Brie Learns Her Power as a Submissive

Brie Learns Her Power as a Submissive Book of the Brie SeriesBrie s third day of submissive training is a hot sexy mess She has no idea that her actions from the day before have serious consequences Training becomes intense stretching

Book 3 of the Brie SeriesBrie s third day of submissive training is a hot sexy mess She has no idea that her actions from the day before have serious consequences Training becomes intense, stretching Brie in ways she could never imagine as the trainers determine whether she should remain in the program In the midst of the turmoil, Brie comes to understand her true poweBook 3 of the Brie SeriesBrie s third day of submissive training is a hot sexy mess She has no idea that her actions from the day before have serious consequences Training becomes intense, stretching Brie in ways she could never imagine as the trainers determine whether she should remain in the program In the midst of the turmoil, Brie comes to understand her true power as a submissive.The novelette, Brie Learns Her Submissive Power, continues the sexual adventures of the Brie Bennett as she explores the Dominant submissive world via The Submissive Training Center.Extended Description Ms Clark is not happy with Brie s performance after the second day and makes it her mission to put Brie in her place Unfortunately, that is not the only issue Others know of her intimate session with Sir after school hours Such an infraction could tarnish the school s reputation Brie is about to discover new avenues of fulfillment just not in the way she would have preferred Her final practicum includes a passionate encounter with Marquis Gray, the ghost like man with eyes that pierce the soul Adult Reading Material 18 This book is for mature audiences only and contains sexually explicit content.

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Brie Learns Her Power as a Submissive

  1. USA Today Bestselling AuthorRed Phoenix is an award winning romance author who gained popularity with her BDSM series, Brie s Submission.To join in the Brie experience begin with the 1st Boxed Set Books 1 3 and start your journey into a sensual world Join my Newsletter redphoenix69 newsletter signup Red s Books redphoenix69 reds books br Group group show Twitter twitter redphoenix69

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  1. What a difference three little days can make It is important that you understand the power you have as a submissive It is not a case of you being inferior when you bow at your Dom s feet The reality is your Dom only has the illusion of power You are the one in control You decide how far the scene will go It is your gift to him or her Brie wakes up on Day Three of her training with a whole new outlook She s wearing Sir s collar if only for protection She s feeling confident in her daily life and [...]

  2. 3.5 Stars for this one Day 3 in the Training center for Brie and my curiosity which led me to read this series has transformed into fondness Now i am totally hooked with Brie s story Brie experiences her first heartbreak which was bound to happen and i wonder why she never thought that her beloved Sir would train another submissive except Brie since that was a training center not a love nest I don t cheer for Sir but i felt a bit sorry for Brie, also i was very happy to see that she decided that [...]

  3. Brie Learns Her Power as a Submissive Red Phoenix Brie 3 This is a BDSM erotica short coming in around 45 pages.Day 3 FridaySo I know everyone has different fantasies, but really where did she come up with that I guess it s her filmmaker imagination I still can stand Ms Clark, she is such a bitch, but I guess that makes her a good Domme But she truly seems to be punishing her out of spite, rather than training Maybe a bit of both.This was a hard one to read I am one with Brie and feel her pain T [...]

  4. I hate Ms Clark and MR Coehn I am so mad She doesn t deserve to be treated like that but ok I m still hitched with this Seriessss

  5. Brie 3 definitely got me into the actual storyline I haven t been very impressed with the overall story so far and I was glad that this volume really jump started the character growth necessary for a great read that isn t only about sex.In this volume Brie really steps out of her comfort zone to learn what it really means to be a submissive Personally, a D s lifestyle does not appeal to me one way or the other but I will say that Mr Gallant made a remark in class during this volume that actuall [...]

  6. I just can t get enough and its just the third day Seriously just the 3rd day of the training of being a submissive and I can t seem to let go lolIts Brie s third day, she learns and see By the way, the scene between the two girls were amazingI also never thought that it will be that hot Brie was at first heartbroken seeing Sir take another woman in front of her But Brie knows that there is something between them that is special, intimate and that should be private.Hoping Brie could get that [...]

  7. I also loved Brie s journey, I love the fact that you started it from no experience at all for her, the idea of the training school and other beginners was a wonderful journey to go on throughout the series, I love all the characters and their paths as well, each one is a vital part to the series and for Brie on her journey The journey was intended for Brie but I found myself falling in love with Sir and his own personal journey to realizing what he wants and needs I have read and re read this s [...]

  8. The union of a dedicated Dom and a confident submissive is a harmonious marriage of souls There is no other experience like it Brie s training continued New lessons were learned New experiences acquired Some boundaries pushed And my curiosity about Brie and Sir s future piqued I think this is when things got really interesting Day three was a trying day And emotional The trainers weren t particularly pleased when they learned about what had happened between Sir and Brie The punishment wasn t ple [...]

