Wild Water

Wild Water Viral Kindle An emotional rollercoaster Have just finished this amazing book Loved it The characters are rich and warm and beautifully drawn The setting is beautiful and the plot oozes

Wild Water Viral Kindle An emotional rollercoaster!Have just finished this amazing book. Loved it. The characters are rich and warm, and beautifully drawn. The setting is beautiful and the plot oozes tragic reality, with a desperately exciting climax. I was sorry to reach the end. Is there a sequel? Great book. Totally recommend.. PART ONE of the WILD WATER SERIES.The tragedy and comedy that is Jack s life secrets, lies, long lost loves and family ties.Jack Redman, estate agent to the Cheshire set An unlikely hero Or someone to break all the rules Wild water is the story of forty something estate agent Jack, who is stressed out not only by work, bills and the approach of Christmas but by the feePART ONE of the WILD WATER SERIES.The tragedy and comedy that is Jack s life secrets, lies, long lost loves and family ties.Jack Redman, estate agent to the Cheshire set An unlikely hero Or someone to break all the rules Wild water is the story of forty something estate agent Jack, who is stressed out not only by work, bills and the approach of Christmas but by the feeling that he and his wife Patsy are growing apart His misgivings prove founded when he discovers Patsy is having an affair, and is pregnant.At the same time as his marriage begins to collapse around him, he becomes reacquainted with his childhood sweetheart, Anna, whom he left for Patsy twenty five years before His feelings towards Anna reawaken, but will life and family conflicts conspire to keep them apart again. Good Book Wild Water Fast paced, intriguing, filled with love and drama. The story kept me reading from the very first page. The mélange of characters is exquisite--you want to dive into the book and give one of them a hug, or shake another in frustration. At moments I laughed out loud, or related to their pain. I particularly liked the description of the beautiful Welsh countryside. You can tell the author loves her native land, and writes about it with great affection.The story is very fluid, making the reader turn the pages in anticipation. Ms. Ruth is a skilled writer, and a wonderful storyteller who gives us characters with deep emotions as well as a sense of humor. What more could you want from a good book?! The read was a pleasure, and I really didn't want it to end. Thankfully Ms. Ruth has other books, which I will immediately pick up. I suggest you do the same. I highly recommend it!
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  1. Jan Ruth lives in Snowdonia, a mountainous area of North Wales, UK Jan writes contemporary fiction about the darker side of the family dynamic, often blending life in rural Wales with a touch of city business Her style is best described as fast paced and realistic, with a sprinkling of dry humour.The real story began at school, with prizes for short stories and poetry She failed all things mathematical and scientific, and to this day struggles to make sense of anything numerical Her first novel written in 1986 attracted the attention of an agent who was trying to set up her own company, Love Stories Ltd It was a project aiming to champion those books of substance which contained a romantic element but were perhaps directed towards the mature reader and consistently fell through the net in traditional publishing Sadly, the project failed to get the right financial backing.Many years later Jan s second novel, Wild Water, was taken on by Jane Judd, literary agent Judd was a huge inspiration, but the book failed to find the right niche with a publisher And then changed the face of the industry with the advent of self publishing Jan went on to successfully publish several works of fiction under her own imprint, Celtic Connections After a brief partnership with Accent Press in 2015, Jan chose to return to the freedom of independent publishing.Jan s books are available globally via in paperback and for Kindle and locally, you ll find them in North Wales libraries and Hinton s bookshop of Conwy.

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  1. An emotional rollercoaster Have just finished this amazing book Loved it The characters are rich and warm, and beautifully drawn The setting is beautiful and the plot oozes tragic reality, with a desperately exciting climax I was sorry to reach the end Is there a sequel Great book Totally recommend.

  2. Fast paced, intriguing, filled with love and drama The story kept me reading from the very first page The m lange of characters is exquisite you want to dive into the book and give one of them a hug, or shake another in frustration At moments I laughed out loud, or related to their pain I particularly liked the description of the beautiful Welsh countryside You can tell the author loves her native land, and writes about it with great affection.The story is very fluid, making the reader turn the [...]

  3. This review for Wild Water is based on the recently rereleased edition in September 2012.Chester, Conway and beautiful Snowdonia are the settings for this novel The writer, Jan Ruth, has intimate knowledge of the area and transports her readers there with her rich descriptions resonant of this beautiful part of the world From here she introduces her story through her unique characters, who very quickly feel like real people with the depth, quality and complexities of life problems they are faced [...]

  4. This is a thoroughly enjoyable read that, at times, I found hard to put down Jack is forty something, successfully running the Wilmslow branch of the family s estate agency He has it all, the big house, the Aston Martin, and is still good looking and charming But beneath it all, his life has reached a crisis his wife is behaving strangely, his daughter is craving his attention, and his teenage son is struggling with school Then his dad suffers a heart scare, and Jack travels to Wales to look aft [...]

  5. Originally reviewed on beccasbooooks 2What drew me to this book was the blurb To me, it sounded fantastic I absolutely adore a novel that explores, in great detail, the breakdown and aftermath of a marriage relationship I love reading about second chance love, characters who become reacquainted after years of being apart, but even than that, I cannot get enough of a story that involves the dynamics of a family I m a HUGE family girl and for me, there s nothing better for me to sink my teeth int [...]

