended, so I made it through.I was really disappointed at the end of book 1 because of the love triangle I really liked Will but Araby left him and ended up kissing Elliot I found that kind of odd because although Will betrayed her, her feelings for him had been strong and I didn t like the fact that she just jumped right [...]

  9. CONTAINS SPOILERS Sorry for venting this book really disappointed me I absolutely loved the 1st book and was extremely excited when I heard a 2nd book was coming out but sad to say I was highly disappointed Before I started the book I read a few reviews and saw that people were disappointed but I still had hope this book wouldn t be dreadful At the beginning I didn t think it was that bad A little slow maybe but not bad As soon as I thought the book might pick up BAM it starts going downhill All [...]

  10. HEY YOU, BOOK Definitely my most anticipated book of 2013 I love the fact that this book will begin right where it left off in the first book I m usually not a fan of follow up books that fast forwards a couple years, so this is a huge plus.High expectations for this book I need this book NOW, April 2013 is too far away Re reading Masque of the Red Death again and again is no longer doing it for me.I neeeeed an ARC.2 5 15 UPDATE Sadly, I was extremely disappointed with the ending of this duology [...]

  11. I am so angry at this book Yes Angry EyesI m not angry because the author killed off a beloved character or because the story was terrible, I m angry because there were so many missed opportunities in this book view spoiler I mean characters die, because plague, but I wasn t emotionally tied to anyone we lost so much that it gave me reader rage hide spoiler I LOVED this concept Creating a YA based off of the Poe classic short was brilliant The original imagines a bleak but opulent world in which [...]

  12. Initial thoughts 4 stars What a dreary world Red Plague, evil villains, airships, and hungry crocodiles A bit of an annoying love triangle but enjoyable nonetheless.The Review The world of Dance of the Red Death is a dark and depressing place The city has been devastated by the Red Death The dead are piled up everywhere, blocking the streets and neighborhoods Those lucky enough to escape the city seek shelter at Prince Prospero s palace However, this refuge is subject to the whims of the despoti [...]

  13. I waited for a long time almost a whole month to read this bookAnd it turned out to be a HUGE disappointment Araby s world is almost destroyed, Her Father is a murderer, her mother is a captive of Prince Prospero and her best friend April has the contagion which she might not surviveNow this an interesting synopsis and after all Masque Of The Red Death was so awesome, why shouldn t this book be too The Red Death is now ravaging the city, With Malcontent s men spreading the contagion through the [...]

  14. Reimagining of Poe s Story Sometimes I feel like the world is waiting for all of us to fall ill For all of us to fade and die Chapter 3 This is the second book after Masque of the Red Death I finished it quickly It was a good book, but nothing special The ending was satisfying and there was plenty of action and suspense I read Masque of the Red Death and Dance of the Red Death as if they were one book for my free space in Halloween Bingo Honestly, it probably should have been one book, but maybe [...]

  15. Yikes 2.5 stars I guess I m not sure how this happened I loved Masque of the Red Death The world building The characters The sexual tension But I would skip this book, guys Even if you loved the first one Especially if you loved the first one.How to explain without all the spoilers First of all, let me just get some dumb personal pet peeves out of the way These are things that may not bother anyone else and I know I m a weirdo OK.Pet Peeve 1 Spiders are not insects I was still a bed wetter when [...]

  16. 2.5 SterneEhrlich gesagt, wei ich nicht so recht, was ich zu diesem Buch sagen soll H tte ich es nicht f r eine Challenge gelesen, w rde ich vermutlich nicht einmal eine Rezension hierzu schreiben, weil mir schlicht und ergreifend die Worte fehlen Leider nicht im positiven Sinne Die Novelle, die zwischen den beiden B nden spielt, hat mir so gut gefallen Ich verstehe einfach nicht, was jetzt wieder schiefgelaufen ist Ich habe langsam die Bef rchtung, dass es zu erheblichem Anteil an der bersetzun [...]

  17. Araby secures her mask, terrified what the new day brings There is now something worse ravaging the decimated city The Red Plague It brings almost instant death Piles and piles of bodies are scattered all over the city, rotting and contaminating Meanwhile, the maniacal Prince Prospero sits in his gluttonous castle, planning his decadent ball While the Reverend Malcontent is unleashing groups of loyal followers infected with the Red Plague into the city Sending them amongst the remaining citizens [...]

  18. Well, now Dance of the Red Death picked up right where Masque left offwith little to no review of the previous book s events I suggest a re read of Masque if you ve got the time I d do it for the swoons aloneey are far and few in this follow up novel Fighting abounds, escapes and near misses are aplenty, and even an I love you or two is uttered And yet, this finale in the Red Death series just wasn t quite what I was hoping for.Our Heroine That damned silver syringe makes an appearance once agai [...]

  19. When I heard that there was going to be a sequel to Masque of the Red Death , I was incredibly excited Almost indecently so I couldn t wait to get my hands on it And when I did, most of what I d been hoping for in terms of a resolution to the duology as a whole was or less lived up to though there were a few sticking points that kind of prevented this book from becoming from the five star wonder that I was hoping it would be Regardless, I think everyone who read Masque of the Red Death will fin [...]

  20. 4.5 Stars, please don t tell me that s the end because that s a really awful and suspended way to end a book The last fiftyish pages or so were so rushed that it literally jumped from one action part to the next without really time Suddenly castle, oh no manor house, what it s a few weeks later It was easy enough to follow, but still a little jumbled The only bad thing that I could think of, is if you re overly familiar with Edgar Allen Poe you knew how this one would end Especially with Prosper [...]

  21. I was very impressed by Griffins previous titles Masque of Red Death and Handcuffs Dance of the Red Death meanwhile not so much.I wont go into a whole review because im on a state of disappointment and I want to go jive to some music to drown my emotional sorrows Of course the girl didn t choose the guy I was barracking for This tends to be my curse.But, I will go on to ask, was the duo logy necessary Dance of Red Death does nothing but tie up the loose ends that were deliberately put in place i [...]

  22. I am so excited for this book I have been going fangirl since I finished the Masque I can t believe that this will be the end I don t want it to be.After what happened in the first novel, I really am hoping that she and Elliot get together I am definitely team Elliot.I loved Will until he betrayed her I know he had his reasons, but i just cant get over it.The first book was amazing and I just know the second will be even better I am a little sad that this will be the end, but I am hoping that it [...]

  23. absolutely breathtaking end to the series so much adventure and drama.dark, beautiful, and cunning I adored the masquerade ball scenes, because it really brought Poe s original story to new life Araby Worth is the best kind of heroine flawed, but beautifully soazing job, Bethany you nailed it with this one.

  24. I cannot wait that long for this book to come out after what happened with Will in the last book i am slightly swinging towards Elliot s side i dont blame Will though because in his shoes i might have done the same thing and Araby understands thatbut it doesnt make it hurt any lesspossibly because she cant even hate him for what happened Gahh my heart i need this book now

  25. A good ending to the dualogy I never knew Araby would strong both boys along so much I felt sad for both boys I really enjoyed the game at the end but the way it was wrapped up felt too abrupt There were many creepy moments that I felt grossed out by Overall, it was good but I was expecting it to be better.

  26. I struggled with this book A lot I kept reading because I was expecting something amazing to happen And it did, near the end I loved the ending game for Araby, it was awesome But it was too little too late.

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