After Friday Night Lights: When the Games Ended, Real Life Began. An Unlikely Love Story.

After Friday Night Lights When the Games Ended Real Life Began An Unlikely Love Story Nearly twenty five years ago H G Buzz Bissinger then a young reporter for the Philadelphia Inquirer moved to Odessa Texas family in tow to follow the fortunes of the Permian High School foo

Nearly twenty five years ago, H G Buzz Bissinger, then a young reporter for the Philadelphia Inquirer, moved to Odessa, Texas, family in tow, to follow the fortunes of the 1988 Permian High School football team He hoped to write a celebratory treatment of a team and a town The result Friday Night Lights, a bestselling American classic that spawned the popular fiNearly twenty five years ago, H G Buzz Bissinger, then a young reporter for the Philadelphia Inquirer, moved to Odessa, Texas, family in tow, to follow the fortunes of the 1988 Permian High School football team He hoped to write a celebratory treatment of a team and a town The result Friday Night Lights, a bestselling American classic that spawned the popular film as well as the series, considered by many one of the best on television.The original book s most compelling character was James Boobie Miles, and his experience in Odessa was, as Bissinger puts it in his daringly honest sequel After Friday Night Lights, a symbol of everything that was wrong with high school football The complex friendship between subject and author has deepened over the years, and is, Bissinger writes, the most lasting legacy of Friday Night Lights, or at least the legacy I care about most Heading into the 1988 season, Miles looked like a star in the making, a sure bet to ascend to college and the NFL Abandoned by his mother, beaten by his dad, he had scraped through a rough upbringing, but it appeared that success on the field was soon to redeem his pain Then, in a meaningless preseason scrimmage, Boobie blew out his knee By midseason he was off the team, no longer needed by his coaches, who had found themselves a new running back After Friday Night Lights follows Boobie through the dark years he suffered after his injury right up to a

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After Friday Night Lights: When the Games Ended, Real Life Began. An Unlikely Love Story.

  1. H.G Bissinger has won the Pulitzer Prize, the Livingston Award, the National Headliner Award, and the American Bar Association s Silver Gavel for his reporting The author has written for the television series NYPD Blue and is a contributing editor at Vanity Fair He lives in Philadelphia.

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  1. I loved the original FNL book and the TV series even , as evidenced by the fact that the tipping factor in my naming my baby son Dylan was that it was a phonetic homage to the fictional town of Dillon, Texas also, I ve been known to randomly say, Texas forever even though I ve spent a total of 24 hours in Texas , so I was pretty excited to get this via a free download card from Starbucks This quick read, 22 years after the original FNL book was written, focuses on Boobie Miles, who had the caree [...]

  2. very quick read I loved all aspects of Friday Night LightsI loved the original book, the movie and above all else I loved the tv show this book was a good follow up It was sad to hear about the troubles Booby went through and now i will watch the movie with a new eye I think I learned above all else that Coach Gaines is much less like the Billy Bob Thornton character and Coach Taylor and much like Voight s portrayal in varsity blues It was nice to see Odessa again and know that football still r [...]

  3. Decent book but just the overall idea of the FNL empire is great The movie and TV show really helped it out but still a good book.

  4. These Lights Could Use Higher Watt BulbsBuzz Bissinger s seminal Friday Night Lights is one of the better sports books I ve ever read The immersive nature of the book made it too difficult to simply read and forget it had me begging for a follow up AFTER FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS may have filled a void to some degree, but it left me feeling somewhat shortchanged.After reading this brief albeit informative follow up, I quickly realized the purpose of the book was less about satisfying fans of the FNL b [...]

  5. Years ago, I feel head over heels in love with a little television show called Friday Night Lights I didn t see the movie, I didn t know it was based on a book by the same name I had no idea who H.G Buzz Bissinger was Texas was the state where the classic television show Dallas took place Texas was where my cousin Carla lived with her family in a nice Houston suburb Texas was where the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders in there fabulous hot pants and white boots performed I didn t know a West Texas exi [...]

