The Other Side of Midnight

The Other Side of Midnight ParisWashingtona peaceful Midwestern campusa fabulous villa in Greecel part of a terrifying web of intrigue and treachery as a ruthless trio of human beings an incredibly beautiful film star a legend

ParisWashingtona peaceful Midwestern campusa fabulous villa in Greecel part of a terrifying web of intrigue and treachery as a ruthless trio of human beings an incredibly beautiful film star, a legendary Greek tycoon, a womanizing international adventurer use an innocent American girl as a bewildered, horror stricken pawn in a desperate game of vengeance aParisWashingtona peaceful Midwestern campusa fabulous villa in Greecel part of a terrifying web of intrigue and treachery as a ruthless trio of human beings an incredibly beautiful film star, a legendary Greek tycoon, a womanizing international adventurer use an innocent American girl as a bewildered, horror stricken pawn in a desperate game of vengeance and betrayal, love and lust, life and death

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The Other Side of Midnight

  1. Sidney Sheldon 1917 2007 was an American writer who won awards in three careers a Broadway playwright, a Hollywood TV and movie screenwriter, and a best selling novelist.His TV works spanned a twenty year period during which he created I Dream of Jeannie 1965 70 , Hart to Hart 1979 84 , and The Patty Duke Show 1963 66 , but it was not until after he turned 50 and began writing best selling novels such as Master of the Game 1982 , The Other Side of Midnight 1973 and Rage of Angels 1980 that he became most famous.

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  1. This story is driven by Love, Lust, Hatred and Revenge between 4 characters Noelle, an incredibly beautiful actress who chase to revenge the man she love and hate in every bit of her passion Larry Douglas A tycoon Demiris who get into this revenge and Catherine, a normal girl who is the pawn in this game of revenge till her life turns up side down.This Sheldon s book made me HATE anti heroine hero that I ve never been before, ugh The book is told from Catherine and Noelle s POV and I hate Noelle [...]

  2. I think I found this book via my mother When I was in university, whenever I went home to visit, I d return with a big bag of books my mom had bought and read.One night I grabbed this from the bookshelf, not knowing what to expect I think I had been putting it off for a while because it had a cover from the seventies and looked like pseudo romance.Anyway, I read it in one or two sittings I d never read an author as breezy and I say this is a very good way , as Sheldon His writing is so clean and [...]

  3. This is one of my favorite books and has been for a long time I think I have read everything by Sidney Sheldon and loved all of them

  4. So I inherited a lot of books from my mom and among them were about 10 Sidney Sheldon novels I had read a couple of his years ago and while I thought they were pretty good, I wasn t compelled to go out of my way to aquire of them So I went into this one with a certain hopefulness but not expecting to be blown out of the water.But I wasblown out of the water, I mean Written in the 70s, it takes place during and shortly after WWII But it s not about WWII but rather about three main characters who [...]

  5. Being somewhere in the middle of the most recent Man Booker Prize winner at the moment and finding it decidedly uncompelling, I needed an antidote stat And what better than this sordid potboiler, rediscovered on my shelves during a recent book purge I always expect derision when I tell people of my Sidney Sheldon love, but oddly, it never comes At least, not to my face Perhaps this review will break the rule Sheldon is a marvelous writer The lessons to be learned from reading him are long provid [...]

  6. By Sidney Sheldon Grade ASidney Sheldon is one of the most prolific writers of all time In the literary circles, he has been dubbed the master of the unexpected From writing novels to screenplays to TV scripts, Sidney Sheldon has done it all The Other Side of Midnight is the second novel of his career, the first being The Naked Face.The story follows a beautiful French actress whose craving for passion and vengeance takes her from the gutters of Paris to the bedroom of a powerful billionaire a [...]

  7. Though Sidney Shedon s Stranger in the Mirror affects me strongly than any of the other books in his magnificent canon I would introduce The Other Side of Midnight as a flagship example to explain why Sidney Sheldon was one of the great story tellers of the twentieth century There are four protagonists with diverse backgrounds, and Sheldon puts them in his crucible what emerges is a spectacularly textured epic that lifts and plunges us through the highs and lows of life.Sheldon said in his auto [...]

  8. This is a smashing brilliant work, with layers upon layers of fine plots and intrigue But there is one aspect I just cannot understand Why couldn t Larry Douglas recognise Noelle Page when he later became her main pilot as it were Yes, he had had countless women over the years, but surely he would remember a woman depicted as incredibly beautiful with especial featuresa woman he had lived with in an hotel for quite some time before he disappeareda woman who just some years later became a global [...]

  9. A really intriguing book from the start as always by Sidney Sheldon However, this time Sheldon has negated the story in the middle to the end, and it made a disappointing point of view.Essentially, The Other Side of Midnight occurs before, during, and after World War II, but this is not a war novel The novel deals with a love quadrangle It started with a beautiful French woman, Noelle Page She was sold into the fashion business by her father, Mr Jacques Page Mr Page advises his daughter that she [...]

  10. This is the first book I read of this author It doesn t happen often when I m in awe with an author s writing skill than the story and characters he created in a book Absolutely brilliant and clever writer The summary of the story may seem simple but do not let it deceive you as it is as complex as it can get Because the characters have layers of depth under the surface that you will not be able to write them off simply as good and bad The author kept me on edge the whole time and tricking me [...]

