Metatron: The Angel Has Risen

Metatron The Angel Has Risen Harry Potter step aside a new hero has emerged Twelve year old Tyler Thompson has a secret he s not a normal boy After his father s tragic death Tyler finds himself in one predicament after another

Harry Potter, step aside a new hero has emerged Twelve year old Tyler Thompson has a secret he s not a normal boy After his father s tragic death, Tyler finds himself in one predicament after another, until one day he and his faithful dog Maxx fall into a cesspool of mysterious green goop When his grandfather bestows him with an object not from this earth, Tyler sooHarry Potter, step aside a new hero has emerged Twelve year old Tyler Thompson has a secret he s not a normal boy After his father s tragic death, Tyler finds himself in one predicament after another, until one day he and his faithful dog Maxx fall into a cesspool of mysterious green goop When his grandfather bestows him with an object not from this earth, Tyler soon discovers he has strange powers Unfortunately, so does the sinister Dr Payne Together with his best friend Lukas, who also has a special ability, and Maxx, Tyler embarks on a journey to put an end to Dr Payne s evil scheme to control the world s children To do so, Tyler must make a life altering choice one that could change the world.You think angels don t exist Think again Editorial Reviews A wild wish fulfillment juvenile romp that should be great fun for 12 year olds of any age Piers Anthony, New York Times bestselling fantasy author Young readers will find a kinship with Tyler as he meets his challenges head on Kudos to Laurence St John for creating an intriguing premise with Metatron The Angel Has Risen Kelly Komm, award winning author of Sacrifice and Survival Metatron explores every boy s dream make that every PERSON S dream of being special, of making a difference, of finding meaning in a crazy world Paula Paul, author of the Alexandra Gladstone Series Metatron The Angel Has Risen is a brilliant first novel by Laurence St John, a new tale

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Metatron: The Angel Has Risen

  1. Mr Laurence A St John was born on January 11, 1965 in Toledo Ohio Laurence has one older brother and two younger sisters Mr St John along with his parents, brother and sisters moved once while growing up to Genoa Ohio, just south of Toledo While attending Genoa Area schools, Mr St John was active in track, football and baseball Later, after he graduated from Genoa High School Comets in 1983, he worked for a few manufacturing companies At the age of 23 and after three years of dedication, hard work and sweat, in 1988, Mr St John received his first degree black belt Shodan in Tae Kwon Do This gave him the self confidence and perseverance needed to surmount anything that came his way.When Mr St John was 25 years old he fell in love then married the love of his life, Julie in 1990 Mr St John adopted her two young wonderful children Joe and Jan shortly after.Out of high school for nearly fifteen years and after persuaded by his former manager, Mr St John attended Owens State Community College where he obtained an Associates Degree in Microcomputer Business Systems while working full time In addition to computer classes, he enjoyed composition classes where he could free his mind and write what he wanted.While working in the steel processing business for almost fifteen years, Mr St John s place of employment changed hands, for the third time in 2006 fighting for his job, again In the same year his first granddaughter, Kendall, Papa s Angel was born Mr St John described this as one of the most uplifting moments of his life In addition, it was during this time when his emotions were running wild he became inspired as well as determined to write his penned up thoughts on paper.Nearly four years later, he had completed his first MG Teen fantasy novel, Metatron The Angel Has Risen The second novel in the series, Metatron The Mystical Blade is also available on paperback and Kindle eBook Laurence is currently working on book 3 in the METATRON SERIES.Mr St John currently lives in Northwood Ohio with his wife of 28 years, Julie His son Joe is married to his wife Cari who have three daughters, Kendall, Sadie and Harper His daughter Jan is married to her husband Andrew who has a son Elijah and a daughter Evelyn Laurence currently holds the position of Administrations Manager at Precision Strip, Inc in Perrysburg Ohio, where he works full time He continually writes in his spare time weekends and after work, and is endlessly inspired by his five grand kids Kendall, Eli, Sadie, Evelyn and Harper.

