I Feel Sick #1

I Feel Sick I FEEL SICK is the first full color comic book written and drawn by the comic artist Jhonen Vasquez and colored by Rosearik Rikki Simons It revolves around Devi d from Johnny the Homicidal Maniac JTHM

I FEEL SICK is the first full color comic book written and drawn by the comic artist Jhonen Vasquez and colored by Rosearik Rikki Simons.It revolves around Devi d from Johnny the Homicidal Maniac JTHM , and her dealings with the same supernatural and or psychological forces that drove Johnny to lunacy.

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I Feel Sick #1

  1. Jhonen Vásquez Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the I Feel Sick #1 book, this is one of the most wanted Jhonen Vásquez author readers around the world.

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  1. Yes, this is just A Book about a Girl, in which Devi, a minor character in JTHM, recounts her bizarre failed relationships and slowly goes insane, in the clutches of an empty eyed painting she s named Sickness I HUNGER FOR ASSMEATS, BITCH

  2. I m a BIT of a sucker for Jhonen V squez, so I of course had to read this I orginally thought that it was just a plain companion book to Johnny The Homicidal Maniac another of my favorites , but he really brought Devi to life in this demented and artistic book I personally favor Tenna, because she s just so relatable Or at least to me But, great book, defiantly for gothic comic fans.

  3. I love jhonen vasquez JTHM was smart, extremely dark and violent, truthful, and funny I was so excited to see invader zim in the shelf of the comic book store because it meant he was writing again But as much as I love zim I wish he would come back to i feel sick and continue finish the story.

  4. This is my first glimpse at Vasquez who then turned out to be one of my fav comic book artists AND I Feel Sick is still quite possibly my favourite comic.YOU gotta read it, just because This book is a whole lot of cute crammed into a tiny space.Beautifully drawn, colorful and dark Hilariously funny, inventive and siiiiick Topped up with a relatable fem protagonist who rocks.

  5. This is quite possibly my favourite angle from Vasquez s world I enjoyed the personal and perhaps, meaningful approach to his protagonist While Jhonen may not have set out with this intention, I believe fans take liking to this series particularly because of its down to earth and real tone making it interesting in his genre of work Devi is a refreshing character a relatable female among the swathes of generics and unrealistics The artwork excels as always in creepiness, the doll character is an [...]

  6. As far as I m concerned, much as I like Jhonen Vasquez s other stuff, this is the only thing that he s done that compares to Johnny It focuses on Devi, Johnny s love interest, whose paintings seem to get inhabited by the same creativity sucking, tenticle inducing evil force that attacked Johnny It s short, and I suppose derivative, but the humour is spot on and amongst the funniest he s done Also the artwork is great Definately recommend.

  7. It s been a long time since I read JTHM and Squee, but I remember the story well The art style in this is wonderful and helps the dialogue to evoke a sense of purpose in the almost random movements of the plot My one complaint is the red text in the introduction, the contrast with the background is nonexistent and it is extremely difficult to read This comic highlights some of the small insanities in life in its bizarre anecdotes Very good read, though quite short.

  8. I bought I Feel Sick 1 and 2 on sight, based soley on the fact that it was written by an author that I had so far loved.In this first volume I got the feeling that perhaps Vasquez was trying to fit his humor into a grown up mold I didn t feel like it worked out so well It was just some extra near realism that just made the satire dark than necessary Instead of biting black humor it was just kind of depressing and dreary.

  9. Devi slowly goes out of her mind in the thrall of her own artwork a doll named Sickness She recounts her terrible, terrible relationships some of which were maybe a little bit homicidal and discusses her incredible lack of luck Still, she d rather be a raving artist than a retail worker again Art is dark, character is charming and compelling, writing is atrocious in the best way possible.

  10. This perpetuation of the story with the change in perspective is amazing Who doesn t want to read about a bad ass female lead who s struggling with what many people can understand That ever present drain that work or school takes out of you leaving little to nothing left in our reserves for our own enjoyment and creativity to flourish This was a battle we all dream of fighting and winning.

  11. Jhonen Vasquez has quickly become one of my absolute favorite authors I can relate to having multiple inputs on creative ideas and being fed up with it and Vasquez captures that idea easily in I Feel Sick 1

  12. I read the shit out of these types of comics in late high school early college This one was especially hilarious Which probably says a lot about my sense of humor I wish there were than only two short issues.

  13. I actually favor this than johnny i like devi as a character and i think that you get a better glimpse of jhonen through devi s eyes as opposed to any of his other characters of course, that s just my humble opinion.

  14. I think this is still my favorite comic by Jhonen Vasquez The nightmare dates and jokes about bee suits are his funniest moments and all put together concisely and with less of a message than JTHM.

  15. Sarcastic, silly and stylish Part 1 of 2, this is a short story about an artist and her creative block The character Devi originated in Johnny The Homicidal Maniac

  16. Jhonen Vasquez is an amazing artist and he writes with biting satire and wit All of his work is definitely worth a look.

  17. Absolutely hilarious I would expect nothing less from the creator of invader zim I can not wait for the other comics.

  18. A spin off of Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, this follows his briefly girlfriend, Devi Lots of humor and cynicism, with a good twist of WTF is wrong with people

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