  11. This book is fantastic It s the first one i read by Sidney Sheldon and I just loved the way he built the story of the main characters induvidually, until they crossed and became the same The story is super catchy and the characters are fascinating.

  12. Heart gripping but totally wicked I read this book when I was in high school and loved so very much But that time it was borrowed and now I got my own personal copy As this is my second read of the book, I was really glad I feel the same way I felt the first time I read it Even much better.It has got to be the most suspenseful book where you do not see the twist until at the very end It is a brilliant twist The storyline was utterly amazing and he had such a masterful mind And the book is totall [...]

  13. I read this book when it first came out in the 70 s and remember it as being amazing, but I had forgotten the details This time when I picked it up it was with a sense of anticipation, and I was not disappointed Sheldon writes so well, compelling the reader to hurry from page to page to find out what will happen The characters are well rounded and exciting, not necessarily likeable but always forceful and interesting The story could be considered commonplace romance and murder but instead it is [...]

  14. It s a very addictive book with the combination of Dumas, Wilde and Archer The book is basically about power and its consequences, which is just beautiful The writing is all very dark and haunting, with elements of surprises One would never know certain events would occur until it happened It leaves the reader asking questions incessantly and of course, the perfect ending.

  15. Unputdownable I devoured this book I found the characters fascinating, the time period fascinating and the end played perfectly into the whole idea of these people playing a big game of chess.

  16. Two totally different woman crossed path because of the same purpose to fight for one man.Noelle Page a true born beauty, was raised as a princess because she possessed an extraordinaire beauty that nobody has ever seen She was raised by her Parents, protected and cared by his Father who wouldn t let anyone touch his daughter unless you can give him fortune Catherine Alexanders A simple girl, with a simple dream TO make her family stay together and to embark a future that could hold a tight drea [...]

  17. This book was absolutely brilliant It s the first Sidney Sheldon book I read, handed down to me by my mum Though this probably wouldn t be something I d choose from a pile of books initially, but because it was recommended to me I gave it a go And the blurb did sound intriguing but it didn t do the book justice It certainly didn t prepare me for what I got.Noelle and Catherine, the two main female characters were very different and yet very similiar too They both love the same man, Larry Douglas [...]

  18. I really do enjoy the fun exercise of reading a particular writer s entire canon in chronological order, because you can truly track the progression or regression as a writer and observe developmental nuances Obviously, this is all a little over the top for the Sidney Sheldon bibliography oh, if only I can get my act together for the long awaited Thomas Hardy and John Steinbeck renditions of this project , but the guy was quite the master of his game.I believe a large inspiration for Sheldon s s [...]

  19. If i have to Describe this book in two words i would say Deliciously wicked To start with, The plot revolves around Larry Douglas, Noelle Page and Catherine Alexander.Catherine and Noelle are both born in 1919 Catherine, from Chicago, grows to young adulthood, somewhat naive.Noelle, from Marseille, France, grows to young adulthood somewhat naive too, but early on she falls in love with Douglas, who inadvertently twists her He beds her and dumps her, and she never recovers She turns into a cold h [...]

  20. This novel is quite enjoyable in the book 1 and book 2 of this series I have read one of Sidney Sheldon s book before this book, Rage of Angel I can t stop comparing similarities between those books heroine beautiful, intelligent women, sex pleasure, and tragedy In this book, there are 2 leading female characters and both of them are very sexy, beautiful and really intelligent Somehow, the heroine are made way too much amazing that I can imagine them in real life Over depicted I personally prefe [...]

  21. After reading this novel I found myself inundated in the deepest chasms of emotional sensitivity, so much, that before I write this synoptic outline I plead forgiveness for, if by any chance, out of my overwhelming gratification I happen to pilot a fragment of the plot into the review Reading emanates a psychological illumination in the unherded abyss of the mind which always invigorates me More than the storyline, I am fascinated by how the novel has struck me in the deepest core of my psycholo [...]

  22. My first Sidney Sheldon and perhaps not the last The whole story is set on 1940 s set during the world war scenario in the glittering world of glamour and grandeur of theatre, fashion and business.It revolves around three characters involved in a love triangle where a new and a powerful character jumps in and has quite an impact which gives the book a perfect and unpredictable ending.A crude, memorable and a glamorous story with a beautiful parallel development of characters At times, it seemed [...]

  23. What a tale After reading The Other Side of Midnight I am reminded of why Sidney Sheldon is called a master storyteller This book was actually un putdown able, there was no part while reading that I felt there was a lull or drop in the thrill This is one of the greatest story of love, lust, revenge and hate all rolled into one, that I have read in a long time Sheldon weaves a tale so grand and detailed that cumulates in the one of the most unforeseen ending, which will knock you off your seat Ag [...]

  24. Brilliant read Completely astonishing and mind blowing I love all of Sidney Sheldon s book and this one s a favourite An amazing story of beautiful and powerfully wealthy people Loved the end and absolutely loved the part of Constantin Demeris Absolutely engaging.This book is all about Noel A beautiful young girl who was sexually exploited in her childhood by her father and later sold to a guy who also exploited her sexually Finally she runs away and then meets Larry Douglas, our hero He breaks [...]

  25. This interesting story of power, conceit, arrogance and betrayal is masterfully woven around WWII It s primary weakness is lack of proper judgement for some characters and its conclusion 7 of 10 stars

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