Conspiracy When you re an outlaw hoping for a pardon and the emperor personally sends a note requesting that your team kidnap him you make plans to comply Even if it ll involve infiltrating a train full of sol

When you re an outlaw hoping for a pardon, and the emperor personally sends a note requesting that your team kidnap him, you make plans to comply Even if it ll involve infiltrating a train full of soldiers, bodyguards, and spies loyal to a nefarious business coalition that has numerous reasons to hate you.Even if it means leaving the city right after you ve uncovered a secWhen you re an outlaw hoping for a pardon, and the emperor personally sends a note requesting that your team kidnap him, you make plans to comply Even if it ll involve infiltrating a train full of soldiers, bodyguards, and spies loyal to a nefarious business coalition that has numerous reasons to hate you.Even if it means leaving the city right after you ve uncovered a secret weapons shipment that might be meant to start a war.Even if it s a trap

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  1. I ve decided that Lindsay Buroker is a colossal tease She s been dragging out the romance in this series for four frickin books grrrI ve been pretty entertained though so far so I guess I don t mind As with each book, Buroker goes into another one of the gang s point of view This one delves into the mind of Akstyr, who s actually one of my favorite characters I say that because he got the longest list of bad character traits He s lazy, grumpy, selfish, immature, difficult and than a little trai [...]

  2. I have read this entire series up to date but this is the only book I ll write a review for Why you ask It is simply because I have a tendency, if I am in the zone with a series that I plow through it and read any book available like a locust through a crop I REALLY like this series.You shouldn t be reading this review if you haven t read the other books or you want to read this series ok You have been warned, I assume you can read since you re on GR, so don t moan if you come across something t [...]

  3. I WAS hoping to be able to take a little reading break after this one but that s clearly not gonna happen.I really enjoyed getting a chance to see the world through Akstyr s perspective He was always my least favorite character, but it was heartwarming to see him develop his sense of loyalty toward the rest of the group.This particular installment especially because there was a train involved reminded me a lot of the TV show, Firefly And I love being able to make that comparison because I think [...]

  4. I think it safe to say that if readers have come this far, they will not be disappointed In fact, I think this is my favorite so far The world building is as wild as the action, the humor kept me cracking up, and the pacing so fast that I ve been staying up far too late reading I love these characters so much.The only caveat Ends with the cliff hanger of all cliff hangers, so have Book Five ready and waiting I m glad I did

  5. Another great read in this absolutely fantastic series I had some troubles getting into this particular story, but I think it was connected to the fact that I was unable to read than a chapter or two at first once I had a bit free time, the pages jsut flew by will have a full review soon ish but for now I have to start book 5 because this one ends on a mother of all cliffhangers NoJoke edited to add my full review Ever since one of my BookBesties recommended this series to me thank you agan f [...]

  6. This is my second time reading this story and the cliffhanger at the end still drove me insane ESPECIALLY since I know what happens next I m all excited and jittery to keep reading but I am re reading these slower this time around so I can fully absorb them and stretch the time out for the last book to come out This series was my first fore into the fantasy world and nothing had been as good since which I m sad about but also sort of proud of because Lindsay Buroker rules In this book we are in [...]

  7. Newcomers to Lindsay Buroker s Emperor s Edge series should read them in order The Emperor s Edge, Dark Currents, Deadly Games and, most recently, Conspiracy While all can be read as standalone stories, there is an overarching storyline that will make the most sense if you start at the beginning.At the end of Deadly Games, a note from the emperor offered Amaranthe and her group of mercenaries a large sum of money to kidnap him No explanation was offered, but for a group of people seeking to vind [...]

  8. At first, Amaranthe saw nothing Then, dark against the white mountainside, a massive black craft floated across the railway, dwarfing the evergreens beneath it Intermittent lights outlined its half sphere shape It was flat on the bottom and convex on top, like the dome of a building Amaranthe What is that Sicarius Wow, this book was quite amazing It was so action packed I admit though it was a little slow in the beginning and near the end, I was so freaking stressed out When they were doing the [...]

  9. I ve been loving this series, and Conspiracy felt like it got the plot back on track The 2nd and 3rd books feel like lulls, but Conspiracy gets back to the main plot with the Forge conspiracy There s also a train heist What s not to like Also, I was seriously impressed with Akstyr s plot, which I honestly didn t have high expectations for after how little I enjoyed the Books and Basilard sections of the last two books I think one of the things I liked the most was that Akstyr, who felt the least [...]

  10. The Emperor s Edge series is really a disaster for my sleeping habits there s just no way to put these books down once you ve started reading Conspiracy is no different if anything, it s even of a breathless ride than the previous installments, since the action hurtles forward non stop once it really gets started No time to stop for a rest, that s for certain.It s clear by now that the first three books were self contained adventures leading up to the real crux of this story they laid the groun [...]

  11. Fantasy Review BarnPossible spoilers from earlier books in the series.More of the same from Amaranthe and her loveable group of criminals, and in no way is that a bad thing For those who don t know, the series follows former Enforcer Amaranthe and her crew through light steampunk world as they try to clear their name and keep the Empire, and importantly the Emperor himself, safe from those who want to remake the land in their own ideal She comes up with harebrained plans, the crew grumbles then [...]