  6. On a hot afternoon visit to Starbuck s for a Frappuccino, I picked up one of their Apple gimmes, this time for a free e book Bissinger s.First this sort of freebie is a good marketing tool I picked it up because it s a book and was free After reading it, I ll no doubt read Friday Night Lights, Bissinger s most famous work, the source of a movie and a TV series For those in the dark regarding Texas high school football and or completely indifferent, FNL was something of an expose on the inordinat [...]

  7. This is a documentary essay than a full length book, and in it, Bissinger discusses the effects of his book Friday Night Lights on himself and one of the protagonists of the book Boobie Miles twenty years later Boobie and Buzz stayed in touch in the years since the book s release Their fates have gone in two starkly different directions Bissinger received fame, fortune, and notoriety for the book, especially after it inspired a TV series Boobie, on the other hand, never recovered from the torn [...]

  8. Buzz Bissinger goes back to Texas to visit Boobie Miles, the breakaway character from Friday Night Lights, and to reflect on their friendship.Some of this is Bissinger addressing the approach he took to Friday Night Lights saying that he would have represented some key figures differently, and outed one of the racist commenters instead of referring to him as one of the white coaches Bissinger goes on to say that the coach went on to marry an Africa American woman, which is hardly the act of a ra [...]

  9. Buzz is another person I find fascinating see a theme with my last three reads He wrote this transcendent sports book the original Friday Night Lights , his work for Vanity Fair is downright incredible, and yet in interviews and on Twitter, etc, he seems to be so angry and almost crazy that you wonder if he s gone mad from trying to love up to the standards he s set for himself Well, he says as much in this, all while giving a gripping and emotional look at his relationshipmwith FNL key subject [...]

  10. Follow up on the main character featured in the original book movie Friday Night Lights I missed both of these prior to reading this book I m not a football fan, and I live in Missouri, so the fact that this story relates to Texas High School football would normally not draw my interest I was a captive audience on a long car journey and found this to be a quick, interesting read I m not a fan of gratuitous foul language in books There wasn t too much, but a certain 4 letter word was peppered thr [...]

  11. This is mostly a very brief, and very personal, update on the relationship that Bissinger has developed with Boobie Miles It s also a bit of a forum for Bissinger to take some shots back at Odessa and the people who were pissed at him for writing Friday Night Lights I can t imagine what he expected he basically moved to a town where the people seemed to have accepted him pretty openly, and then outed them to the entire world in a variety of media as football obsessed racist hicks who would sacri [...]

  12. This seemed like a repentance story for kinda screwing the kids on the team b c the author, hollywood, and many others have profited majorly for their stories, while they are still out in W.Texas broke having seen nothing for their troubles.It is like the moral from FNL has just continued High school kids thrown into an adults money making machine and when they are finished, thrown away.I was mildly interested in the continuation of the main character and would have liked it a lot if the major [...]

  13. Friday Night Lights by Buzz Bissinger is a thriller story about high school football in Texas Every Friday night, the Texas townspeople gather to watch high school football, which is a huge deal to their lives Not only about football, but the book also talks about politics, racism, and the economic issues in Texas during the 1980 s The book was made popular by the television series Friday Night Lights, which was based on the book, and both are based on a true story This page turning book is perf [...]

  14. An interesting, well written follow up on the relationship between the author and Boobie Miles one of the main characters in the first book Bissinger looks at how the publication of his book and the movie that followed affected Boobie, and wrestles with how active of a role he should play in trying to help Boobie get his life on track However, he ends his story in the middle We don t know if Boobie is ever going to prosper or not, we only know what the author s hopes are for him If the answer is [...]

  15. As a huge fan of the book and the TV series, this little follow up added a bit color to the story for me It was interesting to learn about the ongoing relationship between the author and the tragic hero, and how FNL changed and didn t change life for both of them However, the mea culpa tone, juxtaposed against criticisms of the coaches and Hollywood and West Texas itself, feels a little less genuine when Bissinger details the loans and support he s provided to Miles The portrayal of their relat [...]

