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Try Me For the five sexy rock gods of Sole Regret finding love is easy keeping it is hard Melanie has no desire to meet the members of the rock band Sole Regret but her groupie of a best friend gets them

For the five sexy rock gods of Sole Regret, finding love is easy, keeping it is hard.Melanie has no desire to meet the members of the rock band, Sole Regret, but her groupie of a best friend gets them both backstage and then rushes off with the band s lead singer Left alone at an after party with a bunch of scary tattooed and pierced metal heads, sheltered Melanie is reliFor the five sexy rock gods of Sole Regret, finding love is easy, keeping it is hard.Melanie has no desire to meet the members of the rock band, Sole Regret, but her groupie of a best friend gets them both backstage and then rushes off with the band s lead singer Left alone at an after party with a bunch of scary tattooed and pierced metal heads, sheltered Melanie is relieved when the only normal looking guy in the room insists on keeping her company.By the time Melanie discovers that Gabe is the band s drummer and not as normal as she assumed, she has already made a complete fool of herself She can t help but be interested in him, not as a rock star, but as the sexiest man she s ever encountered Strangely attracted to his hidden tattoos and body piercing, she wonders what it would be like to spend a night with a bad boy.Gabe is than willing to show sweet Melanie there s to him than meets the eye All she has to do is try him Will they only share a single night of passion Or will their hearts entangle as quickly as their bodies Contains explicit sex, graphic language, and a hot rock star with a naughty and inventive mind Gabe and Melanie s story continues in Book 6 Tell Me and Book 11 Trust Me not yet released.

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Try Me

  1. Combining her love for romantic fiction and rock n roll, Olivia Cunning writes erotic romance centered around rock musicians Raised on hard rock music from the cradle, she attended her first Styx concert at age six and fell instantly in love with live music She s been known to travel over a thousand miles just to see a favorite band in concert As a teen, she discovered her second love, romantic fiction first, voraciously reading steamy romance novels and then penning her own Growing up as the daughter of a career soldier, she s lived all over the country and overseas She recently moved to Galveston, Texas.

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  1. I had a lovely review for you all Then THIS happened when I hit preview.Okay, so there s no way to prove that my review was actually lovely, but I m going to say that it was because you can t prove otherwise.There s NO way in hell I m typing it out again Sorry Let s see if I can summarize in a couple of paragraphs what took me about 45 minutes to write Sigh At least you get to see the miracle of a short review from me3.5 stars This is erotica, not contemporary romance Expect just as much sex as [...]

  2. 4.5 stars I LOVED the steam factor HOT but I especially LOVED the H h Try Me was great steamy erotica novella with a rock star and a good girl The StoryMelanie doesn t get the appeal of rock stars, tattoos, piercings, and all that freakish behavior, but her BFF Nikki is obsessed with it So when her friend drags her back stage at a Sole Regret concert, only to abandon her when she hooks up with the lead singer, Melanie tries to quietly sit and wait for her friend to return But when she befriends [...]

  3. This was a nice, quick, hot read Liked the main characters, Gabe and Melanie not sure if their story continues in another book.

  4. What else can i say except hot, sweaty, smexing with a rock god drummer who also happens to have a brain and invents sex toys for women CHECK, CHECK, CHECK Wait did i mention the tattoos PHWOAR I freakin LOVED this little story and while i m not the biggest fan of HFN Happy For Now endings, i m glad that Ms Cunning is going to revisit Force in the sixth book of this series BRING ON THE OTHER BAND MEMBERS

  5. You know what was wrong with this book It ended Just like that Oooooh the agooooony Why WHY Why such a little amount of pages sob The little bite I did get,thou M mmm mmm Sweet, short and very,VERY sexy.

  6. WOW This first book in the One Night with Sole Regret series is a fun, very sexy story I love Gabe and his geeky mind, and he sure knew how to make good use of it in the bedroom Totally hot story Short, but HOT I m looking forward to reading the next book in the series

  7. Story Rating 5 StarsCharacter Rating 5 StarsRomance 5 StarsHeat Level 5 StarsOverall Rating 5 StarsWOW Olivia Cunning does it again for me and it s hard to believe that she can make a short story grab me this hard I absolutely LOVE IT This book brought back my teenage fantasy about meeting band members, LOL and there is not a thing wrong with that.Both the hero Gabriel, AKA Force and the heroine Melanie were really great characters I love how they met and the awesome chemistry they shared OMG, t [...]