  12. Don t read a single book of Lindsay Buroker s The Emperor s Edge series, because if you do, you ll be forgetting everything else that s important in your life in favor for Amaranthe s madcap adventures with her equally mad outlaw family Everything beyond the text of these books will cease to exist I probably put off one day of work for each book I read.Conspiracy is another excellent addition to the series, and this time, Amaranthe and her ragtag goon squad are on their biggest mission yet to ki [...]

  13. From the opening scene on the top of a moving train at night, this story begins the arc that will carry allegedly through the end of the series, and it does not let up We get to see of the empire, explosions, and cliffhangers Since Emperor Sespian has asked Amaranthe s motley crew of do good outlaws to kidnap him, Sicarius has accordingly upped the level of training Even with Amaranthe as our lead and a fine, not so fearless but certainly courageous leader she is , by this point I began to re [...]

  14. I didn t love this fourth book of the series as much as the previous ones It s not bad, but it has some issues.Firstly, the editing isn t as good I m not sure whether that s because I bought it from Smashwords rather than , but I noticed three instances of who s where the author meant whose , one it s instead of its , quaking instead of quacking and one or two other errors The earlier books were very clean There were also other errors of usage that many people make, but that a good editor would [...]

  15. This series is phenomenal Our hero is almost an anti hero but you still root for him and look for the good in him Besides he s damn sexy You root for and love all the members of the Emperor s Edge All of this is due to the main character Amaranthe Lockdon is a girl that I would want to be best friends with and hell, I d jump into her crazy schemes and still be laughing when I landed in jail She is strong, independent, witty LOVE the dialogue , and human She, the members of the Emperor s Edge and [...]

  16. The following review was originally posted on my book blog The Book Challengers.WHAT KIND OF AN AUTHOR GIVES HER READERS SUCH CLIFFHANGERS Thank goodness I already acquired the next book and am ready to dive into that one although I know that that one will have a cliffhanger as well Buroker warned us in the afterword.After diving into this book with Akstyr s POV, I must admit that I didn t actually warm all that much to this selfish teenager I liked him most in the first book but ever since I ha [...]

  17. I like that each book focusses on one of the team s character thanks to a POV.1st book is about Amaranthe she is the main character and how she ends up leading a band of mercenaries.2nd book Books The teacher The eldest of the band mid 40s 3rd book Basilard The mid 30s former slave freed by Amaranthe4th book Akstyr The 17 18 y o former thug and the band s wizard Now, the author says that the 5th book will focuss on Maldynado I can t wait to read that He is a fascinating character I bet many secr [...]

  18. To be honest, I wasn t as thrown by the cliffhanger as I thought My heart was pounding out of my chest because I thought Maldynado was going to betray everyone at the end AND NO, NOT MY PRECIOUS MAL Thank the stars But oh man, I can t wait to see Sicarius s reaction Shit is going to hit the fan Also, some Amaranthe Sicarius fluff would be wonderful view spoiler seriously guys just have sex already lmao hide spoiler Am I the only one who wants Maldynado to walk in on Amaranthe Sicarius making out [...]

  19. Oh My Brilliant dialogue with attitude Danger Steampunk Let s start with the Cliff Hanger Ending ugh Nuff said I felt a rash coming on with that one Romantic tension Sicarius, come on The woman wants you Sespian has planned his own abduction for his own reasons As if Amaranthe and the boys don t have enough problems Akstyr gets of his story told, his past makes his character s actions, attitudes, real.Once again, Lindsay Buroker has created a story worth getting hooked on The pace is fast, wit [...]

  20. The first book in a story arc as things begin to draw toward the end, though I m hoping there will be further adventures.Lots of action, lots of humour and biting retorts, plus the return of two characters from previous episodes when the group decide to stage a kidnapping.The pace is fast and furious, with little let up from the moment the team catch a train This is also Akstyr s story, with relevations about what makes him tick and his background, feel sympathy for him now.

  21. As one lucky enough to read Conspiracy in beta version, I have to say this is one of my favorite in the series yet The team gets into a great deal of trouble, the contraptions are fun and inventive, and Am Sic shippers will find plenty of opportunities to sigh whether out of delight or exasperationwell, that s a secret I highly recommend it

  22. I read this in one sitting and loved the shit out of it thank god I had a big travel trip and bought this one and the next at the same time otherwise I d be in big trouble It was great to get into Aksyer s head in this one, I was surprised that unlike the rest of the team, even after spending this much time with them, that he didn t think of them as family And by the end of the book finally you knew he was on board And man was it a good book Train robberies of the people smuggling kind , bad app [...]

  23. i spent the first half of this book wondering why everyone was being so MESSY and stressing me out but then everything was tentatively fine again so it s okay but omg OMG THAT ENDING when sicarius DID ALL OF THAT and then SMILED bro bro that shit was breathtaking poor akstyr tho, he was being a mess but my heart rlly hurt for him at the end i just wanna protect all my kids

  24. One addictive novel by the great author It takes real skill to maintain the same tempo even after 1500 pagesA wonderfully addictive set of novels Read it in one sitting It really takes a great skill to maintain the pace even after 1500 pages Looking forward to read the next novel.

  25. This book is a bit slower than the previous ones, it starts with action and ends with action, but there s a lot of slogging about in the middle However the action scenes are tightly written and exciting and the character interactions humourous and plot advancing.

  26. Great seriesI have really enjoyed this series It s been a nice break from my normal genre Glad I came across it.

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