Creed Way too young eleven year old Tucker Creed and his six year old neighbor Sylvie Bissenette find they have something awful in common Creed then decides he s going to do everything in his limited pow

Way too young, eleven year old Tucker Creed and his six year old neighbor, Sylvie Bissenette, find they have something awful in common Creed then decides he s going to do everything in his limited power to shield his Sylvie from her ordeal So he does and Creed and Sylvie form a bond that grows and blossoms with their ages.They plot to leave their lives behind, the town tWay too young, eleven year old Tucker Creed and his six year old neighbor, Sylvie Bissenette, find they have something awful in common Creed then decides he s going to do everything in his limited power to shield his Sylvie from her ordeal So he does and Creed and Sylvie form a bond that grows and blossoms with their ages.They plot to leave their lives behind, the town they live in that will hold them down and the histories they share that, unless they break free, will bury them Sylvie goes to their special place, Creed never shows and she doesn t see him again until it s too late.With Creed gone, Sylvie is forced to endure a nightmare and do the unspeakable to end it To deal, she develops a hard shell with sharp edges that very few can break through So when Creed again finds his Sylvie, he discovers the girl he loved is locked away and he has to find his way back into her heart without getting shredded in the process.

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  1. Kristen Ashley was born in Gary, Indiana, USA She nearly killed her mother and herself making it into the world, seeing as she had the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck already attempting to accessorise and she hadn t taken her first breath Kristen grew up in Brownsburg, Indiana but has lived in Denver, Colorado and the West Country of England Thus she has been blessed to have friends and family around the globe Her posse is loopy to say the least but loopy is good when you want to write.Kristen was raised in a house with a large and multi generational family They lived on a very small farm in a small town in the heartland and existed amongst the strains of Glenn Miller, The Everly Brothers, REO Speedwagon and Whitesnake and the wardrobes that matched.Needless to say, growing up in a house full of music, clothes and love was a good way to grow up And as she keeps growing up, it keeps getting better.

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  1. Once upon a time there was this 6 year old little girl and an eleven year old boy who weren t exactly being raised in model homes They met A friendship blossomed and they discovered that they now had each other to rely on The eleven year old boy became the six year old girl s protector Through the years, as they got older, their friendship turned into a beautiful love They began plotting out their escape as soon as the girl was legal They almost made it Almost They were ripped away from one anot [...]

  2. 5 STARSWow Just wow What a ride, bumps and all Simply fantastic I ended up loving this book Not because it s my favorite Kristen Ashely story, it s not, but because of it s gritty, and raw, and authentic feel Sylvie and Creed, two characters I adore, breathe life into every page of this story It s obvious from the beginning that this is their story and Kristen Ashley their storyteller Their heartbreaking yet triumphant love story had me feeling a kaleidoscope of emotions on every page I felt ang [...]

  3. May 4th, 2013Pre reveal of the paperback cover for CREED Review I spent literally hours a day, for a few days, trying to write a review for this book and all I got, time after time, was a bunch of raving and gushing and corny rambling so I ll just break it down this way because it reminds me of Creed and Sylvie s innocence and their na vete of adolescence and first love, and then all the deeper, compelling things that make up their relationship as adults.C ComplexR RawE EdgyE ExcitingD Devoted [...]

  4. Review edited September 18, 2012, new paragraph in italic DNF when I hit the 70 % mark.On a personal noteHonesty is the best policy.Kit, I am very sorry I really tried very hard to like your book and its characters Well, you win some and you lose some and unfortunately it was a lost cause And I know that reading a book is a very personal experience and everyone s opinion is bound to be subjective Kit, I adore your work and I believe that you are a fantastic storyteller Having said that, it reall [...]

  5. 5 stars maybe even 6 I seriously LOVED this book I loved Sylvie I loved Creed Their story broke my heart and despite adoring it, emotionally, it ripped my heart out It was a heart wrenching, tragic, BEAUTIFUL love story about survival of lossBut you know, the most tragic stories of loss make for some of the most heart warming and MEANINGFUL reunions every moment of good becomes unimaginably precious Full Earned Treasured that what this story is about I m not what you want, Sylvie, I get that bec [...]

  6. I just feel so badThis is the first KA book that I didn t adore, and where I skipped pages just to see the ending gasp Sylvie she was GREAT I loved her and the fact that she was a badass I wish there were tough heroines like herI really felt for her, what she went through, she waited for him and he didn t show up, and everything that happend with her after that just awfull But sometimes I just didn t understand her actions, considering everything and all, after she found out about the kids name [...]