  9. Red Phoenix has written the relationship of between a submissive and a dominate to perfection in Brie Learns Her Power as a Submissive Brie, 3 This series keeps getting better and better with each day Brie spends at the Submissive Training Center The strong personalities of each and every character both dominate and submissive keeps the interest high as the story develops Hotter than hot steamy, sex in each one also brings the story to boiling hot sex I highly recommend the entire series

  10. Read of my reviews and ramblings at Ana s Attic Sexy TalesThis series is still keeping me going I was at a party tonight and snuck off to read for a bit It is super hot, and for such short stories, a lot happens in each one This book, especially had some emotional push and pull I HATE Mary, and I hope she gets totally humiliated soon Brie is realizing that the Doms at the Submissive Training Center all seem to have a soft spot for her, except Ms Clark I am excited for the next to see how the gi [...]

  11. Day 3 of training and Brie s on a high from her tryst with Sir But all the trainers are aware of the joining and aren t happy about it Brie discovers about herself and what s expected of her as a sub, while enduring her punishment.What I love is that you feel so connected to Brie and her feelings and sensations, it s quite the heady experience I love that I m learning and gaining a better understanding of the BDSM world Bring on book 4

  12. Brie continued her third training day Their are quite serious repercussions on the events with Sir Deliciously erotic scenes written by Red Phoenix New Doms and experiences I know these are fantasy but they appeal so to me Oh how I would love to have been in such an establishment I hope Sir and Brie have a chance but have a feeling it may not turn out as she would have it.Generally well written and have to give this 5 star just for the fantasy it takes readers on.

  13. Another great book by Red Phoenix I am loving the character BrieIn so many ways I can relate to her and that just makes this book so much enjoyable It is nice to see her slowly come out of her shell and become empowered in her learning how to be submissive I like these books because it is almost like I am learning right along side Brie I, of course am dying to found out if Brie and Sir will end up together, and that alone will keep me reading to the end.

  14. Brie gets pushed to her limits and gets punished for her actions Her trainers turn on one another and Brie thinks it is all her fault She loves attending the school and learning new stuff but does not want to make Sir mad, she is here only because of him But she is not sure he feels the same about her

  15. I had to struggle to get through this book I know the series will be worth my while and I absolutely love Red Phoenix, but I m sick of the elements of BDSM and the components of this book in particular were not that easy for me to read at a reasonable pace The next books should be interesting, though We shall see.

  16. I read this instalment of Brie s training in one sitting tonight I just love how Red Phoenix portrays the interactions between characters Brie is taken to her breaking point without falling off the edge In the process, she learns a lot about submission and control than she ever dreamed possible Sexy, provocative, and intense Definitely worth reading.

  17. Still 2 starsI enjoyed this one a bit and in all honesty it would be in the lines of a 3 star but seriously CUNNYCUNNY who uses a word like that I simply did not enjoy the FF scene, and the way the trainers treated Brie and yet again this obsession of her with Sir I get it she s in love but that flogging scene no that was yummy

  18. The third day of training is over and it feels like it could have been two days for how many things happened What a rollercoaster ride I wanted to know if they waxed the other girls too or just Brie Sir sounds sexy as all get out, no wonder Brie is drawn to him Can t wait to see what happens on day four the auction

  19. This review is for all of Brie s Sub Training Fabulously wild and crazy sex scenes Lots of variety too Not exactly what I consider good writing technique, kind of abrupt sentences weird repetition Odd for me to notice in this genre, I guess I mean I know the whole shades, eh Whatevs, it s a quickie read The ending is worth it.

  20. This book series just keeps getting better It really defines the dom sub relationship This book shows that the sub really has much power than is believed The sub determines how long the scene goes, at what pace, and if its too much they can safe word and stop the whole blasted thing I like how they have the lessons and then they give her critiques after each practical Worth every word

  21. FSOG has nothing on Red Phoenix ohh laa laa HOT, intense a little annoyed it was so short I felt like I was paying for a chapter instead of a book but of course it was addictive so yes I have now paid for all of them and awaiting the next release.

  22. In this time the actions that happen at the end of the previous book have serious consequences fir Brie with the panel of trainers For Brue everything is becoming exciting and at the same time really hard Loving this story and with every book.

  23. Brie is having a grand time Her lesson really boosts her self confidence, and she meets another super how Dom Seriously grand ol time was had by all Oh yeah, Ms Clark is a first class twat Seriously, she needs to get over herself.

  24. And the series continues.At first, I thought I would be turned off by the number of Doms each sub trains with But it works, definitely not a turn off Each Dom is written so wonderfully that you fall for all of them

  25. The story is hotting up and the sexual experiences are getting erotic The storyline is really coming together.

  26. Wow, I am beginning to like all the trainers in the program They all have their unique way of dealing with the issues Great series thus far.

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