The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - Official Movie Guide

The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey Official Movie Guide Enter Bilbo Baggins world through exclusive interviews with director Peter Jackson Martin Freeman Ian McKellen and all the principal cast and filmmakers who share film making secrets and tales of w

Enter Bilbo Baggins world through exclusive interviews with director Peter Jackson, Martin Freeman, Ian McKellen and all the principal cast and filmmakers, who share film making secrets and tales of what it was actually like making movie magic in Middle earth.Lavishly illustrated with hundreds of behind the scenes photos of the actors, locations, sets, creatures and costuEnter Bilbo Baggins world through exclusive interviews with director Peter Jackson, Martin Freeman, Ian McKellen and all the principal cast and filmmakers, who share film making secrets and tales of what it was actually like making movie magic in Middle earth.Lavishly illustrated with hundreds of behind the scenes photos of the actors, locations, sets, creatures and costumes, The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey Official Movie Guide has been produced in collaboration with the filmmakers who have brought J.R.R Tolkien s classic novel into breathtaking three dimensional life.

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The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - Official Movie Guide

  1. Brian Sibley is an English author who has written over 100 hours of radio drama and has written and presented hundreds of radio documentaries, features and weekly programmes.In 1981, he co wrote BBC Radio 4 s adaptation of Tolkien s The Lord of the Rings with Michael Bakewell, and has also adapted C S Lewis s The Chronicles of Narnia and Mervyn Peake s Gormenghast for Radio 4, for which he received a Sony Radio Award in 1985.As a broadcaster, he was a contributor to and then regular presenter of the former BBC Radio 4 arts programme Kaleidoscope and the BBC World Service arts magazine, Meridian He also presented the Radio 4 film programme, Talking Pictures and chaired the radio panel games Break A Leg and Screen Test, and presented several seasons of the BBC television programme, First Light.The Daily Telegraph radio critic, Gillian Reynolds gave him the accolade magician of the airwaves.

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  1. When I like a movie, I like to read the making of book that s generally released with it They re usually pretty glossy, with lots of picture behind and in front of the scenes, with anecdotes from the cast and crew about what it was like to be filming the movie or TV show I probably haven t learned enough from these books to go make a blockbuster of my own, but I have learned something about the movie biz Mainly, though, I read them because for me it s a way to prolong the enjoyment of the movie [...]

  2. CoverAuf dem Cover ist Gandalfs Gesicht in einer Nahaufnahme zu sehen Er h lt sein Schwert Glamdring seitlich an seinem Gesicht und blickt den Leser sehr eindringlich an Ich finde dieses Cover unglaublich toll Gandalf ist ein so ausdrucksstarker und wichtiger Charakter Au erdem sind wir doch mal ehrlich, Sir Ian McKellen ist einfach unglaublich toll.Meine MeinungDie Hobbit Trilogie hat sich sehr schnell zu meiner absoluten Lieblings Trilogie gemausert, noch vor dem Herrn der Ringe Dieses erste o [...]

  3. I have all the LotR movie guides and behind the scenes books, so it was a given I would get the ones for the Hobbit Brian did such a great job on the LotR I figured no problems here, and that was correct Really enjoyed reading the anecdotes and info from the production, and thoughts from the actors, director, producers, etc Looks like a lot Green Screen environments which was interesting to see As this is now a trilogy, looks like I will have 2 matching volumes to get in the future One thing I [...]

  4. Dieses Buch ist definitiv ein Must Have f r jeden Hobbit Fan Die vielen tollen Fotos und die Erz hlungen rund um das Set, die Schauspieler und die Aufnahmetechnik erm glichen einen tiefen Einblick in die Welt des Hobbit Mit dem tiefen Verst ndnis, welches dieses Buch einem vermittelt, freue ich mich schon sehr auf den dritten und abschliessenden Teil der Hobbit Trilogie.

  5. I think this is the first time I ve read a book like this cover to cover I ve seen the movie twice now and love it of course , and this book was a great companion piece It delves deeper into both the characters and the technical aspects of the movie making process.

  6. Very cool It made me want to see it again Loved getting to see the make up artists at work, hobbit feet and orcs The only reason it didn t get a 5was because the sets took some of the magic away Those places should be real Fun read pics.