  7. Probably my favorite in this series I loved this second chance love story, I loved badass Sylvie and badass Creed, I loved the emotional part and the steamy part Another great book from KA, which I adored I swear this woman can t go wrong Now, I only wait for Nick Sebring s book Why do I have a feeling he has something up his sleeve

  8. An exhausting, utterly satisfying read I LOVED it To appreciate this book and the full impact of Creed and Sylvie s story, I strongly suggest you read every word, every sentence, every page, every chapter, beginning to end, before you come to a conclusion on this book If you don t like it after that, then so be it However, I believe you will find the story captivating, charming, heartbreaking, confusing and at times even frustrating It s an emotional roller coaster, but the payoff is a truly uni [...]

  9. Audio on sale for 1.99 amzn 1Ln8niR8 20 2015I bought this book a couple years ago and left it on my kindle A couple weeks ago I saw the audio was on sale and grabbed it I ve struggled with KA books because they re very descriptive which causes me to gloss over all extra descriptions But listening to this one worked for me When I first started listening I wasn t into the story because I felt like I missing something I figured it was because I was listening to it instead of reading it Once the inf [...]

  10. 5 Fabulous Creed and Sylvie Stars Some people get to live life Some people survive it We re survivors We can carve out our pieces of happy, and, I swear to god, baby, right now, you got my vow, for you and me, the rest of our lives, I ll bust my ass to carve our piece of happy Six year old Sylvie often ran out of her house when the yelling started Her father and step mother yelled a lot One night, she ran into eleven year old Tucker Creed He doesn t like the yelling either This is where their st [...]

  11. 5 Frozen Snickers Bars rating My Cuties little Sylvie CreedHis Sylvie.His dreamweaver, able to weave dreams doing nothing but sitting on a pier and smiling.The way it always was.The way it always would be Young Tucker met Sylvie in dead of night in woods Both of them were escaping their parents awful life choices of alcohol and domestic violence That night he was her protector, her love her soul mate There were so many things working against them Sylvia was only 6 and he was 5 years older and th [...]

  12. 4 yummy frozen Snickers STARSThat was beautiful and heartbreaking and kick ass and scorching hot and naughty and I sure was a bit bored there for a whileCreed is book number two in the Unfinished Hero Series and also my second Kristen Ashley book I m hooked I swear I will read every book this woman wrote so far and will write in the future I m so happy in my fangirl world filled with domineering alpha male book boyfriends.Ok, let s do this review Born to love you, baby, he repeated Die lovin you [...]

  13. Well, I m finding this one really hard to review Sylvie and Creed, both victims of bad parenting and awful childhoods, were about to run away together when she turned 18 when her father managed to separate them in the cruellest way Sylvie now works for Knight Sebring and Creed is brought in on the case and they are thrown together and have to deal with their past So the story is told in the now and in the past as we get Sylvie and Creed now and then.I have to say that I didn t totally love this [...]

  14. 5 stars Contemporary Erotic RomanceKristen Ashley has without a doubt earned the best most of everything for 2012 addictive stories, unforgettable heroes, and moving epilogues and is easily one of my all time favorite authors Her books completely beguile me every single time and this was certainly no exception Never mind that I had boxes to unpack or a gazillion other things to do because Creed simply demanded my full attentiond boy howdy, he got it I simply couldn t put it down This actually st [...]

  15. 5 Creed Sylvie Stars First off, even though this is only my 3rd KA read, this is my favorite couple This was just wow There s a ton of reviews on this already so I ll just express my thoughts and feelings So forgive me in advance for all the blabbering Sylvie is in my top 5 favorite heriones This was one bad chick She was rough, raw, real, dirty talking, could hang with the guys, sort of gal She was definitely an alpha female, a lioness And I loved her Life made her rough, but I love how through [...]

  16. I never got around to writing a review for Creed after reading the book, so with the newly released audio book, I ve decided to do an Audio Book Review.5 Beautiful Love Stars Sylvie Bissenette is a badass alpha female who carries a gun, talks trash and kicks ass Sylvie works for Knight protecting the girls in his stable She s also a PI who on occasion works with Hawk Delgado Lee Nightingale She keeps her life private and has only ever loved one man, Tucker Creed and she has loved him since she w [...]

  17. Oh the angst Oh the anguish Oh the sex lol This book had a lot of it all This one was a little different than the usual KA, because basically the plot was about longtime friends lovers Sylvie 34 and Creed 39 finding their way back to each other after 16 painful years apartd there really wasn t much else going on A mildly suspenseful plot that had Sylvie and Creed both working together they re both PI s for Knight really just sort of fizzled and had some loose ends While I did enjoy Creed immedia [...]

  18. So as I started this book, I thought that I wasn t going to like it I heard KA say that she almost called the book Sylvie and I get why I loved that she was an ass kicker I loved the parallel stories of Sylvie and Creed in childhood versus Sylvie and Creed present day I loved the necklaces I loved the epilogue, KA is a badass when it comes to epilogue ing The story built in a very unusual way for KA and it was a departure, but one that I loved Now on to the sex Could someone explain to me view s [...]