  8. And the man knew how to rock a mattress Try Me by Olivia Cunning opens up a whole new rock roll series with hot guys, sex, love, and oolala how many times can he make her come fun In this story, readers are introduced to the whole sexy as hell band Sole Regret but the action focuses on the drummer, Gabe or a.k.a Force Once again, I find myself swooning and falling prey to a green eyed hottie Gabe s desire and focus falls on Melanie, who appears to be an uptight accountant, dragged to the show by [...]

  9. Just meh.A lot of boring sex and not much of a story He s taller then her, over 6ft, but when he hugged her naked, his nipple piercing rubbed her nipple, while his cock poked at her stomach Where are her tits On her neck This book was just What ever My number 20 better be a lucky number, Alex P.I m off to read it.

  10. Hella sexy hot That s what this little novella was I picked this up as a freebie from and got a hot story This is about Melanie meeting Gabe backstage after a Sole Regret concert while her friend Nikki goes off to hopefully score and sleep with the lead singer Shade Melanie admits to Gabe that she doesn t care for the band that much only to find out later that Gabe is the drummer of the band By this point they have already gotten to know each other and have formed an instant attraction Quoting f [...]

  11. 3 Stars steaming hot little shorty about a drummer and a beautiful accountant perhaps for life An erotic short story of 85 pages, which is quite okay for a short while with a rock band full of good looking, tattooed, horny guys, girls for the night and a little naughtiness and heat after the gig I may be hard to just give this little cute story 3 stars Because I was entertained and I smiled a few times when I read about this drummer and his ambition to make it really good for the woman he got up [...]

  12. I loved this book I have absolutely no complaints, it was perfect Olivia Cunning as created another band that I can t wait to read about and get to know better Gabe is a perfect combination of sweet and bad boy Melanie was interesting with her tattoo phobia She was also a good friend for going on a last minute road trip to see a band she s not even a fan of I loved them together as a couple I can t wait to see of them in future books I m extremely intrigued by this new series and I can t wait t [...]

  13. Finally had a chance to finish this I really liked it than I thought I would Yes, it was short, but it was HOT and a little kinky Still wiping the steam off my glasses It was a simple story of two girls fan girling over a band and getting access Melanie was a reluctant participant She had fears of tattooed and pierce men from scary teenage experience, and wanted nothing to do with a band full of them She lowers her guard when a beautiful man that seems quite normal to her baseball cap, jeans an [...]

  14. Melanie s friend drags her to another concert by the group, Sole Regret, in the hopes that she can bed one of the band members, Shade At the after party, Shade and her friend, Nikki, want Melanie to join them in a threesome but she blows Shade off That really catches another of the band members attention The main problems with all shorts is that, well, they are too short and this is no exception This series seems like it will be very similar to her other series, Sinners on Tour, which has a lot [...]

  15. Maybe I should have dated an inventorThis book is everything I have come to expect from Olivia Cunning My ONLY complaint is the length I would have loved to get to know Gabe Force Banner and Melanie, and explore their relationship.Try Me has everything including delicious rock stars It s sexy, funny, and addicting.

  16. Well, Hello, grab a drink and let s chat about this book, shall we If you re looking for a short no pun intended , fun and OH SO HOT book, this one is for you Hell, you ll be left craving for and go running off to read the next one in the series yep, i did that.So back with the story, Sole Regret is the name of a rock band.And and there we have the 5 sexy rock gods, Owen aka Tags, Kelly aka Cuffs, Gabe aka Force, Adam and the main vocalist Jacob aka Shade.They don t have any problem to find wom [...]

  17. This review was posted at Under the CoversHot rock stars Check Tats Check Sexy piercings Check A panty melting smile Check We fell in love with Ms Cunning Sinners on Tour and we finally have a new book by her again But oh the tease Yes, this is a short story And this is a completely different band But do you see me complaining Well, maybe just the fact that I wanted , , Gabe, aka Force, is the drummer of Sole Regret And sometimes he is just too tired to deal with the groupies they have hanging [...]