  16. A terrific follow up to Friday Night Lights, both of which should be required readings for any aspiring ethnographers or reporters on real people s lives There s so much interesting ground covered in such a short space, my only complaint is Bissinger s excessive use of the f word and its variants throughout the brief text The story is powerful and gritty enough without making it unpublishable in, say, Sports Illustrated, which would have been a great arena for this cautionary tale on the long te [...]

  17. I enjoyed the whole story about Boobie Miles.This book is totally different from the move and the T.V series The book also tells about how the creators of the movie and the show didn t care about the real Boobie Miles The creators took Boobies name and story for a few 100 dollars If you read this book you will feel bad for him because he was given the short end of the stick by the movie makers After they bought his name and story they just forgot about him and didn t care who the real Boobie was [...]

  18. There s nothing wrong with Bissinger s mini e book about the4 continuing misfortunes of the black high school football player, Boobie Miles, but as Bissinger laments his inability to let go of his former high school glory, one can say the same thing about Bissinger He does not seem to be able to move past his blockbuster book about high school football Is this a case of wishing the author could heal himself

  19. More like a longform essay, this updates us on Buzz s relationship with Boobie Miles, tells us what happened to Boobie after the end of his football career, and reevaluates the events and people of the book If you re a fan of the book, this is worth the 3 to read and consider Bissinger s new perspective on FNL, as well as his thoughts on the film adaptation I only wish he d talked about the TV show

  20. If you follow the Friday Night Lights saga through the original book, movie, tv show, etc, this is an interesting add on, a where are they now for the main characters, the author and star player from the true story two decades ago Short and not especially uplifting, it is a quick and somewhat painful read.

  21. A book that requires you having read the iconic Friday Night Lights by Buzz Bissinger It s the writer s attempt to come to terms with some of the unintended damage that occurred in the wake of his original work It s a short, quick read, but a quality epilogue to the book, focused on one key personality s post football story and their relationship with the writer.

  22. This is a strange little book It is very short it could ve appeared as a magazine article It reads sort of like a therapy session for Bissinger Catching up with Boobie Miles is sad His life has been very hard in a lot of ways But the friendship between Bissinger and Miles seems genuine.

  23. I just noticed this was marked as to read but I definitely read it quite awhile ago in fact, I even know when and why it was b c my friend lent me her Kindle and it was on hers Unfortunately I have no clear recollection of what I thought of it, so I m not going to rate it Looked up an old convo and we exchanged Kindles in June 2015 so that s when I m marking it read.

  24. After Friday Night Lights follows Boobie through the dark years he suffered after his injury up to a present It is the portrait of an enduring friendship, that of a writer and his subjects Their story encompasses the realities of race and class in America Boring Nothing as good as Friday Night Lights.

  25. I m glad I read this, and it s always interesting to follow up with the subjects of nonfiction so many years down the road Boobie remains as fascinating as ever Bissinger seemed a little self aggrandizing, and I wish this had caught up with others from the book, beyond a token dismissal of the head coach and outing another coach for using unfortunate language.

  26. I picked it up from at the same time as Friday Night Lights figuring that at the approximate same cost and 20 years later it was going to be a similarly substantial book It isn t and that disappointed me Not sure if I had researched before I would have been disappointed Same writing style it just deals with the author and his relationship with Boobie Miles.

  27. I knew nothing about this book but was an avid fan of the tv show The book wasn t what I expected or maybe wished it would have been where was Riggins Where was 7 The book was sad and dumped on Texas for far too many pages Good try, Buzz, but the lights have gone out.

  28. A slim e book but very moving Bissinger returns to West Texas to spend time with Boobie Miles, his fourth son He feels guilty about the extent to which he has exploited Boobie, loans him money often foolishly, but truly loves him It s about as complex a relationship as one can imagine.

  29. Sad story of two men who fear their best days are behind them Unfortunately, they are correct For all those people who peaked in high school, as well as those who are still waiting to peak,

  30. Maybe like 2.5 stars Weirdly enough, I didn t read Friday Night Lights but love the movie and TV show I just stumbled across it A very quick read, as its very short Didn t love it and I thought the author comes off as so affected, bordering on pretentious.

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