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  1. The bane of all youth, having no say in your life the feeling of not belonging, not smart enough, being too vulnerable, bullied at school top that off with the ultimate horror of a bullying babysitter, especially when you are 12 years old, and you have much of the life of Tyler Thompson Add to that the loss of his father a few years earlier and a new incoming step dad in the mix and you have most of the picture.Life to a twelve year old is one immense hurdle, so many changes and conflicts Many e [...]

  2. I really enjoyed this book I would love to read the next book This book was a very fun time for me I enjoyed stepping out of my normal life to jump right into this one when I read it Tyler Thompson is a great character for me Tyler is trying to fit into his world and it gets crazy from there I think it would be a good book to read with your kids I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review

  3. Tyler Thompson can t stop thinking about the day he saw his father get killed right in front of him If he hadn t thrown that ball, his dad would still be alive Since then, he s constantly getting in trouble.But the worst of his trouble started the day his babysitter made him walk to the store to buy her a Dr Burple On the way to the store he sees two men dumping some green liquid into the town cesspool and he accidentally falls in When his old dog Maxx starts barking, the men start chasing them [...]

  4. Fast moving, fun story for young teens about a boy called Tyler and his dog Maxx Growing up sucks sometimes, but finding out you re REALLY special and on a mission makes life a lot interesting And you need to be special to emerge with super powers from a totally submerged swim through a town cesspool, having swallowed a mouthful of bright green chemical waste illegally dumped by two hapless baddies don t ever try that kids.Laurence St John has a great ear for dialogue, an excellent sense of hum [...]

  5. I was given this book in return for an honest review 12 year old Tyler lost his father and now has a new step father coming in He is bullied at school and at home, by his sitter I m just going to keep this short, Tyler and his dog Max, a fall into some green goo and a magical gift from grandpa Wallah Superhero material Battles with evil genius, scientest,superpowers, it s a sci lovers dream The underlying message is a positive one that parents will appreciate and I think will seep into any kid t [...]

  6. This was such a fun read, it should appeal to all ages and not just young readers The hero is a twelve year old Tyler Thompson who develops some superpowers when he drinks green liquid in a cesspool But the mystery around him continues throughout the book, is it the liquid that is responsible for the changes in him or is it something else What has happened to his father, to his grandfather But the book is than just mystery and paranormal stuff, it is extremely humorous Tyler is just a funny kid [...]

  7. The gift of an angel long ago becomes an unexpected gift to a young boy.Tyler is far from a perfect boy, but he is able to quickly learn about responsibilities and abilities that bring forgiveness, respect, and love from those who help guide him in his development Circumstances seem to control events, but maturity, confidence, and love provide the means to harness his gift of superpowers Even his dog gains relief from arthritis and missing teeth while being the perfect companion for a young boy [...]

  8. Between both boys one the 12 year old said 4 , the other 7 year old said 9 out of 5 stars Such a fun read Tyler s not a bad kidbut gets into some situations that are less thanummmm.rable Some of these things lead to a discovery of what Tyler can doif he only believes He has a great cast of characters to help him outd of course, his beloved dog, Maxx Fun super powers and lots of action.Not sure if this would ever have a tag of Christian Fiction but I really like where it s goingThe next book coul [...]

  9. I got this book from Pixel of Ink Young Edition I almost stopped reading at 24% because it was starting to sound a lot like Spiderman But, since it was a short read, I stuck with it It was a fun little read, but a little far fetched, even for fiction bring together mad science and angels was a little over the top for me It was definitely left open for future books If I had a tween aged son, I would definitely recommend he read it 2.5 star worthy.

  10. Strong basic positive themes about finding a place in family, society and the world Well suited to a younger audience Simply written I enjoyed the believability of the action when young Tyler began to control his powers Many of the things he does then are both mischievous and cruel, which strikes me as accurate to his youth and still malleable character.

  11. I enjoyed this It was a short fast easy read with no real surprises The writing was clean and precise The story unfolded at a good speed It was predictable but I m not the target audience, for a younger reader it d be good.

  12. Enjoyable YA read probably best aimed at 10 14 year olds Well written, fun lots of personality Would suit those who don t mind mixing science and religion best.

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