  7. This is a behind the scenes guide to the first installment of The Hobbit I enjoy learning about the costuming and getting the actors point of view on various things This was well done and fed my frenzy to know about how the movie was made and who was in it.

  8. An excellent book for anyone who enjoyed pt 1 of The Hobbit movie Some great photos, very interesting information and a highly enjoyable read overall.

  9. Beautiful pictures matched with fantastic interviews make this guide a perfect companion to the movie Sibley is a fan who knows his lore and it shows.

  10. Awesome some great facts too like that I m exactly the same height as Bilbo but had to knock a star offo films It s three The official movie guide should get it right lol

  11. Amazing details that really add depth to the watching of my fave film of this year, superb book and such coverage

  12. The journey of Frodo Baggins and Gandalf the gray, joined by elves and dwarves who are sworn enemies but agree to unite to defeat a dragon who has been burning villages across middle earth Frodo has never ventured outside of Bag End, hobbits don t go on adventures, or do anything that leads away from their homeland A knock at the door finds him face to face with an Elf asking if any of the others have arrived yet Frodo has no idea what he s talking about, what others Another knock and another, s [...]

  13. Der Hobbit Eine unerwartete Reise Das offizielle Filmbuch von Brian Sibley, erschienen im Klett Cotta Verlag, besch ftigt sich mit allen m glichen Details rund um die Entstehungsgeschichte des ersten Hobbit Films der kommenden Trilogie von Peter Jackson Neben unglaublich vielen und sch nen Bildern von den Sets wird in diesem Begleitbuch auch ein besonderes Augenmerk auf die Darsteller gelegt, wodurch man diese besser kennenlernt, ihre bisherigen Karrierewege erf hrt und ihre Gr nde, Teil dieses [...]

  14. I read The Hobbit then went to see the movie in 3D high definition and then read this movie guide Everything is hobbit in my life at the moment and I love it This movie guide took me by surprise with how exceptional it was, an unexpected treasure It was incredibly insightful and informative It was loaded with behind the scenes details including photos, concept art, sketches, actors in and out of character, interviews with not only the lead cast but with the directors, production crew, movement c [...]

  15. Das offizielle Filmbuch von Der Hobbit Eine unerwartete Reise bef rdert von Anfang an den Tolkien Fan in eine fantastische Welt hinein In eine Welt, die voller Technologie, Kreativit t und Arbeitsaufwand steckt und von einem Mann geleitet wird von Peter Jackson, dem Mann, dem wir bereits die gro artige Herr der Ringe Trilogie zu verdanken haben Schon sobald man die erste Seite aufschl gt, ist es so als w re man selbst am Set mit dabei Man lernt nicht nur Bilbo Beutlin kennen, sondern auch die 13 [...]

  16. Being a huge fan of The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, when I saw this on while looking for something else, I knew I had to have it The Movie Guide has interviews with all of the actors and just about all of the key members of the production crew along with many behind the scenes images from The Hobbit These two make an excellent combination because the images are generally very good and so are the interviews The tone of the writing is warm and enthusiastic which will appeal to fans of The Hobbit [...]

  17. The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey by Brian Sibley is the official movie guide to the 2012 movie of the same name based off of J.R.R Tolkien s The Hobbit Full of beautiful artwork, set pictures, costuming, and cast and crew interviews, this movie guide takes the reader through the process of creating a theatrical movie.This was a nice little gateway into experiencing of Middle Earth that I so enjoy I ve always appreciated the visuals of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, so I always look forwa [...]

  18. The book, The Hobbit by J.R.Tolkien was an amazing journey because I m a huge fan of Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogy I just like the way how it all relates to the plot and history But now to the book, I enjoyed the book because it made me experience the adventure and the plot also In addition, I liked the way how it describes the setting, characters, and plot, then as my favorite character is Thorin because it teaches me to be leader, but when Thorin was taking too much of the spotlight [...]

  19. Great look at how the first of The Hobbit films was made I liked getting a glimpse at the behind the scenes of the movie and seeing how the personality of each dwarf was developed which I didn t necessarily notice in the film on my first viewing Brian Sibley also settles some fan debates Ori is the youngest and yes, that is bird poop in Radagast s hair However, I did feel that some details such as the huge delays in getting the project greenlit were glossed over It also felt out of date in parts [...]

