Elegy An ancient curse robbed Gemma Fisher of everything that matters most her friends her family and the guy she loves But now that she found the scroll that binds the curse she finally has a chance to g

An ancient curse robbed Gemma Fisher of everything that matters most her friends, her family and the guy she loves But now that she found the scroll that binds the curse, she finally has a chance to get her old life back She just needs to destroy the scroll but it s not as easy as she hoped Protected by ancient magic, it seems utterly indestructible Making matters worsAn ancient curse robbed Gemma Fisher of everything that matters most her friends, her family and the guy she loves But now that she found the scroll that binds the curse, she finally has a chance to get her old life back She just needs to destroy the scroll but it s not as easy as she hoped Protected by ancient magic, it seems utterly indestructible Making matters worse, Penn has grown even obsessed with stealing Daniel for her own and she s about to succeed.Gemma s frantic search leads her to someone who might be able to help the mysterious immortal who cursed Penn and her sisters thousands of years ago As Gemma and her friends unravel the tragic history of the curse, they plunge deeper into a world of shocking secrets and twisted vendettas and it ll take all their courage, love and the power of their friendship just to survive Gemma has so much to fight for and she s never wanted anything , but will it be enough to stop her enemies

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  1. Amanda Hocking is a lifelong Minnesotan obsessed with Batman and Jim Henson In between watching cooking shows, taking care of her menagerie of pets, and drinking too much Red Bull Zero, she writes young adult urban fantasy and paranormal romance.Several of her books have made the New York Times Bestsellers list, including the Trylle trilogy and Kanin Chronicles Her zombie series, The Hollows, has been adapted into a graphic novel by Dynamite She has published over fifteen novels, including the Watersong quartet and My Blood Approves series Frostfire, Ice Kissed, and Crystal Kingdom all three books in her bestselling trilogy, The Kanin Chronicles are out now.Her latest book is Freeks a standalone YA paranormal romance novel set in the 1980s that follows a travelling sideshow, and it is a available now Her next books will be a duology about Valkyries The first book Between the Blade and the Heart will be out January 2, 2018, and the the sequel From the Earth to the Shadows will be out March 27, 2018.For info about her and her books, here are some other places to check out and ways to contact her Website hockingbooksFacebook facebook amandahockingfans Author Page author amandahockingPinterest pinterest aehocking Wattpad wattpad AmandaHockingTumblr amandahocking.tumblr Publisher Website worldofamandahockingInstagram instagram amanda_hocking YouTube youtube aehocking

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  1. Actual rating 1.5 Rounded up to 2 because THIS BOOK MEANS THE SERIES IS OVER.I have this beautiful nail polish with an interesting texture It looks really cool, but wearing it is a different story I have contact lenses, you see, and while an awesome sandy texture may LOOK good, if you ve ever had sand in your eyes, you know it s fucking painful Such is my experience every time I remove my contacts, it s like sand rubbing against my eyeballs, and yet I keep on using that damn polish anyway, and w [...]

  2. Es la primera vez que leo algo sobre sirenas y me ha gustado y espero leer m s sobre este mundo por que la verdad est genial.Estos libros una experiencia rara El primero me gust mucho por que obviamente te introduce en este mundo y est genial, el problema viene con el segundo y el tercero La segunda y tercera parte se hacen muy aburridas y hasta cierto punto insoportables, le a p ginas y parec a que no avanzaba y los personajes me empezaban a caer mal y tienes que leer 100 p ginas para que algo [...]

  3. This review contains spoilers for the first three novels in the Watering series Read with caution You know, the length of this book kind of took me by surprise.542 pages For Hocking, this is abnormal her Switched books were all short, clocking in at around 300 pages apiece, and the other Watersong books were each around that length, too In a 542 page tome, I was worried Hocking would stray from the main mission and divulge too much side information I was worried the series she has spent three bo [...]

  4. 4.5 actually First, let me thank both Edelweiss and especially St Martin s Griffin for allowing me to read an e galley of this book Now, can I start telling you how much I loved this book I have to say what an awesome way to end a series There was action, there was still romance, there were twists and turns, there was details about the background of the sirens, and I even found the re telling of the story of Persephone to be very unique As I ve said in the reviews for both Lullaby and Tidal, th [...]

  5. Well I did it.I finished the book.Onto the review, I suppose.The nice thing about reading books that you either really like or dislike is that you have a lot to say when you re done with them You aren t left somewhere in the middle ahem,Unearthly in which you don t really have a say in things I went into the Watersong series with high hopes, watched as they got dashed across the pavement in a gorey mess, and then skimmed through the last 50 pages because holy shit, I never did care, and especial [...]