  18. If there is one thing I can count on from Olivia Cunning it s lots of hot, dirty, rock star sex She definitely does not disappoint We are introduced to the band, Sole Regret, in this book They are tattooed, pierced, and deliciously wicked everything that Melanie is against But, her best friend is on a mission to meet the lead singer, so she finds herself backstage with people she considers freaks She eventually finds one normal looking guy to talk to.but, just how normal is he I read this in one [...]

  19. 4 STARS Also posted at S,E and R s AwesomnessWhen I hear one of my favorite erotica author, Olivia Cunning just write a new story featuring rock star, I m so happy While anxiously waiting for Sinners s new book Trey , I decide to read Try Me, the first novella that tell about rock band Sole Regret You can t go wrong with Olivia Cunning since she always deliver the best erotic story feature rock stars.Melanie Anderson or Mel, is afraid to see tattoed people Well, I admit,me too But, she pierced h [...]

  20. I discovered Olivia Cunning before I started blogging, so this is my first official review for one of her books I m so excited Olivia is my favorite Erotic Author She always comes up with the sexiest guys and most inventive and original ideas She actually writes a story too It s not all sex Her characters have substance And what could be better than reading about sex ROCK STAR SEX This is definitely OC s specialty Ok, I m done with my fangirl spielon to the story Since this book is a novella, it [...]

  21. Melanie s not a groupie She s not into bad boys and she couldn t even list the names of the members in the band her friend dragged her to see tonight Mel s only there to make sure her bestie doesn t get into too much trouble Her obliviousness and general aversion to rockers makes her and Gabe s first meeting pretty interesting.This was my first rock star romance, and I dug it Be advised it is short though it s part of a serial format where the author writes revolving novellas featuring a group o [...]

  22. Loved it Yes, it s a novella and it s focuses on One night with Sole Regrets but I absolutely adored it They were wonderful together and I loved how Melanie didn t know who he was at first Nice to meet you, Gabe How did a normal looking guy like you end up backstage with all these, erm, interesting folks I want of Gabe and Melanie and I look forward to seeing them in the next book I love the guys in Sole Regrets grins No one writes flirting and sexual chemistry as Olivia Cunning Wowza I love th [...]

  23. Be still my beating heartd smart man, who is tall, peppered with tats and sports a Mohawk Loved Gabe and Melwhat a great sweet couplennot wait for

  24. I didn t know when I started this that it was so short, so I was really surprised when I hit the end of the story so soon I think it s only fair to judge shorts differently than a full length story, because they are clearly written very differently and have varying degrees of difficulty Basing this review on the challenges that come with making a short story have a believable romance with interesting characters and some semblance of plot to hold the story together, I think Try Me deserves 4 4.5 [...]

  25. Read of my reviews and ramblings at Ana s Attic Sexy Tales and Toys HOT SEXY ROCK STAR AND HOT SEXY SEX ALERT Olivia Cunning, author of two of my favorite books Backstage Pass and Rock Hard, brings us the first novella in a new series, about another hot rock band This review is based on knowing Try Me One Night with Sole Regret series was just a novella going in It is very hard to do any than this such a small amount of pages Yes, I d like to knock off some stars because I wanted , but again, [...]

  26. What do you call a guy who hangs out with a band A drummer.Totally lame joke, I know, but a drummer guy I used to work with told it to me and I haven t had much cause to use it so I thought I would drop it in hereAnywho Try Me is my first read from rock n roll enthusiast author Olivia Cunning Now I ve checked out reviews in the past pertaining to her Sinners on Tour series, so I knew I would be getting an erotically charged story about a hot rock band member in this case the drummer getting it o [...]

  27. Wow I REALLY liked this one Try Me is the 1st installment in the One Night with Sole Regret series It s a sweet sexy novella that features two FANTASTIC CHARACTERS These days, it s rare to find a novel that features two unique likable main characters More often than not, one of the protagonists is bound to become annoying or loathsome over time In this particular novel, however, the hero the heroine Gabe Melanie are just BOTH so damn endearing And although the novella is only approximately 85 pa [...]

  28. Finally we have something from the talented Ms Cunning It seems like forever, huh Anywho, this story follows Nikki and Melanie who are going to see Sole Regret Nikki has a thing for the lead singer Shade and she gets Shade and then some hardly any deets Melanie is along for the ride with her BF She doesn t like men in tattoos cause of a bad experience While backstage she meets Gabe or otherwise known as Force drummer in the band They get to talking and they go back to his hotel room for a night [...]

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