  6. I read this book on holiday recently in just two days and I was so sorry when I reached the end It has a realistic, un put downable quality, mostly due to its well drawn characters, background settings and Jan s expert story weaving, all of which drew me in from page one.She has an excellent, easy writing style, which makes this book a total pleasure to read, so much so, you just have to keep on reading.Initially, forty something estate agent, Jack Redman, did seem an unlikely hero to me, but I [...]

  7. Apparently publishers were unsure where to place this novel when they were offered it a few years ago which simply confirms my opinion that publishers often get it terribly wrong they really should have fought to the death over this one Wild Water is a truly delightful tragi comedy that will draw you into its enchanting world from page one and keep you engrossed to the last page I defy you not to fall a little bit in love with the long suffering Jack Redman and positively loathe his selfish, ung [...]

  8. Wild wateremotions run deep.I was lucky enough to have read another of Jan Ruth s books The Long Short of it short stories and extracts from her novels I started reading an extract from, Wild Water not knowing it was just a taster and after a few pages I was hooked I had to find out where the story went I felt Wild Waters crosses genre It is romantic, definitely not chick lit or a Mills and Boon book, but certainly women s and contemporary fiction, and I have to say a great read for men as well [...]

  9. Wild Water is a contemporary novel set in two main locations, Wilmslow, Cheshire and Conway, North Wales Jack Redman runs a busy family estate agency He s juggling jobs, with his father away from the Welsh office and his right hand lady about to leave his office in Wilmslow Add to this he has three children and a high maintenance wife who is causing her own problems.It s close to Christmas and Jack s Dad is stuck in Spain for a while longer after a heart flutter Jack must head to the Conway offi [...]

  10. Writing contemporary family drama is probably the most difficult genre in which to achieve success, so it was a pleasure to find myself instantly immersed in the ever increasing disasters of Jack, the unlikely hero of Wild Water Successful estate agents from the wealthiest part of Cheshire don t come to mind as empathetic characters, but Jack works hard, cares about his family and has sufficient stress to justify his intermittent smoking habit His faithless wife Patsy, however, is difficult to l [...]

  11. For years Jack has been living a lie Only Jack never knew it When his life suddenly spirals out of control with his business, his wife leaving and his children falling to pieces all he can see are the lies and mistakes he s made This is truly highlighted when he sees his former love, Anna His world only feels stable around her This is particularly true when his wife drops the bomb that she is pregnant and his father becomes ill Just when Jack feels like his life is straightening out everything h [...]

  12. Wild Water has been such an enjoyable read There is very little separating the fictional day to day existence of Ruth s characters from our own and therein lies the novel s charms We all know people who may have gone through exactly the life s events that occurred within the novel The theme itself is not unusual a wronged partner, life regressing and then improving but very quickly one becomes so invested in events that it is easy to read on That s the sign of a naturally good storyteller I foun [...]

  13. Another great story based on Jack Redman and his life After reading Wild Water I was intrigued to see where Jan Ruth would take the characters too next and I was not disappointed at all I can not wait for the next installment.

  14. This is the first book in a three part series of Jan Ruth s books After reading a previous novel of Jan s I was very happy to receive these three books I love how vibrant the heather is on the front of this cover, it makes you want to snuggle up with a hot chocolate which is exactly what I did This is a contemporary romance but so much , I instantly fell in love with Jack and really hoped that his horrible wife Patsy would see the pain she had inflicted on their poor children It is a heart wrenc [...]

  15. Goes down as another off my 2015 Reading list A book you started but never finished I always finish books though so I m twisting this a bit to a book I started but didn t finish in a day instead.Wild Water is definitely a mature read Really like the author s rich style of writing and how she draws you into not just the story but also the beautiful landscape the characters are in Proving that characters in their early forties can still act like teenagers and get the chance at a true HEA again af [...]

  16. Obviously, I was drawn by the title and that this novel was partly set in my beloved Wales, so there was the hook of these similarities All similarities end there This is right up to date, a contemporary romance which is so much than the genre implies It was totally engrossing, and yes, I really couldn t put it down I have the shadows under my eyes to prove it To say this novel exceeded any expectations is an understatement I was hooked from beginning to end, so emotionally involved with the ch [...]

  17. Just about everything his life touches work, his home life, his wife Patsy s infidelity leaves Jack Redman stressed When he confronts Patsy, she says she wants a divorce and runs off, with their youngest child in tow, to live with her French lover Phillipe While dealing with this major upheaval, Jack s father sends him to talk to Anna Williams, a former girlfriend from long ago, about selling her farm Thus, we have basis of the love triangle Jack, Patsy, and Anna Phillipe is, for most of the sto [...]

  18. When Suzanne asked me if I wanted to read this book by a Welsh author I jumped at the chance and read it very quickly due to its easy reading style and active pace of the story which includes many twists and turns.The story is predominately about Jack and interactions with his old friend Anna and his wife Patsy Jack is a kind hearted man who is boss off the family firm Redman and Sons Estate agent and property management and he is liked and respected by his staff He has a wife, Patsy, and three [...]