  20. the hobbit the hobbit is a must be a read book if you like magic,action, triller, and plenty e only resone why i gave it 4 stars is becuse i felt there was one one part where i felt where the author could of made some dialuge was not that importand to me the hobbit hade many good things in the booke part that i liked was about when they are being chased by the bad guys in the cave.where the hobbit finds the ring gets really suspices about the ring the part that i enjoy the most was the begging e [...]

  21. No s que me pasa con las gu as oficiales de las pel culas del Se or de los Anillos, pero me encantan Otra vez, como con la gu a de iniciados de divergente, la le en un arrebato en la librer a y me e n c a n t Igual no tanto como para gastame 40 , pero s que la disfrut Las entrevistas con Peter Jackson son simplemente geniales, y lo bien que se habla de Martin Freeman es alucinante, como buena fan lo apoyo hasta la muerte En fin, es entretenida y con muchas cosillas interesantes, si os gusta El H [...]

  22. 12 8 13 Thought I d finally buy this a year later as movie 2 is about to be releasedd when I could get it new, for under 4 Ordered it from Ebay today, so still waiting on it.12 30 13 Most, if not all, of this information can be found, and explored in depth, on the extended blu ray edition of The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey But it s nice to be able to explore behind the scenes in convienient dribbles and look at the artwork and photo stills Considering the low price of this book at this point i [...]

  23. There have been a few movie guides over the years that have disappointed me, but this wasn t one of them It was PACKED with hundreds of full color photos on glossy pages, and filled in with plenty of text to explain them all There were interesting facts to be learned about everything Each dwarf got a full spread to himself and then there were sections about weapons and makeup and locations Wizards and hobbits and dwarves Clothes and casting and high definition And, of course, Gollum and goblins [...]

  24. Not a comprehensive making of, but still an excellent read, full of interviews with the cast and crew, and lots of photos A light book, but perfect for building my anticipation for the movie.The best parts of the book were the interviews with all 13 dwarf actors, explaining their characters and costumes and weapons It s amazing to see how much work was put into really characterising the dwarves They all seem like they will be three dimensional characters with their own character arcs and idiosyn [...]

  25. The perfect book for any fans of Peter Jackson s first Hobbit film, which fortunately I am Brian Sibley has gone to great lengths to gather as much information about the production as possible, including multiple interviews with the cast and crew It s the technical achievements that are truly awe inspiring about the films, and the guide also shines the spotlight on people that work very hard but hardly ever get recognised, I take my hat off to all of them not that I wear one.So if you are a fan [...]

  26. Autor przewodnika przedstawia czytelnikom histori kr cenia Hobbita od samego pocz tku Opisuje op r Jacksona, kt ry nie chcia ponownie odwiedzi r dziemia tak naprawd to chcia tego bardzo, ale co go powstrzymywa o przeczytacie w przewodniku , przez dob r aktor w do odpowiednich r l oraz co w przypadku krasnolud w by o niezwykle istotne pomys y na ich kostiumy przez rozliczne mniejsze i wa niejsze wydarzenia z planu filmowego Ca o okraszona jest mn stwem anegdot Ca o na wiedzma czyta 201

  27. Just the right mixture of information From cast and crew in jokes to nuggets of technical film making wisdom, this book covers it all The main focus is on each of the 16 main characters from the point of view of the actors as well as the costume dept, make up, prosthetics, casting, directors, art dept, digital effects etc It s left me with a burning desire to rewatch the film I really hope the commentaries on The Hobbit DVD are as enthralling as those on the original Rings trilogy.

  28. This is a great companion book for the film, with information on various aspects of production and lots of great photos and images It follows the whole creative process from the acquirement of rights to the film, right down to the making of wigs and Hobbit feet, and you get to hear from producers, actors and backstage crew alike.I can highly recommend this book for fans of the film s and those interested in the film making process.

  29. Wow, this book was so illuminating I have never realised the tremendous wor behind The Hobbit trilogy I mean, I had seen a bit of it in the production videos, but it was nothing compared to the things presented in this book.There were so many interesting pieces of information, plus interviews with a lot of cast and crew members their personality all shined through their words, and that s fascinating It was also very funny, not dry at all.Would recommend to every Hobbit fan.

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