  6. This book was just intense in nearly it s entirety Every character just felt to be in danger all the time and at some points I do admit I teared up a bit at how dire some of the character s situations Daniel s particularly got to me, I do not know how he was able to keep mostly calm but you could still feel his panic and how he was trying to find things that were positive for his situation which wasn t a lot I love him and Harper together I think because it is very simple and not over the top an [...]

  7. Warning This will be very long, there may be spoilers for anyone who hasn t read the other three books, and some of it may be ranty I have very mixed feelings about this book Read at your own caution.What I liked Thea She was my favorite part of this book, and probably my favorite part of the series overall At first, she was just kind of there, not really doing or saying much throughout the story But she was gradually given a very distinct personality and a tragic back story, and she quickly bec [...]

  8. I feel like this book could of been WAY shorter Actually, this series probably could of just been a duology There was not a lot happening for the majority of this series All I cared about was the curse and how to break it etc but even that was anti climatic I thought there was going to be to it Marcy was my favourite thing about the series but she wasn t appreciated enough I want to read about her being this badass witch and her and Lydia forming this awesome friendship where they do magic spel [...]

  9. I have three main issues with the final book in the Watersong series 1 Don t tell me Daniel s birthday is a week before Labor Day and then tell me he s a Scorpio Continuity 2 I felt like the author brought in a bunch of new characters in this book and all of them served little to no purpose Like she tried really hard to keep the reader guessing but it just wasn t working for me 3 The fact that everyone got such perfect happy endings kinda makes me wanna vom I d call it Breaking Dawn syndrome It [...]

  10. When I saw this in the store, I was like how the hell did the series go from being 300 pages each book to nearly 600 hundred And I gotta say, bigger is not better.First off, I m going to put this out there right now This is one of those book series where the characters lose absolutely NOTHING in the end view spoiler I guess maybe Kirby was a lossbut no one seemed to give a shit except Marcy but that s not saying much hide spoiler The characters get everything they want and On top of that, the c [...]

  11. This review is also posted at readingnookandcranny.Well, I can honestly say this book let s be honest, the entire series in general did not live up to my expectations I now feel I need to go back and reread the Trylle trilogy to see if it was actually any good after finishing this series.Let s start with the characters They are cliche and one dimensional For a while, in perhaps the first or second book, there were a few of them that I actually liked In the middle of the series, I found myself fa [...]

  12. April 4th, 2013The third book isn t even out yet and she has the cover for the fourth I mean, I m totally loving the cover for Elegy because it s absolutely gorgeous, but what I really need is for the third book to come out Then I can read this epic one The title and the cover are making my thoughts go wild August 22nd, 2013 REVIEW I ve just now come to realize that the Watersong series isn t always what I thought it would be I don t know why I liked this series so much in the first place, but n [...]

  13. Best book out of the series, despite the predictable end I was finally able to connect to the characters because Hocking finally gave the love stories detail and depth This book was still rushed and hasty in terms of the writing but it had the most description and detail I still stand by what I have said in the past This series had so much potential, it didn t fully live up to what the wondrous storyline was capable of, however it did improve as he series went on and that was nice.The books in t [...]

  14. Aw man, I loved this series so much The ending was great, and ended how it should have I m so happy their engaged, Harper and Daniel that made me so happy Really a great series Loveeeee

  15. Me ha gustado bastante porque es una historia que engancha y hay personajes que de verdad vale la pena conocer Pero esta novela la saga en general ha perdido unos cuantos puntos por una cosa que ha hecho la autora y que no me gusta nada Todo aquel interesado en la mitolog a sabe que Pers fone fue secuestrada por Hades y llevada al Inframundo con l, donde se convirti en su reina Pues bien, en esta saga se supone que Pers fone est muerta de otro modo, la historia ser a totalmente diferente Amanda [...]

  16. This is the most fun series and I am so sad that it s over On the plus side, the last book was a complete brick almost 550 pages and that gave me plenty of time to say goodbye to Gemma, Alex, Harper, Daniel and everyone else Yes, even Penn I loved the mythology of this book and hope that we can visit a different story in this world In this land of gods and goddesses and presumed to be mythical creatures, you can t tell me that there s not spinoff potential The pacing in this last book is perfect [...]