  19. This book was entered and was a FINALIST in The Wishing Shelf Book Awards This is what our readers thought Title Wild WaterAuthor Jan RuthStar Rating 5 StarsNumber of Readers 24StatsEditing 9 10Style 10 10Content 9 10Cover 10 10Of the 24 readers 22 would read another book by this author.24 thought the cover was good or excellent.10 felt the blurb was enticing.12 thought the well developed characters were the best part of the book.7 felt the author s no 1 skill was working with speech.2 felt the [...]

  20. html lovebooksreaddailyA thoroughly enjoyable read Wild Water tells the story of Jack, a property manager, whose life very quickly begins to unravel as he watches everything collapse around him, including his marriage to his wife of 25 years, Patsy At the same time, Jack becomes reacquainted with his childhood sweetheart Anna and, as old flames rise, Jack finds himself in a life changing situation that affects everyone around him.This book is expertly written and very character driven having rea [...]

  21. It is always sad to read a tale of adultery, divorce and families torn in two, but Wild Water is heartbreaking.And it s the husband, Jack, who extends this book beyond the general, wife leaves husband, depression and right into heartbreak territory He makes a joke, and you want to give him a sad pathetic kind of smile because he s trying so hard He loses his temper and makes another poor decision and while you can see the train wreck coming, your gut sort of aches for him anyway He helps his fam [...]

  22. The often irrational ties that bind people together form the basis for this intertwining story of personal relationships and of what happens when life spirals out of control Jack Redman knows that his marriage is heading for disaster and when he becomes reacquainted with his childhood sweetheart , Anna, he soon realises that everything he once knew to be true is about to change forever.Set against the backdrop of rural Snowdonia, with occasional forays into the heart of the upmarket Cheshire set [...]

  23. This is the first of Jan s books I have read and I have to say I m already looking forward to reading .The characters in Wild Water are so realistic you could imagine buying real estate off Jack, eating cakes and gossiping with Anna Hill and wanting to smack some sense into Patsy Jan s vivid descriptions of the locations help bring the story to life and reading Wild Water it s like the movie is playing in your head.Wild Water is the story of over worked Real Estate Agent Jack Redman, who suddenl [...]

  24. I loved this book Visiting Jan Ruth s website, I knew immediately that her work would appeal to me, and I was absolutely right This was the first book I have really enjoyed for quite a while, and I shall jump online and buy 2 immediately after writing this review.Wild Water 1 is written with deep and humorous empathy, primarily for Jack and Anna and the complicated situations they find themselves in, but even for Patsy, Oliver and Lottie Every character in this story stands out for who they are, [...]

  25. Wild Water by Jan RuthThis is the first story that I ve read by Jan Ruth and it won t be the last.A well written story aimed at the female reader, this is not a light and frothy tale but it does have moments of humour and lightness in it Jack Redman is a troubled soul, he s a 40 something chain smoking Estate Agent with troubles aplenty His unfaithful wife Patsy has the morals of an alley cat, maybe I m judging her a little harshly but I found her despicable She s a very manipulative woman and I [...]

  26. I have never read any of Jan s books before, but what a find with this one In one way it tells an age old story of the proverbial love triangle, but what I loved so much about this book was the sense of lives spiralling so out of control so quickly and yet it almost seems as if there is no way this can be avoided The central male character Jack was one with whom you would instantly sympathise, he is essentially a good guy struggling to keep it all together in the face of adversity, but not surpr [...]

  27. This is the first of Jan Ruth s novels I read I heard about her in a local newspaper, and having just had a kindle for Christmas and living in the area she writes about I decided to download her first and second novel the only two out at that time.I was immediately drawn into Jack s world, fell a little in love with him and Anna and her dogs Loved reading the descriptions of the countryside, being able to picture the familiar places Hated certain characters too, and was willing Jack to do what I [...]

  28. 1 of 1 people found the following review helpfulWild Waters indeed, 2 Oct 2012 By Alexx Verified Purchase What is this This review is from Wild Water Kindle Edition Jan Ruth delivers again On the strength of White Horizon I bought Wild Water and loved it almost as much At first I thought Patsy couldn t be true to life and on the day I finished it I heard about a real person who was just the same, if not worse Jack, driven, bighearted, naive in love but astute in business and a wonderful father, [...]

  29. read this book on holiday, absolutely loved it is full of emotion, made me laugh, made me cry.jack is a lovely man, who is married to a high maintainance wife, i though a nasty woman who didn t deserve him.he meets up with an old flame, she is lovely, will he leave his wife or not, i wont say.i would not say this book is chick lit because i think it is much nicer than that it is a book for all ages, even men would like itis book has love ,hate, affairs, humour and sadness the mention of snowdoni [...]

  30. Jack is a successful business man, however he is not so successful in his home life, wife Patsy has started to behave differently and there is a distance growing between them Jack s life gets even complicated when through his business he meets up with his childhood sweetheart Anna who he had left broken hearted years ago He stills feels bad about hurting her and the decisions he made in the past Wild Water is a family drama that is emotionally charged when a family reaches breaking point It sho [...]

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