  19. Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same Emily Bronte Creed is the second installment in Kristen Ashley s Unfinished Hero Series and a HUGE hit with me I was enthralled as the story weaves back and forth in time, taking me from present day Colorado back into a small Kentucky town twenty eight years earlier There I met six year old Sylvie and eleven year old Tucker Creed Through the hardships of their childhood, a deep abiding friendship blossoms Creed becomes her protector and a [...]

  20. 3.44 A buddy read with the KA addicts at BBB Another week, another macho alpha Some people get to live life Some people survive it We re survivors We can carve out our piece of happy, and, I swear to God, baby, right now, you got my vow, for you and for me, the rest of our lives, I ll bust my ass to carve our piece of happy And Sylvie and Creed are two tough survivors The circumstances of their childhoods were as rough and hostile as they could get, so thank goodness 6 year old Sylvie and her fa [...]

  21. 23 09 2016 Buddy read with the KA addicts over at BBB When Sylvie Bissenette was six and and Tucker Creed was eleven they realised they had something in common, both of them come from broken homes For eleven years the bond they had blossomed and grew into something so powerful, it was their saving grace, and they were determined to escape their awful homes as soon as Sylvie was old enough But when the day came, Creed disappeared and Sylvie was forced to live a nightmare.Now it s sixteen years la [...]

  22. Saying that I am a HUGE fan of Kristen Ashley does not even come close to the way I feel about her writing Every freaking book of hers has blown me away and left me wanting Sure, there are Kristen Ashley stories that I like than others, but that is based solely on the characters I am definitely addicted and I hope that I continue to be.I think it is a true sign of how AWESOME a writer is when you can continue to reread their books and it is like reading them for the first time and this always [...]

  23. Re read 1 13 16So many book on my tbr and here I am, re reading KA It s madness Love Sylvie and Creed, reading this again made me realize I forgot how badass Sylvie was one of my favorite kickass heroines

  24. If you are turned off by swearing, PLEASE DO NOT READ THE FOLLOWING REVIEW I LOVED IT I FUCKIN LOVED IT My God, Creed, you are THE MAN, you hear me A FUCKIN AWESOME BADASS MOTHERFUCKIN MAN I LOVE YOU God, what you and Sylvie had to go through just made me break down and cry, yes cry Oh Creed, you are such a beautiful soul, i just wanna cuddle up next to you right now and hug you and of course fuck you and never let you go And Sylvie, girl, i did not like you at the start, fair enough i knew you [...]

  25. Creed Sylvie Just hotOnce again Ms Ashley brought it home with the 2nd installment to this series To say that we KA fans fans of this series were losing our minds waiting for this book, would be an understatement I mean we were all literally STALKING the internet waiting for this book to be released.Yes this was usAnd when we finally got our CreedLOL so you get the idea.It was certainly well worth the wait I must say I truly enjoyed this one and could not be moved from my laptop.It took me a bit [...]

  26. Slight Spoilers Ya know, I ve said this once no noid this too many timesREAD THIS CHICA S STORIES You will NOT be disappointed This one will go down as one of the greats from her You get a bit of everything in Creed The story goes back to present and past The past put a smile to my face but then again it was heartbreaking.Fucking hot badass mofo Check.Fucking hot badass chica Check.Great storyline that leaves ya breathless, heartbroken, teary eyed, laughing and leaves a huge ass smile on your fa [...]

  27. reread with my girls at Buddies Books and Baubles2nd Read October 2016Still about a 3.5 star rating Sophie and Creeds lost years and love story still resonate with me and I was glad to see a heroine suffering in a real way from PTSD and her sexual abuse Not all girls just shut their legs and let no one in Some go far in the other direction and use sex as a weapon almost Great look into how people cope with trauma differently.1st read Sept 2014 Sleep Who needs sleep I started this thinking I d ju [...]

  28. Man, Sylvie hit me right in the feels She is not your typical meek heroine and I totally love her for it The woman is tough as nails hiding a vulnerability that few get to see due to some really jacked up things happening to her after Creed was forced from her life Creed didn t have it all rosy either but at least he got two of something very special It was great to see how they built each other back up How they got to the root and moved forward At times it was painful Others beautiful I really [...]

  29. As a qualifierI have NEVER re read this story I still, even now nearly 4 years later, hate Creed I hate what he did to Sylvie even now than I did in 2012 I have not forgiven him and I don t believe I ever willI have re read Knight numerous times, and Sweet Dreams going on 12 timesbut this one.r.Love and devotion what do those two words really mean Throughout the story characters ask, Do you know what love is Time and time again there are examples of love Love is patient, love is kind, love does [...]

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