  17. SPOILER ALERT Meh I expected from this book A lot First of all it could have been 200 pages less I found it dragged and was really annoyed by most of it rehashing the same siren threats and character angsts over and over and over again Also, Amanda Hocking should NOT write sex scenes JustNo The wording was SOOO awkward, it reminded me of one of the cheap harlequin novels If you re not comfortable writing it, readers can tell Should have just stuck to make out scenes The ending and solution to [...]

  18. I AM SO SAD THAT THIS IS OVER I actually fell in love with the characters the most in this one Marcy was definitely my favorite character She was so hilarious and actually made me laugh out loud so many times which almost never happens when I read My favorite boy was Daniel and my favorite sister was Gemma and my favorite siren was definitely Thea This was such a great series Thank you Amanda Hocking for giving us this world On a side note, wow that was a weird way to write a review Yeah.

  19. I m glad that this series has finally come to an end It is amazing I enjoyed it so much The only thing is that sometimes I felt like the book was dragging on it didn t really need to be a 4 book series.Overall, I loved reading it I loved the storyline.Also, there couldn t be a better ending to the watersong series

  20. Yay I finally finished this series I really enjoyed this series and this book was so good It was a perfect conclusion I gave this book 4.5 Lily PadsRead my full review here booknerd777 2017

  21. As I ve said before, I m a big fan of the Watersong series It took me a long time to finish because I started reading from NetGalley, and picked up a TON of books from the library, and this final chapter of the quartet was put on the back burner Then I realized it was due tomorrow.Well, for my birthday present today, I stayed in and finished all 542 pages of the book I loved the ending to series as a whole It all comes full circle, and it ends just perfectly Despite Hocking still using the word [...]

  22. So i liked this book and i really liked how it ended I have been reading a couple books with bad endings so this helped with that As with the other books in this series, there were problems.Lets start with the good parts of this book I liked the ending There were no loose ends Everything was closed and you aren t left asking any questions Everyone gets their little happy every after and all is well in the world Nothing annoys me than open endings Now come the not so good parts As with the other [...]

  23. This review is entirely spoiler free, even if you haven t started this series Elegy is a fantastic and phenomenal conclusion to one of the best series I have ever read Amanda Hocking s vivid world is riveting, chilling, and simply stunning I couldn t have asked for a better ending Amanda Hocking is one of my favorite authors of all time, and I can officially say that the Watersong Quartet is one of my favorite series ever They re so addicting and amazing And in Elegy, risks are taking and the a [...]

  24. De schrijfstijlOok door dit deel lees je weer vlug heen Het is prettig geschreven en omdat je wilt weten hoe alles met Gemma af gaat lopen leest het nog sneller.Het verhaalIk moet eerlijk zeggen dat ik deze boekenserie niet super vond Wel leuk, maar ik miste vaak wat diepgang Het verhaal is leuk bedacht en ik vind de Sirenes interessant, maar er zijn nog wel een paar dingen waar ik aanmerkingen op heb.Zo zijn er verschillende vragen die ik heb die nog niet beantwoord zijn, zaken die je aan het d [...]

  25. I am not that good at reviews but here it goes.I was very dissapointed in these books, after reading Hockings Tyrlle series I thought this would be just as good but they were not as good The sirens themselves were very captivating and kept me reading because I wanted to see how the curse would or wouldn t be broken If it wasn t for that I probably wouldnt have finished all of the books In his particular book, Gemma, Harper, Marcy, along with some other friends are trying to figure out how to bre [...]

  26. Este libro es lo ltimo de Sirenas, al leerlo no pasaba casi nada que contar, con lo que hab a quedado, aunque despu s toma m s acci n y quieres seguir, no para.La escritora se ha levantado en esta saga, ha vuelto a ser la Amanda Hocking que me enamor en su trilog a Trylle, cuando casi termino, yo ten a ese presentimiento que le iba a suceder con el personaje, pero no me decepcion , al final tuvo su gran impacto Realmente se las recomiendo con todo mi coraz n de escritora.Es su nico estilo lo que [...]

  27. Jesus O.M.G wow this book doe _ I like so cried while reading this its so darn the best book in this series there are like no words haha but ill try and explain Where do I start This is the last book in Amanda Hocking s Wake series sad I wanted it to go on , but its not that easy writing books like us reading them In this book Gemma acually breaks the curse with the help of her family and Thea they all defeat Evil Penn, and im glad they did that girl was seriously a big lets see what s the prope [...]

  28. Surprisingly, the last book was the best It took a few chapters but then I was hooked There was much mythology in this I ve, explanation and action adventure My only grumble was how drawn out the Penn obsession thing was It added atleast 100 agonizing pages to cringe through Otherwise, great conclusion I m glad I made it this far

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